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Details | Cinquain |
  Cleansing, pure
 refreshes the world
 Turns rubble to ash
Cleans skin from bone

Copyright © halee Asch | Year Posted 2013

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Beauty. Fluorescent view. Illuminates the world. She shines brighter than twinkling stars. My love.

Copyright © m.n.i.w m.n.i.w | Year Posted 2015

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heavy , dense
slow silent creep
chilled to the bone

Copyright © Ann Roske | Year Posted 2016

Details | Cinquain |
We are Leaves

We are like leaves that fall from trees
As wombs contract with pains of labor
And portraits of heroes are venerated
By those who weathered the storm
It’s proved young Africans are leaves

Leaves that fall but go back not
Leaves that have on destiny- the soil
Season that emerges new leaves grow
But they too shade off and disappear
Like fog in the rising hot sun of the tropics

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2016

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their brains, equatorial rainforests 
abilities, tools of a grading tractor 
friends, wild asses of humanity
ideology, thorny bush pedestrian
despite, yellow stars twinkle brightly

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2017

Details | Cinquain |
You obtain all things precious
then store in your silos tight
others you help them to beg
that is comfortable suffering
but you do not believe in it

You grab all powers that be
in your pockets they are zipped
others come and kneel with bribes
that is comfortable suffering
but your too are tightly zipped

The precious things of this world
the powers that balloons persons
the dignity that are denied of others
come to selected humans for custody
as custodians sharing is paramount

Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2017

Details | Cinquain |
Something had its three tails raised
came to us dancing, singing melodies;
“These tails you see dangling on me,
one is for you, one for the friends;
and another for my forest homestead

We all wondered and got perplexed
kids screamed and ran to their mothers
women covered their faces with rugs
dogs did not have peace in their mouths
as the thing with us danced and sang

Young and old murmured with fear
recalling myths of long times ago
we appeased it  with music and dance
but our energies were futile and barren
we believed it when it grabbed bananas

Off to the forests deep and danger-filled
the thing run faster than its ancestors
with no courage to counter the flight
we gave up and slept long that fateful night
but in the morn even souls were missing


Copyright © Solomon Ochwo-Oburu | Year Posted 2017