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Beach Girl Poems | Beach Poems About Girl

These Beach Girl poems are examples of Beach poems about Girl. These are the best examples of Beach Girl poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Romanticism |

My Persian Queen

From the Gardens of Babylon,
to the walkways of Palestina,
to the grand temples of Jerusalism,
to the sandy beaches of Syria and Cyprus.
Went my Persian Queen riding,
upon her golden, firery chariot.

Her black hair, like silk long and flowing.
Her royal robes white and purple, bare and pure.
Her sword by her side, ready to strike.
Her spear fastened, ready to stab the dreeded heart
of the Fire Dragon.
On the firery chariot, riding with her armies,
Went my Perisan Queen.

O, how my arimes fight your armies,
in the midst of night fall, under a full moon.
Let us stop this foolish fighting.
And have fellow brother, love fellow brother.
And so we can fall in love forever.

And don't act like you don't show love for me.
I see you in the dawns, standing upon the sand covered battlefields.
Standing proud behind your armies.
With your black hair flowing.
You almost making me want not to fight the battle of the Day,
for if you were killed, what victory would that be then?

You pull your armies back at the last minute, before I am slayed
by your fellow brother in arms.
You retreat your arimes back over the hills, not in fear of losing the day,
but in fear of losing me.
You and your armies had plenty of chances to kill me, yet you do not.

My Persian Queen, O come now.
Come down from your firery chariot
and into my restless arms.
I know you are tired
and wanting to sleep.

Listen to the nightingale
sing her love song.
Drinking the sweet necture,
from the gardens, in your vase Persian Empire.

Come now, and kiss me,
Hold me, let us ride,
far from the simple minds of the Old World
and fall in love in a New.

My Persian Queen
O how I love you so much.
I cannot bare to see you in a life you don't want to live.
Come let I, your Knight in shinning armour liberate you.
Take you by the hand, run through the great bazzare in Old Istanbul
running away from the Janissaries of your father's Imperial armies.

Let us leave this place of hate and sorrow.
To start our lives a new.
My Persian Queen,
Now dressed in silk lace,
with golden jewlery hanging
from your beautiful and tender neck.
Along with the silver pattened belt around your harmonial waist.

It is time for you, to come with me.
No more shall we act like we dispise one another.
As Romeo and Juliet's love failed,
shall our love take course, and we shall love
till the oceans swallow the earth, the mountains crumble,
and the Sun engulf the sweet Earth.
And on and on shall our love go on,
My adorable and lovely Persian Queen.

Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |


I wake on the sand
Right near the beach
You have yet to awake
Far out of reach
And Daybreak has arrived
A beauty unlike any other
Comparable only to us, girl
And how we love each other

So I gaze up alone
Marveling up at the sky
The warmth of the sun
Drying my eyes
I'm reflecting on us
Oh how each other we trust
I'm just so happy we're together
And I think to myself,
Just as this sun, we'll last forever

Then returning to be with you
I lay again now
Place my hand gently
On your warm tender shoulder
While I think of our lives today, love
And how they'll be when we're older...
I know there'd be no other way
So "I Love You" I make sure I say
To you, each and everyday

Copyright © Andrew Shannon | Year Posted 2013

Details | Romanticism |

The Four Letter Word

Four letters put together to create one word,
with an impeccable definition.

It is a strong word,
Close to the heart, yet
far from the woman you Love.

Butterflies flying, flapping their
orange and white wings in the summer heat.
The butterflies flap, flap their beautiful wings
together in the summertime of Love.

For Love is beautiful, like the summer preludes!

Four letters composed, to a Chopin's masterpiece.
The Romantic pole reaches out, to touch, to hold, to Love.

For these four letters are easy to read
and put together to create a complex concept
with a universal definition.
A four letter word, easy just to say,
but it is harder to show.
For Love is a simple word made up of simple letters,
but a complex meaing that takes most lifetimes to comprehend
and others a short while.

For I've seen hearts broken
and hearts put back together,
with this simple word.
My heart burned, brused, stabbed
knows the dangers of this simple, four letter word.

Love, some think it is a game
to play when you are bored.
Destroying self-esteem of girls,
who are already weak and nieve.
They long for love, but find surrealist dreams,
and see the Man of their dreams slip away in the night.
Gone without a trace.
While she is sucked into false promises,
from simple minded boys,
with only one thing on their mind.

