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Captain 'effing' Flint

My parrots name was Captain Flint,
Boy that bird could swear.
I never invited visitors,
So blue was the air.

He'd squawk "pretty effing polly"
Or "give us a cracker you t##t"
I'd never heard such swearing,
I never taught him that.

I bought him off a sailor
Who was heading back to sea,
He said to me, "you'll love him
He's such good company."

And what he said was right
He entertained, it's true.
I said "who's a pretty boy then"
He squawked, " well not effing you !"

The profanities just got too much,
I sold him, with regret.
But the house seems so quiet now, 
Without my 'effing' pet !

Copyright © Gary Smith | Year Posted 2017

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Adorable QuiQui

Adorable QuiQui
A green-feathered, yellow head beauty, that’s my prized pet parakeet, QuiQui. Even when she’s often crabby and snappy, she succeeds in making me extremely happy.
QuiQui loves dipping and diving into her bird bath, and hanging from a perch in her cage, like an expert acrobat. She also enjoys shaking water from her wet wings, gazing impishly into her toy mirror wildly shrieking.
Relishing her seeds and red strawberry millet treats, nonchalantly she ignores my sweet endearments and tweets. But she shows off her long, elegant, tapered blue tail, Sitting silently and contentedly unloading quite a poop trail.
And even though QuiQui never utters a single word, I know she secretly loves me too, my little prima donna bird.

Copyright © Pandita Sanchez | Year Posted 2014

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Ode to My Chickens

Three of my chickens are dead and they have left a hole in my heart,
I want to mark their passing, prove that they were alive and very much loved by me,
They were real, breathing and full of life from the start,
Oh they made me laugh, so hilarious and quirky; such fun hidden away on our allotment, 
They did no great deeds, were not famous and hardly anyone knew they were there,
Alert and trusting, they followed my steps, looked at me with their heads to one side, wondering and seeing,
They slept in my arms and closed their tiny eyes when I stroked under their beaks,
Laid eggs and loved wholemeal bread, sometimes combining the two in to a healthy treat in their run, pecking and pinching whatever they could, 
Stood on my spade when I was trying to dig, and ate the biggest worms I ever did see,
Had me running in circles to catch them, jumped out of the hutch when I thought I’d put them in,
Kicked over their food tin so I’d give them more and always hid in the shed,
Rearranged their sleeping compartments when I had just cleaned them out, kicking the neat straw all over,
Ate all of my winter cabbages and nibbled at my sprouts, sat on the compost heap and looked around, Queens of the allotment!
Were brave in the face of danger, survived against the odds,
When poorly, they slept cozily in my basement, and understood when it was time to die,
They may have only been chickens to most, but to me they were my friends,
Always pleased to see me, they needed me, and greeted me loudly every day,
Three lives have been taken, but I will not forget them,
I will look back and smile, and talk kindly of Muriel, Edith and Ethel,
For they were the three hens that taught me that all life is precious, no matter how unnoticeable and small. 

Copyright © Fran Slimon | Year Posted 2014

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beyond the glass

her tail twitches

her throat constricts with strange sounds

just beyond the glass

the wild birds in flight taunt her
the caged bird looks on amused

*Honey, the cat, sits at the window making strange, threatening
noises at the birds outside. ignoring the love bird in a cage less than a foot to her left

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2013

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Still Flying

The day I chose you
Compared to all the others
I saw the uniqueness of your colors
Looking back when you flew away
Broke my heart in pieces and stole all peace in living
When you were found my heart raced fast
I was beyond grateful that you came back
We moved forward and life was good
Until one day when you seemed strange
I saw you bleeding out in pain
Then news struck that you were sick
and surgery would bring an unknown risk
The vet said there was a slim chance 
Like the usual medical script
Uncertain and scared I couldn't bare
To hear the panting from your chest
All from too big an egg 
You couldn’t lay in your nest
Your appetite was lost and I was at a loss
I cupped you in my hands
Warm and unharmed
You were like snow melting away
Drifting from my heart
A change of season
There was a reason
For this lesson to be learned
You held on for the holidays to make our last memories
When the day of your dying came
It sure left me crying
But I know that you are...still flying

Copyright © Mango Lux | Year Posted 2016

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RIP little Moses

Rest in peace little Moses, 
your job here is done.
In birdie years 
you had a good run.

