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Outside of civil man’s well tended garden,
A field of briars willfully encroached,
Threatening the peaceful flowers without pardon.
Oh these gardeners fought hard as the briars approached.

“You don’t belong here, you’re not good enough!”
“You are snarled with iniquity and with thorns.”
“You live a life so very harsh and rough…”
“What good can you bring?” they said with deep seated scorn.

And the briar replied that hot summer day,
“Deep within these unforgiving boughs
Lives a flower who doesn’t have much to say
Except a story concerning what you espouse.”

“You see there lives a dragon scorned just over the way,
Who tossed opportunity and harbingers to the wind,
Because life is glorious and he loves to play…
Carefree and cavalier is how his days were spent.”

“He playfully trampled gardens carefully tended,
By pious gardeners without wings who would never fly,
Until he happened upon a flower wonderfully scented,
Crimson in color, the flower reflected beauty in his eye,”

“Eagerly he reached forward to make it his own,
But this glorious flower was protected by thorns,
And gave the dragon a prick to change his tone,
And it was in that prick that true love was born.”

“Now the dragon is older and has spent his days,
Watching over this rose, the love of his life,
Learning about beauty and awe inspiring ways.
His world now protected by thorn and briar.”

“He has discovered great beauty and learned much,
And no longer does the dragon destroy with fire.”
“But should you gardeners even dare to touch
A single branch or bough in this tangled briar…”

“You will face both the Dragon and the Rose,
Who with great love now protect each other,
From pious gardeners who would have them go,
Because neither can be kept on a tether.”

“So snip your lilies and pluck your weeds,
Make your lives as perfect as they can be,
For in this harsh briar we continue to watch love grow,
That of a magnificent Dragon and the beautiful Rose.”

Copyright © My Gull Wheels On | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |
I opened the 
and saw an enchanted forest
   growing from the 
verdant earth 
   Gorgeous aromas and the sound 
of a river greeted 
One believes there is still
    magic in the world 
when that door is opened 
Multi - colored flowers 
   line the path 
Walking in the beneficent 
One feels a sense of awe 
   Creation is something to contend with 

Copyright © Matthew Anish | Year Posted 2015

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Delicate are the ones with their ever so soft petals.
Drawn with amazing hues of pink, red, and blue.
For some are embodied in their protective nettles.
They are covered each morning with the dawn’s dew.
They are the ones the bumblebees fly to.
Some believe they are filled with magical powers.
The powers that bring things to anew.
For they are the most beautiful flowers.

When the day of the sun starts to settle,
The beautiful flowers gently lay in blue.
Sad that the sun has closed its petals,
But needing rest and peacefulness too.
So they lie in wait wondering what to do.
For the calm of night will interrupt with showers.
Gentle rain to replenish and make them new.
For they are the most beautiful flowers.

They arise in the morning with renewed mettle.
They bent at the tips for when the wind blew.
But no flower is lost in a puddle of petals.
Strong they stand and stable and erect, too.
Bountifulness in courage they never knew.
For they stand tall in their finest hour.
Brightly painted in many hues.
For they are the most beautiful flowers.

The sun shines radiantly and brings the morning dew.
They have proven they have gifted powers.
Ready to be picked by me and you.
For they are the most beautiful flowers.

Copyright © Stephani Peralta | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ballad |
As cold as ice
Wrapped round your brain
And darkness unfolds
You’re breathing in pain

It’s been freezing here   
In this Land of Shattered Dreams 
It’s been freezing here 
This corrupted winter stings 

It’s been freezing here  		
(Où est la Lavande?)
Your body can’t stay warm  	
(Où est la Lavande?)
 It’s been freezing here  		
(Où est la Lavande?)
This cruel and criminal storm  	
(Où est la Lavande?)

But don’t give up
Don’t despair
Taste the hope 
Floating through the air

When the lavender returns
It’ll warm your frozen bones
Vivid violet clothes
In their candy overtones

When the lavender returns
It’ll race across the land
Rebel flower grows
In the palm of your free hand

If you look out your window
The ground’s parched and bare
If you call for your lover
She’s no longer there
If you ponder your life
Well, it feels like a wreck
And your failures are scars
You can never forget

As leaves turn brown
Sky fades to grey
You’re feeling the drought
The end of the day

It’s been lonely here
In this World of Fallen Souls
It’s been lonely here
With nowhere left to go

But don’t give up
Don’t despair
Taste the hope 
Floating through the air 

When the lavender returns
It’ll warm your frozen bones
Vivid violet clothes
In their candy overtones 

When the lavender returns   	
(Où est la Lavande?)
It’ll race across the land 	         
(Où est la Lavande?)
Rebel flower grows  			
(Où est la Lavande?)
In the palm of your free hand   	
(Où est la Lavande?)

