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Big Pillow

Did you ever fall into a puffy big fluffy pillow,
Greeting your back as gravity commands you
And wraps around your entirety?

That moment where all you see is cushion:
Soft and safe is all that you feel
And you hear the rush of air passing you by.

For an instant there is nowhere else,
There is nowhen else, time has stopped
And you wish the moment would never end.

But all too soon you are aware
That you still lie among chaos
And you pretend the pillow is your shield.

Jumping from pillow to pillow
Tring to hide from the world
And you know it’s not real

I wish I could only hear the rush of air passing me by,
My vision obscured by the comforting cocoon  
And to feel someone wrapped around me.

Copyright © Ijm seven | Year Posted 2017

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Dream Big

DREAM BIG I feel lucky to have dreams Not the dreams in your sleep The dreams of things hoped for Those happy wishes we all keep Dreams can make you happy And fill your heart with delight In hopes they will all come true Who knows maybe they might There are some folks who think I’m just dreaming my life away But with all the joy in my heart Well it certainly must be okay Dreaming is a gift we’re given That’s stored in each one’s mind A form of imagination created From one individual at a time It triggers your energy level That makes you want to dance And you’ll hum a merry tune While others seem to glance Even if those dreams I have Don’t really ever come to pass At least I know my journey in life Was filled with smiles and laughs Maybe that’s what was meant In those words we used to sing About rowing your boat gently And merrily down the stream Then our journeys of existence Should be gently paced it seems With merriment along the way That’s why life is but a dream So I’ll just keep on dreaming big And always have my hopes high To carry happiness all around me Until the day when I actually die And who really knows for sure Some dreams just may come true So I bet you have a little dreaming That you've been wanting to do too Florence McMillian (Flo)

Copyright © Florence McMillian | Year Posted 2011

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A Big Red Bow

Liberties subtle whisper, kicked up dust, his boots it lingers. 
	Glistening brow, hope pours by sweat drips, reflecting restless weathered fingers.

Foreshadowed looks a worried face, brave hearts strength, unnerved by grace,
     Freedoms song his heart starts pounding, inspired backbones, by foot they race.
Our family’s values together they’ve protected, Integrities goodness they protect our land, 
	She too marched forward, a mothers love, by flags freedom, united we stand.

A Veteran’s life, we stand hearts open, respects gratitude to embrace we go, 
	A life we’ve dreamed by generations thriving, our gift wrapped freedom, in a big red bow.

Copyright © Chelcie Darling | Year Posted 2016

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Small Gifts Big Gifts

            Small Gifts Big Gifts

Fear burns souls, hate burns lives, turns them into smoke 
Gold, silver, wealth, do nothing to extinguish these

Age and time take us by surprise
Strangers, like so many unknown, unseen, untouched flowers on a mountain side
Wither and die inside society, unseen, no sense of fragrances
All their beauty and their splendor gone in a mystery
Each person is like a snow flake, unique, no two alike

Love comes in a tiny box to put out fires of fear and hate
Given with compassion to a stranger can quench bad things 

Life is much more than just a dream
But I dream of this
To line up thousands of tiny boxes filled with love
Wrap each one in gold, silver paper with a tiny bow on top
Pass them out for happiness and the common good

Empathy is stronger than you know 
Big things come in small packages too
These boxes never empty

No money in the world can save a soul
Smiles come in small boxes for the forgotten 

So many people deserving of a gift
Instead of cookies we would give out wondrous things
Tiny boxes, wrapped in gold, red and silver with a bow
Inside a key to their new auto or perhaps a check
Money is the best gift ever 
Financial security is a girl or boys best friend

People close to wisdom already know
We should place the needy in new homes or mansions if they wished

A Learjet would be nice for me
With lessons for a pilot’s license to fly friends, family and strangers about
Germany for breakfast, France for lunch, than off to Egypt
Finding mummies together would be interesting
More strangers added to our gift list
More strangers means more fun to give

Small Gifts - Contributing to Other's Happiness- Poetry Contest

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

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Dream Big

~ Dream Big ~ It is hard to believe Sixteen years have passed Since the day you were born A bundle of joy The apple of your Dad’s eyes Your Mom’s little princess Her baby girl I knew it then and I know it now You are special Always will be The sky has no limit Neither does the Stars, Sun or Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ Over the years you have grown Into a beautiful young lady Full of love Compassion and Kindness I love you so very much The sky has no limit Neither the Stars, Sun nor Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ Here is to you One of the most beautiful girls I the world While some may say I am partial to you I know it is true Just keep being you The sky has no limit Neither the Stars, Sun nor Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ It’s your sweet sixteen However nothing is as sweet as you I love you so much I love you like my own You will always be The apple of your Daddy’s eyes Your Mom’s little princess Her baby girl Yet you are growing up so quick I wish nothing but the best for you I believe in you The sky has no limit Neither the Stars, Sun nor Moon You will go far I know you will Be who you want to be and ~ Dream Big ~ Happy Birthday Michelle Love Aunt Jean

