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my country kenya

                      What a harmonious land it is, 
                       Full of integrated citizens,
                       Peace and unity all over,
                       Always emerging at the top,
                       What a blessed country it is?

                       Some say you are my motherland,
                       But fatherland likewise you are,
                       You give one peace and comfort,
                       How graceful i adore you,
                       For being my mentor.

                        If only i had one word to say,
                        Or one drop of ink remaining,
                        Or even only one line vacant,
                        I would proudly say that,
                        I love you!

Copyright © janet muthoni | Year Posted 2013

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To love your country,
you must commit yourself indefinetly;
there are no doubts, or fears
when it comes to defend it fervently..
do it for the sake of  your family,
or your countrymen who wish for peace!

They will send you to distant lands,
away from your loved ones...
to uphold freedom and its sanctity,
and you'll shine with bravery!

Anytime peace is threatened,
you'll retaliate and engage in combat,
true soldiers always fight with self-confidence,
never retreat in any circumstance!

There'll be days of fright , of darkness and despair,
and nights to shed tears on cold pillows;
no tender eyes to glance into or arms to embrace,
but  surrendering distorts your honor! 

As the mission comes to its end suddenly,
and you are one of the surviivors to declare victory,
although you'll also grieve for the fallen ones:
you'll wave your flag to the calmest skies!

To love your country,
you must avail yourself of dignity
and protect its borders vigilantly;
be aware of its tremendous cost:
risk your own life,or allow
the enemy to toast!  

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2007

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One Country, One World

Which nation of the world
Do I belong?
I belong to the nation 
Of unity,
No transgression,
And freedom for all.

I belong to the nation 
Of  Equalities-
Equality between 
Proletariat and aristocracy
Disabled and abled
Woman and man
Young and old
Black and colored
People and nation
Right and rule...

I belong to the nation of peace
Across the land, the sea and the sky.
And peaceful stretch to the arboreal.
And Peace of souls,
Of bodies
And minds.

My belonging
Is my strength-
The rhythm that keeps me growing.
Though I was born a Nigerian.
Not I neglects being call
American, Ghanaian, Portuguese
Chinese, Korean, Indian...
Though I'm by virtue 
Of land mass
An African      
Not do I dismiss 
In unison unit 
That type me Asian,
North American,
South American,
And Antarctica.

I belong to
A nation,
A voice...
One country,
One world.

Copyright © Abdulhafeez Oyewole | Year Posted 2013

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A Country Hayride

On a crisp autumn night couples cuddle with delight on a hayride in the country. The clip clop of horses' hooves create a rhythmic beat along a red clay road, the earthy essence of hay and horses wafting through the chill night air. A harvest moon of golden hue bathes the countryside with its silken glow - enchanting both young and old with romantic thoughts of love eternal - happily ever after dreams of bliss. Perhaps even a stolen kiss.
10/5/15 double etheree Broken Wings "Any Poem You Ever Wrote Not For A Contest"

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2015

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Country Air

Dogs barking in the front yard
Tractor made of steel
Blades of grass
Growing green
Looking out the kitchen window 
Pulled the curtains back
Dirt road by the house
They always drive to fast
Dumpster cross the road
A corner made of trash
Can’t live here in this place
Daddy says so
Willie on the radio
I guess it’s time to go

Seventeen and not so sweet
Poverty my destiny
A child on my hip
Never new a man too smart
But I had feelings
That wouldn’t say no
Working at the filling station
Out on the interstate
Just washing windows
And counting out of state plates
Makes me happy
Don’t pay the bills

Telephone poles 
And wired fences
All along the way
Driving fast on a dirt road
Is all I have
Wind in my hair
Baby in the back seat
Smiling at the world
This old world seems so mean
Pushing hard to just to breath
I’ll give it all away
For a breath of country air.

Copyright © Stephen Kilmer | Year Posted 2013

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Given and Recieved Love, City Boy meets Country Girl

Give me your life And i'll write it down, Show me the country, and I'll take you to town, Give me your love and i'll give you my heart give me a promise and we'll never part.

