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I was just trying to remember the past
 trying to remember the good people
 and the bad people,
 that i came across on my way,

i want you to know
that you are among the good people
 that left a good trace in my life,

once again i just want to say thank you
for passing through my life,
is so short but is wonderful
i want you here forever.

Copyright © VICTOR BUN | Year Posted 2012

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Christian Believer Hypocrisy

Christian Believer Hypocrisy

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis
Use of her religious belief is a mistake most gravest.
While denying same-sex marriage, she is cherry picking the bible
When she grants divorced persons marriage licenses, making her argument not very viable.

Jesus had several times said something about divorce and remarriage. Corinthians 7:10-11 especially applies to Kim Davies who has three divorces and four marriages. Not only is she a hypocrite, she is using religion to promulgate hate. Oh yes, I think Jesus said something about "loving your neighbor" that seems lost on christian conservatives.

Copyright © Edward Johannes | Year Posted 2015

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The Wedding

Sometimes things are up,
And sometimes they are down,
Sometimes black is white, 
And sometimes it is brown.
All the rivers flowing,
Back to the sacred sea,
All the monkeys climbing,
Up the very same tree.
You think you know a lot,
Think you know it all,
But the autumn leaves are falling,
At the north wind's lonely call.
The thinking of the meaning,
The reasons lost and gone,
At last the place is ready, 
A vacant holy throne.
The emptiness that fill you,
Fills you from inside,
Is the treasure you are holding,
The bridegroom's holy bride.
And now the north wind's blowing,
Blowing down the Way,
And now we sit here waiting,
For the bridegroom's wedding day.

more at

Copyright © ness tillson | Year Posted 2013

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What Does Marriage Mean to YOU

What Does Marriage Mean to YOU?

What all hear various definitions
 of what marriage means.
Not realizing the consequences
 this often brings!

There’s often a lack of commitment and faithfulness.
Many still looking for a true source of happiness!

This institution, that God set up as a husband and wife.
Needs to have his spirit,
 to guide our life!

It’s no wonder why, there’s many falling apart!
It’s causing heartache and many broken hearts!

No court in the land can wash away sin’s dark stain.
When adultery happens, things aren’t the same!

May we all seek to ask God
 to strengthen our home!
He’s there to help us!
 When we feel all alone!

We need the blood of Jesus to daily cleanse us!
He wants to do this!  Because he loves us!

Jesus remains committed, faithful and strong!
His word will teach us what’s right and wrong!

May we seek HIS guidance and council!
You’ll find, that he is always most helpful!

Please Jesus… Heal the broken families
 across this nation!
For only you can provide
 a much needed foundation!

By Jim Pemberton  

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

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Our Silver Anniversary

From the day I promised to be with you forever… It’s now been 25 years together! Through the trials, laughter and many miles We’ve had our share of joy and trials! You’ve been so loving patient with me. My beautiful wife— my lovely sweetie! This anniversary, I am so very proud of you! You’re a wonderful wife! Faithful and true! With you, God has given me the best! My love for you is so hard to express! I Love YOU! Is what I will always say, This very special anniversary day!!! Love, Jim

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

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Your Wedding

This is your day in the sun, Your day of triumph, Of commitment, Of promise and intention, Of New Beginnings, The end of loneliness. This is the new foundation, The plying together of bricks and mortar The bricks to give colour and shape, The mortar to give structure and soundness, So that together you are an impregnable fortress With doors of heartfelt love, Windows of vision, Rooms of peace and generousity, Furnishings of service and beauty, And a garden of sweet memories to grow. I wish you success at every turn, Joy on every path, Delight in all the little things of life, Deeply rooted and vigorously sprouting shoots of loyalty and love Nurtured on the fertiliser of experience and wisdom, And LONG LIFE TOGETHER!

Copyright © Helen Murray | Year Posted 2012

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Logic's Song

          I once saw an old man with hair 
          the color of snow and in his hand,
          He held two circulates of gold.

          I asked the man what the rings
          were for.
          One, He said, is for the Young
          and the other for the Old.

          With questioning eyes, I looked
          upon and as He explained,
          I heard logic's song.

