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Life Just as it is

Things never turned out the way they were supposed to,dont they?
Words never came out the way they were meant to,arent they?
People never grew up the way they were expected to,wouldnt they?
And life never pan out the way we were always planned to,isnt it?

Cause if they do,or they are,or they would,and if it is..

Then,living would be so easy u will forget how to bend on ur knees,down to ur feet, crying for His Mercy..

Like a dandelion in the windy dessert u will lost---nowhere to be,
Like a blind man in the deep dark night u shall not see..

Until u embraced it for whatever it may be..
No matter how hard one would feel.

Copyright © Muhamad Amirul Mamat | Year Posted 2013

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Today is Tuesday, 19 March, 2013 36th days, after some armed men from Sulu archipelago spotted in Tandu Wau, Lahad Datu. This caused the bloodshed between Muslim brethren. I am still monitoring the sad stories happened to our new recorded history. If this conflict cannot be resolved today what more the coming days that will pass by our way? I am always optimistic that any problems shall have its solutions but if the parties will lead to apply it. It is very hard to live where someone doubts everyone and everyone doubts anyone. It is hard to live in an open cage; you know you can fly, but you have no able wings to fly. I am praying to the lord Allah to find ways of solving the misery that both people of Sulu and Sabah are feeling right now. The remnants of colonisers continued to divide us. We are all victims. There must be no hatred spark among. We must be vigilant; there might be any other agent to hand us instruments for us to play the music and they are going to dance. Allah has all the wisdom, He is the only grantor of peace had we wish! Ya Allah please help to Let Us All Save Peace. Tuesday, 19 March, 2013, 7:27PM Sandakan Nature City, Sabah Let Us All Save Peace Ilyimy. Layag Sug!

Copyright © Neldy Jolo | Year Posted 2013

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Bad thoughts, self pity, self harm, it may seem harmless to you, but its not the answer to subdue your inner pain deep inside you.

To practice self love, true inner peace, is to be thankful for your God given gifts, you smile from inside out, to bring peace to others, when they around you are filled with darkness and doubt.

The image you see with your eyes is not the true scenery that really counts, for its always starts within deep in your heart. Actions speak louder than words. Show your true peace, beauty with only your arms and hands.

Practice Ahimsa, speak with the tongue, only of true love, for all living things and beings on this earth. Let us be neighbors, friends, what a peaceful wish to dream about, if you try looking at the heart, and not with your mind, for beauty within has no disguise..

Copyright © Jennifer Donnay | Year Posted 2015

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A Warm Embrace

 Tears, tears, falling down my face, like a free falling waterfall, just there for people to look at and enjoy, my body shaking, trembling, like a earthquake striking after a thunderstorm.

I look outside my body, at the pain ravishing my insides like a fierce runaway train, nobody comes to my rescue, they are content with waiting for it to pass, why won't anyone help me?

A warm loving embrace, please listen to me, I don't think anyone will come to wrap their arms around me, I don't have anything to offer anymore. I will roll up into a ball androck back and forth for this is how I sooth myself. Depression has a hold on me for there is nothing special left.

Copyright © Jennifer Donnay | Year Posted 2015

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Just beautiful
Puerto Princesa
My first time
Visit the charm

The breeze of the
Sulu Sea
In the bay walk
touches me

The blue sky
The blue sea
Reflected the beauty
of Palawan

Badjao Inn
Restaurant Hut
PPC, Rizal Avenue

Copyright © Neldy Jolo | Year Posted 2014

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Fraternity And Sorority Row Ooh Lah Lah

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!

Plane ride out...tonight...air...seems too...stiff...comfy...Miss?

Eddy...'goina...miss 'ya...well...seems...kinda sad...but...miss?

Lord...what...the F...class past noon...sunset in...a pool!

Dear...oh well...close this 'ol...journal...the all...the school!

Soap...and...shave...buff''s...a start!

Dorm's...a start...but...classes...and notes...cute as darts...a tart!

Clothes...just and and  face...perfect!

The Row...burgers 'n cheese...yogurt 'n cheese...the bike...the look...perfect!

The roar...the crowd...the lights...the band...the!

The life...the school...a new...chapter...really...movies 'n dates...way-to-cool!

Frats...'n sororities...way-to-cool...dorm's a...start...grades 'n scores...huh?

University...of...Ooh Lah Lah...oh...'ya...'sis...'bro...gotta go...Money for...huh?