Love..., it is a joke to some.
"I love you," is a laughing stock,
while a slap in the face, and disrespect is in fashion.
Girls, foolish girls walking in lonesome heartbreak,
saying they are in Love.
It is sad to see, and hard to hear, I know it is.

And to me Love is sometimes fair,
and most times a cruel joke.
Love, this four letter word is simple to say, but hard to comprehend.

Love me and I shall take you by the hand
show you caves of mystery,
and skies of grace and meadows, filled with flowers,
dedicated just for you, no one else, but you.
We can make Love on the sandy beaches, under the moonlit sky
under the still stars and shooting ones too.
Have a romantic dinner of oyster-shells and champange and kiss each other,
till we drown in intoxication and fall asleep in each others arms.

huh, Love... A simple, four letter word, that is easy to say,
but even harder to show.

Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Adjective Dream NEW BLOODcontest

A dandelion sun floats in a
Ty-D-Bowl sky, and
dewy young girls with hair
like shining copper pennies
and unsalted butter
bathe beneath it.

With faith born of MTV,
they worship Ocean---
her heavy metal fury,
her power ballad calm.

But Eros interrupts,
sending her own virile priests
with Bowflex bodies and
Energizer loins
to defile the idolators.

Ocean rebels
and paves the lazy sky
in asphalt clouds.
Sharp quills of rain sting 
both priests and congregants
as they run for cover.

Eros laughs.
Ocean waits for another day.              -5/16/2015

Copyright © Mary Oliver Rotman | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |


Show me who you are and i shall paint out broken columns on the valleys of her back as if such figure is un-common
i have found no beauty bending as the vines that are her hair and the frailty of man upon her back is what she bares
bleed her body for the harvest let them feast upon her soul for the nurishment of mother is leaps beyond so bold
she is like the flower growing in the deepest of dark forests,amongst the ivy and hemlock but her skin is much too porous
to concern herself with games that tantalize the men, as they marry on crusade it is her children that she tends
sheath your swords with her ambition and tip your arrows with her will, craft your armour from her strength and in the battle you will kill
come now children from the pasture and lay each upon her side, suckle gently at your mother although theirs pain she does not hide
though the water leaks from rooftops her leaves are thick and block the rain, as the water level rises cling to her branches with no shame
she is the stone upon the beach, once a mountain pound and breached
yet still her disposition clear to love her children that are near

inspired by Roots Frida Kahlo, 1907-1954

Copyright © chriss todd | Year Posted 2013

Details | Romanticism |

Evening walk on the beach

I walked alone
along a sandy and lonely beach.
The raging waves from the sea
crashed onto the slimy sea shore.
The riding waves were white and bare,
but when they violently crashed, turned white and black.

I walked along the lonely beach.
Listening to the seagulls chatting
on silver rocks and boulders.

I sat near the shore.
The waves coing in and out
crashing violently on the silver rocks and boulders.
I sat there, lonely skipping pebbles into the vase and endless sea.
The waves came in and swallowed the pebbles, I threw its way.

The sea crabs wabbling from side to side, came up from the shore.
They kept me company on a lone and quiet evening.
A lone dog walking without an owner
came and curled up next to me,
and barked at the chattering seagulls.
They flew in panic toward the setting of the Red Sun,
and disappeared into the evening paradise.

The lone dog gazed upon the red sheld sea crabs,
and chased their wabbling bodies away
back down to the slimy sea shore.
And at the setting of the evening, I was alone.

Soon I had seen something
that had shocked me,
A young and beautiful gypsy woman.
She crossed my path along the lonesome beach.
All of a sudden the beach became full with love and life of all kind.

The lilacs, and roses, and violets and daisies
grew tall and bloomed, like madmen.
The waves pulled in by the full moon,
that shinned upon me and the Gypsy Woman.
She was decorated with ragged skirts and blouses,
with shinny, white pearls around her neck,
and golden bracelets around her wrists.

She smiled at me.
I smiled back at her.
Her hair black, with a vail of flowers around her head.
She stopped me and held my hand.
I was astonished and afraid.

What was this stunning and beautiful woman doing to me?
A victim of lost love and heartbrake.
I had no money, no jewlery.
I asked her what she wanted.
She replied with loneliness in her voice;
"To be loved."

I pulled her in, and kissed her,
and whispered softly in her ear,
decorated with silver earrings;
"Me too."

