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Beauty Woman Poems | Beauty Poems About Woman

These Beauty Woman poems are examples of Beauty poems about Woman. These are the best examples of Beauty Woman poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Free verse |


Madame Mistress, ebonies princess,
Southern comforts golden jewel,
A golden beauty down south does dwell.
She hides many secrets beneath her,
Glittering mask of mystery's mystic spells.
A dark priestess is this Cajun queen,
Black widows magic women,
Known as Ms. New Orleans.
In her crimson gown, trimmed by
Velvet's purple hues, she smiles
Behind her white lace fan.
A beguiling angel is she the devils
 Own kindred.
The voodoo queen of the swampy delta,
Ruling over the shadow demons,
Whom guard the everglades.
Underneath fancy face and social grace,
Lies the misbegotten heart of a
 Witches soul.
Here the trumpets sound at,
La Carnival as minstrels stroll,
Down Bourbon Street with rhythmic,
Precision's precise step.
Come join in celebrations grand parade,
The Maude Gra. Where anything goes,
Here things are forgotten as the sun rises,
This grand lady of beauty's legacy's charm.
Presses one finger to her redden lips,
Speaking not more than a hushed whispers
Sigh carried across bayou.
Thus does the Spanish moss weep, for
Those lost souls swallowed whole,
Beneath nights dark covenant of death.
Ghostly images walk the muddy side shores,
Phantom spectators existing as prisoners,
Trapped in limbos web, a thin fine line
Between the living and the dead.
Beware lone travelers, those for whom,
Seek mysteries glamor and mystic,
Of the southern by ways.
All are welcome to taste our spicy
Yet beware pay homages respect,
To Mz. New Orleans, she after all takes
Great care of her own.



Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

When a Woman is Just a Woman

When a woman is just a woman,
     she looks beyond the surface of
                                                 what is.
She understands the foibles of her man,
             knowing from time to time
he’ll make mistakes,
          and even though she wishes
         he could have inside his chest
a heart as tender as her own,
         she understands that men 
                         are somehow different.      
They do not often see things as she does,
                                          but that’s all right.

When a woman is just a woman, she forgives.
But sometimes, lacking courage,
                       she lets her heart be ruined,
forgiving more than even God 
                                 expects her to forgive.
  Other times, a woman isn’t the woman at all
                        God would have her be.
She scolds, demands, and lets her heart grow cold 
  in spite of everything her man may do
             to fulfill her needs.
Such a woman can never be completely satisfied.

However, when a woman is just a woman -
      when she lets her loving heart
         guide her thoughts and actions 
in equal measure         with her lovely mind,
          she does not let herself be governed
                                                    by mere whim.
Rationality and compromise are among her bywords.
                Also, she knows how much to take
                                             before she calls it quits.
But always and foremost,
                    She is merciful and fair.
And never is she  too proud
                             to want for more 
than  a man          
                     who is just a man.

For Skat's Any Old Poem #9 (poem never placed in a past contest)Poetry Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

Details | Light Poetry |

When A Woman Is Just A Woman

When a woman is just a woman She's nobody's but her own She embraces truth in life with compassion in her soul When a woman is just a woman There's ambition on her mind There is wisdom in her words and foundations to be kind When a woman is just a woman there's a beauty in her eyes and that beauty reflects journeys travelled through her inner light When a woman is just a woman There' s a sweetness in her smile There's the instinct of a mother with protection for each child When a woman is just a woman She is humble, She is plain She' s a friend, She's a great listener Seeks adventure and not vain When a woman is just a woman She thinks firstly with her heart She gives strength yet begs protection She needs firm securing arms When a woman is just a woman There are secrets still concealed There are alluring mysteries Chapters signed yet unrevealed When a woman is just a woman There is attitude, there is class She is sensual, She is daring She ' s a treasure born to last When a woman is just a woman She shakes stardust in the blues She 's a Lucille Ball and Nelson She ' s the gift of rainbow hues. P.S - ( Nelson mentioned above -for Nelson Mandela ) Pls find in pictures above women who inspired me ,and their quotes Dedicated to all Women on poetrysoup : ) Inspired by Justin's contest : ' When a woman is just a woman ' but not for the contest