When the lavender returns    	
(Où est la Lavande?)
It’ll warm your frozen bones   	
(Où est la Lavande?)
Vivid violet clothes  			 
(Où est la Lavande?)
In their candy overtones  		 
(Où est la Lavande?)

Copyright © Catman Cohen | Year Posted 2011

Details | Ballad |

Loves magic riddle, shepherds the flower,
blossoming elegance, land to sea.
I never knew, how that love grew, 
until I laid eyes on Lucy Dee.

Blindly sifting through the hazy maze, 
emerging aware, holding a key.
That fixed a hole, which filled my soul,
thanks to the love of Lucy Dee. 

The force behind the forces of life,
made me question how to see,
Suddenly views, were less askew,
thanks to the insight of Lucy Dee.

Now I care not, for transparent fog,
or the rain that pours for weeks.
For the weather, never weathers,
the amorphous Lucy Dee.

When my petals finally wilt and wane,
storms bring me to weary knees.
The radiant shine, forever binds,
lucy’s light within me; and without,
by loves decree.

Copyright © Nicholas Rush | Year Posted 2015

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Refreshing time is spring time 
To see new growth appear
Amazing colours take my breath
Sweet spring time is finally here.

To see the mass of snowdrops
A carpet white like snow
The daffodils and crocuses
The colours seem to glow.

The beauty of this season
Is more than words can say
Just sitting in my garden
On a gorgeous spring time day.

Copyright © LEON WILSON | Year Posted 2014

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I see the flower blooming
As the sun shines bright
It opens very slowly
and lets in the light
The beauty is incredible
Like nothing seen before
The milky shiny colour
No one could ignore
But now the sky is cloudy
The sun is almost gone
The flower closes quickly
Hopefully to open in 
the new dawn

Copyright © michelle campbell | Year Posted 2011

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Like a wilted flower in a field full of daisys
I stand alone, near death but still hanging on
I hang on so others can see my beauty and still be happy
but every flower has to die
and without love, care and attention
some die young

Copyright © Rellik Anne | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |
I waited for her with tears in my eyes
and stayed until I couldn’t see the stars
at last to bed I went with my face in gloom
so sad and melancholic i cried in my doom
I long for my love in my arms
and for that i could give all my treasure for alms

the second day i resume my waiting for my lass
again all day i waited and absented from class
but no shadow could be seen coming my way
no one came to be with me, to stay
heartbroken, i went home downcast
my mind blank with no news of its own to broadcast

she had promised to come again
to be with me and start a new future again
I could remember her last kisses
the way she laughs and teases
I could see love burning in her eyes
but now she is gone, for miles

without her my life was unstable
I was so clumsy, haggard and uncomfortable
where could she be at this time
without her by my side, my sun will never shine
and so to God I did solemnly pray
that she couldn’t have been trapped as prey

I was always at the road as each day passes
waiting for her without any lapses
I could be seen waiting
and on and on I kept waiting
I never felt like giving up
because she once gave me a silver cup

say’ Michael never give up on me’
so I never gave up waiting for her
I waited and waited and waited
till now am still waiting,
waiting for my love.

Source: Waiting For My Love - Sad Love Poems

Copyright © Temajung Michael Tanjang | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |
The real dream

is a fresh start
To heal
The wounded hearts
Flowers bloom 
Beneath a sun that shines
A sun that melts 
the icy heart of mine
Lovely smells 
are in the air
I close my eyes 
and feel me there
I open them again
Im in a real dream
No need to imagine 
this heavenly scene
My eyes embrace 
the beauty of life
My senses are awake 
are back to life
A new beginning 
is on its way
A bird sings to me 
and flies away


Copyright © Mona Karaki | Year Posted 2015

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The love that she gave away
Was the only love she kept.
They took all of her for granted,
And so at night she wept.

She lost her only hope,
And the fractures, never mended,
They all say they didn’t mean it but
It doesn’t matter what was intended.

They used their strength against her,
And the hatred, they empower,
Living among a garden of weeds
She was a bruised flower.

