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Majestic flower
Pushing through snow
First sign of spring

Copyright © Peter Brown | Year Posted 2013

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He glides 
his skates swishing 
in a flurry of ice, 
caressing with slow movements; mere 

compels the crowd 
disguises excitement
Great expectations fill the air.
All watch. 

He stops 
at center ring. 
Ice gladiator all set 
to make a kill gently, with grace. 

Then flips. 
Perfect landing! 
He hears the crowd’s applause~ 
incense daring him show his skills. 

with his body ~ 
a hypnotic magnet 
becoming a blur of colors. 

goes mad as he
circles with dizzy speed~ 
a human whirling, spinning top. 

as in a dream 
one cannot get out of. 
Now he’s a leaf falling in slow 

Still more 
he builds into 
a climactic finish~ 
a tornado that goes in a 

He drops,
slips on his foot;
loses balance and dives 
his nose flat on the cold ice. All 
are stunned.

Copyright © Josefina Costales | Year Posted 2015

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coconut cushions

blanket the land

time stands still momentarily


Copyright © Eiken Laan | Year Posted 2010

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Soft ice,
Blankets the earth,
All white,

Copyright © Maryam Jameela Haniff | Year Posted 2008

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Snowflake Embellished lace Woven with snow crystals Unique unmatched creation from Winter Sandra M. Haight ~5th Place~ Contest: Form C Sponsor: Broken Wings Judged: 01/09/2017 Form Used: Cinquain Syllables: 2, 4, 6, 8, 2

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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[form is cinquainish- with 2-4-6-8-2 syllables in a stanza]

where lilies bloom
violets, reds and whites
their soft whispers like God’s finger 
touched them


perch on bare trees
dazzling under sun’s light
nature’s gift an awesome prism 
white gems


my closest mate.
when I lie down to sleep
in my dreams, looking out. I cry

The bond
that holds us tight
are memories of him 
and me, our heads pressed close- on one


Old man
fine lines of age
threading their way around
corners of his eyes, break into
a smile


children humming
melodies, they're beacons
flashing bright before night gives way
to day

Copyright © Josefina Costales | Year Posted 2015

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Silence left the gift of amazement once again with cat tracks on fallen snow - both soundless.
Contest 250 Sponsored by Brian Strand December 17, 2016

Copyright © Barbra Lambert | Year Posted 2016

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Ski Trip

nature's backwoods,
over frozen lakefronts,
among quiet darken patches,

connie pachecho


Copyright © connie pachecho | Year Posted 2017

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Snow falls,
drifts in the wind
slides sideways to the ground
like feathers in a pillow fight

Copyright © Vivien Wade 2015

Copyright © Vivien Wade | Year Posted 2017

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For whom does the death rattle whisper
on this windless, snowy night?
The old man sitting by the fire, listening
to his loving wife, wordlessly wishing;
yearning for more time within this life.

His blue eyes flicked in the fire's light
fixated on his joyous love
who's black hair blended along with night
and silver streak fallen over her eye,
never able to stay above.

As the rattle grew into a shutter,
the smoke plumed upward to the sky.
The fire crackled, and popped, and sputtered.
Watering, his blue eyes said goodbye.

Copyright © Cameron Coolidge | Year Posted 2017