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Silent Hearts

silent hearts
words left unsaid
never find their voice

4:20 pm
© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © James Marshall Goff | Year Posted 2010

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Failure Vows were exchanged Many promises made Two hearts crushed as feelings vanished Breakdown
Entry for Catie's "traditional cinquain" contest

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2011

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Words tremble
Crisp winds bear burdens
Summer promised, as daylight drifts away
Your heart.... singing in choirs of fading bloom
Hears not

james marshall goff
for Russell's Up In The Autumn Air contest

Copyright © James Marshall Goff | Year Posted 2012

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Cut up
from lack of sleep
and crying over you
My heart is broken; forever

('Ugly' revised)

Copyright © Nigel Fawcett | Year Posted 2008

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Longing Murky, Dreary Missing, Dreaming, Hoping I pine for you, Love Love Dear, True Calling, Waiting, Crying Where are you, Sweetheart?
De. 18,2014 7.20pm - a try of cinquain poem.

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2014

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Us Two Peas Talking, Hearing, Touching Love exemplified, Union personified. We Singular Empty Pod Silent, Deaf, Abandoned Trust betrayed, Marriage broken Alone 24~12~2014 Maurice Yvone Sponsor: Dr.Ram Mehta Contest Name: Cinquain Theme: LONGING  

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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silent darkness
Kiss’s you lightly
Emotionless moment to grieve

Copyright © Cynthia Ferguson | Year Posted 2014

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Think that I have
Lost or forgotten dreams
That we shared one night long ago.

Brenda Atry
Five Lines Down Poetry Competition

Copyright © Brenda Atry | Year Posted 2011

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without you 
feels like hell
Please come home safe


Line 1 has one word (the title).
Line 2 has two words that describe the title. 
Line 3 has three words that tell the action.
Line 4 has four words that express the feeling
Line 5 has one word which recalls the title.

Copyright © Judy Konos | Year Posted 2014

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Forget not, the time long before now
The chats laughs and so much more
What it came with, of course, not pain
Shall we let now, the memories fade away
And the beauty of all those time, vanish
Leaving only pieces like a broken pot?

Do not forget how much water it had held
Nor the quantity it fetched to quench our thirsts
When all we needed in life depended on it
Let’s not push it aside for any reason
Nor leave it just outside in the heat
But mend the cracks, while we still can

Copyright © Reuben Enahoro | Year Posted 2012

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                                      BROTHERLY LOVE

                                     Blooded by my
                                     Jealous rage --gone dead wrong
                                     Betrayal won—Killed my mind and

This is PART TWO
PART ONE:  Cuchalainn's Crossing

Victoria Anderson-Throop

Based on the unbearably sad Celtic story of Cuchaliann and his foster brother and best friend Ferdiad. Tricked by a woman, to fight each other to the death, Cuchalainn killed his brother--then carried him--cradled in his arms-- miles home. (see photo in Wiki)

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2013

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The she,
A distant love,
Two lives that became one,
Heart broken, but feelings linger,
The he.

Copyright © Frank Polgar | Year Posted 2012

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So far from home,
Wondering why he's here,
Just another face in the crowd,
No one.

Copyright © Frank Polgar | Year Posted 2012

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Engulf my heart
That Valerie did break
Please come back home dear Valerie
My sweet

Copyright © John Monteblanco | Year Posted 2014

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My time, thinking,
Wandering, Pondering
On what to write for a poem 
Like this

Copyright © Benjamin Alexander | Year Posted 2013

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Life surrounds us with miracles each and every day
Blinded are the people who don’t see the wonder display

A child who’s born with ten fingers and ten tiny perfect toes
A child who’s free from illness and healthy as he continually grows

A single mother struggling to ensure the ability to survive
Facing endless obstacles; her child’s health promotes her drive

A troubled lost soul in dire need, of a kind helping loving hand
His suicidal thoughts evaporate; a now vanished forever disband 

An atheist whose religion is filled with hatred and disbelief
As he takes his very last breath, the Lord’s love fills his voided grief

An elderly couple who’s family is misplaced and sadly out of touch
A homeless needy puppy who’s love has given them simply so much 

An abused neglected child dwelling inside a house of dead
Blessed is the hero who saves this child of dread

A once successful entrepreneur who’s lost everything he once had
Homeless in need of shelter, a “nobody” lends him a helping hand

Miracles are all around us, if we only take the time to truly see
That the next one in need of a miracle could surely be you or me

© Stacy Lynn Stiles

Copyright © Stacy Stiles | Year Posted 2007

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Lovelorn; My love, Breaking my heart, Left me forever to mourn.
Forlorn; I Lament, Singing the blues, My pining heart pleads:
Dr. Ram Mehta's "Longing" contest.

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2014

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answers... where could they be you're lost and can't be found twists and turns into nothingness questions... Written By: Laura Loo Date Written: February 9, 2016

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2016

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Heart stops Tick Tock, Tick.....Tock I hold my breath and wait But you refuse to catch my eye Heart breaks.

