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Christmas Places Poems | Christmas Poems About Places

These Christmas Places poems are examples of Christmas poems about Places. These are the best examples of Christmas Places poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Epic |

young American days

                   To be in a young America ~
           visions of a ship upcoming statue of Liberty
               the young lad holding tightly to his Mothers leg
             in all excitement of a new Land to call their own
      celebrations of apple pie and fireworks on the 4th of July 
             thoughts of the old Hollywood on screen 
                films without 3-D costing less then a dollar
        Greta , Monroe , Betty Davis eyes tantalizing blue glare
       The Wizard of Oz or books written by Steinbach, Capote, Mark Twain

             exciting new visions of creating new concepts 
                 before Capitalism bought all little ones to bigger
           songs came from the hills of Virginia to the black Mountains
               surfacing in Tennessee for all to hear and wish to see  

          The day when one travelled by car on the road travelled
             every town a story told , learning history we once shed blood 
         American Indian tears to the British man whom choose freedom of taxes
            Boston held a tea party , now wishing they threw out marmite instead
         The day when we knew our neighbors and bought homes with a paystub
             Everyone had a chance to make their own with pride , even through wars
        When Martin Luther King stood proudly as did President Lincoln for Freedom 
             How many streets have been named after the man whom had a dream ?

             When milk was delivered on doorsteps in Glass bottles 
                 Babies wanting the very first of the top being cream 
             leaving doors open , watching news with your family at 6pm
                cartoons were shut down and it was now grown up time 

                      Cereal being a cheap snack for after school 
                         school supplies costing twenty dollars 
                      Grandma school clothes shopping for fifty 
                   before the internet , cell phones , and text for hello ~

                         2 week Vacations not afraid to put up Camp 
                Christmas sold in December with the sentiment of Love not money
        a day when if one were sick , you could actually get penicillin without question 
         The Doctor treated everything calling it General Practice no fear of Malpractice 

               Never forgetting our Motor city  
                 Old Ford Trucks Chevrolets and Dodge
                  The city that brought Ottis Reding and Marvin Gaye 

                     What happened to us ?  Where did America Go ? 



Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

A Simple Southern Christmas

It's gonna be a simple southern Christmas here.
All I want from Santa is some egg nog, bourbon and beer.
I'm gonna wait on Santa Christmas Eve night,
and when he's not lookin' I just might,
steal his reindeer.
It's gonna be a simple southern Christmas here.
I'm sending out my Christmas cheer.
I'm gonna sit on my front porch swing and sing.
It will be a good thing to hear those jingle bells ring.
I thought I seen Santa on the backwoods bayou road,
but instead it was a big fat toad.
It'a a wonderful simple southern Christmas here.
Santa just brought me some egg nog, bourbon, and beer.
When he wasn't lookin' I stole his reindeer.
So now I can deliver my Christmas cheer.
But hurry, hurry, I'm in a rush,
got to give that reindeer a little push.
Got to go, got to go,
got to get home to fix my gumbo.
It is Christmas day,
and I'm in  a rush I must say.
It's gonna be a simple southern Christmas here.
Just add egg nog, bourbon and beer.
Mix it up with some Christmas cheer.
I'm ready for Christmas every year.

Copyright © shannon farlouis | Year Posted 2010

Details | Rhyme |

The Following of the Pipes

On this cold winter night
A horror unfurls
As they leave their trenches
Under the Bagpipes skirl

It's Christmas Eve
In World War One
Over the top they leave
The killing has begun

Knee deep in mud
Barbed wire and bodies
The piper laments
Their bravery embodied

To march into battle
With their weapon of pipes
Whilst bullets and bombs
Leave the theatre in strife

Onward they march
Turning men into hero's
The battle of the Somme
Last centuries ground zero
What makes such a man
To enter a war
His weapon of music
That they follow him for

Amongst the men that fall
Others pick up their guns
When the piper falls
Their is no one

On this cold Christmas Day
The horrors have been unfurled
As one looks over the trenches
To a different world

But the very next day
In the distance you will hear
The sound of the Scottish Bagpipes
Leaving their enemy in fear

        In memory to all who fell at Christmas time, and especially to the pipers
who used music as their weapon, we will remember them, as all will be remembered


Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2009

Details | Free verse |

Christmas delights!

