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Details | Lyric |

While You Sleep

While you sleep I tell you all of the things I keep inside throughout day.
Now that you can hear but not listen I find them much easier to say.
My hopes, my dreams, my fears, and everything in between
Your subconscious hears so keen, or so it seems.
My tongue is soft; I speak so sweetly 
Knowing your reaction will never greet me.

Tonight will be different in what I want you to know.
It has everything to do with what I can’t help but show.
I hold no claim to any religion but you’ve given me a place for my faith.
Somewhere it will never stale or lose its lavish taste.
You’ve shown me something I can see, touch, and feel, 
And so before it I choose to kneel.

I know I don’t say it but I miss you every day.
Sitting, thinking of the perfect words to be my choice,
Yet when you call I can’t find any of the right words to say.
I’m just happy to finally hear your voice.
Even just a moment is enough to sooth my heavy heart;
Fearing the ends of conversations knowing we’ll have to part.

I’ll never be too far from you, always within arm’s reach,
And in your days of darkness I’ll be the light that you will seek.
I’ll never let you leave too far from me, I’ll stay close behind you in this world;
Secretly protecting what is mine, you will always be my girl.
I only want the best for you so the best of me I will employ.
Faithfully yours, I will always be your boy.

I close my eyes and kiss your soft sweet lips
And see the very best of you in loving bliss.
I see past the physical which makes you attractive
And focus on the things I can’t see in which I’m attracted.
Your thoughts I’d love to hear them all.
Of the things you speak disinterest never makes its call.

My day will come, I know someday I’ll be the only one.
And you I will pursue viciously,
Because I’ve given you the greatest gift I can give, to love unconditionally.
Yes our day will come, I know someday we’ll be as one.
And you I will pursue viciously,
Because I’ve given you the greatest gift I can give… to love unconditionally.

Copyright © Kristopher Higgs | Year Posted 2012

Details | ABC |

Love for someone,

Sorrow is my companion now,
Why do you tears your drowsy?
The happiness you have received,
The realization of the world of sorrow.

Life has listened to me,
Why do you co-exit?
Love you all,
We all hate hatred.

Sorrow is my companion now,
Why do you tears your drowsy?

Everyone broken my heart,
Why do you do me love?
Why do you want us everything?
We have given everything to us only punishment.

Sorrow is my companion now,
Why do you tears your drowsy?
The happiness you have received,
The realization of the world of sorrow.

Copyright © Kishan sharma | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |

Linda a poem for my best friend who died two years ago


I remember the first time we met you came round for a coffee. 
I remember it well, we sat talking for hours, just you and me.
Over the next few years, We must have drunk hundreds of cups.
Life was a roll of downs, Then ups. 
I remember the first time I met your Mum. All dressed in pale blue.
I think she was going to some special do.

I remember Jills first birthday party, even the  dress she wore.
The house was full of friends and family and more.
Val and Grandma, Carol and Jane all of their familys as well.
The house was packed, certainly a tale to tell.
The Bell Inn at Ingolmells where we all went for a drink.
Then round to our caravan, coffees to sink.

I remember Claire as a child, the hours she used to spend at our home.
Every Monday on the way to Slimming World she got credit for her phone.
I remember all the things she used to help me with. shopping, baking, 
washing the dishes the cups and the plates.
All this before she was even eight.
I remember so many things that we used to do. The bonfire parties at your 
All the same crowd their having the time of their lives.

Then the big bash for my big Five O.
I wanted a really big show.
So we prepared all the food at your house, Then carried it all over to mine.
Only just got it all ready in time.
I did the cake it was a huge chocolate train.
Something big enough to get all the candles on was my aim.

Life throws some really awful things at you.
Some so bad you  just don’t know what to do.
Our friendship spanned almost  thirty years
A lot of fun a lot of tears.
When the police came round to our house that night, I didn’t even realize you 
had gone.
I thought you were just ill again, I found out almost a week later on

Especially as we had only been chatting a couple or so weeks before, About 
the past.
On that day you looked so well with all your make up on, I thought you were 
on the mend at last.
On your birthday in May I thought of you, 
All the things we had been through,          Rest in peace. Love  Pat

Copyright © pat dring | Year Posted 2011

Details | I do not know? |


Teenage Girls clad in the latest fashions,
Do it whenever they meet,
Grown men aren't afraid to show some passion,
When their team's comeback is complete,
They can say hello, they can say goodbye,
And anything inbetween,
If you open your arms and crack a smile,
There is nothing that a hug cannot mean.