Copyright © Literrius Miller | Year Posted 2011

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The City Mouse and The Country Mouse

I feel like I’ve known you so long 
And I feel like I could tell you anything 
But there is one thing I cannot say to you 
That I want you, need you, love you 
We talk and I laugh and smile 
But deep down inside, 
Bubbling to the surface 
There are words at the back of my throat 
Dying to get out 
That though I know we both have our flaws
And imperfections, I know our hands would fit 
Perfectly together and I have a feeling 
You can dance really well 
And that you’d be one of the few 
That I can really be me around 
“But every time I tried to tell you 
The words just came out wrong”
And our pasts just don’t permit us 
To be together anyway 
Not that I had a chance to be 
Worthy of all that you have to offer 
Because you’re a Harvard man 
And I’m a small town girl 
And I know you don’t feel that way 
But I don’t belong in your world 
Of aristocrats and dinner parties 
And politicians and expensive suits 
I know where I belong 
I belong with someone 
Who is a bit more like me 
But I can’t help who I love
It happens automatically  
Not that you love me anyway 
It was just a thought 
That money doesn’t matter 
But my love is not to be bought. 

Copyright © MaryEllen Gozzo | Year Posted 2014

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Texas Country Cowboy Creation

It’s a real Texas situation
Wow, you’re one heck of a creation
I dig your hat, I love your boots
Ya’ got those bang up, country roots
When you’re strummin’ on your guitar
you’re one, red hot, country star

Ooh, wearing those, sexy, tight fittin’ jeans
you’re one lean, mean country machine
Ya got me feelin’ like a damn fool
like a silly girl in high school
Boy, I'd sure like to share your company
so, get off that bull, come ride with me

Yeah, it’s a Texas situation
cuz’ you’re one heck of a creation
I spent my money on this here hat
Tell me now, whadda’ ya’ think of that?

Come on now, I’d like to be your pretty baby
we’ll drive each other country crazy
Yeah, it’s one heck of a situation
cuz’ you’re one, red hot, Texas, born creation

Copyright © anne p. murray | Year Posted 2012

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I Love My Country

I love my country Nigeria,
Though marred by malaria.
I've a bouquet of sweet aria,
Blooming in my heart's rear, 
Which my country must hear,
Else it flees to Rhea.

I love my country Nigeria.
It tilts like the Tower of Pisa, 
But stable as the Pyramid of Giza. 
Easily rocked by a soft breeze,
But stands a storm with ease.
The reason for my aria!

I love my country Nigeria,
But wish it were a nation,
Not a cluster--an appellation--
Of dunes and a stretch of savanna,
Of rocky hills and valleys of banana, 
Of mashes, inter alia.

I love my country Nigeria
Not the vultures in peacock's feathers,
Or the hawks that strut in blathers,
Who shrill and shrink our coffers,
Swaggering while the nation suffers.
Soon en route to Siberia.

I will sing my aria for Nigeria,
When the dirge sounds with pomp; 
And we bounce, hop and romp
At the death of our foe--corruption. 
We joy in the birth of our Nation, 
Brace to grow Nigeria.

I’ll live my aria for Nigeria.
No more stroll along unsure course. 
Quality’s noble, mediocrity, a curse. 
Beauty wafts from garlands of praise
For the legion of merits we raise.
A nation truly Nigeria!

My dream glows for Nigeria
Where heads bow to mourn a sparrow;
An infant's death, a loss to tomorrow. 
People recoil from trampling an ant; 
Leaders serve with honor, not flagrant,
'Cause we love Nigeria. 

You see why I love Nigeria?
We cherish what God has given. 
Nation's goals are purpose-driven, 
So we ponder else we squander, 
Aware we soon have to render, 
In line with God's criteria.

© 2015

Copyright © Celestine Ikwuamaesi | Year Posted 2013

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Country Girl

She's just a plain
good old country girl
never complains a lot
doesn't ask you to buy her the world

riches silver or gold
just wants to be loved
a gift that cannot be sold
such a sweet and loving heart..

Smooth talking southern drawl
words spoken peaches sweet
down home girl sexy swing and all
countrified and country fed...

When I first met her
my soul took shape some song
her energy playing master violin
a tune so pure and so strong..

