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My tears, Full of sorrow, My destiny to weep; And yet, yet I find sweet beauty, In death. ____________________ June 4, 2015 Cinquain

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

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Nyctophobia Darkness instant horror huge demon cannibals hell's voracious toothy monsters devour Sandra M. Haight ~NA~ Contest: In 5 Lines Or Less #1 Sponsor: Skat A Judged: 11/07/2015
========================================= Nyctophobia is a phobia characterized by a severe fear of the dark. Those afflicted may fear that there are monsters lurking in the dark or ghosts that can attack them.

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2015

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Creeping shadow
Covers the light
Leaving me adrift within

Copyright © Cynthia Ferguson | Year Posted 2014

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in five lights
future five days
for my new chemotherapy
and a brutal question
will chemistry finish with me

Copyright © Milan Georges Burovac | Year Posted 2015

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faces smiling.
Maniacal laughter
echoing deep inside the head.

This poem was inspired by Cindy Sherman's Untitled #425, a chromogenic color print from 2004.  This print was seen at the Dallas Museum of Art, which is currently hosting a Cindy Sherman retrospective until June 9, 2013.

Copyright © Frank Polgar | Year Posted 2013

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Hosted lament,
Growth yielded dying fiend,
Rancor malice abort bastard,

Copyright © Lewis Michael | Year Posted 2015

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My only thought
Under the blackened moon. 
As I sit alone in silence, 

Copyright © Gabbi P. | Year Posted 2013

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The clock always reads 3 in the morn
at least that's how it seems
stuck on a time forlorn
granting all but sweet dreams
while the solemn moon gleams

Copyright © Dylan Catalano | Year Posted 2014

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The sun 
making the man 
look at his dark shadow 
with curiosity and hope 

By: Divena
Grade 6

Copyright © Meenakshi Raina | Year Posted 2016

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( Modern Cinquain/Haiku/Modern Cinquain) This song I hear in the Wind moves me sadly so much As the rain dresses the ground with Dead leaves Now the trees are bared Announcing the birth of white snow And the end of fall Right now There's only this cold Burning my heart so hard But soon I'll hear a brand-new song I know. Dorian Petersen Potter Aka ladydp2000 Copyright2007 September,24,2014

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2014

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In the dark,
Shadows whisper.
Dreadful creatures stir.

Running away now
Into the light.
Now all's safe.

Copyright © BRITTANY MOON | Year Posted 2009

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Thank you
For all you do.
I don’t know where I’d be
Without you here to help me through
Thank you

Copyright © Heather Lewis | Year Posted 2007

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                                 “Soil Of Your Soles”
Descending to the darkness beneath the dirt we call Earth
Disappearing from the eyes that asked so many questions
Becoming forgettable as if my life never existed at all
It’s nothing new to feel alone for I have been my entire life

Lowering myself into the vast abyss unknown to those without
Securing my dark box surrounding every inch of my being
No longer struggling to survive rather relishing life after
Here no one can hurt me or ignore these blue eyes begging for a hand

Under the world of anger and war the peace is undeniable 
Created to suffer by the hands of God I now live in eternal darkness
Pleasure of the loneliness I felt while lying in the green grass above
I now have the same feelings but with a smile underneath the crumpled ground

So here I lay beneath your feet not feeling your steps break me into dust
No longer breathing in your hatred nor pretending to be happy
I have succumbed to the darkness that has always pulled me towards it
I now embellish my everlasting life beneath the soil of your soles

Copyright © Brian Stoaks | Year Posted 2016

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Scary, sinister
Swaying, twisting, grasping
An ominous man-like caricature

Copyright © R.A. Marschall | Year Posted 2017

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Making sounds 
Blowing, shaking, raining
Lightening, roaring, breaking, blasting 

Copyright © Md Shahadat Hossain | Year Posted 2017

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Heat teasingly extraordinary skies
Staining earth crimson treasure
Sophisticated disguise
I read the skies hoping for
Proud sunset extraordinair 

And the next after next picture is to be
Probably the most precise 
Explanation of an exclamation of
Nature ever shone, honing her skill
Masterfully from sun to 

Sun win  is one the golden 
Crown Magnificent show manufactured 
By heaven dawn to dusk striking awe
On every face observing 
This majestic curve, a sphere.

A perfect  near. A distant here.

Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2017

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dreary droplets drizzle downwardly destitute delicately defying dry delight

Copyright © Lukas Ficklin | Year Posted 2017

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Darkness, erases light enticing the wicked. While demons create horrific nightmares. Nightmares, manifest fright haunting my subconscious. incarcerating, my soul in darkness. 5/25/2017

Copyright © Jeremy Smith | Year Posted 2017