Copyright © Al Parry | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

This is me

My knees were the things that 
kept me up and my skin is my 
cutting board my eyes are the 
rain clouds to the fire running 
down my arms and my heart is 
the fire place that keeps me 
burning so calm

Copyright © brittney lopez | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |


Romantic, close
A subject of sweetest softness
Cats can be loved too

Copyright © Smail Poems | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |


Fluffy floppy furball
Chewie chompie carnivorous
Nom nom nom

Copyright © Smail Poems | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

All That's Left

An image in a locket...
Your face encased in gold
cold on my breast, is all that's left.
But how is one to hold
an image in a locket?

Lycia Harding
A Prized Refrain Contest #3 - Locket or Cameo

Copyright © Lycia Harding | Year Posted 2015

Details | Burlesque |


gnhiohvsdfsdljkafhdklvnowrghdfnier9075rt489thrjvnwruoqtr fh49pewty34ghrkgvhfr

Copyright © Albert Shakespeare | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Too Beautiful for Earth

I carried you within my womb and felt your little kicks 
I was one happy momma I was high on my babies fix
But something went wrong and I lost one of you. 
Tell me what happened...What did I do? 
They tried to save the other one and she was holding on. 
But laying in the womb beside her...brother was gone.
Twins what a blessing I carried with me, 
For five months... I was showing I was glowing you see.
I had my babies but no cry came as they lay still after birth,
perfect in every way too beautiful for earth.
Someone hear my cry and help me understand
Why the me I use to be now lays in the sand.
Satin lines a purple box in it memories of you are sealed
Why my babies? Someone please feel what i feel.
Pink and blue what a wonderful combination
Now I lay you to rest with pink and blue carnations
Too beautiful for earth is what they say 
I’d give anything to have my babies back today
My little angels have gained their wings now they fly
When I’m feeling lonely I look to the sky
I cannot see you but I feel you still 
I had my babies the experience was real
Too beautiful for earth yeah that may be true 
But mommy would give anything just to hold you
And feel your heart beating next to mine 
If only for a moment...for the first time
An angel wrote your names in the book of life after your birth. 
Closed it and whispered. "Much to Beautiful for Earth."
RIP Ti’Yanna and Ryan 03/28/15

Copyright © Alberta Richardson | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Famous Last Line

Dad Revisited- Once More

Last night I sat up in bed and prayed a little longer,
I asked god to send dad back for just one more  day with great fervour.

Dad was waiting for me in the verandah as soon as I reached,
Seated on his cane chair with legs outstretched.

Suited- booted, neat crisp turban, expectant eyes so tender
The same tweed coat, the warm muffler across his shoulder.

The moment he saw me he fumbled with his walking stick,
Stood up took a few steps forward in a nick.

We embraced each other tight as he planted as kiss on my head,
I nuzzled against his warm coat enjoying the love of my figurehead.

Warm drops of love fell on my cheeks,
Saw oceans pouring through his teary creeks.

'I can't control them', he said chokingly, 
Feeling the other's heart beats we clung to each other tightly.

'Let's go to the garden, the grape fruit is waiting for you!'
We walked together slowly over his leafy garden dew.

Dad showed me the new cuttings and saplings he had potted for me,
He pointed to the overgrown grass and said his workers were on leave.

He said,' Ah, for more varieties of flowers!
But the dogs don't spare them in my bowers'.

We smiled and saw the overladen grape fruit trees,
I plucked three grapefruits and said they would suffice with a tease.

We slowly climbed up the steps to our sunny verandah to sit alone,
He asked me what was it that I had wanted to tell him over the phone.

I read out my poem, '13, West Macott Road', a nostalgia shakeup, 
Of our ancestral home in Poona where he had grown up.

I was reared up there, too, by my grandparents,
He wept and hugged each other, our undying love evident.