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

Goodbye, My Child

Where cradled canyons sing
Of ebony wood in the forest
There lies a gurgling spring
Where cockcrows sing their chorus
To the melody of singsong birds
There I’ve concealed my sensuous words
Filled with befitted signs
The saccharine whiff of my designs

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

Where the fogs of night are fountains
Spills of glistened moon ignite
By distant silhouette mountains
We dance with passion of fight
Entwining ancient stance 
Mingling hand in hand we dance
Till the mountains smile on high
Near and far we spring
To pursue the realest of dreams
While the world cries at its seams
Anxious in trouble to cling

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

To where the ridges merry make 
From the beaks of wooden bright
In sparkly pools the ghouls awake
That scarce to stir our night
We watch for seekers down under
Muttering secrets in their soul
We bid them lucks of shivers
Dipping gently in
From reeds that hide a tear of a foal
Under the gentle rivers

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

Far away she shall ever churn
The taciturn eyed
She’ll listen no more to turn
To the working mills beside
Or the scrubbing of the barn
May peace weave in her song
She shall wave in the yarn
To a haven known as Belong  

Come to me my mortal youth
To the wild realm of your truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only your tears be found

For she comes, the mortal youth
To the wild realm of her truth
Where nymphs and gnomes abound
For the earth is filled with weeping
And only her tears be found

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |



It was the beauty and glamour of a Goddess 
which belied her demure and decorous manner,
covering the sempiternal pain of injustice,
suffered by the loss of her ingénue pureness.

She was the cynosore of all men that set eyes upon her,
enticed by her chatoyant, smoky dark green eyes,
the depth of which was enhanced by exotic black flecks.

Her ineffable beauty was beyond compare,
surpassed only by her lissome, smooth motion,
floating like a butterfly to mellifluous tunes.

Her internal scars were hidden by external charms,
beauty and grace to see, to admire,
but nothing could heal the pain of the past,
no panacea existed for a woman scarred for life.

T.J Grén
May 12th, 2016

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

Girl with The Pearl Earring

That pensive look on her sweet face 
Just like a child of mine.
Her eyes seem to follow you with
Dominion that's divine.

Northwest light on soft blush hued cheeks
Her grey-green eyes lay bare
Perhaps a secret rendezvous 
In enigmatic stare.

Wet lips stained as if with cherries
Delft blue scarf hides her hair...
In penchant blossom of her youth
Portrait of beauty rare.

From her left ear hangs gracefully
One solitary pearl.
Melancholy hints, she may be
A woman, yet a girl.

May 3, 2017 

Johannes Vermeer's 'Girl with a pearl earring'
c.1665 Mauritius Museum, The Hague.
The Dutch artist was born in Delft in 1632-1675.
One of the key paintings in Vermeer's oeuvre,
this portrait resists all attempts at the precise 
identification of the sitter. It's charm, perhaps,
lies in the fact that it is an evocative expression 
of timeless female beauty. I viewed this masterpiece
in 2009. She has the entire wall to herself.

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2017

Details | Bio |

I am Every Woman

I am my reality
I am my first true love
I am the best part of my life
I am my today, my tomorrow
I am my lonesome bliss
I am the representation of strength
Through the tough stare in my sons eyes
I am the symbol of endurance
From a child’s tear stained ruby cheek
I am the mingling stride
Of a rainbows colours
I am the voice of every woman
Who never got a chance
To sing her song
I am the voice of a woman
Screaming without a voice
I am the voice of a woman
Speaking to a deaf audience
I am a thousand words
In the daring gesture
Of a fleeting dream
I am the sweet sensation
Emanating from numbness of life
I am the unfading sprinklings
Of light shot diamonds
On the surrendering foliage
Of falling leaves of autumn 
I am the sliding contour
On a mountains heat stricken back
I am the last dance with a shooting star
I am the orange face with a red soul
Yes, orange with fire, red with life
I am the unfading glow
In the setting sun
The persistent twinkle
In the emerging sun
I am the legend of old
Dripping melts of heaven
From which generations
Will suck to outlive life’s atrocities
I am my perfect freedom
I am my perfect desire
I am my perfect imperfection
I am my sweetest company
I am my sweetest taboo
I am in love with me
I am, every woman

Copyright © subilaga blessings mulaga jana | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |


Black and beautiful the crown of any man’s heart they are bewitched by her soul and her warmth. 
My sweet sister draws you in with her smile, any man can find comfort in her arms.
She walks with a purpose, confident and pride knowing who she is... the queen of the Nile.