My lady wears perfume from her bower
so lovely inside and beautiful within
country girl the dreamier flower
my soul in rapture above all earthly sin..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Copyright © Ken Carroll | Year Posted 2014

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Country Christmas

“Country Christmas Carol”      ---  dedicated to my family

 by  Miriam  McCue (creator of flamingo art, & far.)

We love to sing Christmas songs,
My Grandson Bubba and I.
And when we sing Country Christmas.
We almost make the angels cry.

A Merry Country Christmas
To all those great Country Folk,
And even to the City Slickers,
Who also love to drink and smoke.

We’ll take a drink for Bubba, Aunt Mike and Cousin Jim, 
And hope that this Christmas,
They’ll say a prayer and sing a hymn.

Gather round the still, 
Country People all.
 And hold up Uncle Bill
So the old coot doesn’t fall. 

A Merry Country Christmas, 
One full of country joy.
Little Willie wanted a 12 gauge,
But all he got was a toy.

Copyright © Miriam McCue | Year Posted 2009

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A rainbow cloak of spring flowers lies scattered across the plane;  
They scent the tranquil morning air with a heady aroma, 
vying with your special fragrance, encoded for my senses. 

When shadows began to draw long and the night air started to chill,
Your body felt familiar here under the constellations;
The remains of the roasted deer shot, a token of love shared. 

The summer solstice marked your sad demise, horn impaled;
The comfort of our children to warm the chill in my lone heart,
The pelt on our bridal bed, an eternal summer morn. 

Grass reflects white on the verge in this stark harvest moon light,     
Ethereal beams enticing shadows from dolerite koppies 
Where your spirit roams freely, woven in tears of this veld.

Koppies: hills (usually small and scattered over the otherwise featureless landscape).
Dolerite: It is a hard stone akin to shale. It caps many low hills, which have a base of sandstone. This lends a flat top appearance to the hills. It is a common feature here in the Great Karoo area of South Africa.
Veld: field

To me, this is one of the most stunning poems I have read in a long time:
The spring breeze melted snow on the hills then quickly disappeared.
I wish I could borrow it briefly to blow over my hair
And melt away the aging frost forming now about my ears.

...U T'ak (1262-1342, author of this oldest surviving sijo)

Copyright © Suzette Richards | Year Posted 2014

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The Country Kind Of Love

In the beginning
There was love,
the countryside kind of loving
where we laid out in an old hammocks
under the shadow of the sycamores tree,
feeling that cool breeze on our face
it was just a little taste
of the country living;

a large pitcher of lemonade  in the icebox
Nana’s laundry blowing in the wind
Everything back then seem so innocent and benign
my friend and I were on a natural high
we giggle,  guffaws, from chuckles to  cackles
as we  lean our head back: and our laughter
were as loud  as the dogs barks;
while the whole flock of chickens cackle loudly
in a disorderly manner;

However, we held each other so tight
Until the stars came out and whinge about us
Suddenly, granddad yelled,
“Small Point!

It’s time to come inside”
I remember you hid under the shed
In the beginning
There was love and twenty years later
Five children.

The Poem have its own vernacular?
however, do enjoy the read.

Copyright © Annie Lander | Year Posted 2013

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I love my Country

                  I love my Country                            English Sonnet                                 

                                I live in India, the state West Bengal
                                On North, standing Himalayan Ranges
                                On South thrashes, restless Bay of Bengal.
                                My home town on river strands of Ganges.

                                Bengal honored by world recognition,
                                Poet Tagore crowned as Universal,
                                Vivekananda on global mission,
                                Scientist J.C. Bose, International. 
                                Nature blesses with moderate climate
                                Culture and Education flourish best.
                                Peace-compassion are motto of the state.
                                Bold truthful honesty is the asset.

                          ‘What Bengal thinks today’: Indians know,
                           Whole India is sure to think tomorrow.

                Sonnet about country where you live Contest by Silent One
  Third Place

Copyright © Anisha Dutta | Year Posted 2017

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I love my country Sri Lanka

I love my country Sri Lanka....... 