Beamers...and 'Vettes...Porches...used...oh well...paper's's...way-

Classes 'n schools...lights and rooms...back or front...proff's too...old...or too cool!

Mom...and Dad...will...I cost too'll come...I'll'll

Frats...and sororities...lights 'n sounds...crowds 'n roars...the cheers...the beers... and me!

Copyright © Thomas Hsi | Year Posted 2014

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I am seeing your picture
I miss you
I want to hug you
It’s your fifth birthday
I want to see you
I was not granted
I am far of you

Allah knows I love you.
I love you Ratuku.
See you when you are big enough.
Sometimes I restrained not to see your picture.
I know I would be hurt of not being with you in person.
I know I am missing you so much.
I know I cannot hold you.
I know my tears would be falling.

Later you will understand
You will understand why we are apart
You will understand why I am held not to see you
You will understand why you are taught to hate me
You will understand why when you hear “Ayah” you feel fearful
You will understand why I love you so much

I love you and see you later if not soon.
I love you Anakku.
And you know that I love you!

Copyright © Neldy Jolo | Year Posted 2014

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I better take my trombone lessons serious
Not for fun or fame, neither for leisure
A prophesy I wish to help see light from the Bible
“At the judgment day Angels will blow their trumpet
But forgot trombones will also match
The quality of the sound that will blow
I will surely render my service for free
(After all God loves a cheerful giver)
And hope to receive the blessing of salvation
To find my way to the segmentation of the sheep
How lucky I will be. That faithful day,
If the Angels blow their trumpet, I will take out my trombone
And proudly blow my trombone.

If Angel Michael blows his old trumpet,
I will blow my new trombone.

Copyright © Lambert Adwini-Poku | Year Posted 2015

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He knows your name

He knows how He made you 
He knows the thought He put in you
What you are thinking is came from Him
He made your heart and controls your heart beat
He made your desires; leads your movement
He vigils upon your life, you are His creation 
Do not worry about what you fear or hear
Remember what I say, that He knows your name

He created you to live not to die
He made you to win not to loose
He formed you from the vase of wealth and health
I made you as channel of love and peace
All in this earth made for your achievement
All around you is made to sustain your accomplishment
Do not worry about what you see or hear
Remember what I say, that He knows your name

He made the waters to quench your thirst 
He made the air to breath in your soul
He made all kinds of aliments to feed your hunger
From the day you came, the air was at your side to breath
The earth will always carry your steps as long as you live
The stone and trees will walk with you in this journey 
Do not worry about what you miss or hear
Remember what I say, that He knows your name

He has a task for each one of your days on the earth
Your life is designed according to your calling
Pain and joy work for your vision
Suffering and glory work for your greatness
Failure and success work for your righteousness
He made each day a step to your destiny
Do not worry about what you doubt or hear
Remember what I say, that He knows your name

Copyright © ISAAC KINZAMBI | Year Posted 2016

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I can only see you from a story.
I can feel your face physically in the air.
Drawing, laminating and framing with pride.
The pride that keeps you firm up high. 
I will stand to defend you. 

The truth shall be my weapon. 
The enemy will never win.
Stand firm my hero. 
My beloved swishing blade
sculptured in my heart. 

As my point of loving you
love you like Rasulallah
that Allah has commanded every man.

Keep going my beloved warrior of the high seas.
Your name is eternally inscribed in the Luh Mahfuz.
You are the people of the path.
Walk through that path firmly. 
Allahu Akbar!

Copyright © Neldy Jolo | Year Posted 2014

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Godzilla's Rippa Summer

Poetic Lyrics By Thomas Lam Hsi

SAVE FROM Satan...who plays 'all' roles...the devil...the 'Lord Jesus'...
the 'Father'...the 'Holy Spirit'...all 'Other Gods'...and 'alien gods'...HE...THE
IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOD THE FATHER...and to an Actual Heaven!











Copyright © Thomas Hsi | Year Posted 2014

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Wrong choices

Wrong choices, why do I make them?
Wrong choices, I let fear run my life,
Wrong choices, anxiety knocked , I answered,
Wrong choices, flight or fight, I chose flight...

Wrong choices, I'm so stupid,  I don't know better,
Wrong choices, my heart beat like a drum,
Wrong choices, that may work for some,
But I know better, my self esteem is gone...

