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Details | Villanelle |

They're Lovers

See how the ocean glides back in to kiss the shore?
                                 In my minds eye
                They have met on this sand floor
                             Many times before 
                 With a soft caress on the sly.
See how the ocean glides back in to kiss the shore?
                                    As birds soar
                 They have met on this sand floor.
He brings shells and driftwood for her to explore
                         Then leaves being shy.
See how the ocean glides back in to kiss the shore?
                    Could a lover ask for anymore?
                                   She says nigh.
                     They have met on this sand floor
Declaring their love as if no one has done it before
                                 To any passer by.
See how the ocean glides back in to kiss the shore?
                 They have met on this sand floor......

Copyright © Bette Bavington | Year Posted 2017

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Cozy and hot outside!
Two symbols of these worlds collide

Eluding eclipse effect and becomes worldwide,
Sinking every lover's heart from the inside 

Unhappy endings, one massive clutch-less ride
Emotions fly, like a veggie glide.
Under this new moon and sun's high tide.
God, must have a new evil plan set aside!


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2011

Details | Free verse |


He saw something in her eyes.
And he couldn't help but devour the deep desire
to get a peak of her soul.
Because of all the pain, she boarded up her inner most being
and put a lock on it;
So that no man could see how empty she had become.
INDEPENDENCE; she wore across her chest,
making it known to all man kind that she'd rather be stripped down to 
the lowest she could possibly be before asking for any handouts.
Many men knocked at her door, but she refused one after the other.

... He continued to pursue her.
And although she made it impossible for any emotion to show, 
he studied her.
She reminded him of the waves in the ocean.
Rushing forward to give just the slightest feel of the coldness, 
almost cold enough to bring chills down your spine.
The coldness wasn't the problem, it crept through the cracks of your toes
and became quite soothing as it pushed up to your ankles.
The problem was that as the waves crept up, it became both torture and pleasure.
Because as soon as you began to really feel the warmth, 
the wave is pushed back back out; a continuous tease.
And although he only got glimpses of who she was,
he stuck those memories together creating a masterpiece of 
the woman he believed  she could become.

Copyright © Amber Binford | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

Isle of Fantasy - Seashore Bliss

Isle of Fantasy - Seashore Bliss

Rolling waves that reach the shore
with frothy crests of sparkling white,
embrace the waiting beach
to kiss and bathe its wavy frame
of glistening, light golden sand
that hugs the ocean's end
along this isle of fantasy.

The roar of waves and seagull songs;
cool sea breeze touch of misty spray;
the sky above of azure blue,
white cotton candy streaked; 
the endless line where sea meets sky,
that sets imagination's stage,
to dream what lies away, beyond... 
a picture-perfect fantasy.

Held spellbound by this seashore bliss
where hearts and souls feel holy, blessed,
reborn by its baptismal rite,
immersed in earthen purity;
the seashore is sweet nature's gift... 
a glimpse of heaven here on earth.
along this isle of fantasy.

Sandra M. Haight

~1st Place~
Premiere Contest: Island of Fantasy
Sponsor: Nayda Ivette Negron
Judged: 06/12/2016

~Honorable Mention!
Contest: The Sea Shore
Sponsor: Craig Cornish
Judged: 02/10/2016

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Have You Ever Read

Dedicated to an author by the name of William Golding... Enjoy!!!

