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Be still your heart my foster mom
I made it 'home' safe
God welcomed me with opened arms
In his peaceful place

I know your decision was so hard
Yet it had to be done
I thank you for my trip abroad
You are second to none

I once have had nothing much
Until you came along
A bonded pair we were such
With a love that is so strong

So thank you mom for loving me
I've loved you right away
Until we meet again, you'll see
Me, waiting along the way.

Forever love & gratitude,
Fudge, Ebony & Angel

Copyright © Candi Lynn | Year Posted 2014

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Memorial for Cain

'They' tell me, now, A husky-mix dog won't stay. Tie 'em up, pen 'em, Or the neighbor's complain. So, I didn't even Look for another Cain. But let me tell you, My Cain dog was Husky. Silver and grey and a 'from the toenails' growl... But HE stayed, no chains. Small town, Oklahoma, no leash. Everybody knows everybody; me and Cain, Bicycle riding, summer days. Grandma Dugan waving, Mr. John Long tossing out soup bones, For Cain. "Yonder's thet Earli and her dawg." "Boy! Pur-D-hot! Wisht'id rain." "Wonder whar she's going 'ta noon?" Nap, doze, one more summer gone... was Cain. "Hey Earlie? Thet you, girl?" "Whar's thet big white dawg?" "Oh yeah?" "Too bad." and "How'd he die?" "You don't hardly seem like Earli, Without thet white dog, Cain." Ten long, hard years and lots of road. But no white dog's shoulders To share the good times...or the pain, And...I don't hardly FEEL like Earli, Without my white dog, Cain.

Copyright © Earle Masciantonio | Year Posted 2011

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Sit By My Side

Sit by my side and lick my toes, 
Or stick your nose in my lap. 
There never could be time for woe 
Not even time to nap. 
Your tail wags fast and furious, 
And you hop about with joy. 
Looking up at me and smiling, 
Like a kid with a new toy. 
I love you like you’re family, 
and look forward to each day. 
A love so unconditional, 
There’s always time to play. 
Our time together may be cut short, 
For life sometimes is not fair. 
But you will always have my heart, 
Devotion, Time, and Care. 
-       Mary Susan Vaughn

Copyright © Mary Susan Vaughn | Year Posted 2016

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invisible friend

Walking along around the lake laughing, smiling, 
Must be nice to have a confident, who doesn't judge, 
All you need is a listening ear, and Kleenex in case you 
Are brought to tears,  Oh how nice it must be to have that luxury.

Everyone has a friend, a co worker , sister, best friend, to spend tears with th email,
There must be something wrong with then, cause Lord knows I have tried, all I get is an empty 
Chair and an back turned my way.

I guess I will have to  do with my invisible friend,  Will that suffice needs?
My depression is with me all the time, it doesn't go away, at least my tears won't go unnoticed, my loneliness is always with me, I guess I am not alone after all.

So here I sit alone around the lake, hearing the sounds of nature,  maybe the ducks will keep me company, my invisible friend will never leave me, after all, isn't your shadow always with you?
Maybe it won't mind if I choose to jump in the lake, because I'm so so tired of trying to please people who turn their back, I want to disappear and never come back!!

Where is my invisible friend right now?
I have a cold tired hand that needs to be held...
Going, Going, Going,
Sorry friend, it's too late, My breath has stopped, I have drowned in my own tears....

Copyright © Jennifer Donnay | Year Posted 2015

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A Friend Indeed

The day you came to live with me 
We both wanted a friend 
To love, to care, to spend some time 
No other could there have been 
For you approached me smiling 
A twinkle in your eye 
Tail wagging with such joy 
We both were hooked for life 
Never a bond so tender 
Never a bond so true 
You snuggle up to me each day 
No closer than us two 
-       Mary Susan Vaughn 