Fly up to the heavens, 
free and with joy.
I'll miss your sweet song
my lovely, wee boy.

A joy you had been 
for many a year
and I'll miss you my friend,
a pet, oh so dear.

Goodbye little Moses, 
may God give you wing
to fly through the heavens 
and with angels sing.

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2015

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Our Pets

When God created this world He knew we'd love our pets...
And He gave us special doctors that we call Vets.

There seems to be a special place in many a heart...
Where only a pet can play a part.

They give us memories and fill our hearts with delight...
And they keep us company on a cold lonely night.

They love us, they test us and sometimes even help us heal...
And the excitement of pets in our lives seem to be part of God's will.

Thank you dear God for the family of pets...
I have wonderful memories and no regrets.

A dog or a cat or maybe a bird or two...
Raising a pet seems to be a smart thing to do.


Copyright © tom kesting | Year Posted 2015

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Cindy Had A Little Bird

Cindy had a little Bird, 
Little Bird, little Bird, 
Cindy had a little Bird, 
Its feathers were yellow as the sun

And everywhere that Cindy went, 
Cindy went, Cindy went, 
Everywhere that Cindy went
The Bird was sure to go

It followed her to school one day
School one day, school one day
It followed her to school one day
Which was against the rules.

It made the children laugh and play,
Laugh and play, laugh and play,
It made the children laugh and play
To see a Bird at school

And so the teacher turned it out,
Turned it out, turned it out,
And so the teacher turned it out,
But still it lingered near

And waited patiently about,
Patiently about, patiently about,
And waited patiently about
Till Cindy did appear

"Why does the Bird love Cindy so?"
Love Cindy so? Love Cindy so?
"Why does the Bird love Cindy so?"
The eager children cried

"Why, Cindy loves the Bird, you know."
Loves the Bird, you know, loves the Bird, you know
"Why, Cindy loves the Bird, you know."
The teacher did reply

Copyright © John Long | Year Posted 2007

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The Finches

They're singing. They are.
The finches. They sing beauty.
That tree is their house.
How charming! Birds, music, tree.
And the sun, friendly, like them.


Tanka Contest 3rd place
Contest Judged:  4/27/2014
Sponsored by: Amy Green

Copyright © Ivo Cosentino | Year Posted 2014

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My Parrot

My parrot loves to squawk and talk
but even more that that
she barks just like our doggies
and meows just like a cat.
she loves to whistle many tunes
but sometimes makes you frown
by screeching while you’re on the phone,
to make you put it down!

I'd like to gag the pesky thing
so she could never speak.
But I cannot find a gag so small
it fits around her beak.
So we have to sit and bear the noise
of her shrieking in our ear
unless of course we let her out
and watched her disappear.

But alas she cannot fly
she's much too blinking fat:
for every time we have some food
she screams as well for that.
Maybe one day she'll whisper
when she's really, really old.
But these parrots live for seventy years
or more, or so I'm told!

Ivor G Davies

Copyright © Ivor Davies | Year Posted 2015

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A Haiku---the mocking bird

Wake, slumber no more
Buzz,buzz, buzz!,join in the buzz
Time waits for no man

Copyright © Ndubisi Chiagoziem | Year Posted 2012

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Little Bird Versus Big Bird

My son has a cute little Cockatiel
That doesn’t say a word.
But when I look in its eyes,
I can only surmise
That it’d like to take on Big Bird.

I wondered what could be the reason
For facing this huge deed?
It’d say, “Why should only puppets,
And rather large Muppets
Get to eat all the Sesame Street seed?”

Copyright © David Fisher | Year Posted 2015

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Ode to Larry the Bird

Bright yellow feathers,
Deep black eyes.

A voice that could carry
Through the winds of time.

A sweet little fellow,
My friend for years and years.

I just can't help
But to shed my tears.

Much to soon you left me 
Here all alone.

You really helped
To make this house a home.

I knew you were in heaven
When I heard the Angels sing.

That screechy little voice
Was singing straight to me.

Please know that I love you
And I will not I forget.

The sweetest little friend,
I had for a pet.