On top of the mountain, God sits on Adam's peak
Throwing his heavenly blessings to our nation
Blessed our country known to the
world as the Garden of Eden.
When our mountains are covered with beautiful flora
When the fauna walk freely in our jungles
When our valleys are flowing with water from heaven
When our ocean is picturesque blue
When the nature hugs our nation
Blessed our country known to the
world as the paradise on earth
When our people show their love and faith
When our people are gentle and kind
Blessed our country known to the
world for her hospitalities.
Surrounded by all of these blessings
God wants us to love one another
and live happily together surrounded by faith and trust.
Let us obey his words and build our country
as a beautiful Sri Lanka

Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka

Copyright @2004 Ravi Sathasivam 

Copyright © Ravi Sathasivam | Year Posted 2011

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Country Love

Come and sit on the porch with me
We'll just sit here silently
The smell of the country,fireflys at night
Thank you God for this beautiful site.

Country music on the radio
Sitting here silently, just watching grass grow
Hold my hand and sit awhile
It makes me blush when I see you smile.

You know my thoughts before I speak
Lifes so perfect when your here with me
You grab your guitar,sing a country song
Of birds and bees and loves gone wrong.

A car drives down this country road
They wave at us, just saying hello.

The moon comes out with a million stars
I turn around and there you are.
You give me your hand, and pull me close
As we dance in this country road.
Its silent here, only you and I.
Dancing under this beautiful sky.
I'll never forget the day we met
Please don't ever let me forget..

Copyright © Agnes Bugeja | Year Posted 2014

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I love My Country

Dawn again in this gaol
The jailbirds are imprecisely numbering
One hundred and sixty million
Or more of my countrymen.

The jailors are three hundred and sixty humpty down
And 109 dumpty members up.
You will never see vessels that 
Could be emptier.
Empty headed riggers; we never elected

The two other estates of the realm 
Are but a sham.
Even the fourth just stroll
Through the corridors
Hoping to be beckoned in
To share of the loot.
They call it national cake.

The ignoble governors are known
For stealing huge funds
And they show no shame;
You can't show what you don't have.

And so nothing works anymore.

Yesterday, Yusuf John stole 23 billion naira
Worth of of public fund.
He was taken to court and he confessed.

The the lead-headed judge,
Slapped his wrist with an option
Of seven hundred thousand naira
Worth of fine.
The thief paid instantly from his back pocket
And walked away free.

Never has there been a country like mine
Never will there be any like it.

Copyright © Divine Friday Idiong | Year Posted 2013

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My father stole my wife, Nadine,
And they run off together.
My brother took off after them,
Hell bent fer leather.

I would have gone myself but then,
I was on the job,
So who was there to turn to then,
But Brother Billy-Bob.

He found them in a cheap motel,
The other side of the mountain,
Burst in the room and pulled his gun,
And Dad went down 'thout countin'.

Billy-Bob then grabbed Nadine,
And threw her in the truck.
You'd think he'd bring her straight to me,
But there ain't no such luck.

He looked into her big blue eyes,
Said,"You are now my gal.
I really ought to take you home,
But yer purty as a spotted cow."

So now Nadine's with Billy-Bob,
But I guess I'll just leave her.
The best revenge on both of them,
Is for me to let him keep her.

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2016

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My father stole my wife, Nadine,
And they run off together.
My brother took off after them,
Hell bent for leather.

I would have gone myself but then,
I was on the job,
So who was there to turn to then,
But Brother Billy-Bob.

He found them in a cheap motel,
The other side of the mountain,
Burst in the room and pulled his gun,
And Dad went down 'thout countin'.

Billy-Bob then grabbed Nadine,
And threw her in the truck,
You'd think he'd bring her straight to me,
But there ain't no such luck.

He looked into her big blue eyes,
Said, You are now my gal.
I really ought to take you home,
But yer purty as a spotted cow.

So now Nadine's with Bill-Bob,
But I guess I'll just leave her.
The best revenge on both of them,
Is fer me to let him keep her.