Copyright © Mary Susan Vaughn | Year Posted 2016

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Transformation of Thought

I thought I was living, but I knew I was dead
My essence was draining, leaking making me wish I could see
This wheel I ride was a simple device
Running down the road I knew it would never end
Forgive me for I have but one notion in this world
A crazy time, but it spits me in a kind of swirl
The existence of man is my one real legend
The dog came and put its head on my lap
Love so deep I felt it to my bone
Yes now I knew God was here
At last salvation, the time for wondering was over
I was really going home
Then the window opened and I was falling 
Help, help I screamed
Only the laughter echoed in my mind  

Copyright © Christopher Remele | Year Posted 2014

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Ol' Blue

Ol' Blue
© FNF 4-12-2014

One never knows what fate will hold
Within the coming days
There's highs and lows, but none foretold
Until it is too late

My dear wife Sue and our son Drew
Died in a crash one night
Seemed suicide was my next move
Until Ol' Blue arrived

I bumped into a dog rescue
While tying up loose ends
I stepped inside and through the gloom
His look said, "Where ya been?"

I paid his fee and left the pound
A steal at any price
For I had found the wisest hound
Was ever given life

Ol' Blue was not so very old
That first day that we met
And yet he was a settled soul
And easy to confess

I took him home and fed him well
But nothing to compare
With how he calmed my tortured self
When darkness entered there

I shared my heart on many things
And heeded his replies
He didn't speak, there was no need
The words were in his eyes

Though fate was cruel, it, too, was kind
I'm coping by degrees
Thanks to a dog who almost died
Before he rescued me

Copyright © ben burton | Year Posted 2014

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My pet

Once upon a time
There was this dog
Of mind
He walked around so
Proud because he wore
A top hat most of the time.
He looked kind a shaggy 
With all white long curly hair
And it made people turn
There heads.
To see the dog with a hat
On his head. 
So I named him Fred
You heard what I said.
He had a twinkle in his eye
To think of him
Make me want to cry.
One day in a hurry he ran
Out of the house.
I yelled Fred here boy,
You forgot your hat.
But just about that time
I heard a splat.
Sadly that was that.
Once upon a time
There was this dog Of mind
He wore a top hat
And he sure was proud
Of that.

Copyright © SHARLOTTE NEWAN | Year Posted 2015

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Lazy Hound Dog Blues

The alarm goes off, I open my eyes to face the day 
I roll back over to sleep it away 
The wife begins to preach to me 
No work, unemployed, I am free 
I go to the unemployment office and talk to the man 
He looks at my state and says he will do what he can 
The man asks me which of the three jobs I choose 
I don't want a job, I guess I've got those Lazy Hound Dog Blues 
I go outside, sit at the bench and wait for the bus 
I've got nowhere to be, I ain't in no rush 
It's getting to be late in the afternoon 
Getting hungry and will be home soon 
My wife left me a note saying were through 
At the moment I don't care, it's the curse of the lazy hound dog blues 
I tell myself tomorrow I will look for a job 
Gotta clean myself up, no one will hire a slob 
The alarm goes off I hit the snooze 
Not today, I am nagged by those lazy hound dog blues 
My wife calls, says she wants to work things out 
I try to explain, she begins to shout 
She won't listen what's the use 
I tell there is a cure for the flu 
But how do you shake the lazy hound dog blues

Copyright © Eugene Carmen | Year Posted 2008

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bad childrens storys

humpty dumpty sat on a wall
when he knew his big butt was going to fall
why did he even get up there at all
a round guy on a tiny ledge
so he fell off and crack his head 
now humpty dumpty is just scrambled eggs

jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of ,yea right
that boy did;nt follow her just for water that night
i think he cause they had a fight
you know what it sounds like to me  
like he was just working on a strategry
another little love story ending up in tradergdy

old mother hubbard went to the cubbard to get her poor dog a bone
now why did she go there knowing her cubbards were bare 
and she didnt have  any food of her own
instead of wasting time looking on the shelf
she should let the dog go and fend for himself

but my favorite is the three little pigs
now here  a story that i can really dig 
even though the big bad wolf blew thier house down
 those little pigs still stood their ground
kinda like red riding hood did 
when that wolf tried to diguise himself
 in her grandmothers wig

 we tell these story to our kids
just like our parents and their parents did
we add our own words in from time to time 
putting a whole new view on nursery rymes
as we lose ourself in the stories we often wonder why
because we know in real life fairy tales are just a lie

