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**Example for my contest.**


chirp chirp!

Visions of my past why are they following me?

Leave me the h3!! Alone,

Let me be, the earth is my home. 

I am not willing to fly free allowing my deception to roam free.

A passion I no longer see.

I find myself lying on this grass all alone.

Tears caused by my saddened past.

How can I hear the ocean waves, only trees surround me?

A life I cry why me? 

I have no guide to show me how

I have been all alone before the age of one.

I have nothing to call my own. 

What is that chirping sound? 

Allowing me to live knowing my mother, did not care. 

An embryo in her womb, safe in your care. 

My mother's destruction pulled me out of a life that was not for me.

Where is my guide?

Crickets chirping soundly, how is that supposed to comfort me?

Do you not care for me? Why do you send the smallest insect to laugh at me? 

Every time I fall to the ground, a chirping is the only sound. 

I'm not ready to be rescued, I have not found my final stop.

Why is this insane insect in front of me?

Is that an annoying sound just for me?

What a silly way to show me who and what you can be!

Thinking of you in the biggest form.

An insect I can hardly see.
Why did it not come to me, on wings?

Do you mock all those times I fell onto the ground? 

It was not the ocean waves I heard. 

It was always the sounds of millions of crickets around me. 

Showing me your power can come in any form, shape, and size. 

Next time stings your way into my life like a bee.

.                  By; p.d.
~~LOL, my worse poem ever~~
~~LOL, what was I thinking~~

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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I See Your Face in the Ocean

From this rocky height 
In the morning light,
Everything I see 
Reminds me of Your love;
Seagulls, as they cry
Like the angels fly
By the restless sea
Or in the skies above.

Waves crash far below,
Droplets fall like snow;
Everywhere I look
Reminds me of Your grace:
Colors bloom and fade,
Everything You've made
Like an open book
Reveals Your hidden face.

Brighter than the sun,
Deeper than the sea;
You're the only One
That means the world to me:
Stronger than the waves,
Firmer than this stone;
You're the One who saves,
Lord, You, and You alone.

Higher than the sky,
Far spread as the winds;
Lord, You chose to die
To save me from my sins:
Faithful as the tide
And the break of day;
Always by my side,
Remain there, Lord, I pray.

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2014

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The Heart Of The Ocean

You pick me up and fly me away;
Oh my baby, what a beautiful day!
Like a rock, you are strong to withstand the motion,
And your love runs deep, the heart of the ocean.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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The water. 
It ripples and waves.
Its soothing to the touch and it runs over your body like an invisible blanket.
When life is too much to take I run to the water.
I've thought about lost loved ones over the view of the ocean.
As the waves ran over my toes and pulled back it was as if God was telling me I'm here.
I see your pain. I see your passion. In time I will wash them away.
When it rains, it stirs something inside of my heart. I know that as this storm shall pass, so will the trials of life.
The pain will be washed away. All will grow new again.
Pain is water.
Joy is water.
Life it water.
Water is beauty.

Copyright © Misty Hoot | Year Posted 2013

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A Hollow Bottle

A hollow bottle floats amiss in an infinite sea, 
A sea teaming with vibrant colors and wondrous life forms, 
Yet the bottle says to himself, "I am so all alone."

Copyright © Kim Bond | Year Posted 2014

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Cup Of Trembling

Written April 24, 2013

Beside me, the weeds are overgrown
Against my house, my home
Those streets I used to roam
As a child young and free
Oh how the time has flown
From here and there in history
There lies a time that comforts me

Words and letters overused
All the paths I have perused
On the journey for the key
Of happiness towards which this leads
Or so I used to think
Before the system found
What it aimed to find
Beneath the shutters and blinds, of my mind

Do you know the way
That man will follow knelt to pray
Of the lamb and jars of clay
The man who makes us wait and stay
For what feels eternity
The ocean sprays its misty breeze
On everyone who stops to see
The light and dark caressing me
O'er purple mountain majesty

Come and rest your head with me
Come tell us of your tragedy
And when you'll send my way a sign
And how you'll get the blind to see
Oh cup of trembling will you be
The judging wave come over me
Or will you wait and part the sea
When I'm prepared to see

Tell me all that you may know
From the melting of the snow
Bares nature's bosom in the glow
Of the moon, and the sun
Does it matter who has won
No matter where the river runs
The dark of night will always come

Copyright © Brandon Carter | Year Posted 2013

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The Prize

She has been gaining on us

Our hold heavy

With burdensome loot

Our riggings pock-marked

From the shot of exchanges

And the stress of this South Sea.