'I can't believe you had this talent and I didn't know about it till now,
You always make me cry with your emotions, but no more willI allow!'

He took out his kerchief to wipe my tears, his permanent flair,
I was still sniffing when I sighted his empty cane chair.

December 6, 2015
Sponsor : Laura Loo

 Famous Last Line

I was still sniffing when I sighted his empty cane chair
Mother heard the car door shut and slowly wobbled out
Withered brow and wasted eyes she clasped me to her heart
A year gone by and no solace yet without her mate       
A long hug of completeness lasting uncountable minutes
With a deep sigh we looked at each other at length and smiled   
She bemoaned her growing pains and aches 
Wanting to free herself of her worldly encumbrances
Dad's bed and memories were my only claim
I lay by her side the night through recapping the nostalgic years gone by
How he cycled me as a child, sitting on the carrier
My foot entangling in the back tyre and Dad's fall,
Flummoxed and helplessly looking at his bleeding knee and hands,
How we slept under the open summer sky, dazzling with sparkling beauties
Studying the Great Bear and other heavenly celesta's

On our return from fields Mother feasted us with her most delicious culinary delights 
My ever smiling humble mother stored our yearly granary with perfect ease
Yet the home maker sadly lived in Dad's shadow 
And in his absence has become a shadow of flesh and bones
Frailer and weaker, more loving and expressive of her love 
Tears rolled down my eyes as I turned in bed to watch her sleep
A day after the Ides of March she grows a year older, a year since Dad departed
A surprise party we have planned for the sacrifices by the Woman of Worth 

March 14, 2016
Contest : Famous Last Line
Sponsor: Laura Loo

Copyright © Balveen Cheema | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ode |

Always Have My Love

I close my eyes an see your face
It takes me back to a better time and place
You were still here and everything made sense
But now you’re gone and my heart is caught on that jagged fence
They say time heals but that’s just a lie
Because each day, week, year, another part of me dies
If I could have just one wish, one answered prayer
All I would wish for is to see you back here
I’m so lost and scared, a child lost and alone
When you took your last breath you didn’t go alone
My very core shriveled, my heart shattered to bits
Life as I knew it was now forever gone
In your eyes my strength did lie
When you passed that strength in me died
I lost my mind, I lost my way
It took years for me to find a broken path
Upon which I still remain
Today is your birthday 
Happy 78
Twenty three years you’ve been gone
But it feels like yesterday
I hope you are smiling down from way high above
And know without a doubt
You’ll always have my love

Copyright © Darla McGinnis | Year Posted 2015

Details | Enclosed Rhyme |

A Fallen Soldier's Plea

A Fallen Soldier’s Plea

Do not grieve
I ask you to believe
I went over there to fight
For what was right

I answered the call
And gave it my all
For all of you who do not believe
I gave you the right to disbelieve

I ask that you pray
For the day
When hatred and bloodshed cease
And there will be peace

For some of us to Arlington we will go
For me, I don’t know
But I do know where I went
And I went where I was sent

I gave my life
For my country, my children, and my wife
 I am at heaven’s gate
And there I shall wait

When that wreath is placed for the soldier unknown
You are not alone
I am with you
Ready to do it again anew

We shall go into the jaws of death
Until our last breath
Conquer what is wrong
And come out strong

This I ask of all of you

Copyright © Dudley Jude | Year Posted 2015

Details | Blank verse |

suicide and humour

 Diptera and Writers 
 I was thinking of flies Wikipedia was no help 
I wanted to understand why they existed, I remembered 
a yellow fly not a good colour for an insect,
when I was disrupted by the thought of a famous writer
in Norway who at 75 decided to commit suicide.
He bought sleeping pills plenty of expensive champagne 
and invited friends to witness his death.
For each mouthful of the stuff, he swallowed a pill, friends
just drank; finally, he fell asleep among empty bottles and
 the smell of stale cigarette smokes his mates had gone home.
It despair he jumped out of the window land on an awning
and lived ten more years. As for the yellow fly it took to walking
 across the screen I threw it out, but still don`t know what 
flies are for other than annoying a writer.

Copyright © jan oskar hansen | Year Posted 2016

Details | Epic |


These words are woven
With threads of tear
Laced in the needle of anguish.