Copyright © Sabreen Wolf | Year Posted 2006

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Parrots 5th poem

A villanelle I wrote about a parrot
a little fiend all in scarlet and green
who knew every trick in the book
he could keep me oh so amused

He liked to dance to music
yes I swear he did as he bobs
back and forth on his perch
and lifting his nifty nimble feet

He would put Fred Astaire to shame
and that beak could be so wicked
watch it when he nibbles your ear
he will draw blood if given the chance

He would sit in the window and I swear
was people watching and shouting advice
to them as they passed, bowing and dancing
he let them know he was far wiser than they

(Thus my joy for you I will relay
fill my tray you know  the drill
full of colour and so  very gay
keep me happy so I won't stray)

Contest: 5th poem written 06/30/2013

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2013

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My Friend Bubba

My feathered friend Bubba is quite a guy...
And in the morning when I leave for work he always tells me by.

While I am at work he and Belle hold down the fort...
And if there is anything strange happening they file a report.

Bubba takes a bath in the kitchen sink on Thursday night...
And watching him ear popcorn is an awesome sight.

When the phone rings he says hello...
And when we have company he doesn't like for them to go.

Bubba and Belle are quite the pair...
And Bubba likes to play in my wife's hair.

These two little feathered buddies are as sweet as can be...
And they provide lots of fun for my wife and me.


Copyright © tom kesting | Year Posted 2015

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small bird with a catch

small bird with a catch
sharing message from nature
summer is ending

Copyright © Ernesto P. Santiago | Year Posted 2006

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Rain dropping
Bird falling
Roof cranking
Body moving
Out going
Bird shaking
Bird keeping
Food giving
Heat lacking
Cold catching
Death knocking
Night falling
Day breaking
Bird checking
Bird dead
Grave made
Bird buried
The End.

Copyright © Babatunde T Ogunsiku | Year Posted 2011

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Have u ever really stoped and pay attention to the birds in the morning
have you listened to their praises,their praises of  joy thats its a new day,
they fly like its the first flight do u watch them

Can you feel the joy they feel have you ever tried to feel it,do you see the 
aerobatics being performed by them, its a show not even fine gold can buy 
when they perform in the sky

Flying frenzy is the acts they perform  whilisting so sweet telling you its time to get 
on your feet do you listen to them

As we have jobs to do and to perform they have as well letting us know the time 
is dawn.

Copyright © Arlington quarless | Year Posted 2007

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Pie anyone

Don’t often see him

7/8 asleep

But I’m sometimes surprised

Brushing my feet

Purring and arching

And pushing up high

Ecstasy shows in a half closed eye

Black white and furry

Real smooth to the touch

But not really keen on fussing that much

So soft and cuddly you fail to remember

He has in his mind a deadly agenda


Hey human, scratch me here, scratch me there

You only think that you’re covered in hair

You feed me Iams and think I’m so nice

But I really prefer the heads of live mice

The warden of the garden on constant patrols

Listening for sounds like the digging of moles

One eyes the ground the other the sky

Watching and waiting for things that might fly

For this week I have but one major goal

To tear that magpie another arsehole


He goes for me when he can, him and his mate

One will tease me from my lair the other lies in wait


They got me in a tree one day I was hanging off one paw

Down came the magpie crow, I couldn’t hold on much more

One quick peck and I let go

Bloody hard that beak you know

Hit a few branches way below

Crash -landed on the floor


I’ll get some food, maybe a nap and

Lick my paw like nothing has happened

I’ll strut and swagger and act so sublime

Knowing that pie is on borrowed time


I go out at night while they aren’t around

Scout around and find some new ground

Under a bush I make a new lair

Lie in wait for my friend of the air


I eat a few moths spend a night on the tiles

And maybe I’ll doze for a time

Aha they’re near you can hear them for miles

If he lands up close he’s mine


Hello Jake you look all smug

After your night on the town

You had better get on to your rug

And have a good lie down


Dream a dream of shredded bird

Dying all a quiver

Bet you didn’t expect me

To be chewing on your liver


Sorry about the garden mess

Hope it doesn’t make you queasy

We had a tear up I must confess

And he came apart real easy

- this is a poem by my dad about our pet cat "jakey"

Copyright © Glinda Host | Year Posted 2017

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My Amazon parrot is called Polly By jingo she just won’t stop squawking She’s totally off her trolley And cusses at me when I’m talking I keep her locked in a gilded cage Just in case she tries to escape When she flies into a vile rage I just cover her cage with a drape! Animal Antics Contest Sponsored by Kevin Shaw 08-19-17

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2017