~Two boys meet on an island
~~One is skin 'n bones
~~~The other one is chubby

They discover a lagoon~
Ralph teases him by calling~~
him "Piggy" -  how mean!!~~~

Piggy asks him if
There are other people on 
The island with 'em

He has no clue
But this'll answer Piggy's question --
Other boys appear - 
All diverse shapes and sizes
What'll happen next??

You'll see...

Have you ever read The Lord of the Flies?
I recommend it if yah haven't read it yet - I must admit
It's a book full of adult words and it's simply...FASCINATING! - no lies
You should read it - or you'll regret it!

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2013

Details | Romanticism |

The Four Letter Word

Four letters put together to create one word,
with an impeccable definition.

It is a strong word,
Close to the heart, yet
far from the woman you Love.

Butterflies flying, flapping their
orange and white wings in the summer heat.
The butterflies flap, flap their beautiful wings
together in the summertime of Love.

For Love is beautiful, like the summer preludes!

Four letters composed, to a Chopin's masterpiece.
The Romantic pole reaches out, to touch, to hold, to Love.

For these four letters are easy to read
and put together to create a complex concept
with a universal definition.
A four letter word, easy just to say,
but it is harder to show.
For Love is a simple word made up of simple letters,
but a complex meaing that takes most lifetimes to comprehend
and others a short while.

For I've seen hearts broken
and hearts put back together,
with this simple word.
My heart burned, brused, stabbed
knows the dangers of this simple, four letter word.

Love, some think it is a game
to play when you are bored.
Destroying self-esteem of girls,
who are already weak and nieve.
They long for love, but find surrealist dreams,
and see the Man of their dreams slip away in the night.
Gone without a trace.
While she is sucked into false promises,
from simple minded boys,
with only one thing on their mind.

Love..., it is a joke to some.
"I love you," is a laughing stock,
while a slap in the face, and disrespect is in fashion.
Girls, foolish girls walking in lonesome heartbreak,
saying they are in Love.
It is sad to see, and hard to hear, I know it is.

And to me Love is sometimes fair,
and most times a cruel joke.
Love, this four letter word is simple to say, but hard to comprehend.

Love me and I shall take you by the hand
show you caves of mystery,
and skies of grace and meadows, filled with flowers,
dedicated just for you, no one else, but you.
We can make Love on the sandy beaches, under the moonlit sky
under the still stars and shooting ones too.
Have a romantic dinner of oyster-shells and champange and kiss each other,
till we drown in intoxication and fall asleep in each others arms.

huh, Love... A simple, four letter word, that is easy to say,
but even harder to show.

Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

Details | Prose Poetry |


A gray dawn, a dark twilight.
 Daybreak, dawn, dusk.
A flash of lightening across the horizon.
 Windswept trees, in all bent shape, 
Such is the result due to harsh winds 
 That travel for miles and miles.
And we have no knowledge from where it came from
 Or where it is going.
But that its travel continues across the daunting mass
 Called; Ocean.
Oh how it churns the water.
 I can feel the mist and spray cover my body
And tingle my hands.
 Standing in the shallow the air blows about me
With sandy hair raging like fire, slapping my face.
 A feeling of unknown,
Watching angry waves become violent.
 And a shiver of coldness, trembles my body.
A sense of peace,
 I have one thought;
Where did it come from?                                       

Copyright © Elizabeth Brown | Year Posted 2015

Details | Lanterne |

Words of SILENCE On the Beach

A footstep so smooth;
A word so candid, yet strong:
A mind, so full of empathy,
came straight up to my heart:
Knock, knock, knock, are we there?
Or, are we still strangers?

The long pile of stories of life,
Unfolded, into your lap, with tears —
Some horrid, some slimy, but all true.
Solutions and steps were put forth:
Knock, knock, knock, are we there?
Or, are we still strangers?

Moments of silence, in tears,
Emotions riding high,
Darkness so deep, fathomless;
Keyboard, whispers, brought hope. 
Life sprouts, naturally,
With light, and manure — right, 
Springing from words of wisdom:
Knock, knock, knock, are we there?
Or, are we still strangers?