In truth, I can tell of how it feels
To be pinched by piercing pain.

My soul is scissored
My heart, ripped apart
My mind refuse to mend.
And I am not the only one
Dressed in this pale grief gown.

I'm only a friend
Who became a brother.
And if asked to write about you,
Would wield metallic words
With no Ore of exaggerations.

Should it be of your seemingly sweet smile
Which springs from the fountain within?

Or your ever merry soul
And your charming Nightingale voice
Resounding melodiously
With a magnetic vibrato
That can pull a cripple to wiggle in dance?

Should it be tales of your tender love for younger Souls?

The curvy smile your lips form
When you openly chant
Secret words with Mom?

I can go on and on,
Down the slope of memories
Picking golden coins as I 
Surf the subway
Of the time we shared.

The news of your demise
Was the uncorked grenade,
Thrown through the passage of my ears,
Leaving my heart in shreds.

I had thought you'd come back
And walk me down the street,
Smiling, as we compare heights.

I had thought that before
heading North again,
I'll sure see you at your best;
Only to be told that you lay in rest,
That your sun suddenly
Became shy; refusing to rise.

Today is your birthday
But you're not here to celebrate it.

We could  blow out the candles: for you
With wishes that you'd stay.
But this birthday girl returned to dust..

P.S: Doris Jorju Ikhile...

#Sky-dahWeighWordSon loves you,
#Simisola does,
#Morolake too.
#Baju (Obe Leo) miss you.
#Oyindamola was broken.
#Olamide felt numb.
#Nikho hope you stayed.
#RCCG Everlasting Light Parish forever loves you.
#Mom??? No other woman deserves to MOTHER you. Birthing and nurturing you in a way others envy; with love exceptional.

We miss you and you'll forever remain Dear to our Hearts.!!!

Copyright © Akinlade Seyifunmi Sky | Year Posted 2017

Details | I do not know? |


Mommy I love you!
Mommy I really do!
I came to be on this earth to spend time with you.
Mommy, I can hear your voice and oh it's so sweet!
I move around in your womb to the sound of your heartbeat.
I can't wait to be born so I can see your beautiful face.
I want to grow up and get to know this place.
One day when I get big, I can be a doctor, policeman or firefight.
I have a future that is going to be  so bright.
Mommy, you have seemed a little sad and I don't know why.
I really miss your happy voice and wish you would not sigh.
Today we go to the doctors (that's what I want to be!!)
I think he is going to see how big I am and what he is going to see.
Today seems a little off and I start to feel some pain.
Today you took away my life because you couldn't handle your own pain.
Today the doctor forced me out of my nice,warm and safe home.
Today I went back to heaven but not before they put pieces of my body
in a container dome.
Today I learned about abortion and what it does to babies like me.
I would have liked to be born so that I could be free.
I am not a clump of cells and my body parts are not to be sold.
I wanted to grow up until I got old.
I am a human being that has every right to be here on this earth.
Mommy, why didn't you give me a chance at birth?
I deserve that chance too!
But what did you do?
Mommy, I am a miracle sent to earth from my Father In Heaven.
He loves me and all of his children.

Copyright © Leslie Wade | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

keep your life vest on

Life is what it is----Full of ups and downs. 
We all get sad and cry---angry and mad.
There are days that bring such darkness.
There are days that shine so bright.  
Some days just getting up, takes all your energy.
Sadness can fill in around--So heavy it can sink a soul.
U Must find something to hang on to…
Keep the head up---keep it above water.
When carrying so much--one becomes physically exhausted.
It is hard to just breathe and keep from sinking.
Sharp things poke you in the ribs, 
Feels like pneumonia is moving in…
Things happen that cause grief and sadness,
It can be felt so deep inside and cut you to the core.
Hang on and ride it out even in the perfect storm...
Things will calm—but until then 
Keep your life vest on…
Copyright © fonda anne….mooreofme....mamao