Clouds garland snow capped mountain peak
Icy snow butterflies melt kisses upon my nose
Puffs of warm, moist breath balloons billow out before me,
quickly chilling, disappearing before my eyes
Crunching snow compacts beneath booted feet
Prints set deep, little more than momentary reminder 
of where you have stepped before
Crisp white blanket glints
almost winking it’s Christmas card welcome
as it’s vast white carpet spreads before you beckoning 
All of nature along with everything manmade becomes anew
Nothing seems out of place
A bird lands on branch of tree causing cascade of padded canopy
New mound takes position with little noticed effect on perfect landscape

Children laugh and run as they hurl packed balls at one another
Dashing, darting, ducking and returning rogue ammunition
to offending hand and screams of pleasure
Slipping, falling they tumble over repeatedly 
Waving arms and legs, when finally still to create snow angels
Then, standing up clothed as abominable snowman
Giving rise to fresh ideas as new creation begins with rolling snow
Bigger and bigger they chase and push, packing tight as they go
Another ball a little smaller to place on top of first for head
Then off they scatter in all directions looking to clothe their model
Returning with woollen hat scarf 
carrot and stones to place as eyes nose and mouth with button features
Admiring they know their masterpiece shall be short-lived
For mother nature’s hand will chance to create another slushy muddy puddle

Copyright © Anna-Marie Docherty | Year Posted 2009

Details | Light Poetry |

Magical Candy Canes

Two little candy canes were bought at a store.
Excitement abounded as they’d have a new home, to explore.
Snuggled in a sack with beautiful toys all around.
Theirs was be a happy life, you can be sure, they had found

They arrived at their new home, as in a blink.
And what did they see, oh my, everything.
All that they’d dreamt of, was before them, you know.
And foremost was the tree… that they would call home.

The tree was decorated with such aplomb and fanfare, well done.
The children laughed and giggled as they ran all around.
What a riotous but organized day of joy it had become.
With tinsel, and ornaments, and lights so profound.

The candy canes were finally put on that glorious tree,
As, yes, a few were eaten by you and by me.
The ceremony ended when an angel was placed by Papa on top.
And no one made a sound, then vibrantly applauded as he came down. 

Finally they all had dinner in the room beyond, that night.
As all settled in to wait for that illustrious visit, so right.
Joy abounded all over this house as presents were, so nicely wrapped.
And cookies were made to hand all about.

The last of the candy canes would finally be eaten on Christmas Day…
As presents lay opened and children did play.
Now don’t be sad for those two magical candy canes…
They stole a ride with Santa to the North Pole on that special day.

Merry Christmas to all at Poetry Soup!

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2011

Details | Free verse |

An Angel

An angel did befriend us, on earth, before one Christmas day.
Some say she was a comet, some say she was a star.
I say she was a gift from God, here to light our way.
She was a thing of beauty that shone across the land.
Leading to a humble manger, found in Bethlehem.

And what could be so important, for her to come our way?
A savior to our lands, and yes, our hearts and souls…
Triumphantly born on Christmas Day.
That day he was born the heavens truly did rejoice.
And she, a glorious light, continued to beacon forth God’s love.

Such an important part, that angel was given on that day.
She was a beacon to our hearts and the gifts of love… 
Guiding the Wise Men and shepherds endlessly along their way.
Thru her we learned lessons, such as: patience, hope, and how to give…
And yes, she led us to the Wondrous Man, who taught us how to live…

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2011

Details | Rhyme |

Arlington Christmas

With the Christmas season upon us, I wanted to share as many of my Christmas themed poems as I could this month.  Hope you all enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them.

Arlington Christmas

They stand there in ranks
Straight up and tall
Just like the day
When they answered the call
Row upon row
Section by section
They gave us their all
Without an exception
Some names are unknown
Some known are not there
But all get a marker 
To show that we care
You see Army and Navy
Air Force and Marine
Privates to Presidents
And those in between
From Civil War soldiers
To Afghanistan
We honor our fallen
Every woman and man
And every Christmas
We lay on a wreath
To remember the soldier
That lies there beneath
As I gaze o’re the graveyard
Of green wreaths on stone
I know that no family
Will e’re grieve alone
For this country remembers
And honors each year
All those who have fallen
And are resting right here


Copyright © mike dailey | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |

The Seat of the Magi

With the right of messianism,
And the depth of free will, 
They journeyed to Bethlehem, 
To hear the parents spill. 

Zoroastrians true and ready, 
Ripe for the monologue bold, 
They offered gold and incense,
And on Mary’s story they were sold. 

Called wise men, magicians, 
They could interpret the land, 
Jailing’s, fishing booms and births, 
And so told people about their hand. 

They knew the power of the stars,  
The connection, their meaning, 
So followed one to that lively abode, 
Where Jesus lay with apparent feeling. 

God did not appear to them,
By a star in vocality, 
But they just gave cerebral relevance, 
To that asteroid motioning entity. 

The gifts they offered and gave, 
Did not signify the incarnation, 
But were considered gestures, 
Of the magi’s visitation. 

Their religion let them speak about, 
The predicted life of the babe; 
Prediction was their position and seat, 
As at semiology they were abe. 