         An in conclusive reasoning, He said
         and then a comforting smile,
         He gave, as He continued to say.

         (The Young) " The  heavy bodies 
         descend by gravity and again the
         gravity is quality; Whereby a heavy
         descends is an impertinent circle and
         teaches nothing.
         Meaning: The Journey Onward.

         (The Old) " A circle which touches 
         the curve and close to the point more
         nearly coincides with the curve than
         hence is called; Circe of curvation.
         Meaning: Coming Into Full Circle.

         An unofficial association of people, I said
         but the smart set goes there.

         It's simple my Dear, He said;
         A plane curve generated by one point
         moving at a constant distance from a
         fixed point, (The Young & The Old).

         As He calculated the circumference of the
         circle, again He spoke.
         Every part of which is equally distant from
         a point within it, is called: The Center, The Soul.

         He spoke in logic in which I had never heard spoken.
         A conclusion of a form of argument between two
         or more unproved statements that in the end, prove
         each other as one.

         Alpha, Omega, The beginning and the ending,
         a circulate of gold. The Young and The Old.

Copyright © Sharon Gulley | Year Posted 2014

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the word as prophesied and revealed,
to the holy spirit's delight pf presence.
you came after me;
with hearts ablaze,
trying to touch me,
with promises to last.
uplifting the upright,
enduring the course of time.
fulfilled through trials and errors,
untouched by any might of warriors.
ever true to the hearts of many,
no purer claim of evidence can come closer.
the blessing of a promise;
each one of us has to hold unto it,
searching for thatone peace and contentment,
glorious for any one eye to see,
standing firmly to what we believe in,
ready to make ever true the word our destiny.

Copyright © Donn Ronquillo | Year Posted 2013

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Thrice scandalized

Before the blind, do not put a stumbling block                                                                  Major denominations advocating the abominations                                                                   In which hand in hand, they all fall in the ditch                                                                            I do I do I do’s they speak evil, so bid them adieu                                                                          A rooster crows, yet they repented naught

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2014

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Reign of Eternal God is at hand

Mr. Peter Herbeck DVD
Shares an inspiring story
His own conversion
Call to a new evangelization

What it means for Catholics
To live with a conviction
That Father Christ is alive
Acting in the present 
Changing people’s lives

Copyright © Jacqueline R. Mendoza | Year Posted 2011

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The Heavenly Wedding

There is a wedding one day to be
the groom is preparing for that day
two thousand years He's been waiting
all that time He's prevailed to pray

It will not be held here on earth
in heaven indeed will be it's venue
no wedding will compare with this
the guests will outnumber any other queue

The bride will be spotless and pure
no other before has looked like this
a match truly made in heaven
this bride's dreamed this divine kiss

The groom paid for His bride
with His life blood sacrificing all
such was the love for her
so persistent was His call

So a great day it'll be
when Jesus and His church do wed
all will be perfect on that day
for the church will receive her living bread

Copyright © Gordon McConnell | Year Posted 2014

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Grace Will Be Dancing

Grace Will Be Dancing
By Curtis Johnson

2 Corinthians 9:12 NIV

Far  from the peaceful and prosperous shores of America
A blessed e-mail came one day from a lady in Africa
I always rejoice in my spirit and cry in my heart
When Grace is so thankful for our little part

Because of a gift, she has been greatly relieved
She’s happy now that she can pay some school fees
She will buy sugar for grandma and something for herself

She said that a friend name Gerald went to a village to start a church
She will share the gift with him, because she fills bless with much
She said that she has a favorite song to which she will be dancing
Grace said that because she cannot sing that she will dance

Perhaps her friends also know her song, but they may not
Know the total reason that she is dancing
No doubt they will here the same outward music
But I am certain, Grace hears a difference beat, deep
Within her heart; and that’s the music to which she is dancing
At her friend’s wedding, Grace will be dancing
At her church, while others are singing her favorite song,
So happy and so grateful, Grace will, so gracefully, be dancing.                                              

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2015

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Meteors Like bursts of love from the heart of God Overflowing from his bridal chamber The chariot’s warmed up The horses are groomed Waiting on the trumpet call Jesus