Without a doubt, her blood is royal strong and black like coffee with no cream not afraid to say what she means. No is no… yes is yes… no arguments after, no time for a debate.

My sweet sister, a woman full of hope and grace always on a mission, she knows her purpose and her place. My strong beautiful black African sister. 

Copyright © sonya Stewart | Year Posted 2016

Details | Blank verse |



Beauty abides, and as her lover, 
I lift her veil to see transparent eyes glimmering
with an enticement worthy of seduction.

Touching some primordial passion, 
she wreaks havoc on my senses.
And graces me with unspoken words 
that promise delightful pleasure.

Beauty reigns as Queen supreme. 
Upon her throne she emanates majesty
with an exquisite demeanor and 
I stand back intimidated and shy. 
Who can reframe this emotion? 
Not a poet or artists brush.

Her soft rolling hills and gentle valleys; 
expectations of undiscovered treasures
fire an imaginative pose
I am bound up in a mystic rush 
that dominates like a drug's addiction.

And in a exotic haze I lie dreaming 
of ephemeral caresses,
highly charged currents 
that flow unrestricted around 
her coveted reactive spaces. 

Alone, with thoughts in time displaced, 
I wonder, does she entrance all others? 
Or in my silent muse am I the only one 
transformed and felled by her abstract beauty?

Her allure is enduring, enshrined for all to see. 
The recherche picture of her memory 
never grows old and she still remains 
indelibly imprinted on my erotic mind. 
10-12-2012   Revised 9-25-2013 

A question for you...

1.) Is the poem about a woman?
2.) or is it about a beautiful mountainous valley?

Copyright © Allan Koven | Year Posted 2013

Details | Clerihew |


Screen goddess Marilyn Monroe

Rustling whirled dress with thighs that glow,

Her stockings were quite a plenty

To cover unshaved limbs, so hairy.

Kim Merryman's Cleri-Who? Contest

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

When a man loves a woman

I was less once
The day before I met you
Before I saw myself through your eyes
Before I believed I was worthy of a forever love
A completing love
I didn't know
I didn't understand
That I could love someone
The way that I love you
Moments have turned into years
and years feel like moments
I feel I can be me 
and still I want to be more because of you
A better man
A more giving considerate man
My wish for you is to know that I have never stopped seeing you
I appreciate the kindness and generosity of your soul
You give of yourself each day
Your heart is a truly splendid thing
Your beauty takes my breath away
I still feel shy when you look at me
My body still aches with my need of you
You are God's greatest and most treasured gift
You are the proof that He Loves and knows me
Yes, I was less once
The day before I met you!

Written Sept 4th 2015

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2015

Details | I do not know? |

I've Scribbled This Song For You

I've Scribbled This Song For You...

I'm wasting my days,
my empty nights too,

I should have held on,
but I simply lost you,

now I stagger along,

wearing broken smiles,
in between hell and you,
there's a million miles,

yes, I should have kept,
you close to my skin,

soaking your warmth,
but you were laughing,

at my foolish grin...

now I'm all broken,
and torn apart,

but what the hell,
I was always late,
for the tolling of the bell,

and now...

now I stagger along,

wearing broken smiles,
in between hell and you,
there's a million miles,

so kiss me now like you once did,
I'm tired of being so carefully hid,

la laa laa la laa laa laa...

