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Lonely Bird

O lonely bird, stationed high atop the lifeless oak-
what do you see?
where is your home? 
Sol has packed his things and traveled north-
grey skies prevail
Luna wears a shroud
I'm curious, do you sense the chill in the air-
what is it all about?
why am I here?

O lonely bird, black as a star less night-
for whom do you caw?
yea, for whom do you mourn?
Winter brings only death, how well you know-
Sheol cries in agony 
hunger's endless pangs
And I wonder, what happens when we die-
will I live again?
what about my future?

O lonely bird, perched high against a monochrome sky-
are you aware of me? 
do you know my name?
An icy wind blows through me to my very bones-
my winter is here
the end of all things
Yet I ponder, is my name inscribed in the heavens-
will the good be remembered? 
the bad be forgiven, forgotten?

O lonely bird, may your flight be blessed, 
yes, may you be blessed, old friend 

Wait for me...
I'm coming

Copyright © July Morning | Year Posted 2017

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Come you lonely bird

Come you lonely bird!


Walking forever in this same lonesome street!

Still waiting for my special someone to meet!

I have passed beyond the best of my years!

With each step forward, the blind end nears!

Know how far I've come, not what's left to go!

It has been hard all along, will it always be so?

Hear cheers in houses around my own silence!

I can't put up a fake smile, I know no pretense!

Sometimes I wonder was anyone made for me?

Or I had to live by myself, that were the way to be?

If you are one feeling deserted, join me in my walk!

I want to hear your stories, and have mine to talk!

Come you lonely bird, let's together make our nest!

We'll travel the walkways of life till we're put to rest!


Poetry by Dr. Asghar Nazeer (LinkedIn profile

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Copyright © Asghar Nazeer | Year Posted 2014

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The Night Owl

Hoot! Hoot! Came the call
In silence I listened,heard
Suddenly, hoot! Hoot! 
Came the cry,tree 
Branches rustling,wings 
Seems the world was in 
Oblivion-the absolute 
Went I to the window 
and Looked into the 
empty Darkness. As I lay 
down,I Knew somewhere 
I would Hear that sound 

Copyright © Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu | Year Posted 2013

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Forbidding Island

I swim to an unknown rocky strand, marooned by the captain's hand,
Up on the barren shore I stand, up on the wave-washed sand.
The sandpipers dance a saraband; could I like the birds withstand?
Held by the bars of a coral band, alone in a rocky land.

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |


Oh sea of love!
How bitter the mem'ries I have!
This place reminisce the pain
Of not seeing my love again.

Your birds up high
Remind me of his goodbye.
Your water so deep
Makes me yearn and weep.

So let your breeze blow,
And dry the tears that flow.
Let your waves take away
The griefs and sorrows that stay.

Oh sea of love!
Erase the mem'ries I have!
Wash them out of the blue,
Take them away with you.

Copyright © Flora Mae Gudez | Year Posted 2013

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Lonely Girl

Lonely Girl
wrapped tight in brown cloak, flashing Mona Lisa eyes - lonely lioness

Copyright © Pandita Sanchez | Year Posted 2014

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A Bird in a Gilded Cage

I was condemned 
from the first day I saw you.
Bewitched, enamored for ever
by your inexplicable beauty.
Little did I know
where you were to lead me.
I was a slave to Eros,
a fickle love 
god aided by his snide piper Pan.
You brought me to your home,
a mansion built for love,
and closed the door on me.

Now I feel a prisoner
inside a gilded cage
besotted with love.
I have no strength to open the door
and fly to freedom.
I am rich. 
I have no food.
I'm dead for life:
In the deepest part of my heavy heart 
I know
I will find courage to open the cage
but only if I can find God.

Copyright © 2015 Victor Buhagiar

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar | Year Posted 2015

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trail marker

barn swallows return from seasons I've never known to bring me new wings - my eyes scan the old dirt road searching for a summer lost

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2014

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The Brilliance Of The Ending Day

Let's sit under the tall, satured elm after the long-gone storm;
its branches, unwavering and steaming, are awfully warm.
They stretch their drooping arms to brush off the remaining hues,
those of a placid sunset turned apple-red.
Hear me warbling along with the shivering mockingbird,
too lonely and in somber mood. He relies on his brain,  
absorbing the faint heat...before he dies of his amorous evening blues,
I should comfort him and soothe his inconsolable pain.
And watching him, I recall the state I was in, miserable and frail...
until I realized that I was missing: a hand to touch me and restore my will.