Copyright © Jean Bonella | Year Posted 2012

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Big Blue Marble

I had a dream the other night
Dreamt of flying, what a sight

Soared above our big blue marble
What I saw, I could only marvel

Inspired by the peaceful scene
The oceans blue, the forests green

If only man could soar so high
He'd view it all with a different eye

From way up there, no sign of war
No sign of hunger, of nations poor

Harmony reigns with joy supreme
Gliding o'er this tranquil scene

Call me a dreamer, maybe I am
Great way to be, I understand

What life's about and why we're here
Making friends, spreading cheer

Defining laws of right from wrong 
Singing a chorus of freedom's song

Looking forward to a better day
We can only hope and only pray

I had a dream the other night
Dreamt of flying, what a sight

Soared above our big blue marble
What I saw, I could only marvel

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2012

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Big Visions

Dreaming heavy, glory with in my visual perception
Unlike the next kid, my spectacle leads me in my direction
So to answer your question, no I've never tasted perfection
But I stood over the alter, and to my sin I confessed it

So lets let faith decide, when my thoughts collide,
Whether or not my truth, is hidden behind my lies
Cause within my mind, I unknowingly prophecise,
As the angels soar, I sit and I watch them glide

From an innocent child, I evolved in the transformation
Given the ambition, to give a period "exclamation"
Given a gift, given the power of magnification
A lyrical angel, sent from heaven to the United Nation

Blistered over I'm scarred up from broken times,
Through broken eyes, I read in between broken lines
Put together the pieces and you might finally realize,
That the answer to every question is within my eyes

Balance out the rhymes, forget a cerebellum function
When thoughts, touch paper and ink bleeds is my only conjuction
Inject the lead, let the ink bleed red,
Every masterpiece begins with a simple thought in your head

Copyright © Aaron Guttery | Year Posted 2013

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Big dream inside

Big dreamer in child
In his love to play
To break
Only may to play
In a scene
In great actor parts seen

Copyright © Sallam Yassin | Year Posted 2013

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I Dream Big

I dream bigger than the tallest skyscraper
"They say I'm up and coming like I'm f***ing in an elevator"

Copyright © Anna J Carroll | Year Posted 2012

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Big Foot

Big Foot
has put 

A print 
and dent 

On ground

So big 
You dig

For me 
To see

I traced
and chased

His pace
My place

I took 
A look

To find

His track
My back

I ran
through sand

I slip
His grip

I fell
In well

Get out
I shout

He grab
My slab

Drop down
On ground

His foot
I put

In trap
Ahhhh crap

Made me
Set free

Turn loose
From noose

Can run
In sun

This child
be wild

I seem 
To dream

I shake

My head
In bed

To find
My mind

Ran wild
I smile

Just dream
I scream

This thrill
Not real

Thank God
I sob.

Penned: 4/28/2015

Copyright © Daisy Marie Yant | Year Posted 2015

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Dream Big

Dream Big Don't Dream Small
Dream Big You Will Out Shine Them All
Dream Big Yes, It Can Come True
Dream Big See What God Is Showing You
Dream Big Don't Ever Lose Hope
Dream Big And Never Let Them Tell You No!
Dream Big You Will Find Your Future
Dream Big And Watch It Come To Pass
Dream Big You'll Always Be First And Never Last 
Dream Big That's How You Reach The Top
Dream Big And Good Success Will Never Stop
Dream Big Just Believe And You'll Receive
Dream Big And All Your Goals You Will Achieve
Dream Big So That You Can See
Dream Big Because God Gave You Victory

Copyright © Joseph Young | Year Posted 2017

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Dream Big


Copyright © Jennifer Wallace | Year Posted 2008

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A BIG Dream

Why can't I say it,
I want to let it go.
To get it into the open, 
So everyone will know.

But if they find out,
It will break their hearts.
Me telling them,
Letting it hit them like darts.

Seeing the hurt in their eyes,
Filling up with pain.
Letting them know my secrets,
I am to blame.

Looking at the tears in their eyes,
As the pain will grow.
Now they can tell me,
I am really low.

So now I know what it's like,
 To be a low down dirty shame.
After five minutes I'm still standing here,
But i'm not feeling the same.

Now I got to my room,
After my parents say things aren't what they seem.
Falling asleep and waking up the next morning,
Realizing this was all one big dream.

Copyright © Shaina Billy | Year Posted 2006