Copyright © Robert Walker | Year Posted 2012

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The Scavenger Dog

The scavenger dog

Moving along the dirty streets
With its standing ears down
Sored at both tip. No gametes
At sight sex unknown no proper noun

Running away from stones
Well targeted, thrown by the jocular juveniles
For showing interest in contested bones
They laugh unhappily as their best friend flies

Feasting on the black round faeces
Of well fed fat goats
Or a week old lorry ridden rats or rotten Pisces
Puddle. Lucky when it sees a bone that floats

Playing seriously with Latrine flies
Who always surround its nine vivid ribs
Sucking nectar where it wounds lies.
In its hair dead ticks build their cribs.

Lying comfortably on the puffy street sewage
Allowing the fighting mice to lull it to death
It was after a drink from the drainage
And barking on a scorpion which it later ate.

Shaking helplessly on the road
Till the lead trailer ran pass it.
It was buried by cars and buses full with load
The worms and flies could not just die with it 

It was a pregnant dog. 

Copyright © Hakeem Sotayo Aro | Year Posted 2006

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Douglas the dog 
was a cute little chap
with a nice blue collar
and spots on his back,
with his puppy dog eyes 
he would make you smile
and give him a hug 
every once in a while.

He was very well known
for his bold and brave deeds
and he always helped out 
any people in need.
He could often be seen 
walking down the road
with peoples shopping 
and other heavy loads.

He once helped a kitten 
who was stuck up a tree
by climbing to the top
past a hive of busy bees,
then holding the baby
gently in his jaws
he struggled back down 
to a round of applause.

Then there was the time 
he swam out in the lake
to rescue some cookies 
that his neighbour had baked.
She’d dropped the large tub 
whilst crossing a bridge
but soon they were all 
safely back in her fridge.

Everybody loved him
and patted his back
whenever the saw him 
walking down the track.
The children would smile
and shout with joy
hugging his neck, saying, 
“What a good boy!”

One day he fell ill;
had to stay in his bed,
so they took it in turns 
to stroke his soft head.
Everyone worried
and did all they could
to help him get better 
as quick as he could.

Before very long 
he was back on his feet
and everyone cheered 
as he walked down the street.
They hugged him and stroked him 
and said he was ace
so he answered their praise 
by licking their face.

Written by Darren Scanlon, 16th September 2015.
Revised 13th May 2016
©2016 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.

Copyright © Darren Scanlon | Year Posted 2016

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Rocky is a Cattle dog

Rocky he’s a Cattle Dog
 he’s coloured black and blue
He always lays around asleep 
till work he has to do..
Two Preachers came walking up our path
to speak their line of spiel
They told me of their one true God 
and did it with some zeal
At last they left just one sheep short 
And headed for the gate
Then one turned to look around
Cos Rocky bit his mate
I thought to drive old Rocky off
With whip and curses rare…………."Stock whip good on cattle better on burglars in house"..
I cracked the whip and yelled a lot
But terrified the pair
They thought the Devil on their tail 
This dog and madman too
They leapt in a Ford and did set sail
In a cloud of smoke so blue….
Don Johnson

Blue heel biting Cattle dog "heeler" or Australian Shepherd
great Aussie brown snake killers, some Dingo in em.....very economical watch Dog...