I have brought a basket of Californian sun-ripened fruits,
tempting and lively; look inside, cast your gleeful glance on it.
Be that eagle with quick claws when his empty guts emit growls; 
pick the ones your palate craves or those with attracting colors.
My pick is that of a yellow apple like your golden hair slightly wet,
it reminds this lover of the delirious laughter chasing another sunset.
Let's behold the brilliance of the ending day which refuses to subdue;
only the sadness concealed in the depths of our souls holds the clue. 

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

If I could change the past

Ah, someone will give me a magic key
With which I could change my past
This is a good opportunity for me
To daydream what I could have cast

I would have learnt to read more books 
Faces lonely and mellow
Exploring the dark silhouette looks
Inside the letterbox pale yellow

I would have opened my cage much more
To accommodate more lovely birds
So that the psyche could heal more sore
And could utter more melodious words 

I would have courted the ever flowing river
That I have been somehow afraid to hug
By refusing the ingrained fears
That clouded my judgment like a drug

I would have tried to understand you better
To listen to rains with more perception
Would have loved your torrential laughter
Along with the tears without inhibition

Some closed doors I did open
Would have liked to try a few more 
Some beautiful heartbeats I did listen
Some more I crave in your core
July 27, 2016

Copyright © Probir Gupta | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |


Songbird in my front yard
feeding on seed I've thrown
I can see you
because I have become 
part of the silence...

Each day I learn from you
as the fish learn from the sea
the Sparrow and the Blue Jay
learn from the wide open sky..

Mockingbird I am lonely today
chant your melancholy in the still air
call for your lost lover
making the stars smile 
and your mate to sing  back..

Tonight I will chant for my lover
as I look for her in distant stars
perhaps they are all just nests
of celestial invisible birds...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Copyright © Ken Carroll | Year Posted 2015

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It Breathes

I wonder if it’s that hard?
I am young and full of years.
I walk this beach every day and watch
The tides come in, and drive back out.
Birds fly gracefully above my head and
The breeze blows sand into my face.
My feet sink into the damp out skirt of the shore
And I splash around in the water.

It’s not easy to come across death and not respond
In some sort of way. I am full of energy
And you lay by my side faded away.
 Even though you are only a bird
You deserve a proper burial. Your wings have
Insects circling around them. Buz-buz and zzzz.
 They are waiting for me to
Go.  But I can’t just leave you here.
What if it was me laying here dead?
I would like to think just because I am human
And you are an animal, we are similar.
We both share the same air,
We both need nourishment, we both live and
We both die. I’d like to think if I were you someone
On this planet would care.

You once flew with that sun kissed colored wings 
I walk with these porcelain painted legs
As I take off my white zip- up sweater and show you respect
I gently cover you before the rest of the inspectors come.
How you ended up along this beach
Lifeless and deserted, I shall never know.
Maybe you were sick? Or it was just your time.
But I will give you a proper burial
It’s a seed that I must sow
Showing respect for a life

As the tide comes and it goes.

By: Sabina Nicole

Copyright © Sabina Nicole | Year Posted 2013

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Haiku 2 - nightingale serenading, pelican gliding, hummingbird nuzzling

lonesome nightingale
serenades the airwaves
searching for his soul mate

lone pelican gliding
against the evening sky
so effortlessly

blown in with the wind
hummingbird nuzzles a bloom
and is blown away again

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2013

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A lonely tree standing tall,
a lonely lark singing its soul.
A lonely wolf howling with grief,
a lonely roe silently breathes.
A lonely sun among the clouds,
a lonely moon among the stars.
A lonely sea, a lonely bee,
a joyful you, a lonely me.

Copyright © Victoria Georgieva | Year Posted 2014

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The Bird

Mom looked out the window 
at the bright sun. From where she sat 
on her front porch couch, 
the world outside 
looked cold, 
the kind of cold that 
breaks wood and snaps utility wires. Suddenly a bird 
dropped down,
she supposed from the tree that towered over the front of the house,
and sat 
on the outside window sill. 
She caught eyes with the little, black thing and asked it, 
"Why am I so lonely?"