Copyright © Emma Mantle | Year Posted 2011

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Broken hearted
Abused, beaten, bruised
Aching, hurting, wanting,needing

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown | Year Posted 2011

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 trapped in a dream forever i was gone 
a mind of deception a love that was strong 

     my back against the wall with stabs to the heart 
my love, my life,,has driffted apart 

     you say you love me, i can hear the lie 
you say, you don't lie, but the angels cry 
     they cry a sunny day, cause it hurts so bad 
in this time in our life we feel so sad 

     were lost in a maze trying to find eachother 
lost like a child with no warmth of a mother 

     i wanna die cause i hate this life 
i close my eyes and fight this life 

     my world has falling and i lost a friend 
please help me god, so i can breath again 

Copyright © Joe Hinojosa | Year Posted 2012

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                                          “Return of Sanity”

Fighting back tears as I try to say good bye, not seeing what I’m trying to say
Catching my breath between sobs, grasping for air to breathe into my lungs
Staring into the darkness that surrounds you and I searching for a familiar face
Life has never felt so lonely without you as I feel standing before you now as you look away

After so much time spent together laughing, loving, breathing the same air
So many nights cuddled together just speaking of what’s to come
So many plans left undone as I watch you walk away from us
Lonely, so lonely, once again I fall to my knees in prayer begging for answers

Like the gray moth flying in the night screaming out as it flies into the electric light
I am left walking into the darkness staring at the light before me
Praying this light is shining just for me but feeling as if it’s my light to Heaven
I scream in the puddle of pain you’ve left me in to survive the water that surrounds me

Please hear my voice as I cry for you into the empty cloudy sky
No stars are shining now as the star I wished upon has left me secluded 
Lost in the vast empty space I reach out for a hand to pull me into an angel’s arms
I fall to the floor of where we once walked hand in hand screaming for the return of sanity

Copyright © Brian Stoaks | Year Posted 2016

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Just breathe,
He's not worth your tears.
He took your innocence, 
He broke your heart, you don't need him.
Let go.

Take a deep breathe.
Your heart will heal in time.
You deserve someone much better.
Not him.

It will hurt now;
Your heart will ache for now.
Heartbreak is such a painful thing.
Push through.

Copyright © emily humphreys | Year Posted 2010

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A deer
Ran in a large forest.
She was in panic and was dread 
Of death.

Copyright © Skyler Wang | Year Posted 2016

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I loved you once,
I love you still.
Always have,
Always will.

You took my heart,
And broke it to pieces.
Now all I have left,
Is pain that never seizes.

Copyright © Victoria King | Year Posted 2012

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Love can be a Blessing, or it can be a Curse. Either way I would much rather live with Love.

Copyright © Bianca VanValkenburg | Year Posted 2015

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The traditional Cinquain.
A poem, I'm sure, everyone can relate to.

Is like a knife
Opening up your heart
And causing it to hemorrhage

Can scar your soul
Leaving you defenseless
Against a world full of vicious

Is a sick joke
That is played upon you
And you never see it coming

Will drive you mad
And make you scream in pain
You will never trust anyone

Dawn D. Kilby 
Copyright ©2008  Dawn D. Kilby

Copyright © Dawn kilby | Year Posted 2008

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Her love
quite deceitful
in a grand theatric
she performs an illusion of

a key
holds my heart safe
in pain, bandaged and bruised
of past broken remnants, I close,

Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2011

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                                              If only I had a chance
                                              I dream what it would be like
                                              to have you laughing with me,
                                              to be able to hold you close,
                                              to be able to spend time with you.

                                             We walk past each other
                                             with just a friendly hello spoken.
                                             Our shadows meet on the cold,
                                             emotionless pavement.
                                             For that second were close,
                                             closer than well ever be.

                                             You don't know how I wish I could talk to you.
                                              If only I had the chance.
                                              Time moves on,
                                              and I know that it will eventually run out
                                              and you will just be a
                                              distant memory in my past.

Copyright © Susan Dwinchick | Year Posted 2006

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                “Field of Butterflies”

Lost in the vast darkness of always confusing battles in my head
Not sure which way to roam or just crawl like a child unafraid of anything
Seeking for anything that would guide me into the answers I long to find
Struggling to see my true ending that gives me the hope of surviving

Reaching my hand out to catch the monarch butterfly that spreads its wings before me
Wishing for the landing where I could see it eye to eye like the dreams un my dreams
I shall always reach out my hand in hopes it be grasped by someone who wishes to see me smile
For now, I shall stand alone in this vacant field of God’s creation of freedom

God I am here for you to take me into your heaven where I may be free of the demons that surround me
I have never truly believed I am the Satan that I am assumed to be
Here I am Lord wishing for the healing hands that shall take me away from this unloved and tearful life
I am your child begging for your loving arms to heal my fears once and for all

I have walked the streets of love, heartache, torture, failure, and success
In the end my own failing mind creates this world that leaves me broken and lost
There is no place for me in the unforgiving world is all I can believe in
So tonight I lay in this field of butterflies and grasp at wings of freedom 

Copyright © Brian Stoaks | Year Posted 2016