Copyright © Alex Calatayud | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |
Hussshhhh of the sea breeze
Bolobok Cave nears it
Rain drops falling on my face
Trim down my long pony-tailed hair
Small crabs crawling over the brownish sand surface
Small stones scattered over
 Small caves with limestone
And having freshwater downstairs
Said there were ladders to climb and unclimb
To see the down caves
Now in a mysterious looks waiting for renovations
Where are these caretakers of nature?
The beauty of eye lenses looking at it
Please come and rescue this whispering ambiance of serenity 
For generations to enjoy
If this is an early human settlement 
Come take your responsibility
Oh the caretakers please come
Thank you

3 January 2013
Early Human Settlement
Bolobok Cave (Sungab Bulubuk)
Bongao, Tawi-Tawi Island
Sulu Archipelago


Copyright © Neldy Jolo | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |
The spring rain, I hear it's song, 
The spring rain, It covers my pain,
The spring rain, I welcome it's cold,
The birds, worms, butterflies, all come around,
To bathe themselves in natures fresh flower tears,
I feel so alive, so made new, yet I shiver, not sure what to do.

The Spring rain, I hear the sounds, it is hitting the sidewalk one drop at a time,
Can I please pause the clock, to enjoy this moment? 
Where is everyone going in such a rush?
The birds are singing me a song, the hummingbird is flapping it's wings,
It is bathing in the waters of our fresh water pond, the grass will surely be green and lush.

The Spring rain, not everyone is welcoming its cool breeze, 
But I am happy, to sit in its presence, for it is bathing me in New found love,
Mother Nature made the rain, sun, snow, to show us that there are many seasons, to enjoy in life, to help us see that we should slow down, bend down, go barefoot in the sand, the mud, to feel the wet, cold sand, between our toes, for when our time is up on this earth, we can know that we danced in the cool, spring rain,  we danced with laughter, love, tears.. For if you can only remember me with tears, then don't remember me at all..

Copyright © Jennifer Donnay | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |
her eyes invest in me the truths of her fragile heart
she wished to know happiness and freedom once more
she leaned gently against the window frame
her eloquent beauty whispered gently on my eyes
she gave me a soft sorrow by declining the offered flower
my words like autumn leaves gathered dryly at my feet of clay
my intents pure of heart stumbled weakly
as i tried to explain
that a breathtaking glimpse of her had found me
she was standing subtle and alluring in sunshines vivid light
highlights in her hair a golden hue like a regal crown
lost in the imagery of her smiling moment
lost in her radiated gentleness
that engulfs like silent fierce seduction of your heart's better natures
you only think of heartfelt wish to see her joy
you breath and live to see her smile
you will love her presence like summery sunshine's kiss
you will adore her silken voice like moonlight dance upon water
the offered plastic flower but a token of adoration
a bauble cast with noble intent
for a fine young goddess
(for morning book kara... :-) a really nice girl and nice friend)

Copyright © mark junor | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |
A snow white flower shines in the soft light of a silent meadow. The words that you speak I shall forever echo. A lost love in the dark of the night. They all look your way, but are you blind? Can you not see the beauty of me? I echo your words, I echo your call; can you not hear the silent voice of me at all? I cannot whisper your name, my voice is gone. Silent I shall ever stay, until you speak again. My laughter shall sneak from my lips, until the last word has been spoken, Silent shall I stay again. Silver snowflakes fall in the glory of the dawn. My words are forever caught up hanging silently in my throat, strangling, dangling horridly on my cold lips. A mirrored reflection stares coldly back at you. The water paints a beautiful picture, golden and shining in the crystal spectrum. Will you fall to the hopeless masterpiece inside? Don't give into the lies that haunt your mind, can't you see that you're beautiful again? Beautiful until the end. You see me standing, afraid to think; so you speak. Can I echo your name? Can't you see that I'm afraid to breathe tonight? I'll always recall your words. With you, I shall never be alone. I won't let you go, though your desire is to be gone. In my heart you will forever live on. Farewell you bid unto the world. Farewell I echo to you. I choke in the invisible tears. The reality kills me as I drink in the truth of my deepest fears. Why Narcissus? Why my true love? Why you? Silver snowflakes fall in the glory of the dawn. My words are forever caught up hanging silently in my throat, strangling, dangling horridly on my cold lips. A mirrored reflection stares coldly back at you . The water paints a beautiful picture, golden and shining in the crystal spectrum. Will you fall to the hopeless masterpiece inside? Don't give into the lies that haunt your mind, can't you see that you're beautiful again? Beautiful until the end. I found a flower near the enchanted pool. You placed it there for me, didn't you? Forever the echoes cry out in my mind. Farewell Narcissus, until we meet again. Farewell, I'll see you whenever my time here comes to an end. Farewell, we shall be together again.

