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A Christmas Funeral

I had to cry on the inside,
As aunty laid spread on the Kitchen floor weeping.
She somewhat gathered herself and stood sobbing,
“They shot him” were words that escaped her lips
And she repeated these words like a lullaby
Calming herself to Tranquil like state   
But she still wore disbelieve on her face, we all did.
For she had lost her husband and I had lost my uncle  

I had to forget 
For a little while I pretend he was alive and well,
I could at least find some kind of solace in being oblivious.
Self-inflicted amnesia was like a drug, with each dose my mind grew tolerant 
Until my mind finally withdrew from Pretend  
And reality came like waves swoosh all I had built 
All these boundaries intended to protect and shield 
Against the brutal realisation that I lost you for Christmas.

His Mother shed no tears 
Grand ’ma wore black, a strong face and Stared at walls.
She often did this in times of loss, but this time things were different 
One could see through her silence, her eyes heavy  
As the eyes always told when carrying a heart’s weight, 
What could she do? , as being strong was almost entirely her nature.
I always hated and admired this about her, 
Her ability swallow her pain and shoulder the world on her back.

It was a dull Christmas 
I woke to the scent of paraffin and fire wood 
And women cooking outside sang sad songs 
Followed by baritone voices conversing in the background.
Christmas jingles were replaced church hymns  
And the gift of family remained present.
His absence was deeply missed, as it saddened our hearts
For in this Christmas funeral , we came together.

Copyright © RONNY MADONSELA | Year Posted 2016

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As christmas mounts decembers passing
we huddle in your absence.
Our eyes earthbound in aversion
of the stinging words etched upon the marble.
A solitary magpie skipping over the crystallised blades
highlights my purpose at your graveside.
Your first christmas misspent in the depths of the earths
are my thoughts as my eyes thaw the ground beneath.

Copyright © stephen clarke | Year Posted 2011