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Details | Haiku |
coming and going 
the sound of waves 
at ocean's edge 

wind and rain 

damp evening 
through patchy clouds 
a star now and then

morning sun
the moonflower 

at ocean's edge 
wave after wave 
erasing his footprints

Copyright © DebbySue Guenther | Year Posted 2016

Details | Elegy |
I heard the Owl call his name.
The flowers nodded. 
They heard the same.
I heard the wind’s whispered sigh,
And the leaves of the trees asking, “Why?”
It touched my heart and hugged my mind.
It’s sparkle danced on those tears of mine
As the mysteries of heaven slowly unwind.
I looked to the stars in the heaven above 
And felt the star shine down his love.
The light of his life has brightened our days.
His star shine from heaven will now guide our ways.

Copyright © Annette Gagliardi | Year Posted 2017

Details | Carpe Diem |

I want grape juice and sex all the time.
All he can think about is spray painting.

He looks at me like I am the strange girl 
down the street who eats saltines and ketchup. 

I step right on somebody’s chewed gum walking with him.
Our fingers laced like we are tourist scum in matching cowboy boots.

I look at him like he never wears the same underwear two days in a row.

He knows I lied to his family when they asked me if I liked toasted cheese and Budweiser. 
Then again when I told his drunk father I would never sleep with him on a spaceship.

He looks at me like I am a joke about women’s
tennis, or a blackboard with a spit wad stuck on it.

He lied to my mother when he said he’s never had sex with a mannequin.
Then again when he said he never shot me with a tranquilizer gun.

I look at him like he might get me pregnant.
He looks at me like he’s arranging a celebration for the sun. 

Copyright © Lyon Brave | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |
You dance amongst the stars:
I watch you nightly from my bed
Imagining your light footsteps 
As you leap and twirl balletically
Through galaxies 
And over planets
With the poise and grace 
That made you so special
When you were mine on earth.
You were gone too soon. 
But my loss is the universe’s gain
Together we love and admire you

Copyright © Andy Morfett | Year Posted 2016

Details | Quatrain |
Poet's Notes:
I love this little poem. Kimmy's boss at the hair salon where she works died about a week ago and the family is very private, so there was no funeral to attend. Now the boss's sister is taking over the shop, and Kimmy is very fond of her as well, but Kimmy feels like she must leave because of a conflict with another hair stylist there. Her co-worker, though good at her job, seems to be jealous of Kimmy's personality and success and gives her a hard time.

Kimmy asked me to buy some flowers and a card and bring them to the shop yesterday. She also asked if I would write a commemorative poem for the occasion and "Only A Star" was born.

Only A Star

A star that seems missing,
Still there every night,
Though no one can see it,
It still gives its light!

When loved ones aren't present,
Have faith they are near,
In heart, also God's love,
Their light still shines clear.

Brian Johnston
July 13, 2017

Copyright © Brian Johnston | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |
Life is just a star away. It never dies. 
It changes its form to be born, 
and then changes it again to dissipate

Life is just a star away. It never dies. 
What dies is the imaginable form of it 
to trick us to think all we had is now gone.

Life is just a star away. It never dies. 
We are just humans and in development. 
What we see is what we believe, but not all is true.

Life is just a star away. It never dies. 
It changes its form to be born, 
and then changes it again to dissipate
So we can have hope, suffer, cry.. 
                                                ...Just to wish for more life.

***In remembrance of my dear mother and all of you who lost someone out there!

Copyright © Thoubert Larus | Year Posted 2017

Details | Elegy |
They said a funny Latin word,
they said that you were dead,
yet merrily you wagged your tail
when I took you to the vet.
You were not kind to chickens,
as well the neighbors know,
or come to that, to ducks and geese,
and yet I loved you so.
Oh, to recall the bygone days
we roamed and roved together,
sometimes when snow lay all about,
sometimes o'er hills of  heather.
Our walkies to the liquor store,
our excursions to the bar,
and all those times you led me home
when I couldn't use the car.
At night, I swear, an angel
looms in the purple sky,
and on a gently twinkling leash
you, Lady, lead  on high.

Copyright © Julian Scutts | Year Posted 2017