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Baby Autumn Poems | Baby Poems About Autumn

These Baby Autumn poems are examples of Baby poems about Autumn. These are the best examples of Baby Autumn poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Lyric |

While You Sleep

While you sleep I tell you all of the things I keep inside throughout day.
Now that you can hear but not listen I find them much easier to say.
My hopes, my dreams, my fears, and everything in between
Your subconscious hears so keen, or so it seems.
My tongue is soft; I speak so sweetly 
Knowing your reaction will never greet me.

Tonight will be different in what I want you to know.
It has everything to do with what I can’t help but show.
I hold no claim to any religion but you’ve given me a place for my faith.
Somewhere it will never stale or lose its lavish taste.
You’ve shown me something I can see, touch, and feel, 
And so before it I choose to kneel.

I know I don’t say it but I miss you every day.
Sitting, thinking of the perfect words to be my choice,
Yet when you call I can’t find any of the right words to say.
I’m just happy to finally hear your voice.
Even just a moment is enough to sooth my heavy heart;
Fearing the ends of conversations knowing we’ll have to part.

I’ll never be too far from you, always within arm’s reach,
And in your days of darkness I’ll be the light that you will seek.
I’ll never let you leave too far from me, I’ll stay close behind you in this world;
Secretly protecting what is mine, you will always be my girl.
I only want the best for you so the best of me I will employ.
Faithfully yours, I will always be your boy.

I close my eyes and kiss your soft sweet lips
And see the very best of you in loving bliss.
I see past the physical which makes you attractive
And focus on the things I can’t see in which I’m attracted.
Your thoughts I’d love to hear them all.
Of the things you speak disinterest never makes its call.

My day will come, I know someday I’ll be the only one.
And you I will pursue viciously,
Because I’ve given you the greatest gift I can give, to love unconditionally.
Yes our day will come, I know someday we’ll be as one.
And you I will pursue viciously,
Because I’ve given you the greatest gift I can give… to love unconditionally.

Copyright © Kristopher Higgs | Year Posted 2012

Details | Rhyme |

This is me

My knees were the things that 
kept me up and my skin is my 
cutting board my eyes are the 
rain clouds to the fire running 
down my arms and my heart is 
the fire place that keeps me 
burning so calm

Copyright © brittney lopez | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

My Son Moon and Star

            My Son Moon and Star ~

        Approaching the celebration of his Birth 
                cherishing the gift I received 
           within weeks of conception I knew
            something amazing was in Creation ~

            the Stars held a party
            sending me with one of their own  
    Gazing at 3 shooting stars twinkling crossing the sky   
       It was magic  It was destiny taking its flight.  

           In love with an October full moon 
               drawing and painting I liked 
             thinking of Vincent Van Gogh ~
                caught in a loss of time 

          Hours going by as choosing my color  
           a wittness to three falling stars 
             A clear night sky sparkle's
           A once Famous Star was sent 
            inspiring the tiny child inside ~ 

           Never a doubt in my mind at all     
       child bearing was worth any pain received
      yours will be in a pursuit of a dream ~
             one to cherish and hold
          My Son was born the following August ~

    working on the set of Grimm 3rd season this year  
         as the set of Leverage for 3 years .

              Has done a Indie movie here  
             In Paris it was seen and honored
             coming soon filmed in Portland ~
                 "The House of Last Things "

        awaiting the credits , you will see
    1st Assistant Director ~ production assistant 
                 My Young Lion Mans dream ~
        A proud mom I watch every show and the credits 

        as foretold in a whisper to me 25 years ago
              My Son &  Moon and Star  
               A name you will all know ~

            Happy Birthday to my creative Son
             you will exist in my heart forever~
                        and thereafter               

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

A Single Leaf Out of A Tree

A single leaf, 
Falls out of a tree above me.
As it twist and turn, 
The wind blows it in my direction.

But why?

It symbolizes all my struggle and all my pain.
It tells me that they twist and turn, 
But never remain.

It takes a sudden fall next to me. 

But why? 

It symbolizes the thought of being alone.

It tells me that someone is always by my side. 

As I write, 
The leaf flies away.

As if it had a huge success in it's encouragement.

Nature communicates with us in many ways.

Not with words, 
But with a single leaf out of a tree.

