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Bird Devotion Poems | Bird Poems About Devotion

These Bird Devotion poems are examples of Bird poems about Devotion. These are the best examples of Bird Devotion poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Lyric |

While You Sleep

While you sleep I tell you all of the things I keep inside throughout day.
Now that you can hear but not listen I find them much easier to say.
My hopes, my dreams, my fears, and everything in between
Your subconscious hears so keen, or so it seems.
My tongue is soft; I speak so sweetly 
Knowing your reaction will never greet me.

Tonight will be different in what I want you to know.
It has everything to do with what I can’t help but show.
I hold no claim to any religion but you’ve given me a place for my faith.
Somewhere it will never stale or lose its lavish taste.
You’ve shown me something I can see, touch, and feel, 
And so before it I choose to kneel.

I know I don’t say it but I miss you every day.
Sitting, thinking of the perfect words to be my choice,
Yet when you call I can’t find any of the right words to say.
I’m just happy to finally hear your voice.
Even just a moment is enough to sooth my heavy heart;
Fearing the ends of conversations knowing we’ll have to part.

I’ll never be too far from you, always within arm’s reach,
And in your days of darkness I’ll be the light that you will seek.
I’ll never let you leave too far from me, I’ll stay close behind you in this world;
Secretly protecting what is mine, you will always be my girl.
I only want the best for you so the best of me I will employ.
Faithfully yours, I will always be your boy.

I close my eyes and kiss your soft sweet lips
And see the very best of you in loving bliss.
I see past the physical which makes you attractive
And focus on the things I can’t see in which I’m attracted.
Your thoughts I’d love to hear them all.
Of the things you speak disinterest never makes its call.

My day will come, I know someday I’ll be the only one.
And you I will pursue viciously,
Because I’ve given you the greatest gift I can give, to love unconditionally.
Yes our day will come, I know someday we’ll be as one.
And you I will pursue viciously,
Because I’ve given you the greatest gift I can give… to love unconditionally.

Copyright © Kristopher Higgs | Year Posted 2012

Details | Sijo |


Commitment is the life of doves; they never stray apart. Unlike humans, their oneness has meaning enough to bind them. Forever till death, they mate; accomplishing more than humans.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2015

Details | Lyric |

Are There Birds In Heaven

I was sitting on the steps
;Taking s break from cutting the grass;
I spied a bird in flight, he dove down in front of me;
He landed began walking, walking on the grass heading toward the tree,;
All this right in front of me!
He was singing,  chirping;
He was speaking, talking;
He was bobbing his head up and down;
While  eating the bugs off the ground;
   And I thought to myself I said;
   Lord are there birds  in heaven!
   And if there are what do you need them for!
   Lord are there birds up in heaven;
   Robins, sparrows, crows;
   Many, many other kinds  of birds that  of which I didn't know;
I was walking down the sidewalk in the park
It was a late spring evening just before dark
I saw an oriole in the trees
Seems like he was calling me
He began walking, walking on the grass heading toward the tree
He was singing, chirping!
He was speaking, talking;
He was bobbing his head up and down
Eating the bugs off of the ground
Oh! Peteinon , Peteinon

Oh, Orneon, Orneon  Orneon, oph Peteion, Orneon
And I thought to myself, I said
Lord are there birds up in heaven
And if there are what do you need them for
Lord are there birds up in heaven
Robins, sparrows and crows
Many, many more do many others that of which I don' t know
Are there birds in heaven

June 3 2012

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |

Canada Goose

After the third day
She stopped saying "you must go"
And his kept saying "NO"
Her wing was broke- couldnt fly
Looking up ,saying goodbye
Migrating flock ,noisy and way up high

Overwintering has but one outcome
She tries to think of them, thought of him
Who follows her on scaly webbed feet
Slipping on  the ice, painful wing
Frozen lake,sheet of ice and bleaky  mist
He tries to shield her wing
From gusty wind, it little helps

The snow fox came to steal the egg
She slapped and missed
Broken wing broken egg

Still he waits for the larger meal 
Just out of reach but sure to come
Two dead geese for the price of one

Once last plea for him to go
One of us must live
But he says no

As dead she lies
His hungered honk
Defies an invisible foe
Nowhere to go, it all looks like snow
Too old to live, too cold to care
Slowly walks toward the fox

Copyright © Jannie Breedt | Year Posted 2017

Details | Personification |

My Love is Like a Bird

My love is like an Owl
Knowledgeable and deep and wise
My love is like the Raven
With magic behind its eyes