Copyright © Gwendolen Song | Year Posted 2014

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Christian Wine

 Christian Wine 
Christian Wine 
Fifteen Fabel 
Christian Wine 
CharlaX Fabels 
Most men reiterate the infirmities of flesh the scars so proud to show so scary 
but so worthwhile like Tom Sawyers Toe. The boys eye meet on the street hold 
up they shirts and say look so neat the knife came all the way across and then 
they brag so braggart the facts and get another illegal drink for most of them use 
the alley they are too young to sit the bar stool anyway. The seldom used door 
long locked against the thief they lean upon each other's arm in misery for one 
so young to fall prey to john barely corn. 
The eye used to drink it down convinced it was the best thing in town and let me 
tell you all it was hard to put it down but the punch line of my story is the sobriety. 
Jesus saves in different ways each person is not the same. He never changes 
but the person changes to fit the mold of HIS direction. The soups cold and the 
meat is not too hot and the butter never melts but eye am so happy not to drink. 
The wet rain falls upon my brow and makes me frown but somehow the son 
always shines for me as well and love is just around. 
The edges of my mind are filled with happiness her name is love she is ewe my 
loneliness is gone my loveliness has come. 
Rules for English words stop me from making rhymes and so the words come 
out so strang and yet she thinks she loves she moves the mountains between 
us and GOD is in my heart and love is also there from her to make me live just 
until it is time to die and leave her to carry on in Heaven to build a place to stay a 
picnic ready to be eaten in the grass of Heaven just inside the doorway. 
There were many people stories in my bible to read there was a Nazarene who 
never cut his hair it is said they never drink wine? 
He is drinking wine in Heaven with his JESUS now. 

Copyright © charles hice | Year Posted 2008

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Cometh a time we would be  tried.

A worthy cause we must be allied.
The choice to continue or turn back we must decide.
To be tagged a 'foolish virgin' or a 'worthy Bride'.
The acts of sin; we are urged to turn aside.

The principles of holiness, in our lives, must be applied.
Our thoughts of giving up; we must chide.
In Jesus, through prayers, we must confide.

The sword of truth, we must rightly divide.
The path to heaven we must continually glide.
To preach the gospel we must swiftly stride.

The spirit of humility we must hold on to and desist from pride.
In the secret place of the Almighty and in His temple we must reside.

Firmly to charitable works, we must be tied.
Firmly on the solid rock we must stand to avoid destruction by a stormy tide.
Following these principles, we will have peace on every side.

And on the last day, our entrance into Heaven would never be denied. 

Copyright © Nkwuka Kosi | Year Posted 2016

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Life, death, wedding, miracles

Life, death, wedding, miracles

she was not cancer, she’d not enchanted death.
she’d still smile - with loose teeth, with clinging roots.
dreamy-eyed, a wedding to plan, mind engaged.
a forthright goal despite the odds, felicitous.

dress wrapped around her fading petals. mirth,
spread on a banquet table, with precious
invitations, all who would come, none forced back.
for she’s like her feral cat, feisty & fearless.

fresh air, like a bouquet, seemed to sweep the church.
a wrist corsage bravely held her hand.
her eyes resolute, passing the baton
to her only daughter, God’s mercy in battle.

this was the final day, she’d gather her breath,
take a huge whiff, of this planet’s oxygen.
next day, spirals, giving her two more months.
God favored her so, he graciously gave her christmas day.

*died two days later, told me of her new birth.
ipad doorbell, announced her new day.
i stood there with heart pounding,
knowing we had shared precious prayer.

Kim Rodrigues © 2017

*True story. I prayed with faith for my cousin. God gave her another year, when the doctor’s had already told the family to say goodbye (miracle #1).The day after she died, my ipad rings like the sound for facetime, which sounds like a doorbell. I open my ipad and it says it’s her birthday, but my ipad was not set up for her birthday and it was not her earth birthday. (#2)
I kept saying, “I don’t get it!” Chills. One more thing happened one year later, not as dramatic but clear to me. (#3)

Copyright © Kim Rodrigues | Year Posted 2017