A ray of light sprouted, as did life,
From within me; and my words
Grew wings of fire, and sprung
Right onto paper, as poems and news.
Alas, the thrill lasted not long —
Black venom of the fire of Satan
Swirled around me, eating me up: 
Knock, knock, knock, are we there?
Or, are we still strangers?

The silence, construed as disregard,
The lag and the arguments;
Words of war, and then — SILENCE.
Search, search, search…
Life went off action; 
No sound, no light, no life. 
Knock, knock, knock, are we there?
Or, are we — after all — strangers?

Copyright © Sapna Anu B. George | Year Posted 2012

Details | Verse |

Deep in the Woods

Deep in the woods,

the branches dance in the wind,

wild and free,

Spreading their fragrance for

you and me.

Wild flowers sway,

as the wind try's picking them up,

Their roots planted firmly,

as they flow from side to side,

showing us all their glory,

and our makers touch inside,

shadows follow as they calmly go slow,

Deep in the woods,

time is well known,

as night takes hold,

until the morning,

when light takes control.

Written by:©Betty Bolden

Copyright © Betty Bolden | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |

Dark Eyed Traveller

Standing at the tavern door,eyes dark and brooding
Neath his floppy hat, stared into the crowded room,
A Raven flew from his shoulder settling in rafters high,
He smiled a sardonic smile and ordered a mug of ale.
All turned to look at this dark eyed traveller tall,
His leather boots dusty ,cloak trimmed with mud,
And from his belt around his coat hung a dirk long
No one thought to say a word they tried to look small.
Around the smoke filled room his gaze did wander
Settled on a crowd of rowdy sea going lads noisly
Drinking ale and rum and telling bawdy tales,
Just back from foreign voyage across the seven seas.
Within their midst a vision sat with a smirk on ruby lips
 Long hair framed her face like waves of swelling sea,
Like kelpie mane, ran that hair ,her eyes like deep sea green,
And at once his dark eyes shone beneath that floppy hat.

The night wore on, the air grew warm, the raven fluffed his wings
From somewhere a shot rang out lodging in rafters deep,
Laughter raucous and shrill cut across the misty room,
Silence fell heavy among the gathered crowd.
He slowly turned his head in the direction of the rowdy lads
Dark eyes flashed as stepped towards where they sat,
As one they rose and laughed in his face,swords drawn,
In his hand a wooden staff and they  laughed no more.
Faces stunned into disbelief at what they had seen,
Around his feet six men lay still blood seeping from their wounds,
He turned on his heel and slowly went through the door,
The Raven cawed, spread his wings as he flew out the door.
Standing by his horse the sea going beauty waited patiently,
She smiled as he approached with a swagger and dark eyes flash
He tipped his floppy hat and beckoned with outstretched hand,
She went to him in full embrace held him like a band.
They travelled the land, the sea faring beauty and the dark eyed man,
Their tale told  throughout the fair sun kissed land,
From village to village and taverns where seafaring folk met,
The legend grew of the Dark Eyed traveller and his mermaid bride.

Andrew Provan McIntyre   ©  2015.

Copyright © Andrew McIntyre | Year Posted 2015

Details | Verse |


I'm sitting along the Bosphorus
watching the russian tankers pass by.
They are big,
so am l.

Copyright © A.O. Taner | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

A Day at the Beach

Here I am Running away, Walking at the beach, counting the days, I see the sun, I covered my face. Feeling the wind, I know I can't win in this race. I sat under A tree, feeling the sand with my feet, Oh how I want to be free. These days the problems kept me captive. These shadows of fears seems to be abrasive. I just want to stay, I don't want to leave, It's better in this Island, there are matters you can still believe. Clear waters, Aqua sky, I envy the birds that soar & fly. I want to sing another lullaby, I sat on a swing & a flashback pass by. But in every decision you have to be wise. I don't know why, but to me this is paradise. And now I lay down on the sand, A melody that should be put to an end. And again I wiped my tears, It's because of these unending fears. I am hurt, and I am weak, Then I looked up asking what to seek. Like a little girl I cried, I wanted comfort because I'm tired. Tired of seeing people lying, tired because I'm also hiding. tired of all these unanswered questions. tired of people with their exaggerated opinions. And I don't want to go back, cos I know I'm safe here. But God gave me that courage to fight w/ every fear. Maybe I am confuse now, and maybe not yet satisfied, But my Faith is giving me the assurance I'll have a balanced Life.