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2017

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Our Country Has Sinned Against God

Our country has sinned, and many don’t know it! Any reverence for God? Many refuse to show it! We have sinned greatly, in our desire to leave God behind! And have tried our best to remove him from our minds! Even a cross or nativity is most often, not allowed! The atheists? You’ll find them in most every crowd! We’ve traded God’s commands for our own “rules.” How dare you mention HIM in any of our schools! Whatever pleases the flesh is predominantly enjoyed! As many people seek to fill an “empty void!” Those standing for righteousness are often scorned. “Don’t preach about God!” They’re often warned! The freedom God gave us.. We’ve turned it around! Perversions and addictions greatly abound! His judgment is coming! People may laugh. But our country will endure his holy wrath! Our only hope is the get back to God’s word! His message of salvation needs to be heard! Only Jesus can give a peace and love so secure! We need him more than ever! That’s for sure! Through Christ’ blood, we can be a new creation! Please come Lord Jesus and heal our nation! By Jim Pemberton

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2012

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There Was a Country Song Playing on the Stereo

There was a country song playing on the stereo
The night she walked out of my door
I don’t ever want to hear a guitar strum
The G-C-D chords any more

There was a fiddle in the background
And a banjo picking along
I remember every mistake that I ever made
Every time I hear a country song

Now you may want to do a two-step
Or a square dance country-style
But every time I hear a Jew’s harp twang
I lose hold of my happy smile

There was a country song playing on the stereo
The night she took off my ring
So if you want to see this grown man cry
Just let me hear Johnny Cash and June Carter sing

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2014

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The Song of the Country

Leave it all a while
While I make a way for you
You have bravely crossed rough road
And you are weary.
See the country quiet
Quite a hiding place for you
Where you will not even know
A trace of city.
Feel the sun's spring smile
While you walk terrains in bloom
Where wild life will play its show
Just for you sweetly.
Hear the symphony
The song I will play for you
My love is what you will know
Breathe tranquility.
By CarolineCécile
Copyright © 04.04.11

Copyright © Caroline Cécile Delacroix | Year Posted 2011

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God And Country


Red: the color red,
Reminds me of all the blood that was shed.

White: the color white,
Tells me that what we believe in we’re willing to stand and fight.

Blue: the color blue,
Tells me of all the lives that were lost giving freedom to me and to you.

Every country has its own flag in which they honor it and stand beside,
But being an American fills my chest with pride.

We have our many problems but all can be resolved,
When we put our heads together all problems can be solved.

We all have to play our part each and everyone,
And good morals and values should not be undone.

We have got to make a stand for things we know are right,
Think about the ones that died so we could enjoy freedom this night.

Many a fine son and many a mothers daughter, 
Spilled their blood and gave their all on some foreign border.

For us to make fools of our selves I don’t believe was their plan,
And turning our backs on our Lord I find it hard to understand.

The allegiance that I pledge is to GOD and COUNTRY,
And in my heart I know it’s what keeps us safe and free.

So don’t go trying to remove God out of anything in this U.S. of A.
Without God here I don’t think I’d want to stay. 

Copyright © Ronald Bingham | Year Posted 2007

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A Letter To My Country

A Letter to My Country
From A Foreign Tongue

My beloved country, source of my blood
I have been at fault since my very birth
Forgive my tongue which cannot speak you
For my eyes have seen your worth

My ears have heard your cries of labor
My skin bathes under your sun
For you I will write, for you I will sing
Even if I cannot speak your tongue

“O, beautiful country bathed in light!
“Stars shine on thee for thy might!
“Your children are brave, though naïve
“For thy tears and smile, we shall not be deceived

“So, now fly like the eagle you are
“We are the wind beneath your wings
“Let your banner rise high among us
“And to your anthem, we shall sing!”

My beloved country, I love you I do
Give me patience and your time
To learn your tongue, so unlike mine!
And together, we shall sing of your wonder!

Your foreign tongued daughter

Copyright © Mari Begonia Cinco | Year Posted 2012

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This country that I love

as i sit to write

right by my window

open to the night

and all its sounds

I hear outside

the cracking of fireworks

already being fired

before the celebration

of the 4th of July

our cherished Independence Day!


And I wish to cry

for it seems the importance

of the day is turned quite light

folks play with fireworks

but forget to remember why

forget the dedication to the death

of so many, their fight

to ensure that this land

beholds for all, the rights

to the pursuit of happiness.


May you have a wonderful 4th of July, remembring those who fought and died for 
your rights.