My love is like an Eagle
Its lineage crowned most high
My love is like a Lark
So swift and scarce and shy

My love is like the Peregrine
Soaring silent above the hill
My love is like the Dove
Spreading peace and good will

My love is like the Stork
Bringing life so fair and bright
My love is like the Sparrow
It’s intuition for life’s fading light

My love is like the Albatross
Floating high on fair winds
My love is like the Crow
The darkened portent that it sends

My love is like the fabled Tern
Crossing continents the status quo
My love is like the Penguin
With its tuxedo in the snow

My love is like the Mynah
Able to sing any song or say
My love is like the Rooster
Heralding each brand new day

But most of all my love is like the Lovebird
Her loving song oft heard
That perfect pair to my person
And the inspiration for these words

Copyright © James Burns | Year Posted 2010

Details | Free verse |

Destiny of a Bird

She flings her body skyward
as every winter before, her heart afire,
 she follows a pre set- migratory course,
 divinely guided, from half a world away.

Coming or going her destination
 always becomes home, 
 to nest again -raise another brood
knowing that generations drive her grand obsession-
the self- exile she endures  heavy on her breast

She sees around her unfamiliar landscape
 longs for lush valleys and trees of evergreen
With each day  her inner call grows stronger, 
fills her with an urgent sense to  flight
 to take to the endless skies- one tiny bird, uncertain, of her flock,
 alone in the vast and blue unfriendly sky

Her wings falter, she feels that death is near,
a last flight comes for every bird.
It seems, what divine force
 held her course before - is gone
she tries but her flight turns aimless
Below, the landscape is a map- less blur
 that baffles her tiny brain

From the dark valleys below a black fog rises
Hostile winds impede her faltering flight
until the ground without  warning or  ill-will
calls the tiny form again to earth.

Copyright © Suzanne Delaney | Year Posted 2014

Details | Acrostic |


W ellness is our glorious gift this year.
O rigami cranes set in flight by the winds 
N avigate the festive New Year celebrations
D elighting children and the young at heart with
E ternal life and freedom they signify.
R ewards of this past year are embraced by
F amily and friends as they gather together
U nified in giving grateful homage for Divine
L ove bestowed in answered prayers.

Connie Marcum Wong
January 5, 2016

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2016

Details | Acrostic |

Your Eyes

 (Dedicated to Folake)

Your eyes, woman
are like twilight rainbow
amorously bearing aloft passions of mine
toward androcytic ecstacy.
They tell of endless lights.

Night skies clarion the warmth of you
keep me balled-up till
i am tilted to your adorned essence.

May I call up words to adore you,
agglomerate them into a panoply of worshippers
unsandalled before you
like Moses at the burning bush.
And now you seem to fall asleep
but you tell me it's the heavy night
bidding toward a sunny dawn
wherein our love is lighted.

Slowly I let you fall asleep
impatient with the long night
waiting to gaze once more
into the eyes of my lovely love.

Then a lip is placed on yours
and you rouse up wide-eyed
smiling at my romantic move.
We enjoyed the night, cruising on.

Copyright © Onis Sampson | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Two Hearts full of Love

I am a heart full of love
that shook the pilars that held her colussium up
her heart filled with sorrow,
I swing such fury toward her heart and soul
she cowards away from me,
in fear of falling in love and not knowing what is in black
and not searching what is in the light of pure white.

I am a heart full of love,
she runs and takes the long dirt road,
through the raging mountains of the quiet countryside,
as the meadows of lilacs slowly die when Spring comes,
the blooming of the rose,
like the blooming of my heart,
a blossom on a cherry tree fall and harbour in the wintertime.
I swing toward her, she falls in fear of wanting attention and love.
Lost in the midnight twilight,
the flaming torch guides her through the dark holes of meaningless souls.
and like a frightened hummingbird,
she flees away from the secrets of falling in love.

A heart full of love ready to love,
it is diffcult to feel and to show,
but as if a rose that blooms in Springtime
my love is ready to bloom.

Pettles lay along a darkened atmosphere
lit up only with four wax candles
a portrait of a woman hung over a mantel piece
in honour of my one true love.

As the twilight shine though my bedroom window,
I show a heart full of love,
to take and to hold for eternity.

And as she slowly moves forward,
she takes me home with her,
and opens her chest and shows me her heart
with a glass of red wine and charming cigarette.
She sheads tears of pain and sorrow on my broud shoulder,
I curise her hair, silk laced hair,
shining against the twilight and the moonlit sky.

My heart full of love,
so divine, so original
a one of a kind.