But the bird 
flew away after only a few seconds, 
certainly not enough time to 

Copyright © don munro | Year Posted 2012

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Head East

There is a bird here, 
calling back to her echoes;  
terribly in love. 

Copyright © John Walton | Year Posted 2014

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The Hawk

The Hawk flys overhead
soaring everlasting in circles
around the poor field mice.

six o'clock.

The Red Sun is now parrallel
to the treeline in the West.
Six o'clock
The hawk dives down, like a speeding bullet
and snatches up a small mouse, who was walking
along the corroded barbwire fence,
with his sharpe and dangerous talans.

Six o'clock. Feeding time.
A lover is now gone from the world of field mice,
Just like that.
With the turn of a hand on a clock
Six o'clock.
With the rumble of a Hawk's empty stomach
now a fellow mouse is gone. Forever.

Sad, isn't it?

Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

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The Caged Bird

Four white walls
and a bird,
trapped in steel cage
not free, not happy.
The walls they laugh,
closing in, holding
the bird hostage.
No windows,
no doors,
just four white walls
closing in,
on the caged bird.

I hear crying,
tears of sorrow,
so sweet, yet so sour.
It is the bird
trapped in the rusted cage-
No, just my soul
crying out,
for a warm embrace.


Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |

The Lonely Bird

A lonely bird 

I am a lonely bird flying without it's flock

Always alone no one to turn to 

Born alone die  alone

Wanting to be loved but turning into the rotten apple slowly fading away , I am disintegrating. 

The ugly duckling , the black swan 

I am different... I am the real. They are the unreal 

Not being their true selves, who are you ? Are you  you ? Or are you them. 

I am me the black swan. The real one that stands alone and holds my own ground. 

I am a lonely bird flying without it's flock

Copyright © Shelai Saroop-Husbands | Year Posted 2015

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Lone Snow Swan

Lone Snow Swan
Lone Snow Swan swims ice-water, graceful along river tinged by frost-banks. Geese gather in a gaggle on the sidelines as the single swimmer holds the cold centre, tension mounting between snowscape and water as the two reconcile into a winter-water peace-freeze.

Copyright © Paula Grover | Year Posted 2016

Details | Verse |

To Go On

If you see a hawk
on a bough at field's edge
beyond the corner you should have turned
maybe it's a sign to go on.

Such as during an improvisation on
Flamingo or I've Got You Under My Skin
you play in the wrong key or mode completely
maybe it's a sign to go on, in the wrong key.

Or when my sons cry not wanting
to be alone, I'm upstairs writing
or just enjoying trees in every direction
it too may be a sign to go on alone.

Copyright © Robert Ronnow | Year Posted 2017

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Lost & Lonely






Copyright © Ray Gutierrez | Year Posted 2010

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My friend

I can see
a bird is going out of sight
heading for the tree tops height

I really wish
he would turn back and not depart
I will share my coat to warm its heart. 

I’ll call him
I may reach him just in time
he hears my call, no more climb

Watching him hovering
Wings pivoting, he’s turning back
Swiftly in flight, I keep him on track

Feet touching down
Landing in my coat pocket part
He felt my warm and caring heart

Safe and secure
Fluttering his yellow soft wings
It’s joy, that’s what he brings

Searching for affection  
There was no home to be
A storm had taken his family.

Desperate and lonely
He didn’t want to live
Frightened with nothing to give

But I knew
He could sing me to sleep
wake up to and keep

Began to talk
He wanted a home but not a cage
Needed freedom at his young age

Prim and proper
Fills the room with a melodious tune
Keeps chanting till the night moon

Awakens at dawn
His jute box stirs my ears
He smiles without any fears

Wings arching up
Windows are open letting the sun fill in
Free to fly out and return again

Now and forever
A gift from the winds
Our friendship now begins

Waiting and watching to see what the winds may bring was a Pine Warbler that settled on a bush nearby. 
To my surprise he remained and we became friends.

Nov. 22 2017   by Doug Pederson
Pine Warbler photo taken by me.

Copyright © doug pederson | Year Posted 2017