We joined hands and walked the lonesome sandy beach.
Listening to the waves, now softly coming in and pulling out.
The shore, now not so slimy, 
and the silver rocks and boulders sleeping so peacefully.
I turned to her and she smiled at me.
I held her in my arms and kissed her upon her sweet brow.

Copyright © Chris Boskovski | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

the bubble gum ice cream girl on the beach

nobody on the beach today
but a little girl walking in circles 
on the sand

she skips her way to me and asks 
me what i am reading

i tell her i am writing a poem

she says 'oh, well can i hear it'

i notice that her voice is froggy 
and i ask her if she has a cold

she said no, she has a rare throat 
condition and that she just had her 
seventh surgery on it

i ask her does it hurt to talk

she smiles at me and says 'only 
when there is nothing to talk about'

i laugh and read her what i had written

she clapped and tells me it the few words 
were the highlight of her day

i tell her meeting her was mine, and then
suddenly she begins to cry

she tells me she 'lives alone' and then says
'mommy is ashamed of me'

i then ask her why and she says' 'mommy
says the sound of my voice makes me ugly'

i tell her she lights up my life

she sits next to me and rests her head on my lap
still crying lightly

i then wipe away a few of her tears and ask her if she could 
have ice cream

she nodded her head in anticipation and disbelief

i ask her what her favorite ice cream flavor is and she 

we walk down the beach a ways and cross the access to 
ice cream place

i tell to get as many scoops as you want and she tells the lady
behind the counter 'four scoops in a cup please'

i lean against the wall and say to myself 'how can you not love
the radiant beauty of this little ray of sunshine'

we end up spending the rest of the day together until i tell her that 
the sun was going down and that she needed to get home

she asked if she could stay with me, and i hated to tell her no, but
i do

real life has safety nets unlikable to man, but necessary for survival

i watch her wave sadly and walk away slowly with such depressing hesitation

i almost shed a tear, but i know deep within me that i have to move on

perhaps when i come back here at a later date i will see her smiling face again

however right now, all i can do is pray for her, accept the life that God has created, and let Him decide and do the rest

Copyright © Marty King | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

The Red Parasol by Alfred Glendening

One summer morning on the beach she spies her friend, and runs to greet this lovely child, in solitaire, with a parasol and silken hair. A cherub look upon one's face, while the other smiles, still filled of grace But both are feeling young at heart and can't resist the sand and surf Too soon the whimsy of the day has led them closer to the bay The warm sand and the sea agree to join the ocean's windswept breeze to make their visit more replete with gifts of summer's sweet retreat Perfection offers them a chance to laugh and plot, and take a glance If no one's looking, they can shed their shoes and stockings, free their feet then tiptoe in and shriek in glee! They feel each ripple undertone which tickles toes, and chills their bones and licks the hems of petticoats In pastel shades of vast array they seem two flowers, wild bouquets that dance among the white-washed hue of tide pools blue, and morning's dew Two flowers sprouting here and there cavorting along the sandy shore Until again, it's time to go And though, restrained, as secrets go they must again be proper girls
------------------------------------------------------- 6/20/16 Contest: The Red Parasol by Alfred Glendening Sponsor: Eve Roper

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2016

Details | Quatrain |

The Red Parasol

The Red Parasol 

Into this painting, I am drawn,
     reflecting times of long ago:
a beach with shoreline of tall grass;
     two lovely girls with skirts that flow.

How do they feel on this warm day
     in their full dresses with long sleeves
beneath the sun and air so still...
     perhaps, at times, a gentle breeze.

And one with her red parasol
     to block the scorching sun a bit;
I wonder if she feels the heat
     but with her charm, just suffers it.

And there, the cooling waters wait...
     so very close, and yet so far.
It doesn't seem they are prepared
     to wade in sea off that sandbar.

They calmly sit, enjoy the beach
     take in the salty summer air.
Two lovely girls with skirts that flow...
     one 'neath red parasol...just stare.