Christianity did not come from Judaism, 
Zoroastrianism was its predecessor, 
As its followers searched for a messiah, 
Every day, with such earnest vigour. 

Christianity centres around a messiah, 
A cultural saviour from social retardation, 
Which Jesus was back them, 
In a world of poor folks’ isolation. 

Jesus was a Jew, a temple boy, 
But proclaimed his own religion, 
To follow him and not just the Torah, 
Which was in no way old and gone. 

The impact of these Zoroastrians,
On Israeli life and society, 
Can only be understood,
As Christianity’s modernity.

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Love In Unexpected Places

Like caramel in a lion's cadaver
Christ in Majesty born in a manger
Shekels in a shark's braces
There could be love in unexpected places

Ever feel like the shit in the mud
Trodden, sunken, swept by the flood
Now in sight, unsightly, causing smirks on smiling faces
There could be love in unexpected places

There could be love in unexpected places
Like treasure veiled in uninviting cases
Thunderous victories in unprepared races
And in gifts as teensy as tiny shoe laces

Some seek love in lemon Lamborghinis
Others in blue perfumed bedrooms
I found it in the pain and punctured palms
Of a marred and mangled man

©Radiant~ December 2014

Copyright © Chidiogo Ibe | Year Posted 2014

Details | Couplet |

Little Town

I am where King David was born.  My name means, “House of bread”.
I am located six miles south of Jerusalem; 262 miles northeast of  Cairo, Egypt; 

and 140 miles southwest of  Damascus, Syria.  When the Caesars ruled, all roads did not lead to me, but to Rome.  But still, I’m easy to find.

I’m not the first in mind when one thinks of the Middle East.  But the prophets spoke of me as the place where a Jewish Messiah would be born.  

Centuries later, the Jewish leaders gave King Herod vital information about me that caused him more than a little concern.

It’s not always what or who you are, or whether you will ever become a star.
God has always known about me, and religious leaders were well aware.

No, I never became a star of any kind; but wise men                               came from afar and were led straight to me by a star.

Nay, my friend, it’s not the size that ushers one to a place of renown.  But it’s who or what comes out of you that makes one more that just a little town.

O yes indeed.  I am that Little Town of Bethlehem that made room for The Bright and Morning Star.  Out of me came The Christ Child, Jesus Christ.
12162016cjPS; (An impersonation)

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Compton Ghetto Art Christmas

youd have to see it to believe it
but im making compton famous
a medusa mask
leave a candle burning
and a wall of clocks and mirrors
and a wedding day gift i painted

so you walk to your car
or into your apartment
and my window do you see
the blinds always drawn shut

but this artist game is open season for criminals like me

there is a candle burning beside the book 
with exactly that title

a kite and a flag of rainbows
and several mirrors to haunt your soul
kept safe by the hands of time
in case you have shattered one

but the grinch of the ghetto christmas is reminding one and all to behold
the cracks that keep us cold in the winter
the pots and the pans
sure it seems messy
but there is such a method to the madness

a pet nmaed rock
and no cats are allowed
but when you wlak by or drive by this view of the closed curtain of lights 
and delights

we're onto the mayor of the surprise holiday now

remember loose lipped sunken shppied

Copyright © Troy Jeremy Nelson | Year Posted 2007

Details | Narrative |

The magic of Christmas

So colorful and festive
that Christmas brings to us;
preparations abound elsewhere –
with gifts, kind thoughts and generosity.

Young and old alike share
what Christmas means to them.
A celebration of faith, an act of life
shown with love and loyalty to God.

Mammoth crowds emerge on the horizons
shoppers found in malls, post offices
and other retail stores.
Like a magic, they meet in different places.

It’s a season suffused with life
pregnant with meaning
and significance.
Like a magic that draws us to reflect
Christmas means for all ages.

Copyright © mark escobar | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme royal |

Christmas In Our Town

Fond memories serve me as changes abound,
and snowy white flurries now cover the ground.

Thanksgiving dinner we finished in haste,
stuffing ourselves with turkey we'd baste.

Decorations wee then strung across our main street,
warm greetings, best wishes from people we meet.

Houses are well lit with lights all aglow,
and hung over doorways you'll find mistletoe.

Trees in the windows are beautifully shaped,
shining most glorious with ornaments draped.

Soon cherished loved ones will all gather 'round
renewing old friendships they made in this town.

Children excited and full of such laughter
will treasure these moments to last ever after.

On Eve of Chistmas they'll surely not sleep
awaiting old Santa down chimney to creep.

Fun, joy, and pleasure will be ours again
celebrating the birth of the One without sin.

We welcome this time and always remember
why we return home the month of December.