Copyright © Marianne Nolido | Year Posted 2012

Details | Romanticism |

Plucked Raven Feather

Sprays of thought swing us back to the art you have carved
Rejuvenating sentiments, reveling correction into acceptance
Straight to the supernova galaxy’s romance
A place where we can shape with our very fingers
The atlas of passionate, curious fraught 
That is loosened by the very sand heaved by the waves
Dawned by the nights rejected, 
We implore upon the Venus blinding our envisioning
Never once tearing away the organs with fabricated poisons

He is a calm wave all but surfaced to destroy
Pulled among tides of extravagant luster mustered into lust
With persistence of a tempest pulling dissensions of waste
And sharp as the tip of the plucked raven feather
My eyes open to his illumination
To show just how dull my own lighting has been all the while!
I want to read him like a book
But as he paragraphs line after line
Wordless after word,
I am reduced to the tired tears of unexplained mawkishness

I think I am falling for this deity,
Yet worlds of expectancy veer me away from the courses of delight
Somehow the waves of his calm spoke to me
And under the tier of the calm,
Is a flail of tension accustomed to an almost doubtful reconciliation 
I finally understand
There is a viral hope that is both maddening and sweet
Like the sufferers rot for sufferers to come
A seed is planted and laid to rest for other generations
Under the layers never peeled
Under the very sands of his life
He indicates nothing but the illusion of hint
And pours forth a wisdom I have known all but none 

All time would have to persevere 
Because this fight for Venus’s light cannot be clearer
When all the doubt is dispatched from its shadowy domain
Into pure exposure; it reveals all but nothing!
Fear does not exist in his rays!
He is a sea of comfort sailing with the very putative storm I ache for!
Never asking for the shipwreck of my desire to be salvaged
Taking nothing from me, but giving all

And the beaked heaven flies on, letting me have his feather
The pulse of his wings electrifying my fingertips
I held on that split moment with excitement
Feeling his texture overhead
Like a flower pulled from the ground
Like the tip of Venus has dulled for the sake of my light...

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

From The Lighthouse

My eyes bulge.
My jaw drops to the floor,
never have I seen this before!
Sea salt sprays 'cross the skies
as the tide begins to slowly rise.
A sense of freedom and grace
emerges from the crystal waves,
I could watch the ocean all day.
Time flies,
the daylight dies.
The day may be done,
But a life of discovery has begun.
I may not be talking to the president
in the White house,
Instead I stare at the ocean,
from the lighthouse.

Copyright © s. grace | Year Posted 2017

Details | Rhyme |

A Night On The Beach

The sand still warm beneath our feet
and the tide was going out,
moonlight shone across the beach
dispersing all our doubt.

The scene was set, the time is right
for love to take a hand,
moonlight cast our shadows
as we lay upon the sand.

Tonight will last forever,
we'll make love until the dawn,
you'll be my capricious nymph
I'll be your sated fawn.

I must have fallen asleep
and thought she'd done the same,
but looking round I found her gone
and I never knew her name.

Copyright © norman littleford | Year Posted 2008

Details | Ballad |


Carved and polished by the sea 
Sparkling too 
Jewels of every hue, 
lay on the beach for me 

Blues and greens 
Sunset reds 
Golden yellows 
Amethysts too 

Such lustrous light, 
glowed on the beach 
Filled the night 
Such colours, loving bright 

For each jewel... 
Is a facet of you 
I picked a blue, 
golden yellow , for joy 
Amethyst for love, 
sunset red for passion too 

Jewels of every hue 
Jewels for me 
Jewels for you, 
sparkling too 

Copyright © Matthew Brackley | Year Posted 2007

Details | Light Poetry |


i love to stare
my minds in the air
to see them walk bare
i can't help myself
like everyone els
on the beach
am out of reach
so i i teach 
other batcher
to be a

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2012