We make love in the midst of the twilight,
as my dream girl is now reality and my pain is no more,
her pain is no more.
Too show such love makes a man feel free
and his soul lighter.
She holds him there,
as the sun rises over the mountains.
The birds sing a tune of cheerfulness,
and they talk about everything beautiful and kind,
that is still left in this cruel and empty hearted world.

Romance and love shared
with a heart full of love,
smile and kiss upon smooth lips,
feel me against your tight body,
and love me till the morning
when Blue eyed Death is staring us in the face.
and we go with him,
and play a game of risk,
and together forever,
onto a diffrent world
we shall love each other forever,
for you and I both have a heart full of love.

Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

The Days Prayer - Mgur

As the wind lifts a bird,
shares the scent of roses
or fills an old ship's sails
that it may stay it's course,
so does the days prayer.

Entry for Contest 'MYSTIQUE'
#1—connection with a supreme source

Lycia Harding
July 22, 2015

Copyright © Lycia Harding | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Like a Sparrow

Sits content on the ridge cap 

of your roof, tweeting, mind fleeting

is happy to find a worm, a bug

cares not for the song 

of the nightingale

just as well

you'd place him in a cage

to hear him sing

cares not for the eagles flight

you'd tame him, make him hunt

for you

he is happy to be the sparrow

as that is what he was intended to be

how sad would it be

if there were no sparrows

in the big city marketplace

We humans so get off the track of life

end up derailed, marooned, shipwrecked

but of our own accord

carry too much baggage

What do we care about destiny

so are we caught up in our own

web of consternation

that we are blind to truth

You know that the mighty king,

the hippy, the judge, the baker

and the undertaker, and my dear reader,

even you, and me

we all stem from the same cell, originally

as we were taught at R I, in primary school

Yet all that matters little, cosmically speaking

as the earth spins about itself and about the sun etc.

it does not spin for or around you nor me

but it is so indescribably beautiful

that in the reflection of a puddle

in the street

we can see the moon, the sun, our faces

cathedrals and mountains

regardless of riches or poverty.

Like a sparrow

we ought to accept

what we have

as that is most likely

how it was intended.

Copyright © Uwe Stroh | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |


Out of the dark, you'll hear my whistling,
this night bird searching out the heart of you,
who knows the song is you, and meant to sing,
and I, who feel your words, forever do.

In love am I, with all you'll ever be,
though you don't even count me as a friend,
I come and go, throughout your life, 'tis me,
you'll only know as steady, to your end.

This night bird knows the deep inside your breast,
your secrets never shared with anyone,
each tiny pain, you've thought to be a test,
each answer from each question--Life goes on.

         Out of the dark, you'll feel me spread my wings,
           In love with loving you, and what it brings.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Freedom Reigns

"'Cause when your back's against the wall
That's when you show no fear at all
And when you're running out of time
That's when you hitch your star to mine
We won't be leaving by the same road that we came by"

~Keane - My Shadow Lyrics ~

------------------------------------------------------------ There is no celestial place for you to guide my thoughts Can you not see that I am free from you? I am a black bird perched high in the treetops You will hear my crowing and you may hate it But my dear, you cannot take away my voice! Yet still, as fire oppresses forests of life, You can abuse my freedom to find your glory You may discard these words for your love of gods, And in so doing you may simply ignore All the cries that I so passionately utter But my infectious species will guide your mind straight back To that once so lonely treetop where you merely glanced And there will be multitudinous, oppressing thoughts That shall enslave you and bind you unwillingly The crows will only grow louder when you turn away— When you pretend to ignore with your remaining, strangling pride For my voice is a production sent from above Dispatched to judge you pitilessly for your swelling lies! And the choirs of ferocious beaks shall open forever Harmony and dissonance as one

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

Details | Light Poetry |

A Bird In The Hand

A Bird in the hand

From my childhood
 Sweet memories
I remember holding the sparrow so tight
It heart just beats so hard and so fast
 I became more curious. As I look into
His small beady eyes;

I smile, he chirp and whines, begging for mercy
Against the odds, he bite deep into my thumb
 It just wants to be free!
To navigate the world

I was startled by these words
Yay! Better let the bird in your hands go
Before he peck out your nose
“Said Nana
That was the day 
I said up, up and way little birdie.
I am so sorry!center

Copyright © Annie Lander | Year Posted 2013

Details | Nonet |

Tiny Hands Of Love

                                    On tiny hands of innocence sweet
                                    A baby bird sits perched to eat
                                    While tiny hands remain still
                                    The scene is so surreal
                                    Baby bird flies home 
                                    Taking prints of
                                    Tiny hands
                                    Big love

Copyright © Tonya LaDona Sullivant | Year Posted 2011

Details | Haiku |

Bird Song

The birds sing a song

On a tree that is very high

Music fill the air

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2013

Details | Dramatic Verse |

The Silent Lamb

The silent bell rings in the night,
Calling the devils to kneel to the light,
What once was, becomes no more,
As the light breaks through the open door.