Sandra M. Haight

~1st Place~
Contest: The Red Parasol by Alfred Glendening
Sponsor: Eve Roper
Judged: 07/07/2016

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |


Sun plays hide and seek
Inside wings of skylark
The girl is busy whole day
Coloring dark corners
Marigolds to warm her

Your palm is now warmer
Hitting the road in joy
Heading for beaches and lakes
Listening to music soft
Dance in happy sinew

Time to see in joy and sorrow
Leaves raining everywhere
From birth to old age colors change
Green red yellow orange
Today has to end in tomorrow

Very long nights and short days
Deeper sighs and fewer smiles
Naked branches highlight death
Struggling against snow piles
Wait begins for another May
April 6, 2016
Seasons - Poetry Contest
Sponsored by : Shadow Hamilton

Copyright © Probir Gupta | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

The Girl Who Loved the Sea

The Girl Who Loved the Sea 

I. A Drop.
The blue swept over her eyes, 
Embracing her lips – his cold tide. 
Affinity for what was at sea,
She was drowning in the indecency. 
Descending  into the water’s deep,
Her stark body dims into his dark keep. 
A pressure clenching her chest,
All her feeling suppressed. 
Against time, he quickly rushed,	
Streaming her lungs, her voice - he hushed. 
Her few last breathes – of no avail,
They both sank in fear of the surface’s sail. 
Lost to catch any wave,
It was his dark waters she craved. 
Down below he hid her devotion. 
She was only a drop in his ocean. 
II. Never Reaching the Surface. 
Time escaped on her purpled lips,
Pruned body held by his anchoring grip.
Without her – his ocean shifted,
In circles she simply drifted.
Aware of how strong his tide, 
She was content being casted aside. 
When his bitter waves rolled past,
She held on - making the feeling last. 
Calm waters washed him away, 
The clarity questioned why she stays. 
Light exposed her green eyed glim,
Suffocating, she learned how to swim. 
In reach she tested the air,
Take a breath – his harshening dare.
In fear of what was above, 
She sank for what could be love. 

III. Remember Her
Mysteriously his waters stilled, 
She pained him, seeking a thrill. 
Eyes shot red as emotions flee,
Her tears only added to his sea.

Submersed under his neglect, 
Darkness deflected the sun's respect.
The girl lost to depths unknown,
Forced to settle her demons alone. 

Sharp blows to his wet caress,
Raw purges – emptied her chest. 
Lucid dreams floated her to land,  
The girl’s legs yearned to stand. 

Her swollen white body washed ashore,
Faded eyes fixed to his roaring lure.
Waves crashed in, her love had drown,
Think of her when they sound.

Copyright © Meg Abe | Year Posted 2016

Details | I do not know? |


hello! hey! boungiorno! what is the date?/
this world of dimensions created duality/
no letters/ no words/ are enough to express/
someone like you/ in reality/

i filled all your emptines/ MY still quiet bay/
as Jhon opened world in his Yoko/
you searched perfect princes/ looked for "right him"/
now at only one overman looking/

i swear/ i will hold you/ as much as i can/
would become all the axes/ and outer space/
voice is speared by the screaming wind/
falling down/ flakes to your place/

going crazy just seeing your knees/
don't regret anything/ my Benito/
unbelievable/ perfect/ unbearable/
you whisper/ "la comedia e finita"//

Copyright © Ilya Emelin | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lyric |


Looking through windows
--of the sand and the sea,
all you can find
--is what never can be.
All you can touch
--is her face with your mind.
All you can know
--is what you'll never find.
All you can have
--is the sand and the sea,
-----the look in her eyes
--------and what never can be.

Copyright © Vee Bdosa | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |

Tan Lines

My Tall, Tan, Sunflower Girl
Smelling like coconuts and cocoa butter
My eyes Follow your tan lines
..under your simple cotton dress
What must they taste like?

Copyright © Yort Watson | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

My Beach Girl

I strolled along a beach one night.
I saw her standing at surfs brink.
Her face glistening by moonlight,
I could swear, I seen her wink.

She was an Angel, barefoot in the sand.
I slowly approached; we stared at first.
Upon my first touch of her soft hand,
My steamy summer love, freed my thirst.

Sitting together, as the waves came in.
Our hearts collapsed in love to begin.
Our bodies knew; there was no sin.
Our souls knew; love would win.

Gazing at the stars above, we lay.
Two stars seemed to kiss in the sky.
Enveloping moment, our souls pray.
Embracing each other, we did sigh.

Summer loving, so hot that night,
Our spirits floated above so high.
Encircling the moon shining bright,
Our bodies pulsing, starting to fly,

Summer love is all, I am thinking of.
Bringing us together in Heavens glow,
Breathing in a summer breeze of love,
My beloved Brandy, I love her so.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2010

Details | Free verse |

Seashore Apparition

“What was I thinking? I lost track of time.”
Running to the seaside home before the clock is nine
The water cooling from the heat of summer
Her feet are numb from the cool temperatures that plunder
Across the waters, towards the house she glides
Beating the forceful midmorning tides
Ah but, she’s an apparition lingering in my time
The curtain that draws memories closed is a fine-line
Will she be noticed past my prime?
She waved! She said goodbye, then blew a kiss!
Looking at the beach, in memories, I will reminisce.
Who was she? What was her story?
Oh, perhaps it was for love, aw perhaps for my glory.
I will never know, perhaps, she knows already?