(repeat to fade)


Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses | Year Posted 2013

Details | Romanticism |

Pursue Love

Pursue love,
the love that has no meaning,
the silver ports of the moon,
shine so bright,
that it blinds you in the twilight
she is beautiful and she is divine
she is the song sang by the sweet nightingales
in the gardens of worthy, overgrowning and blooming roses,
like wildfire grow tall and the thornes of the vines
tangle around her feet and drag her ever so slightly
throughout the garden of beauty.
As the roses lay along a table,
as she sits at the table
and she waits for me, the wordman
to come to the dinner table at the stroke of nine
and sit with her,
start a scene or two of romantic setting,
to pursue love in her name.
Love is around us,
the candlelight shines and reflects in her silk hair,
as her evening dress glitters and shines
and her bossom shows itself in the nightsky
as we lay together,
we pursue a dream together,
forever we live together forever,
as we stand upon the belcony of Romeo and Juliet's love scene
we swim in a pool of sweet divine care and love,
we swallow grapes and drink wine
hand and hand on Persian rugs and virgin white cloth sheets,
we dance to a simple, yet sweet Chopin's masterpiece
of his beautiful nocturnes,
which make such a sweet and romantic song in our heads.

We stomp out the flames
as we dance the night away,
and you lay in my arms,
and I kiss you upon your lovely head,
and you hold my hand,
and I hold you tight
never thinking of letting your love go away from me,
I would take my own life,
before I lose your love.
See us together,
it is a painting that lasts lifetimes,
that needs no touch-ups.
I care for you and love you!
Love me, I know you will.

My sweet and loving portrait lady,
who in reality is more beautiful than a fully bloomed rose
that sits on its green stem,
in the garden of beauty that sits outside my window.
Come up to my chambers
as I picked roses for you and pettles litter the atmosphere
as love's tension grows
and suspence brings us together,
let us make love tonight
seal the passion
and pursue love once and for all.

Then shall we wake with the first rays of the blazing of the morning sun,
I shall wake next to your beauty and glory,
and I shall point my attention to the heavens
and thank the Gods for sending you on the open road,
toward my chamber door, I call my heart.
Then we shall dress, and walk the pathways
in the garden of beauty
and I shall pick a bauquet of roses
and we shall sit by the lake and pursue our love
for one another
and nothing, not one earthquake shall shake us apart.


Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

The Connoisseur

He was a connoisseur of beauty
But not of the usual kind
He could see the beauty within
Which all the others could not find

When he gazed upon a woman
He saw the sparkle of her soul
With his sweet and knowing smile
All her virtues he would extol

His eyes drank in the loveliness
That she'd cloistered within her heart
with words dipped in affirmation
he painted her: a work of art

He saw the aura of beauty
That shone brightly around her face
In each line of her full body
Sheer luxuriance he could trace

The connoisseur was an expert
At making her feel divine
In her ear he gently whispered
what made her exquisite, fine

When he had drunk in her beauty
He held on to the shapely glass
In his mouth her textured fullness
His rating? Certainly, first class!

The bottle that she had come in
was now trembling in his grip
And craving just a little more
Tilted the bottle to his lip

He licked the luscious last drop
Inebriated by her taste
A connoisseur of real beauty
he would let nothing go to waste

And so once more she was poured out
To the connoisseur of her soul
She gave him what he desired
the wine of love had made them whole

For Chase's the Connoisseur Contest

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

These hands

Amani the peaceful warrior
A woman who risked her life
To save mothers and daughters from the notorious war crimes
Deep in the jungles of Congo 

The continuing human rights violence
The rape, the discrimination and the children armies 
The non stop crisis that seemed to worsen with each dawn

Amani the peaceful warrior established safety homes for the victims
Through varying trainings the mothers and daughters were taught farming, knitting, cooking, simple medical training, arts and crafts and many more
With counseling she gave back the victims the power they had lost
Their smiles grew, their hearts shone

A rose garden was planted to show this victory
And as the smiles grew, so did it

They heard of Amani and in one of her rescue missions, she was captured
Her hands and legs were tied

He said, "these hands have to go"
To humiliate her and her course
To destroy her and her dreams

But even as she left, her legacy lived beyond the pain and the torture.