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2010

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The Hot Dog man

His name is Jane F he is the hot dog man Mac a Nation
creation, the hot dog man, His name is jane F and  he
is lunch money for Satans men,  Mac a Nation creation
his is the hot dog man, Mac a Nation creation and
jane F  wants Hot Dogs for Satan men, Mac a Nation
Creation what is is Mac Nation Creation what is is
Moral Moral or surival surival moral moral surival
is the hot dog man here macanation surival moral 
do you have surival or morals mac a nation creation
its the hot dog man lunch money money honey honey
darlin darlin it lunch money oh honey

Copyright © diane henning | Year Posted 2007

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Our Dog Bella

Oh what a dog was she,
So, sweet and loving to all that she met.
She always so  happy to see  us everyday,
we miss her so very much since she went away.

Life is not same since she's been gone,
Heaven is a place not only for you and me.
But, it's for our  beloved pets also you see.

So, if you  have a beloved pet that has died,
Don't worry because they are just on the other side.
It's not very far and we will see them again ,
just like we will all our loved ones to.

Jesus made it all possible for us to live again,
When He died on the cross and rose to life again.
So, be sure you have Jesus in your life and heart
Before you die and this earth you depart.

Copyright © Patsy Carter | Year Posted 2016

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Those bright, helpless eyes staring up at me. Instantly I understand her 
thoughts, as she cannot speak.

I often find it difficult to comprehend  how much this tiny girl needs me. And she 
never puts up a fight even if we disagree.

The trust she has in me is unlike any kind. She has a heart of gold, like an angel 
and child combined.

Many people can't  understand how humans can create such a connection. From 
the moment I held her tiny body in my arms I knew her well being was my 
ultimate objection.

It's tough to imagine how complete she's made my soul. From a playful snare to 
a warning bark, heart you have stole.

Her name is Chloe and she's tiny as can be. She isn't my natural child but she's 
as close as a dog could ever be. `

Copyright © Ashley McDonald | Year Posted 2014

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dogs that left faux paw prints extant within me life

dogs that left faux paw prints extant within me life 

lids black out and allow me to write
about a petty issue ye aye in vite
while eyes shut tight
bring back four legged friends sprite
and though many years passed quite
providing succor when psyche experienced a plight
just what the veterinarian doctor ordered - quite
I can remember those precious creatures who barked at night
howling at inaudible sound or invisible light
casting silhouettes that fight
punctured the air with verbal byte
where many stranger scared by ferocious sounding bark 
   which appeared stronger than their bite
and now I list long gone pets in alphabetical order – alright?
-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
Baron – met his demise chasing a car on level road
the advantage overtaken per vehicle with greater lode
which accidental premature death code
found him buried in underground abode.

Georgie – a mix of boxer and dalmatian - grew up as my canine brother
essentially gave up the ghost from organ failure 
of one major vital source or another.

Lady – an off white german sheppard with ears chewed by horse flies
uncertain how, when or what led to her body to collapse
perhaps while listening to snoop doggy dog raps
found on base near first stair 
when rigor mortis set deathly traps. 

Ruff – one lame leg (damaged during his puppy hood) 
lived til olde age
an alpha beast o man’s and woman’s best friend 
with moments of rage
as applicable to a dog, 
and seemed to evince an intelligence like a sage.

Schultz – he apparently vanished in thin air
without a trace, not e’en a filament of fur like hair
hopefully taken in by another smart pet lover near
but who knows where?

Shadow – pride and joy of eldest sister, whose fate jill
ted after he succumbed, whence he became terminally ill
though diminutive for a black lab hill
always leave his absence as a void quite large to fill.

Socrates  - dealt harsh mistreatment - his puppyhood about
left him stricken with distemper, whence we surmised 
that he also suffered more'n one walloping clout
he got tossed out from a moving vehicle like trash, 
mine 2 sisters nursed him with tender loving care 
from his faux paws 2 a keen snout
which maintained his longevity no doubt.

Teddy – another throw away pet found at jacobsburg – 
near Easton, Pennsylvania
thee younger sister brought him home, 
where entire life he did stay
inherently evincing intelligence 
his happiness found lucky chance 
with me pop with whom pop he did grow old and gray
provided a doting owner this way.