I sat in the school, read that syllabus, I felt the fear,
The truth, the reasons, I don't want to hear,
All I knew was I was running away, again,
How do I explain this one?  I'm a failure to myself..

Wrong choices, will I ever learn?  Fear, anxiety, won,
Maybe I'm not cut out for success after all....

Copyright © Jennifer Donnay | Year Posted 2016

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Asking or wondering,
teasing or affiliation,
you never said sorry,
for what you did to me,
here i am today,
sitting all alone,
out here in the stone cold world,
asking myself the same question,
did you ever really loe me,
as each day goes on,
memories are becoming the past,
now looking back,
what a blast we all had,
never will it be the same,
because you thought i was insane,
leaving behind all the people you ruthlessly blame,
sitting here all alone,
wondering why the h*** i ever cry,
you dont give a  f*** about me,
so why should i,
yes i maybe your daughter,
very first child for that matter of fact,
you still turned your back,
and to this day have never looked back,
to see what a wonderful child you really do have.... 

Copyright © Kellee Smith | Year Posted 2014

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One Lonely Hearts Final Cry

I will always love you, cant let you know what Im feeling inside. 
But I do love you. My heart never lies.
How does this add up, 
Why cant you love me no more, Dont you love me anymore?
Where is that feeling called Love,

Why is it that love always opens you up so wide, then leaves your soul open to the preying wolves lurking out there in the cold,
It cuts you deep. Chills you to the bone but at the same embraces you in  a sense of security and love,

Kills you from within, quitens your will soul fire, 
Switches off the light and leaves you in the dark,
Poor cowering little boy lost in his sleeping dream,
Knowing that if he wiped the sleep from his eyes everything might disappear,
The one he loved disappear like the morning dew,
He'd be left behind alone..... no one to talk to.

Regreting every dose of reality, each morning
Wishing he could turn back time and make the daydream last,
Make the eternity last for a second longer,
Add some detail to the fantasy he dreamt up

Each night he'd cry himself to sleep,
His mind a constant conference for his fears,
I dont want to let go just yet,
There's so much that I've gotta get off my chest
To many words left unspoken of..
Please dont disappear I need you
I need you
Cant you  hear my hearts breaking cry

Doesnt your heart strum to any sound anymore,
I dont want you.... me .... us to depart like this
Wheres the final kiss, I guess fairytales arent meant to be compared to reality
Not a second or minute of recogniton within those eyes....
Not even a teardrop of despair
It  clearly doesnt tear you up inside like it does me.

Has your heart burned to coal, has the sparks upped and vapourized into the roaring hurrricane of our lives,
Or have you decided not to care anymore?

Where's this all coming from, im seeing a different shadow to the person I knew.
Have you always been this dishonest or have the truths just gatherd some dust?

In my silence I find myself expecting some sense of purpose, some sense of normalacy,
But all I got was direction to the edge of my sanity,
Direct path to a place of least resistence,

My only escape was death. 
My only escape is.....
Death, to put a part of me, something that would never beat again, out of its misery.



Copyright © Paul Machintosh | Year Posted 2016

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SOS my ship has been boarded
Takin on by those who are sordid

It still carries our flag
They also have a hag

One that knows whitchcraft and sorcery
Appearing as our own
They carry our embroidery
And are made not of flesh and bone

But are the sons of him the other
They will look like a brother
Trickery and deceit are their marks,
Trust them not, neither they nor their larks

I fear that one day when push comes to shove
All this ISIS fuss
Is putting on the stand my religion, my love
What if they come to be known as us

SOS my ship has been boarded
Takin on by those who are sordid

We speak of honour, peace, equality for all men
They would not even respect a hen

Copyright © Yousef Al-Watheqi | Year Posted 2016

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Through the storms and the pain
When naysayers curse his name
When you think that you're down and out
Talk to him and he'll work it out 

Cause hes a counselor a healer
Whenever you needa...
Conqueror to lift you up
Just call his name

There's an overwhelming joy just in his name
Praise and be faithful he'll end all pain
Fall on your knees there's a guarantee 
Believe me...believe me!!!!

Copyright © Eduardo Posada | Year Posted 2017

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Unusual Encounter

Just met an 
    Islamic lady 
She was soft spoken 
    far too young for 
   but she did have on a Batman 
tea shirt 
  She has come to AMERICA
  and is learning English 
the same language Winston Churchill 
who has passed 
    into whatever.....

Copyright © Matthew Anish | Year Posted 2017