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The Names of Jesus

_____________ (_____GOD_____) (_____LORD_____) (_____ JESUS _____) (_______RABBI______) (_______TRUTH_______) (________SAVIOR________) (________ MESSIAH________) ________(_______ HOLY SPIRIT_______)_______ ___(_______________ KING OF KINGS_______________)___ (________________ EVERLASTING FATHER________________ ) (__________________ THE PRINCE OF PEACE___________________) (__________________GOOD SHEPHERD__________________) (_______________ LION OF JUDAH_______________) (________ LORD OF ALL________) (______MIGHTY ONE______) (_______HOLY ONE_______) (______ DELIVERER ______) (_______SHEPHERD_______) (______MEDIATOR______) (______ADVOCATE______) (______REDEEMER ______) (______CAPSTONE______) (_______PROPHET_______) (_______SAVIOR ________) (_______THE WAY_______) ___(______ALMIGHTY _______)__ __(_______THE BREAD OF LIFE_______) _ _(____________THE LAMB OF GOD__________)_ (_________THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD_________)

Copyright © Raul Moreno | Year Posted 2009

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By One Man

    		                         One man
	                         Through disobedience
                                       God's wrath
                                                                     All by Adam die	                              ---The cross---
       All in Jesus live
		                         God's Love 
		                       Through faith 
		                           One man 

Copyright © Juliet Ligon | Year Posted 2013

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Why you hate mi

                                              Why you hate mi??

Why you hate mi and a god mi put first?
Bad mind mi, a Jesus broke the curse!! (2*) 

God inna mi life, a him mi put first
Good over evil, a mi you can’t curse
His not my fate, mek your life get worst 
Mi seek him first, so how mi life must be worst

Why you hate mi and a god mi put first?
Bad mind mi, a Jesus broke the curse!! (2*) 

I love those how hate I, used I, and wish mi bad – a call down curse
Blessed love anyway, cause god inna mi life, a him mi put first
A praise him from mi heart, not from mi mind, and that’s the reason prosperity start 

Why you hate mi and a god mi put first?
Bad mind mi, a Jesus broke the curse!! (2*) 

Love those who hate you, used you, and wish you bad, bad mind you, grudge you, 
don’t like how you “trad.”
Do unto others, you want them do unto you
Harm no one, and let no one harm you, have faith in the lord, not in man!

So, why you hate mi and a god mi put first?
Bad mind mi, a Jesus broke the curse!! (2*) 

Seek he first, and you life won’t be worst
Praise him from your heart, not from your mind
Have faith, work hard, and live out the hip
Abide by the rules, regulations, laws, and commandment sign
Put god first, materials behind
When you fall, get up same time
And don’t let the same thing catch you next time

Copyright © MERVIN SPENCE | Year Posted 2011

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Jesus Freak

She's                                                         she's
         A                                                          A
Jesus freak.                                      Jesus freak 
A love in my light                         a love in my light
She brings a eternal glow      she brings a eternal glow
to my midnight, every day she   sings to my heart 
The melody keeps playing, never are we truly apart
She's a jesus freak, the kind makes my knees weak
     Burning for her is never bleak. As I burst..
        She feels my heat. Flames dance for her
      But never burn my love flames only warm 
          Sheltering her from winter storms
 Sometimes she worries, gazing towards the sky
    Searching for an alibi, for the reasons why 
                A storm breaks with a cry 
    She's my Jesus freak the heart that makes
My flames fly in her heart Now I'm forever high
Life flings trouble, yes. But worry not my dear
      In the end I will make everything alright 
                     Dawn breaks through 
                               {      the    }

Copyright © Justin Worthy | Year Posted 2016

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Amazing Love

No love more precious, no love more dear
Than the love Jesus showed when he was here
He gave joy to others; we’d call that cheering
He took care of others; we’d call the caring
He wouldn’t tell lies, or try to deceive
He would tell the truth, and hope we’d believe
Wherever He was someone was there
Yet he was not handsome, but kind and fair

Jesus Christ was sent from God above
To share with the world God’s amazing love
He came to let the whole earth know
To accept Him was assurance of a place to go
Where there will be no hurt or hate
And where joy, and happiness abound great
For the sins of the world to the cross he was led
So that means for us his blood was shed

So let us to Jesus go and pray
And ask that He wipe our sins away
So that one-day we may dwell above
And be surrounded by His amazing love.