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2016

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Black Dog Blues

Black Dog Blues To have control of emotion, mental black dog of the lost, plunge thoughts deep in icy ocean, it cant move in permafrost, depression lives if you let it, but you are better than that, remember the part with a happy heart, where your MOOD control is at, i could not have put it better mate, weak Willie pays the cost, mental IS of the tensile frame, resolve is never lost... Don

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2015

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Low Man Is Due

A low man is due...
My eyes seek reality,
My fingers feel for faith.
Touch clean with a dirty hand,
I touch the clean to the waste.
I fall cause I let go,
The net below has rot away.
And I cry to the alleyway,
Confess all to the rain.
But I lie straight to the mirror,
The one I've broken to match my face.
The fire is so warm,
But nowhere safe from the storm.
And I can't bear to see,
What I've let me be.
So wicked and worn.
So as I write to you,
Of what is done and to do.
Maybe you'll understand,
I won't cry for this man.
Cause low man is due.
So low the sky is all I see,
All I want from you is forgive me.
My eyes seek reality,
And my fingers seek my veins.
There's a dog at your back step,
He must come in from the rain.
But you bring that poor dog in from the rain,
Though he just wants right back out again.
So my fingers feel for faith,
And my eyes seek reality.
So as I write to you,
Of what is done and to do.
Maybe you'll understand,
I won't cry for this man.
Cause low man is due.

Copyright © Tyler Knapp | Year Posted 2012

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His name is Jane S the hot dog man

His name is Jane S, that is the hot dog man, Morals or survial
Mac Nation, creation, the hot dog man, are hot dogs for
everyone, Mac Nation, creation, morals morals surivial Mac
Nation Creation Surivial Mac Nation the Hot dog man is here
Moral Jane S that is,  the Hot Dog man Mac Nation Creation

Copyright © diane henning | Year Posted 2007

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His name is Jane S the hot dog man

His name is Jane S, that is the hot dog man, Morals or survial
Mac Nation, creation, the hot dog man, are hot dogs for
everyone, Mac Nation, creation, morals morals surivial Mac
Nation Creation Surivial Mac Nation the Hot dog man is here
Moral Jane S that is,  the Hot Dog man Mac Nation Creation

Copyright © diane henning | Year Posted 2007

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Priced at 39 politically-incorrect dollars at 
the Super Wal-Mart, where I privately confess 
I may sometimes be found, there are dozens 
in a bin, squashy and round.  Designed, 
Yes, for Man's Best Friend, but useful for a rest 
in an unlikely nest in which to curl infant-style, 
until asked to fetch, or someone finds Baby 
Moses, parting bulrushes beside the lake. 

Among the tall grasses, a conductor tunes up 
masses of froglet violins, granddaddy-deep 
bassoons, and amphibian percussion 
played orchestrated only at dusk.  Then, it's 
deep uterine bedtime lulled by concerts sublime, 
and as darkness drops its mantle, busy minds
unwind, cares decelerating, the cradle song's 
abating, and sleep's a fait accompli'.

Copyright © Nola Perez | Year Posted 2008

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the balled of little Joe

The story of little joe did not start out great
When we came and got him it was late
He looked like a fat little pig
He was a good little dog and did not dig

We took him home to meet the dogs
When he saw the family, he did a jog
He wanted to jump on us to be stable
That’s when sandy pushed him into a table

She barked and growled at little joe
Joe was scared and put his head low
Now they are friends after the fight
And they both sleep calmly in my bed every night

Then there is mean little cujo
She is angry at little joe
Cujo is very old and moldy 
That’s why she looks like a bowl of guacamole 

Joe is a sweet little dog
But not cujo not at all
One day they will be friends
And make amends

Copyright © cheyanne lewis | Year Posted 2017

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Benji the Dog loves to bark

Benji the dog loves to bark
As a small white dog giving it all his heart
To each one he sees walking past
At his front door for lots of laughs.

© Paul Warren Poetry

Copyright © Paul Warren | Year Posted 2017