Copyright © njeri hunjeri | Year Posted 2015

Details | Sonnet |

Form of Goddess

Oh that female beauty, form of goddess
a dreamers dream come true on the screen.
Mine adornment of that shape, that actress,
arousing image of a beauty queen.
Bosom! That luring shape of female form,
irresistible softness of arched curves,
luscious hips and thighs, bodily lusts warm,
feautures of ginger; eagerness serves.
Not only beauty, but vision of flair,
an alluring image of a film star,
being entranced by manner debonair,
to kindle the imaginings bizarre.

The fancy formed a desire to pursue,
love of beauty; in disguise so untrue.

T.J Grén

Copyright © Teppo Gren | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |


A gift from God holding the right side of man 
one companion blushing Heaven's sky sweet rose 

From the garden of Eden under a tree branches spring 
fountain of youth you bore the fruit of our very existence 

Castles where built crowning your honor gracious 
queen is the mother womb of all life kneels 

Newborn empires rise and set with soft caring sunshine 
delivering us the seed to grow upon this earth 

From one rib joining hands to applaud our beginning 
held in two loving arms you made us all 

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

Details | I do not know? |

Wrestling Verses

Wrestling Verses

Spilling ink onto paper,
reading tea-leaves,

fragments of mirth,
shards of anguish,

trapped in rolled-up sleeves.

Turning up my collar,
as blue as these days that slip by,

scattered verses plunge into,
the fathoms of unknown waters.

My ink runs, slips, treading lightly,
penning odes to love on bare skin,

your skin,
your bare back my canvas,

my fingers tracing, caressing, scribbling,
homages to our laughter, our tears.

Wrestling verses,

lie spent, exhausted,
famished and parched from saying too much,


my fingers tickle your soft skin,

my ink would run dry,

were it not for your gentle touch

Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Strawberries And Unknown Girl

     Strawberries And Unknown Girl

Strawberries grow unaided in the field
Green, red and magic on the day
Sentinels stationed; they speak kindly of the Sun
And sometimes of an unknown girl
She’s there just out of reach
In the air, partaking of sweet pleasures
Years collect themselves in silence
Still sense her song and mystery adrift
Along strawberry rows aligned in history
Those corridors of time in endless days at play 
And there she stays a fair young maiden
A constant unknown wonder to this day

Entered in - "I Love Rock N' Roll" Poetry Contest 11/14/14
Inspired by: John Lennon and The Beatles 
The song: Strawberry Fields Forever  

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

Details | I do not know? |


I'm raising babies all alone.
Doing this thing, because Daddy's gone.
Rubbing cocoa butter on my knees so the scars you can't see.
They come from staying and praying and being all that I can be.
Gone being absent or being absent because he's here.
I wanna cry, I wanna cry, but it ain't no time for tears.

Good guy, bad guy, I answer to both names.
But I ain't got no picture in the Hall Of Fame.
I'm washing clothes and making beds.
Cooking food and braiding heads.
Sweating all night after working all day.
Being who I am, and giving him his way.

Now I'm off to work on a few hours of sleep, but that's routine.
I begged, fought, and worked for my title queen.
Drug addict, Jesus fanatic, professional talker, street walker, your boss, high cost.
His lover, their mother, all shades, custom made, homemade, self made.
Deserves all her proper's for the price she has paid.

She can't be killed because the memory lives on.
Like straight black coffee, always strong.
She, her, female, lady, let me describe this again.
Lost is where this world would be without W-O-M-A-N.

Copyright © Sonya Kyle | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

Beauty In A Woman

The beauty of a woman is not the way she wears her clothes,
       The skinniness of her nose, nor the figure she has.
The beauty of a woman is not in the way those jeans snug her azz.
       She does not need that blouse to look her best.
The beauty of a woman is not the size of her breast,
       Nor the way she styles her hair.
The beauty is not in the make-up she wears;
       Not her arched eyebrows and painted nails.

The beauty in a woman is not a "facial mole..."
       But true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul....