What you think and what you feel,
What you saw and thought was real,
Is now only dust on the road,
The desolate remains of your ancient abode.

The new light is rising on the hill,
The new song is singing down in the well,
The new souls are dreaming of your face,
The new hearts are beating at you pace.

The old ideas and reasons you gave,
Are buried in the tomb and in the grave,
The rotting bone and flesh are gone,
In the morning dew, in the morning sun.

The light shines through the open door,
Casts no shadow on the old dirty floor,
The ancient laws of reason and might,
Crumble to dust in the morning light.

What once was real and certain as rock,
Is now the dream the baby forgot,
The new light coming to wake you my love,
The silent lamb and the flying dove.

more of my poems at :

Copyright © ness tillson | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Nature's Single Dads - The Australian Emu

Nature’s Single Dad:
The Australian Emu :
The first 55 days

Emund is busy
preparing his
dance-floor for
partners who’ll put
him to the test. 
His pedigree line
has proven with time

that it is now his
turn, to be best.
He hears them emerge
from the bush as
they gather in
answer to nature’s
They dance, and then
go away, they know
they cannot stay; 
there is not enough
food for them all. 

They dip and they
weave as they mingle
together knowing
that each has a
With his reputation,
there is no
he is ready to join
in the dance.
‘Bonk! Bonk,’ comes
the sound of another
arrival, ‘It’s
Emulena!’ he says
with a grin. 
Others move to the
side as he leaves
them mid-stride 
to greet this dancer
as she flounces in.

With sensuous,
rhythmic movement of
hips she fluffs up
her boa, it bounces
in time. 
He matches her mood.
His movements are
as they twist and
twirl in their
dancing mime.
He does not fuss
about who takes the
lead, he follows and
their dance now is
With steps that are
light he glides to
the right, 	
he meets her, bows
deeply, head
Emulena says,
“Sorry, we cannot
stay longer, we all
must find paddocks
It matters not
whether we all stay
we trust you to know
what to do.”
As she speaks, they
deposit their gifts,
and he hears, as in
chorus they say,
“We know you’ll do
magically, what you
do naturally 
to deliver these in
your own way.”

After completing her
task, Emulena stands
tall and she fluffs
up her feathers once
They follow her lead
in twos, and in
and promenade across
the dance floor.
Left all alone, he
goes back to his
duties and looks
closely at each pale
green shell.
He checks all for
defects. He sees
they are perfect, 
so with care he
covers every one

He sticks to his
task for fifty-five
days in sunshine,
strong winds and
some showers.
He values each
treasure and tends
them with pleasure 
as he, turns each
egg every three
Through his long
lashes he sees
danger coming. He
drops his neck down
like a log.
Feathers flying on
high and red fur
prowls near-by; 
he needs to fool
both bird and dog.

The shells have now
turned a dark bluey
green, there’s an
infertile egg in the
This egg will be
food for his hungry
but he won’t eat or
drink, ‘til they
Each day he looks
up, and turns his
head to the sun as
it rises each
He’ll sit day and
night until the
time’s right.
He knows, that time
comes without

to be continued...

Copyright © J Eliza JAMES | Year Posted 2012

Details | Free verse |

lost princess

To be there tonight where light meets your eyes and hold you through your fears seeing through visions your wrongs being turned right. If the door closed so strongly then let it open the same. Peering out at destiny this time does not have to be the same. You have seen on the feathers that there is a your reason why to pull back the curtain and reach for my light. You hold the key of life with quivering hand hiding behind wonder women's mask and shield struggling each day to stand but its kind hands here to help you get real. You do not have to earn this flight. I have been waiting and watching to offer you this rest inside. Your my jewel the emperor says as you are broken with fear there is no lovelier in the land. I see past your shadows i see past your walls there is no need to measure up princess you have always belonged. What of strength though she says there is a war to fight? In lovers arms is your rest and like a angel to this victory in these arms you will rise.