Copyright © Cayla Carr | Year Posted 2012

Details | Ballad |
Drenched upon the battle field
Under silver weapons wield
Misdirection her only shield
The wildest of roses grew

Upon the blush of her pretty head
Stained with what men had bled
White petals puckered in brilliant red
The Whitest wild rose glimpsed hell

When the battle scene lie deaf
And not a soul to love was left
Moonlight filled the tears she wept
And the Rose pitied the man

Winter came, life kissed death
With the sweep of a snowy breath
Pale hands of the woman Macbeth
Washed White to red to grey

Well summer come and summer go
No eye that lays upon her knows
Her blushing color is to show
How red is to remember

Copyright © kaelynn Jensen | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |
A day flower
You were just a day flower how beautiful you were when I set my eyes upon you,
It was morning me at my balcony when you look glittering with the morning dew,
You were such a beauty that can be seen by many and ignored by few,
On earth such a flower I have never seen,
With a beauty that has never been,
Never had I a behavior to care for a garden but for this flower I did.
Hope it gave me as the sun rose up high,
The brighter you got the beauty you kept getting,
But there was one thing in this earth I never knew.
I did draw a painting of you that I ought to call it a master piece,
I drew it with all the love and each stage with a kiss,
But this is what I didn’t know of you,
You just a flower that will last for a day,
Then shrink the next day,
If only I could be a gardener then I would have known of the flower,
That got beautiful form hour to hour,
So stunning in the morning,
Can’t talk of its beauty at noon,
But such a tragic at the evening,
Leaving my garden with just its stalk.
It was such a beautiful day flower.

Copyright © EMANUEL LUDOVICK | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |
Sat in a friends garden surrounded by plants, birds and bees.

Sat admiring each leaf and petal, all delicately made by the creator.

Looking at each bumblebee with it,s colours and watching it work,

moving from flower to flower gathering pollen to be made into honey,

that tastes so yummy.

Clematis, lavender and fig, so many plants all around me in one place to see,

so many species to memorise not so easy. The garden a place of beauty, peace

and harmony, a place of relaxation, rest and inspiration. A place to be close to

nature and in the presence of my lord sat at his feet.

A sunny day a comfy chair and a cool drink to  hand. Just sat in the garden, 

talking, praying and singing, me and the lord undisturbed, unbroken, undiluted 

pure sweet fellowship. The way it should be.  thank you God for the garden


Copyright © John Robert Bones | Year Posted 2012

Details | Ballad |
In the summer brilliance
A rose grew red and strong 
She was told to be the meek one
She blossomed every dawn

Every morn at waking time
The girls would be by her bloom
She bowed her head to the wind
The praise, smiles and swoons

But when the gold sunk away
The dewy tears ran down her face
She wondered if they valued her
As she looked upon the Specks in space

She was loveliness up above
But did they see down below
Darkness seeped into leaves
And twisted spines began to grow

Days and days swept by and by
Sunshine spilled over her wilting part
Even the breeze became unkind
And lower sank her ruby heart 

When the sunlight rises early
They all sing of her brilliant head
But this morrow, sweet tomorrow 
All but the thorns are dead

Copyright © kaelynn Jensen | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |
There was once a honey bee............ 
A honey bee so sweet 
Sweeter than any honey 
This honey bee you want to meet 

Every day collecting 
Honey dew 
Carefully selecting............. 
The honey for you 

There was once a honey bee 
Who flew free 
Flower to flower 
Searching,you see.............. 

Searching for honey dew 
On a day so sunny, 
and a sky so blue 
Flower to flower 
Looking for you............. 
To make the honey 

There was once a honey bee 
Who flew free 
This honey bee 
That I know 
This honey bee that I love so 
This honey bee has a name 
This honey bee............. 
is Melissa 
It suits her perfectly 

Copyright © Matthew Brackley | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |
A little flower opened
In the shadow of a mighty tree,
He spread out his pedals,
Proclaimed" Look at me."

Birds and bees sipped nectar,
Takening pollen as  they flew.
Little flower was so proud,
Contributing to life anew.