Copyright © Jimmy Anderson | Year Posted 2009

Details | Quatrain |

My Scarlet Woman

Amongst the oaks and the maples and shrubbery so green
Runs a translucent flow, a stream so pristine
It's meandering contours hugging the land
Takes me back to the day, we met unplanned

The sky was pale blue on this hot summers day
Cotton wool clouds in mesmerising display
It's as if you could reach out and brush with your hand
This candy floss coating ceiling our land

Many meadows I walked through capturing the sounds
Listening to her marvels in cinema surround
Technicolour rainbows so radiant to the eye
Such beauty in nature, understandably why

I reach the turn-style that leads to the forest walk
Listening to the breeze through the trees as if they talk
These pillars of stature, as old as grandfathers years
Many stories they could tell, that would bring you to many tears

As I stroll through the leafy lanes, mapped out over many years
Trampled underfoot by it's inhabitants, badgers and beautiful red deer
I now reach the stream as I follow it's meandering flow
To a pool at it's end where past maidens bathed in glow

My ears now pick up sounds of singing and a splashing
Resonating from the pool, a glimpse of pink now flashing
A lady stands before me, bathing in the stream
Scarlet clothing in sporadic lay, am I in some kind of dream

I call out to this beauty as she turns and looks at me
Towards the bank she walks, and invites me in with she
Knee deep in crystal waters our bodies close in touch
My clothing now drifts away, the two of us in clutch

Into our eyes we both now look as blood flows through my veins
Her touch is soft and gentle, my hands now stroke her mane
Deeper we edge out as she floats and hugs my waist
The two of us in join in this beautiful serene quiet place

Our emotion creates commotion as our undulations reach the shore
Ripples of joy they are as underwater hands explore
The coldness incites a reaction, in pert and firm caress
In delightful blend we release, two souls in loving press

Kissing we reach the bank, on her summer dress we lie
Sighing in breathless spoon, we stare at the green canopy sky
Many, many hours have passed, lying naked below the peeking sun
This is the day I met my scarlet woman, the day our lives began


Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2010

Details | Free verse |


I stared in the eyes of Beauty, and she was...
Everything I thought she would be
But when I saw her I was speechless
She noticed me I noticed her
Her fragrance was beautiful 
She smelled like frankincense & myrrh
We made eye contact she gave me a lil smile
And kept walking 
Then and there I knew I had to have this woman
I wanted to smell her beauty
I had to feel her touch I want to 
Fall in love wit her not lust
I want her to fall asleep in my arms
Not just have sex & bust a nut
I want her to be my everything
I want her to take refuge in me
I wanna hear her say that she misses me
When I'm with her I wanna feel like I'm free
So I call out to her and I say...
I been looking for you 
She says I been waiting on you 
We converse in a conversation
And all the anticipation is thrown out the door
You see this woman just makes my heart soar 
And her personality just makes me crave for 
Her love even more 
We exchange numbers and we go our separate ways
I know she's different from every woman I met 
Because I ain't thinking bout gettin laid
And all I keep thinking bout is will we last 
Or just be another fling 
But a couple minutes later my cell phone rings... it's her

                                     "TO BE CONTINUED"

Copyright © Tahir Hashim Zulu | Year Posted 2007

Details | I do not know? |


Elegant creatures of nature
Roam around in the world
In search of pleasure and power
But found domination 
Under the shadow of their counter
And as ages pass by
They still remain a prisoner
Bound by the chains of
Family and younger souls

Copyright © anbes rawal | Year Posted 2015

Details | Narrative |

The Night Maiden

On a moonlit night he saw her,
a vision of beauty unlike any
he had seen on his many walks.

Her sheer gown sways in the
evening breeze as her hair dances.

Her poised and voluptuous figure
makes his heart race like a stallion
on an open field; it craves her!

She glances over her shoulders,
a sublime smile signaling a welcome.

With unsteady but wary steps,
he begins his journey towards her,
eager to be embraced by this maiden.

As he nears her she extends her arms,
ready to receive him into her bosom;
but his quest is then abruptly ended
when awakened by his clock's alarm.