Copyright © Steve Hanson | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

The Bird that is Loved and Loathed

It burns and it stings.
It hurts.
More than drowning beneath 
the ice.
More than remaining in a 
kindled flame
She hits and I no longer cry.
Why mother, why? 

It burned and it stung.
The markings remained, 
returned, and were relived
Looking, loving, and little 
known loathing were the known 
ways of living.
Never was their pity for the 
child that cried
Never was their relief for the 
child that tried

You were that lovely bird that 
understood the complications of 
Nothing looked the same in 
those dewy browns of yours.
My everbeating would cry tears 
of joy.
The others-they were yet to 
Caring Mother, o' so fair
 You were that beautiful bird 
filled with care.

The others came and were not 
alone. Their two suitors sat on 
the throne.
Rampage and rage why did you 
I began to wither and wither 
slumping along. So very soon I-
the child of fines- became a 
human raceme. 
The droops of the Lily of the 
Valley became the slumping of 
my heart.
My lovely bird the enemy had 
taken you and the person you 
were is far from near.
For that divine nature left its 
intricate self and you became 
irretrievable my big bird.
All of your fairness died.
With that went my pride.
Mother, Mother what moved 
you so? 
Your intense spirt vanished only 
to supplement a monster. 
Mother, Monster and your tar 
filled lungs. 
How did I kill that liver that was 
so, so strong?
The lesson of pain was one you 
came to learn.
My darling bird why did you 
My lovely bird and your big 
brown eyes
I'll tell you once, but never 
Pain is only a flower for it 
blooms and dies
And a mistake can be killed as 
quickly as lice.
 You dear bird hurt me well. 
Though, haven't you heard?
Weakness is a souls greatest 
You brought me up, then you 
brought me down.
You haved helped, hurt, and 
hindered my blazing spirit.
A hero in my heart-I left you 
down in your deep black 
Escaping those terrible nights
To go for the town of delights. 

Copyright © Layla Elkoulily | Year Posted 2013

Details | Light Poetry |

Bird Soar

Once thicket thickened            
         Mossy, leafy
Chance to catch starling
       Or barn swallow
Amidst slumbering umber.

Eyes pinched-- tiny prickles
        Star thistle glistens
         By green-lit moon.

          Craned and swoop,
           Plume beats hilarity.
            Lest they sail asunder,

White capped-- bold and noble
             Strand guarded;
      Acronymic to the other
          Guided by the sea.

Copyright © Jan Backes | Year Posted 2011

Details | Romanticism |

My Valentine

to: JKB 
Finding words to describe or express what you are to me.... 
that would mean explaining the warmth, 
 the rush and the bliss that dance around my body- 

Each time our eyes meet, and when our hands touch... 
The feelings that swim throughout me far surpassed what I've always thought love was... 

What you ignite within me is just so so  much- 
With you, I feel like I can do all things.
 With you my hearts always sings... 
You warm me as if you were rays from the sun- 
Your smile reminds me that life can be fun... 
You hold my heart -as destiny has planned all along.. 

Together-we flow like notes to a song- 
I may never find the perfect words to tell you- 
But have no doubt that the passionate love i proclaim for you has 
and will always be the truest true...

Copyright © Anny McNeilus | Year Posted 2014

Details | Shape |

A Bird's Eye View of Life


                                                       little bird,
                                                     is flying high
                                                  above a rainbow.
                                              Even though it is small, 
                                            it believes that everything
                                          can forever be accomplished.
                                        No matter how hard the struggle,
                                     it will work hard to succeed in it's life.
                                    Whatever comes it's way, it will be true
                                  to it's heart...and with the Lord on it's side,
                               the bird will be happy. Even if the bird does'nt
                              achieve it's goals, it will be satisfied with the life
                             that it has. Life is what the little bird will make of it.
                           The moral of this story is...no matter what life throws
                          your way...be joyous with what you have and cherish it. 
                        Live life to the fullest, as if it may be the last day on earth.


                                                     Dawn D. Kilby 
                                         Copyright ©2008  Dawn D. Kilby

Copyright © Dawn kilby | Year Posted 2008

Details | Bio |


As I sleep, I dreamt sweet dreams
I heard sweet voices of birds in the forest
A romantic, soft murmuring of ants
They were singing 

Many of them singing, out of love, like me
Indeed there are many of them in love,
The love in the forest,

I will sleep again
I hope to meet you with your eyes smiling
Let’s meet tonight, not in my dreams
But in my heart, as I am in love with you!

Layag Sug!