Copyright © Bonnie Jennings | Year Posted 2016

Details | Epic |

Surfer Gurl

A surfer girl stands with her board in the sun,
Waiting to catch her crystal blue fun.
Here lies, ‘Paradise’ her haven of pure perfection,
She knows the waves will grant her full satisfaction.

The mermaids will let her have her only wish to be,
A Goddess of the ocean, their siren of the sea.
She seizes her chance, and darts through the waves,
Longing to connect with its deep, watery caves.

She hears Neptune’s roar, and yet there is no sound,
For she is lost within, she is forever bound.
The waves eventually let her go, and along the beach she’ll roam,
But the surfer girl knows, as the sun sinks below,

The sea will always be her home…

Copyright © Jamesa Love | Year Posted 2016

Details | Quatrain |

Sweet Annie-Oil Paintings 4 and 5 Contest

Oil Painting 4 & 5 Contest
Sponsor: Eve Roper

Annie plays alone at the beach,
    Sand sloping down to the sea,
         What beautiful golden hair she has,
               Daddy says she reminds him of me.

Gentle sprays of windy mist,
    Condensation within the air,
         Relieving her from the heat,
               Wearing her new beachwear.

Tips and toes and skipping around,
    Little girl with an imagination,
         So content and satisfied,
               With looks of fascination.

Ready to skip stones with her daddy,
     While I gaze at their wonderous bond,
         Here and there and to and fro,
               Pebbles begin soaring toward beyond.

She grabs the basket for lunch,
     Watermelon and MacIntosh apples,
         "Don't eat too fast my dear,"
               Our constant swimming battle.

But right before we decide to go,
     She tosses me the frisbee toy,
         I toss back the plastic disc,
              Oh, the beach is full of joy!

Written By: Laura Urbaniak
Date: November 21, 2015 

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |


MaySea Mae loves to play play play. 

She has an imaginary friend named JaySea Jae. 

They laugh and talk all day in their tractor tire sandbox. 

In the blistering sun they bury treasure with their bare hands and draw maps with chalk on the sidewalk. 

At night they make believe; pretending to be on a real beach; talking about many moons. 

A caricature building experience colored in bright reds, purples and blues. 
Animated like real life cartoons. 

After a good day of rain, they make castles out of sand.

Using a shovel and a bucket, MaySea Mae plays drums in JaySea Jae's ultra famous big hit, fun band. 

Ma' and Pa' join in on the action and dance as their number one biggest, best fans. 

And they walk off into the sunset holding each others hands.

Copyright © Ir0nic ZiNk | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |


was a beautiful strawberry blonde
i don.t know which i love best
watching her eat juicy strawberry's
or playing volley ball
Lori what eye candy you are as you
get wet and lay out on the beach.

Copyright © Bradley Cox | Year Posted 2013

Details | Light Poetry |


i lay day by day
watch them play
some lay in the sand
hand to hand
the skin  you can bear
i admit this
am a

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2013

Details | Limerick |

Wordplay Extravaganza

I saw a little boy and two pretty girls play on the beach
He took a few back steps and caught the ball 
But hit his butt on a pointed shell 
And let loose his good catch
He lost out to the girls and sat brooding
They joked to help him by lightening his spirits
All of a sudden there was lightning and the girls ran to their cabin
Dragging the sulky boy as didn't buoy their spirits at all.

*boy/buoy,  but/butt,  lightening/lightning

March 27, 2016
Contest: Wordplay Extravaganza
Sponsor : John Hamilton

Copyright © Balveen Cheema | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

The Red Parasol

These short minutes of my girlhood
have lingered for years
from the day I took the shortcut 
through thickets and crickets
imagining you
standing on shore
before the turning white waves
twirling your red parasol
smiling, almost flying in wind
as you saw me emerge.

Reality slapped me down hard
crashing the shore
as you sat a snail’s breath away 
clearly engaged in girl talk
expressive and hushed
with a young lady
dressed in blue
leaning on a large rock;
I could not see her face,
but you saw me 
and looked away.
I’ve become the fretting sun,
your red parasol,
the shade.