Copyright © Caroline Cécile Delacroix | Year Posted 2011

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Wounded Country

Time was left to mend a wounded country – now it’s time for us to step in,
To gather the shattered pieces of glass, of the past, as they have caused sin.
Is war not a sin?
Shouldn’t the shattered glass be thrown away?

It’s us who will pay, and no longer should we stand silently,
We’ll pay the ransom of the war that has affected us,
With the power of a united country overcoming, all that’s kept us from becoming.
At peace with the other side, let’s unite and not collide!

We must become a whole country, not half or less,
And prove triumphant over hate.
The war may be over but think again; it's NOT!
For the sake of a future, the bitterness must be forgot!

Ever since birth we’ve shared the same homeland,
From the mountains' snow, to the beaches’ sand
The ghost of the past has been haunting us for so long.
Let’s accept that it’s of the same country that we belong.

Copyright © Maria Kyriacou | Year Posted 2014

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Country Love

Before life refunded my dreams
My feet hurt, Grandma pressed her beads
Full moon,  spoke with light, let long hair speak
Love together, spins forever, beautiful  verse
Twined all people,  without applause
For eternity




Copyright © James Marshall Goff | Year Posted 2011

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Love Trashed In A Country Village

Pelted forth, hanging strings of moorland curtains,
  Endless rains, tart and stinging nettles,
Drive the icy pitons, needles of frozen spite,
  Through the scalp into the mind where it unsettles.

God, I hate this land, this patch of grub and blight,
  And lachrymose faces, grimaced at their bitter sups
From cloudy glasses, smeared with last nights lipstick,
  The dying dreams of women drown men in their cups.

Ah, but when the heather was young and moisture slick,
  She lay with risen hems in gorse and bracken,
Below her lower belly rose the urgent scent
  From the penetrative flesh so soon to slacken.

Thrown upon the graceless moors of cold descent,
  Whatever garments I once held for her in moistened pockets,
Oh, if I am not to see her again, I might as bloody well
  Tear my very eyes out from their sockets.

Copyright © Tony Bush | Year Posted 2006

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Country Field

I wanna go shoot some beer cans,
light up the night,and drink the moon’s shine. 
I wanna see you twirl, in that summer dress
kiss your neck, while headlights burn through my heart. 
Fireflies’ll get dizzy when we dance between their flurry,
We’ll fall on grandma’s quilt and stare at the stars.
It can be so bright in a country field,
when it’s not so lonely…
And your smile, is bringin’ me home. 
Those muddy tracks were worth it;
got us stuck in each other’s arms. 
You’ve got me thinkin’… 
That a city girl, with a country heart
ain’t so bad.. 
You got me thinkin’..
that the sun might rise…
and I won’t even notice..
cos’ your starlight is just 
as bright, as any blue eyed country 
sky, I’ve ever seen. 
So, lets pour a little more 
moonshine in these cups, 
and dance til’ tomorrow. 
We’ll worry bout’ gettin’ home
when the day comes a-knockin’..
but I don’t wanna think about anything else,
but the smile pressed against my cheek. 
This country field is heaven,
and you’re the Angel ridin’ shotgun. 
Holdin’ me still, on this buck-wild 
makin’ me feel like bein a cowboy
ain’t bein’ lost.. 
Like bein’ in this field, 
is bein’ at home,
your arms…
the rest that I’ve been looking for. 
This field, the home, I’ve always had…
but never thought, I was searchin’ for.. 
-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

Copyright © James Kelley | Year Posted 2014

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Country Side

There's this void in me, 
that I thought you had filled.
You held me in your arms, 
and away went my guilt.
The warmth of your skin,
burned me to the core.
The fire that torched my soul, 
kept me wanting more.
Knees buckled and my stomach lurched,
I couldn't get enough.
Your bruised knuckles and country side,
and my soft skin andagainst your fingers to rough.
You were never mine, 
but it's like you left me for her.
your blue eyes and freckled skin,
My heart tattered, I'm bitter.
I need you back,
all I can see is you back with me.
You're the best thing I could ever get,
though it's very hard for you too see.

Copyright © Olivia Huddleston | Year Posted 2011