The mighty tree scoffed,
"  Little flower don't be so gay,
My life spans in years, 
Yours are only in days."

Little flower smiling replied,
" The importance is I'm alive,
Fulfilling God's purpose,
My joy won't be denied. 

It is not important,
How long I'm to live,
But what I freely offer,
I do cheerfully give."

Copyright © Rev. Elizabeth Anderson | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |
Your unlockable heart 
I must try 
Find your golden key 
I must try you see 
I cannot let it lie 

Your broken flower 
Dreams gone sour 
The things you said before, 
feels so raw 

Ever get the feeling 
you are alone, 
thoughts reeling, 
whispered moan 

Your broken flower, 
each petal a thought 
Scattered trail 
to the ivory tower 
My heart caught 

Your broken flower, 
to mend 
Gather all your petals, 
you have the power, 
you have a friend 

Broken flower, 
all forlorn 
Leave these thorns, 
let us talk until dawn 

I have the golden key, 
to your ivory tower, 
to unlock your flower 

This golden key I dream, 
in delicate golden streams 
My love grows by the hour, 
to unlock broken flower 

For the key, 
bursts forth new petals, 
you see............. 
The colour you give to me 
richer than any precious metal 

This unlockable heart, 
broken flower 
Has a key, 
this key is me 
Each petal, 
more valuable than any precious metal 

The rich scent 
of your flower 
leaves me spent 
golden key 
that is me 
will heal 
the way you feel 

Copyright © Matthew Brackley | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |
Sweet tender flower...
I love you.
Been long in the Garden...
In search.
You speak to my senses...
In silent, poignant eloquence.
I long to wake with you...
Feel the warmth of morning's smile upon us.
Look upon you...
For my vision's own delight.
Savor your musk.
Fulfillment is ours.
I've nourished your roots...
Soothed your pistil...
Love's in bloom.

Copyright 2016   Iger Rolyat   All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Iger Rolyat | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |
I mourn for him whom I still love;
though from me Cupid's ark hath sailed,
and with it my companion-dove,
across Poseidon's mighty veil.

I yearn for not his quick return,
but only to convey my heart,
for that I know is possible,
despite that we are worlds apart.

The dew that trimmed my bloom this morn,
that seeped into my leaf's lament,
still lightly glides with sentiment
and glimmers in the evening's tint.

His Majesty restrains his breath,
and so I root upon the pier,
but not to grieve nor damp my cast,
but come to terms with what I fear.

He saw me as his fated bud,
a flower very few can pluck,
and he was dearly confident
that I would bloom with lovers' luck.

But if his gentle hand hath writhed
before that infant's feeble vow,
then who am I to ardently
await the docking of his bow?

I do so miss his charming guise,
his shielding arms about my stem.
But what of all my missive pain?
Were not those earnest words for him?

The partly broken star subsides,
the past it lit no longer here.
Perhaps I should relinquish him, 
and burn away my flimsy tears.

Copyright © Michael Perriatt | Year Posted 2009

Details | Ballad |
The bright queen is shy at night
Sun's hiding behind the moon
Despite d power n fame she own
And d pride she broadcasts at day
An eager flower is tired of her shyness
With enthusiasm to receive blessings 
from her
Yes,he prays for d death of the moon
Not that he's heartless, it's because of his 
What if the sun loves this flower as the 
Hahaha! A point for being shy
But this could be catastrophic to d life of 
dis flower
Flaws could surface
Death might arise
Intruders could succeed
Show ur beauty and chase the night 
The elegance of the flower would propel
A perfect fix of nature
A relationship for others to envy

Copyright © Adetunji Olanrewaju | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |
Shadows lengthen, 
rust red deepens 
This dune, 
hidden soon 

Night to take 
This flower lake 

Namaqua sand 
Namaqua land 

Daisy yellow 
Namaqua mellow 

Dawn sky brightens 
Daisy colour lightens 
Flowers awake, 
on this vast flower lake 

Dusty land 
Daisy land 

Daisy yellow 
Namaqua mellow 
Flowers showing 
Daisy yellow flowing 

Vast blue african sky 
Namaqua daisy flourishes 
Rich red earth 
African rain nourishes 

Namaqua blue skies 
The yellow daisy lies 
This vast flower lake 
To make your heart ache 

Copyright © Matthew Brackley | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |
The day drew near.......... 
Upon the wind, 
so light and fair 
Flowers falling through the air 