The Red Parasol by Alfred Glendening - Poetry Contest
July 3, 2016

Copyright © Rita A. Simmonds | Year Posted 2016

Details | Senryu |

On the Public Beach

Posy, who suntans,
lies on this white sand for free
men are forced to stare

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2015

Details | Senryu |

She Runs On The Sand

        she runs on the sand
      to the far, intense ocean
          ribboned hat is left

         running towards sea
      she cannot wait to begin
         pink ribbons vibrate

           she is running still
  the sand runs between her toes
         hat waits for the tide


            Oil Painting #5


               Julia Ward,



   Contest - Oil Paintings 4 & 5

         Sponsor - Eve Roper


2nd place win

Copyright © Julia Ward | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |

The girl i seen on the beach

My day started
With a walk on the sands
As my wish comes true
To grace these American lands
As i soak up the heat
That rains down on thee
Some one catches my eye
As i look up and see
The bronzed tan
Of a maiden so fair
Pleats of gold
As i politely stare
She exits the water
Now with towel in hand
A sight to behold
For many a man
To watch her rhythm
Hips dancing
My heart flutters
Like horses prancing
Her body to me 
Sheer ecstasy
Curved and cute
This beautiful look
Bikini clad girl
In colour's of delight
Her body carries
Shapely and right
As this Highlander
Lost for speech
Will always remember
The girl he seen on the beach


Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2009

Details | Free verse |

Girl on the beach

Girl on the beach
sits alone
sun kissed hair
summer kind of girl...

She sits alone
knowing the sea, the sun and air
heals all of loves wounds...

She patiently waits
for a gift from the sea
her thoughts towards the islands
she smiles, she listens
to the serene brutality of the waves...

Pearl on the beach
remove your wrap
reveal to me your tan
I'll swim in the ocean for you
come take a plunge with me...

We are both in love
with sea green ocean
the currents, the tides and the whirlpools
let us find fire in the water...

Girl on the beach
turn your face towards the warm humid breeze
exhale with a deep sigh
being the world is what it is
stay here with me in paradise...

Copyright © Ken Carroll | Year Posted 2013

Details | Light Poetry |


some small
some tall
some black wear skin ttghts  
bathing suit
some or so cute
its a treat
to watch the

Copyright © kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

Beach House Girl

Empty coral sheets
Fragrant into absence
Of a stillness warming fonder
And the essence of her...
Lingers longer and longer

My beach house girl
Always breaks away before the dawn
But, ocean breezes seem to whisper back
Her nightgown trails
Are spilling carelessly across the lawn

Silhouettes seeping through the sea grass
Backdrops into a breathless angel young
Sea gulls swooning about her ebony statue
As morning waves crashing out sultry song

As I near unto her
The once thought nakedness disappears…
Into sun rises between her legs
Underneath to the painting up, upon her dress
And strawberry creams ignite
Into angelic tresses of halo flare

My beach house baby barefoot
Toes curling up within the powder sands
And I hide among the dunes and gaze…
Upon her curves of splendor from where I stand

She is my Earth born organic goddess
From her head, deep down unto her soul
Then my glimpses catch those azure eyes
Unto moments where two shore line lovers stroll

My beach house girl
And her deep baby blues
Melting captivation unto my senses
As she swallows me up, along with the instance
Of this summer's glorious afternoon

Copyright © Michael Smith | Year Posted 2011

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Girl On The Beach

My heart broke for the girl on the beach.
For her innocent repose in the hammock,
For her smiling, dreaming eyes,
For her gentle curves and sweet lips,
For the enthusiasm of her travel,
For the vivacity of her youth,
For her fragile, beauteous soul,
For her bare toes upon the silver sand
For her ankles dipped in the crystal sea.
For her violation and untimely death,
For the pain of her parents,
For the anguish of her travelling companion,
For their dumbfounded devastation,
For pointless, mindless tragedy
For a world that breeds monsters
For her encounter with monsters,
For monsters who destroy life and beauty,
For those who suck the good from this life,
For my own daughter and imagining how I would feel,
For the inconceivable heartache, decimation,
For the sheer pulverising horror,
For myself and my incapacity to help her, or those close to her,
Or say anything that really matters except
My heart broke for the girl on the beach.

Copyright © Tony Bush | Year Posted 2006