Copyright © Tamara Hillman | Year Posted 2005

Details | Light Poetry |

night before christmas

as the kids sleep
we walk the beat
lit up the tree
we could see
the lights  on that night
blinking and sinking
and we start thinking
and drinking
until dust it was lust

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2011

Details | Light Poetry |


it soon be the tree
candy youll  see
drum bang
a hey hang
on the tree heavenly
only will sett face to face
by the

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Christmas Lights in Inverness - for Carolyn's contest.

Every year, on a chosen date in November The Xmas lights, are turned on in their splendour Through our town centre, and along the River Ness They bring cheer to the season, in their illuminated finesse On the very same night, Santa appears He is telling the children that Xmas is near As they walk through the town centre, singing carols of song They follow his sleigh, for with Santa they belong This year is a first, as there will be charity lanterns To raise funds for so many, who all become our concern In Inverness Scotland, at this special time of the year To all you out there, we wish you the best of Highland cheer My entry into Carolyn's " Christmas in your Town " contest. http://www.thehighlanderspoems.com/inverness.php

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2009

Details | Verse |

The Nihilist - Five: Dog-Tired Days

Parallel went the universe someplace along the line
When autumn French-kissed winter with tongues of leaf and ice;
The lamp-posts dripped drab amber with a dark and dreary shine,
A devil's brew of garnished sleet, elemental egg-fried rice.
Night caved long and colder as day fell short, sedate,
And I felt somewhat older, in my heart a dying spark;
Crying out for love rekindling to alleviate the fate
Of departing in pitch-blackness and returning in the dark.
Tedious treadmill grinding as the Christmas pines were sawn,
Down in the valley decorations sagged and popped and spat;
Sizzling bulbs of neon death, ramshackle and forlorn,
Greeting cards from no one close had piled up on the mat.
My eyes blurred red and jaundiced in a fiery bourbon haze,
Well-past midnight I still sit and hungrily imbibe;
Toasting all the ghosts I knew throughout my dog-tired days,
On glitzy wrapping clawed the wishes I wished to inscribe.
Never has the relevance of nothing meant so much,
The face of unrequited love recedes in mist and snow;
The angels on the Christmas tree bestow no healing touch,
Pull up the covers, settle down, there's nowhere left to go…

Copyright © Tony Bush | Year Posted 2005

Details | I do not know? |

Soup Group

To all my fellow poets in the group

Around the world we make the loop

The support and kind words on the net

Gives us motivation, you can bet

It is that time of year

I would like to extend Christmas cheer

To all my fellow net poets every where


To All of YOU out there.

Copyright © Phyllis Babcock | Year Posted 2006

Details | Free verse |

Joseph's Merry Christmas Poetic Tag

It’s now dawn and the sky is ocean blue
Bringing to mind a poet who is so true
Writing with pen and ink in every round 
With a Christmas name as Carol Brown

Around the corner moving in a rush
Teaching away with her poetic thrust
There in the flakes was Tamiviolet
Words flowing like a story booklet

On a platform was Vince Suzadail
Being hailed by many for setting a trail
Out came the sun with Jean Marchese
Painting picture so cool and breezy

Feet getting weary there was Karen O’Leary
So cheery while reciting a poetic theory
Wearing fancy socks was James Baylock
Standing on a rock just teaching his flock

Heading home for warmth of the fireplace
Thinking of the next journey I will face 
Do I hear jingles and slay bells in the air?
Oh my, it’s my friend Santa we are a pair! 

Merry Christmas!

Comments:  I was tagged by Kathy, and as a result I have to pass the tag along.
I have randomly tagged the first six poets in my head.  I really enjoy reading their 
poetry.  Now, they can tag other poets they enjoy reading. Have a great day!

Copyright © Joseph Spence Sr | Year Posted 2006

Details | Lyric |


All the letters that the kids
have sent to the North Pole...
have been stolen by a grinch,
who hates the Christmas' spirit
since he heard the first carol;
can they be without any gifts? 

O silent and uncheerful man,
be their Santa on this Christmas' night; 
if all have forgotten you, don't be like them;
your kind and sad eyes need love to share!
O silent and uncheerful man,
sitting on that bench of the empty park,
don't look away...those children wait
and hope for a miracle to happen tonight! 

I'll get your red and white suit,
four reindeers and a shiny sleight;
it's my gift for your sadness: 
the sweet comfort for your loneliness!
I'll get all the presents they like,
so that they can smile and realize:
that Santa always keeps his Christmas' promise...
when everybody else simply tosses them aside!

O silent and uncheerful man,
leave this corner for others to take...
you have a mission that'll make you great!
Be their Santa on this Christmas' night;
these children hold their thrill inside...
'till they see whom they really believe in!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2006