Copyright © Victoria Bailey | Year Posted 2008

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Jesus is Alpha and Omega

your wash in my blood 
just like a flood
wash from head to toe
in your season you will glow
just wanted you to know

you very dear to me
I feel your sincerity
in the world will be
 you and me

Your sacrifice is what I want
 life is short sorry to be blunt
I die on that cross
even though I am  the boss
I showed love nothing is lost
when I die on that cross
 I am the alpha and omega
my father made me lord and savior
I am in him, he in me
I was sent to do his will
I am the man see
no man can get to the father
accept through me

so look to the heaven and clouds
when I come my angel annouced it loud
Bold and proud,
everybody on those knee and bow
the WORD is here now

Copyright © TARUS Taggart | Year Posted 2008

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                                            Full of 
                                    Made me look toward 
                               The sky, The sky for strength,
                            Peace, Understanding, and wisdom
                     During my hard times, I will praise you, Father,
                  I will praise you broke, wealthy, happy, healthy, sad,
               You're worthy to be praise Heavenly Father your love is,
                Like honey a feeling that I don't never want to let go
                    I will walk with you forever your undying love
                       You're the kings of kings, lords of lords
                         Lean on your word which never lies
                           You're the truth today,tomorrow,
                                And yesterday you're a 
                                       Merciful God 

Copyright © Patrice Trice Jackson | Year Posted 2016

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					Distressed, I attest,
					Like not blessed,
					A voice in my head,
					Said out of bed,
					So I was led to
					A quiet church,
					As owls sang out,
					Midnight gone tombs,
					And my tears appeared,
					Death beckoned long
					finger nails of distraction,
And so I gazed upon an open Abbey, with folk awake that caused a shake, God botherers with likely guitars, a melange of niceness where only grief was sat. So I drifted in, hiding behind tissues
of my own life lies, and sat prepared to run, quite prepared and scared, from that worse than death, the well meaning Christian. Then as I sank into the pews, staring up from rotten shoes, my woes, my blues, I saw floating in midair, a man, with dark blooded hair, and I knew then I was crazy within my distress, not blessed. But as that thought, which came to nought, crossed my elitist demeanour, I shared everything he felt, and at that moment, beyond compare, exquisite agony my problems became less than my being, now seeing Christ. Never one to take miraculous moments without scepticism, I stood disbelieving, a rescued Thomas who had seen, unseeing, still unbelieving.
					So I walked with much chagrin
					towards the font my eyes had
					seen, to find rational reasons,
					A reflection, some explanation,
					for why of all people this soul
					of mine, might be saved by 
					one whose face I had denied
					for so long, that no song could
					ever write my wrongs, and there
					in a Pentecostal moment, I 
					gained insight into the wind
					that came at night, where no 
					delight was held for me, 
					an agnostic changed now for
					all eternity. A man unworthy
					of that name, came to faith,
					kicking, screaming at how
					unfair, it was to find that God
					was really there, and worse,
					so much worse, he knew my
					name, and despite my attempts,
					cared enough to save my day.

	@Andrew Carnegie, Bessay Lighthouse, 28th December 2016. A true story.

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Copyright © Andrew Carnegie | Year Posted 2016

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Every river has its source but we tend to forget our very fountain
Aiming for the highest mountain
Causing a great disconnection
To our fountain he has given unlimited connection
To the throne of grace
But the rejection is written all over our face

He died for us before creation
Regardless of your colour race or nation
We deceive our selves that we continue in the part he left behind
But our LIFESTYLE shows that we never had his love in mind
Before we carry out an action he has already shown us his mercy
But our reaction towards his love makes everything messy

With our actions speech and thought we spit at his face
Insulting both him and his throne of grace
All he did was to bring salvation
For Gods most feared creation
Just to save us from eternal condemnation

We go to church and make noises
Deceiving ourselves that we are singing praises
It is not compulsory you give your life to him
When you do your life becomes a film
Making him the director and producer
All you need to be is the major character

Many of prefer to bow rather than burn unlike Shedrach Meshach and Abednego
Giving names to sin pretending they are not the same just because we don’t want to let go
When we lie we say its diplomacy
Forgetting that God was never in support of democracy
We take God for granted
Rejecting the word he planted
Just for nothing but uttermost vanity
Due to nothing but our act of cruelty

Copyright © olaoluwa samuel | Year Posted 2017