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                                  He sits
                          Softly Humming 
                 And seems to have no cares,
               Playing peacefully with his toys
                               For hours.

                                He sings
         Words that seem to stem from his heart.
                 Words that have no meaning,
                         Yet sweet they be;
                                  To me.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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It thickly pours

Down into my blue mug

I savor its velvety taste


Copyright © Charleen Martinez | Year Posted 2013

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                                                I hear
                                         silent whispers 
                                 bidding me to come home.
                              Longingly I reach out my hand

                                               I smile.
                         With closed eyes your beauty appears,
                               hills and fields, forests green,
                                    I have reached home 
                                              for good.

Classic Cinquain
With syllable count
Done as Mirror Cinquain
Syllable count
2-4-6-8-2     2-8-6-4-2

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Contest: Cinquain

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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Time ticking away
as the New Year comes in
Three, two, one… Happy New Year
dear friends!

Copyright © Brianna Percival | Year Posted 2014

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Tall, Spotty-Brown
Chewing Leafy Trees
Animal Dignity In Motion

Copyright © sima mittal | Year Posted 2013

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Dancing about
No clouds in sight today
The children are all happy now
Let’s Play…

Copyright © Adell Foster | Year Posted 2009

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End of December
Another era
Additional havoc
More abuse
Less and fewer love

Copyright © Nehpets Gnik | Year Posted 2014

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Saturday evening
6:37 p.m.
October 22, 2016
Kansas City, Mo
Stephen Becker pen name Brian Stoaks

                 “Warmth of the Fire”

The wonder of happiness is thought provoking to say the least
To be happy with myself is harder than some can really imagine
As life moves forward and the simple things in life seem to change daily
I smile knowing tomorrow is a new day with brighter smiles and softer hearts

Building a future of stone, sticks, soil, and fire to keep my thoughts warm
So many nights in the Fall can bring coldness and the feeling of being alone
Thoughts escaping into words to be heard out loud meant to stay silent
What is making sense is only the night when all words stop and the mind rests

Silently I try to form words into sentences that allow myself to understand
So confused with the fact that my hands built the pit to be enjoyed with another
Frustrated by the emptiness beside me where many have been invited
Consoled by my own thoughts as I comfort my empty heart with warm flames

Distraction of a great week with so many wonderful things become reality
Knowing one day I will no longer be alone wishing to be held by someone who loves me
For as the days pass and my life moves forward I will sit here wrapped in the arms of God
With the warmth of the fire I no longer need you to make me whole for I am already whole without you

Copyright © Brian Stoaks | Year Posted 2016

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Found me
Losing my glow
And brought me back

Copyright © Ewuola Michael | Year Posted 2017

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Jen sees
Feels, tastes, the autumn frost
Just as she hears the joyful birds...
Smells air 


Julia Ward



Contest - Autumn Stroll Cinquain Form


Sponsor - Eve Roper


4th place win

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2015

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worried losing... wanting love... the best of both worlds light and darkness... but can happen happy...

Copyright © Mick Talbot | Year Posted 2017