Copyright © Neldy Jolo | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

Fly Along

Fly along, my love, till where the clouds take us
The air is pregnant with the fragrance of roses 
Birds are singing the melodious love songs
Drink from the fountain of life before it closes

Flocks of swans and geese clamoring, make haste
Still there is light, sky isn’t overcast
The wine’s inviting fill your goblet and taste
Forever the sparkle of life doesn’t last

When the sun hides behind the hills
When the sky is dark with no stars of hope
The dread of moonless night with agony fills
To comfort your anguish there won’t be a dope 

My heart bleeds and my soul cries                   
Your apathy is a torment to endure
I crave for the glitter of your eyes
For your love and cares I implore

Sintra, Portugal 11-08-2015

Copyright © Mohammad Yamin | Year Posted 2015

Details | Lyric |


The Cage is so dark and so misty, I can hardly breathe there.
The words that echo there are so melancholic and appalling,
The Voices can only whisper as if they are strangled by Fear.
How can a bird that was born for joy, sit in a cage and sing!

The constellations of night, the luminescence of rainforest,
The infinite azure sky, the crimson horizon, the cozy pond,
The ocean, the stony mountains, even the shady bird-nest,
Everything summons my Heart but still it cannot respond.

My Heart is a song bird that is imprisoned in an inner Cage.
How can a bird that was born for joy, sit in a cage and sing!
Let my Heart fly towards liberty, breaking bars of bondage
So that it can sing in a merry tune again by flapping its wing.

Copyright © Osman Gani | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |

Tale of Pen and Cob

Moon had reached its zenith peak
the world lay hushed for the night
some heralding flew near the pond
wind stilled as she came into sight

Ripples stirred as she entered the water
pond came to life, ere it had been dead
time had come for the return of the cob
A White Snowy Owl swiveled his head

Taken in death from her years earlier 
the pen refused to mate with another
He returned only one night each year
her muted swan mate, he was her lover

As mysterious as his ghost-like return 
more of a marvel that since his death 
the pen had left their pond as a woman
Night creatures at the pond held breath
Submersing, the change was taking place
she was a beautiful mute swan once more
as he approached her arms became wings
off her shoulders, the white dress she wore 

Hidden by a growth of wild flowers on the bank 
they coupled and preened all through the night 
privileged was I to witness such a love so loyal
I wished the cob would never again take flight

Graceful necks entwined, they gave way to sleep
sky grown light,  in time of dawn they drew apart
no goodbyes, he took to the sky; her wings to arms
she donned her dress and cried~with broken heart

January 1st, 2016
Female swan is a pen ~ male is a cob 

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2016

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Peace of Mind

As the Lords new day has its start darkness so settled across the land
So many lie awake with a heavy heart in just so trying to understand
With the quite darkness soon to be broken from a bird in a distant tree
So too are the Words He has Spoken and how they set prisoners free

Now soon the dawn begins to break for darkness can't exist in His Light
For so many who do so ache the same Lord no longer wants you to fight
For all of His Creation is great this a fact that only a fool would ever deny 
Rest upon Him your own fate, as you'll never know until you give it a try

As the sun now crest over the horizon the flowers reach just to be near
A problem too big for the Lord, there in none, let's first make that clear
For another restless night has been spent and a new day has just begun
There's never a need to ever resent when you give it all over to His Son

Tonight just cry out His Holy Name laying all your problems at His Feet
For no night will ever be the same when it's "Sweet Jesus" you repeat
Like darkness, so too will unrest flee as He will put peace in your heart
That's just what happens to me but your lowest is a good time to start

Copyright © Vincent Flannery | Year Posted 2015

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Never Stop

You can ask me to paint the sky,
A much different shade than blue
Perhaps, a yellow pink or orange color might 
Be the choice to suit you.

You can tell me to change animals from winged to footed;
Or flipper to fingers at hand.
Insist that I move continents into a long, continuous, elongated band.

All of these things I think I might achieve,
I think – I believe, I might could do, 
Before I could ever possibly, even slightly, 
Ever stop loving you.

Copyright © Wendydawn Brindley | Year Posted 2015

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Drawings of an Artist

Drawing to me is a way to express what you feel
Some times I wonder if is a drawing or if it is real,

When a drawing has you focused so deep
Your so in to you almost can fall a sleep,

A picture is worth a thousand words
Every artist draws with a different technique just like birds,

No one should say or judge another artists pictures
Because we all have a sense of what differs,

I say be free and draw what you see and feel
That to me is a true artist and that is a big deal.

Written By: Unique Poetry......2015

Copyright © Michelle Born | Year Posted 2015