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                  little Rock
               Doves at my feet
             Imploring eyes watch
  as I eat and I    will share my 
                lunch with you not
                   shoo you away
                 like others do
              for I recognize
           your tam'ed nature
        Am greatly pained by your
       fallen stature Dovecotes kept since
        Ancient times Now you're persecuted 
    for our crimes Considered dirty flying vermin  
Might I suggest a different sermon  Giving  Praise
To Thee Dear Dove our oldest symbol of Peace and Love
 in times of war you have served us well For our men you flew 
    and fell Honored couriers meritorious saving lives on wings glorious 
           not just for your flight to flourish   But  by your  eggs and meat to       
                    nourish Been kept for sport and even pet Pigeons are Doves we do
                                 forget sporting the same flute like coo            and 
                                       head bobbing meet-cute "How do you            do?"
************************ One and    The same as famed in fable ********
                                                          Ordained therein by King Eagle
                                                    "...your name shall be used, dear Dove
                                                   as long as the world shall last, for Love" Of
                                                course of course we are all mortal yet you are 
                                              birds above and moral Models of monogamy and
                                           doting parents Bonded family and lucky for us City 
                                        dwellers amid the chaos you little fellers happily our
                                         Birds of Peace break bread with us on our streets
                                                        In The Name Of Dove!

Copyright © Maureen McGreavy | Year Posted 2017

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I do not know your should I call you?
Though I call you with the name of my will not be aware of it
Everyone knows that name
Hearing that name once will keep me wide awake
Everyday...thinking of you makes me excited
With my immense affection...I will encompass you
He's a young lad
He is handsome
I liked him
Your name is a warm ray of sun
Lips that spells it are sweet as honey
You are mistaken if you think you are the sun
The name is a playful winter
Hearing it will surge my heart
If you think you are a are mistaken
It's not a stone that does not move...nor a ferocious tiger that scares
Whatever is your can be found out
Should I reveal that name which pairs with mine beautifully?
It's a very big's difficult to spell it out
The letters of the name are countless
It's a very small name...that can be spelt in a second
There is no language that can describe the meaning of that name
As I spell that name with my lips
With the purity of english, it is sprinkling the sweetness of honey
Should I reveal that name which pairs with mine beautifully?

Copyright © Ankur Mazumder | Year Posted 2016

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The story of the thirsty crow,
heard during  school days as we grew...
How best in it its wisdom used,
to quench its thirst that summer day
An efficient use of available resource,
to realise a fruitful purpose..
A display of prowess in its fullest sheen,
a situational managerial skill !

Relating crow with intelligence is
not just a random chance factor
Research has already proven that-
This ave is witty and wiser!
Strong in memory,mimicry and
understanding humans as well..
How well this bird integrates in our life
with its adaptive behavioural skill!!!

Elegant black and beautiful
dissolved in it every shade...
Leads a gregarious life, 
Shares its food, whenever it finds,
with its kith and kin...
Spreading a message of joy in sharing
and a cordial social life!!!

Chooses a single partner all its life,
Builds its nest, feeds the young,
Protects and nutures them with love ..
Family values and responsibility, I wonder
how it plans and executes so well!!!

Corvus brachyrhynchus- 
this is its scientific name...
Genus corvus has in it species numbering forty
American crow, hooded crow, house crow....
List stretches in continuity!

Oh crow! You have your place in
every walk of life!
Research, religion, ritual,
Mythology, folklore, cultural...
Irish mythology sees in you- Morrigan,
God of death and birth
Hindu religion regards you as 
their departed ancestor!
Tibetian buddhists associate you with Mahakala
Omens of you are believed to bring
signals from the uncanny world!
You are treated as a connecting link in
the cycle of birth and death!
Oh darling crow! Cheers to you!
This poem in thy name!

Copyright © Anulaxmi Nayak | Year Posted 2015

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a)	Twisting - tangible all within my grasp . . .   
b)	Mystical - just a mere lisp of a word . . .   
a)	Captured - beheld such liken to a clasp . . .   
b)	Never such a beautiful sound like bird . . .    

Sorry I have lost it with this verse - Lets finish with something else . . .  

c)	Harken - yee cometh into my strong arms . . .    
d)	I yiven you gifts - and bestow yee more . . .   
c)	Cometh ma leof - I will seeth yee no harms . . .   
d)	Oust thy sorrow - cometh in clos’ the door . . .  
e)	Settled ma lass - I mea’ yee no alarm . . .   
f)	Oft fine table - for you - all yee can eat . . .   	
e)	I yiveth all - In yiveth my most smarm . . .  
f)	Settle ma lass – I yiveth yee na gleet . . .   	 

g)	Once nigt’ waned - the lass wer' quite settled . . . 
g)	Layeth forth - lass - cometh yiveth yee metal . . .  

I hold no responsibility for this "Shameful" attempt of a - "Sonnet"  . . . 
Was written while eating my bag of chips - sat on the car "Bonnet" . . . ; ) 

And "Yes" I did check the "Syllabels per line this time . . . : ) 

Indiana Shaw . . . (*-*)

Copyright © Indiana Shaw | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
No Name
What a finch I saw.
Many colors for a small bod.
Lovely bod in that bud.
Around her or his
You name it.
He or she
I do not know.
 It has no name
No Ids
No papers
No and
No ..
What a free finch.

Copyright © Abdullah Alhemaidy | Year Posted 2015