Duties never change

Sometimes lightened with song

But many a time

On our knees scrubbing.

Or hauling sheets

Or scampering aloft.

We know our lowliness

Those skeletons of drink, darkness

And debauchery ashore.

Captain reads us Psalms

Many a morn

But the images are so foreign

Like an exotic verdant isle

Not yet landed.

And this other bonnie ship

Gaining this late afternoon

All sails full and profiting

This might be the last

Of our nights for this flag.

Close watch to lights and breeze

We reckon.

And who are they?

And whose Crown?

And will we be shackled

Below decks?

Or given happy privilege

To serve and strain

And sing yet again?

For a different Captain

Headed for a different land?

With what seems

Totally different purpose.


(* Salvation starts with total despair of self, leading to an overthrow, a boarding, and a subjugation with ultimate gladness to a different Captain and King. Think I'm gonna sail away with Him.)

Copyright © Doug Blair | Year Posted 2016

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(Based on James 2:14-26)

My faith in God 
is like the size of a stone
I would toss across the sea

Multitudes of ripples 
will generate 
from one single splash 
that will multiply 
from the many blessings 
I will receive from him



                                                   Written by: Mia Pratt, 2017

Copyright © Mia Pratt | Year Posted 2017

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Draining The Ocean

I’ve suppressed so much inside of me, positive and negative.
The accumulation has grown to the size of an ocean.
However large I protect it discreetly, with great precision and intensity.

This creates a dilemma, now that I feel God leading 
me into a place of greater expression, a place
that will lead to the draining of my coveted ocean.
In this place the days of the small, sprinkle-sized expressions 
come to an end

I’m scared of this place. 

If my ocean is drained you will see who 
I really am - that is my biggest fear.

My mind hates this, but my Spirit knows I 
need this

It’s all so crazy, but if God is truly behind this I know He
is not the author of confusion.

With that said, I guess it’ll all just have to make
more sense as my coveted ocean drains….

Copyright © Evan Mitchell | Year Posted 2017

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Oceans in Heaven

 There's a river ever flowing
 And it just keeps on going
And the ripples and the waves
 Just keeps running on for days
Ever present always present
And the ways they do climb
They keep me alive Lord are there oceans in
 And are you the Sun
Ever shining so inviting
 Keeps me forever young
Lord are there oceans in heaven
 Are there grasses and trees all of these
 And will the burn Birds whisper and sing the melody
Of the new Eden, the new garden
There's a valley rich in love
Above the clouds up above
And the spaces in time keep me unwind
 Just keeps me focused all the time
Ever Pleasant always present
In this present space and time
Lord are there oceans in heaven
And are you the Sun
Ever shining so inviting
Keeps me forever young
 I want to flow with you glow with you worship and adore you
Keep on running whispering I love you
Going to tell the world going to tell the whole wide world
All about you
No need for fish food or bread I got Manna instead
 My God will keep me alive in him will I thrive
 In Heaven There are oceans of love
Cloudy vessels and land water trees above
No longer will this world be old it'll be rebirth Reborn
There's a river ever flowing and it just keeps on going
And the ripples and the waves just keep running on for days
Ever presence always present
And the waves they do climb they keep me alive
Lord are there oceans in heaven and are you the Sun
Ever shining so inviting keeps me forever young
 I want to flow with you worship and adore you
Keep on running whispering I love you oh she's in heaven you are
Oceans in heaven

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr
Arranged music by Jonathan Echtinaw

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2017