Copyright © fonda anne | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |


Five years ago today my Nan should've been 90
But instead i sat with her while she died in her nighty
The silence in the room was all that was left
But i understand the special time i spent with her,as she drew her last breath
Her soul had gone but her body still lay
I would do anything to get, just one more day
She was kind and loving and taught me well
Its times like this i suppose i shouldn't dwell
If only i had known what was to come
I'd have give her my life and had more fun
She may have been old but age is but a number
She was a gran, a sister and a beautiful mother
I have her picture hanging pride of place
For many years she will be in that favourite place
Many happy returns wherever you are
Im sure youre looking down at me from your special star 
When i see a robin i think of you
The stories you told me were beautiful too
You sang me to sleep when i was so so small
And i thank you for showing how to stand tall
We had great times and shared so much
I will never forget your loving touch

Copyright © Carlton D Kennedy | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |


Traveling the winds 
My floating friend
Flying above the clouds
You can tell when you’re angry because your pop is loud
You turn frowns upside down
I think you look better with kids then clowns
Sometimes I fill you up with every breath I take
Has anyone told you, “that you look good with ice cream and cake?”
What do you like best oxygen, helium?
Or do you prefer nitrogen?
I always wanted to ask you
Do you prefer ribbons or bows?
I see you make everybody’s day
Especially the way you bounce and sway  
You easily fill a room with joy
That’s nice of you to give hope to sick girls and boys
I resent the fact that you can go away any time and be free
Yeah I wish that was me
You carry messages of happiness, love, and sorrow
Everyone definitely needs you, see you later…..until tomorrow 

Copyright © Jeffrey Lee | Year Posted 2016

Details | Verse |

Amanda - My parted friend on your Birthday

We never need a special day
To bring you to our mind,
For days without a thought of you,
Are very hard to find.

We cannot send a birthday card,
Your hand we cannot touch,
But God will take our greetings
To the one we love so much

Thinking of you on your birthday,
With sadness in our hearts,
For a very special someone,
From whom we had to part

Happy Birthday Blondie
We all talk of you still,
We certainly haven't forgotten you
And I doubt we ever will

Xx Much Love xX

Copyright © Tina Warburton | Year Posted 2015

Details | I do not know? |

August 7, 2015

Yesterday Grandma
Would've been 95.
If she would've lived
She'd be the oldest alive.

The oldest alive
Out of the nine
Almost 95
And doing "fine."

She did not make
It to 97.
Instead she made
It to Heaven.

Up to Heaven
With her mother
Up to Heaven
With her brother

Copyright © Jennifer Gibson | Year Posted 2015

Details | ABC |

On the spot 8

A light so bright
Blinds your sight

A noise so loud
Scares you to the clouds.

A love so true
You had to go through.

A trust so strong
Feeling safe for so long.

A split moment of hurt
The way you just got burnt.

The tearing of your insides
The tears and emotions you hide.

A new door to open in time
Is the best way to leave your past behind.


Copyright © hayley webb-myers | Year Posted 2016

Details | ABC |

I cant remember your birthday

Its 10pm and its bed time.
But I can’t remember your birthday! I can remember your kind oval face and big brown eyes and smile that said innocent inside.
10:10pm I remember your front door, your kitchen, living room, hallway, stairs and bedroom But I can’t remember your birthday!

10:20pm I remember sunny days in a big garden full of flowers, you playing on a rope swing hanging from the willow and you mother near you with a spade in the ground, But I can’t remember your birthday!

10:30pm I remember sleepovers and walking across to your house without shoes, i remember mornings of making crushed ice pop drinks and bread becoming toast, as we sat giggling next to an open fire But I can’t remember your birthday!

10:40pm I remember people being worried and you skin becoming pale. You lost your hair but never your smile. 

10:50pm I remember i was too young to visit, so instead i thought about you a lot. I remember waiting for you to come and tell me that you made it safely. 

11:00pm I remember you bright and shining you had become a star.

11:20pm I remember the for sale sign and Ashes under the tree for mother earth, I remember big hands holding mine and promises not to go to your house anymore. 

11:40pm I remember your mum’s story about her goat and your dads Italian restaurant with fancy foods and dusty glass bottles with white and red melting candles, but i am sorry can’t remember your birthday!

11:50pm I remember my birthday filled with excitement then i remember you becoming a star the next day. I can’t remember your birthday but it’s ok my friend we share mine xx

Copyright © crizz pie | Year Posted 2017