The South Wind Prince, 
came to Castle Heartstone 
Wearing a crown.......... 
Shining like the sun 
Gold and bright 
The Prince, spreading the wind 
Warm and light 

The petals began to fall............ 
The measured walk to the Great Hall 
The Crown, shining bright 
The Summer Queen ensuring this day........ 
Warm and light 
The petals play 

The pennants flew, 
a blaze of colour too 
Such joy to behold, 
in Castle Heartstone....... 
The shining gold 

For, The Kings were there....... 
Queens too........ 
Upon the Royal Thrones 
The Crowns, shone bright 
The cloaks glittered.......... 
On this day of wedding light 

The Prince entered the Great Hall.......... 
His hair, so fair 
It glowed in the light......... 
His Crown, bright........ 
To see the Princess.......... 
His heart did fall 

For, the Princess was waiting serenely..... 
At the end of the Great Hall 
Her dress, shimmering , 
with flowers of every colour.......... 
Every hue 
Her hair, plaited around a crown of gold........ 
She was beautiful too 
The Prince joined her, 
proud and tall 

The Great Hall was filled with flower scent 
Blew with a warm wind airy and light 
The Heartstone on the North Wall 
Shone bright.......... 
The Tapestries glowed........ 
For this was right......... 

A union of wind light and flower bright 
The Spring Queen and the Princess of Magic........ 
Created a new orchid........... 
The Wind Flower........ 
This was brought to them in the hall, 
for this was the hour.......... 
The orchids beauty could be seen by all 

They were blessed by all, 
who were in the Great Hall 
The love, showed 
The Heartstone glowed........... 
The stained glass West Wall, 
shone with all its might 
The Tapestries illuminated the night 
Flower bright, 
Faerie glow, 
Magic to show 

The South Wind Prince, 
carried the Flower Princess out of the Hall....... 
On a wind so airy and a wind so light....... 
The petals fall...... 
The Heartstone,  bright 
Off they went, 
deep into the night 

Castle Heartstone........... 
Filled with joy and love 
The Heartstone,shining above....... 
You are never alone........ 
In the Great Hall........... 
For the power is within us all 

Copyright © Matthew Brackley | Year Posted 2006

Details | Ballad |
Goddess of the lover's garden,
save my heart; let not it harden.
Soften me with holy petals,
pure, like Noah's faithful dove.

Search throughout your bed, you tell me;
there I'll find a blossom lovely.
Crystal are her fragrant trimmings;
fervent is her floral love.

Eager, I begin my searching;
merrily the jays are chirping.
Am I getting closer to her?
Do they sing because they know?

On I walk, down twisting pathways;
still they sing, those red and blue jays,
happy with my deep frustration
and my ever growing woe.

Feathers fall from lively treetops,
plummeting like colored raindrops,
harboring their pecking laughter;
still they carol cheerful lies.

Damn those fowls and all their feathers!
Dare they mock this pleasant weather?
Still they stare from lofty branches,
waiting for my hope to die.

Goddess, free me from confusion;
break these shackles of illusion!
Let me bask in your white haven;
guide me on my journey now!

Soundly searching every hour
for my dearest diamond flower.
Wait for me my rooted ruby;
wait for my emphatic vow.

Copyright © Michael Perriatt | Year Posted 2009

Details | Ballad |
A flower needs sunlight
and water to grow
How much of each is
your job to know

If you drown it with water
or burn in with sunlight
Your flower will never
reach its full height

If you choose to ignore it
it'll wilt before your eyes
If you leave it alone too long
silently your flower dies

Copyright © cheryl rodriguez | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |
I am flower.
I might not seem like much.
I put the please in pleasure.
I am satisfying to the touch.

I'm what assaults your senses.
I am the voice thats calling your name.
I am what whispers, breathing softly-
I'm the blood flowing through your veins...

I am the voice that can't be heard by you.
Not when your listening for something else.
Blindly searching through the haze;
Reaching out to calm all that is screaming-
Just gets you deeper, stuck inside the maze...

I am the noise that will never make a sound.
I am the wrong that you will never make right.
I'm the voice your not listening for-
You can't acknowledge what hasn't been found.
Won't ever hear what has no sound.
Can't see in the dark without a light.
Can't go into battle if there isn't a fight.

And without the wind,
I can not fly...
But without a voice-
I'd much rather die...


Copyright © Karen Michelle Loos Copeland | Year Posted 2006