Copyright © Angel Villanueva | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |

always you

In my words,
You see the picture,
A wolf escaped from the herd,
You read me like scripture,
I’ve been frightened to show my colours,
But you’ve sought me,
Life before you was cold and dull,
Like the prey,
In the spiders web,
You’ve caught me,
You find me in my words,
Describing you they never distort me,
Our souls connected,
I promise I will not ignore thee,
Lady in my mind,
I adore thee,
I’ve searched lands afar,
I’ve gone a distance,
I had given up,
This flame was flickering and distant,
Now this fire is burning ferociously and 
I said your name,
In my heart there was no resistance,
Only I can hear,
The melody when I see your face,
From the beginning of time,
I have been waiting for you,
In me you have a place,
Like an apparition in my heart you appear,
Rain for a flower,
To me it is you or nothing my dear,
Moments without you,
Is a painstaking hour,
To hurt you is never my intent,
Just hold out your hand,
And give me your consent,
I’ll share with you all things,
That are precious and sweet,
I’ll share with you my world,
My victories, My defeats,
You compel me like no other,
Walk this path with me,
I promise there will never be another,
From afar this does not feel true,
Feels like I’ve searched across time and space,
Now only do I realize,
It was always you.

Copyright © Soul Man | Year Posted 2016

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Crossing Paths

Their paths cross on his way home,
and though no words are uttered,
in silence their eyes speak volumes.

Dressed in red, her vivacious walk
is entrancing; her hips sway a
most coquettish and sensual dance.

It is difficult for him to ignore
such outward beauty, though he also
wonders if her inner beauty is just
as mesmerizing.

As they silently sail pass each other,
a telling smile paints her lips;
his soul dances, but he scolds it,
keeping it from betraying the one he loves.

He glances back for one last look;
pleasing to the eyes is that woman in red,
but not as delightful as the one who stole
and forever holds his heart.

Copyright © Angel Villanueva | Year Posted 2017

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The Head of a Woman, She sits Alone

The visitors arrive and I must bear
Their comments, not that I really care.
I stare at them as they would stare at me; 
Until they break the ice, act so beastly.

Listen to their litany of abuse,
"Look well, her eyes are closed, having a snooze?"
"Isn't this an invert of a known painting?"
"Nice auburn hair though she looks like fainting."
"Not as good as Mona, now that's a dear."
I cannot understand why they come here.

They dare compare me to that wanton lass
How many men know she was sick, alas.
Finally they leave except for one man.
His love for me I know return I can.
If it were in my power down I'll come
Leave this mural, on his lips kiss him some.
Da Vinci paints our love and endeavor,
Happy; we'll be each other forever.

Placed 1

180 syllables – Couplets  - Personification
She Sits Alone - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Eve Roper 

Written 5 August 2017
Posted 7 August 2017

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar | Year Posted 2017

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A womans heart

A woman's heart

my father always told me
"son don't go breaking no hearts
if you can't take a woman to the finish line
then don't go making any false starts

don't take a woman hearts for granted
treat her with kindness and respect
make her feel special and wanted 
never make her cry and feel neglect

for god created woman as a gift 
for a man to honor, cherish and love 
they are our heaven on earth
our beautiful angel from above

the magical wonders of a woman
has no limits or boundaries to retrieve
with a good woman beside you
"son "there's nothing that you can't achieve

the words my father has spoken
it has never left my ears
and his wisdom and understanding
I carry with me throughout the years

one day I will find a good woman
and I will ask her to be my wife
and I shall treat her like a princess
love and cherish her for the rest of her life

the woman who gets my heart
will own it from now and forever
and I will fill her life with happiness
every second that we spend together

and I will take her to Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad is the country where I was born
and will introduce her to all the tasty dishes
and see the sunrise at the break of dawn

and we will take walks on the beach
holding hands under the moonlight
and if the sea breeze makes her cold
I will hold her in my arms all night

yes the woman that I will love 
will be the queen of all queens
the diamond of all diamonds
the wish of my every dream

until I meet this beautiful woman 
who will be the one to share my life
I will continue to write my poems
knowing one day my angel will arrive

and will cover me with her love
like the sun over the seven seas
as my father looks down from heaven
proud of the man that I have come to be

Copyright © kasim ishmael | Year Posted 2016

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A Woman Is

An exquisite flower
awaiting discovery

An aromatic flower
awaiting appreciation 

A delicate flower
awaiting tenderness

A woman is
a delightful bouquet 
of loving emotions 

Awaiting the right vase

Copyright © Robert Maguire | Year Posted 2017