Copyright © Anthony Scandrick II | Year Posted 2012

Details | Haiku |



fishing boat at dock
hearty laughter from the pub
splash!    moon breaks in two

Dave Austin

Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2014

Details | Couplet |


Who am I?
Am I defined by what is near in sight?
Am I defined by what I have done,
Or am I defined by what I could become?

Perhaps I'm of no use.
To him, or her, or I, nor you.
Or perhaps I'm too misunderstood to be defined,
And it is something like understanding that comes in time.

And if to the world I'm never shown,
Yet in my own light I've grown and grown,
And so I can know no happiness but my own--
The reason for my smile, to you, will forever be unknown.

I do not pray for the world to know my name.
For it and verse; the letters are the same.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads,
I pray his pain my words to keep. 

Should his eyes rain on my page,
Better tears than storms of rage.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads.
I pray his pain my words to keep.

And if to the world you're never shown,
Yet in your own light you've grown and grown,
And so you know no happiness but your own.
Let the reason for your smile, to you, only be known.

Copyright © Kristopher Higgs | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |


Abundance of life
Home to extinction

Copyright © Smail Poems | Year Posted 2013

Details | Bio |

Goodnight, sweet dreams

Goodnight, sweet dreams
Are the last words I hear from you before I sleep

You toss 
I turn 
Can’t get you of my mind to fall asleep

I call
You call
The lines jumble
And we try to go back to sleep

Good night, sweet dreams
I hear your voice ringing once more before I sleep

Copyright © Asantewa Darko | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

The old oak tree

The old oak tree

A lonely old wooden swing 
Suspended in complete stillness
Gripped by ropes once white 
Now stained with memories of childhood
Frayed and worn
Two decades old
It hangs faithfully to the strong arms of the huge oak tree
Golden leaves hang off the dry deeply rippled branches
By the tiniest vein

Their yellow and brown comrades surround them
A gentle gust of wind sending them fluttering on their last flight
Through musky damp air down to wet ground below 
A dreaded smell of death for the non-deciduous trees
The lonely old wooden swing waits patiently and calm
Protected by its giant friend

Memories of swinging up into the air so high
Holding tightly onto thick white ropes 
My long blonde hair flowing behind
Laying back but holding on tight
Legs in, legs out
Eyes closed 
Swaying back and forth

It feels like flying
The air wafting over my happy face
Back and forth, back and forth
Standing up still swinging
On bended legs
Daring with no fear

Long blistering hot summers sitting cross legged 
Making daisy chains for my gran
Camps for the neighbours kids
With old sheets tied to the old oak tree
Telling ghost stories to each other

Plastic cups and saucers
Pretend tea and cakes
A British summer party 
Playing hide and seek within deep bushes
Our jungle to explore

Races on the lawn
The smell of freshly cut grass hanging in the air
My pretty red and white gingham dress
Stained with the debris, as were my hands
Nails as green as the Incredible Hulk
School holidays seemed to last forever

The lonely old wooden swing now sits dormant
Waiting patiently and calm
To be loved once more
Hear the laughter of children
And it will
Of that I am certain
As the wind blows the swing starts to move
Back and forth, back and forth 
Swaying slowly, a solitary soul
Demonstrating its approval
As I present my new born daughter
From her nursery window
To future adventures in her garden
The last leaf drops slowly to the earth

Copyright © Sarah Bryant | Year Posted 2015

Details | Lyric |



                             The Apple PASTURE

Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture.
Were once was and all well meet.
A pure and dear site.
Where silver reflection cover the still waters that holds the golden
grains of morality and the grazing souls lie young amounce no stars.
Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture
Were winds smell of melon and the trees whisper spring corals in the mellow dark and best of light and time creeps into no tomorrow.


Copyright © JAY JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

Details | Free verse |


The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

Copyright © Smail Poems | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lyric |

My Princess

She moved her eyes around...twirled her curly hair
And moved me playfully around her waistline
She is a beautiful art of Leonardo da Vinci and a twig of jasmine flowers
Extracting the colors from bangles...she smeared red color to her cheeks
She flipped me into the air like a kite tied to a ribbon
She is a girl with beautiful eyes and attractive like a old monk rum
With her ruby like lips...she made me fall in love
She won over me in a battle without using swords
She danced gracefully on my heart
Looking at her dance...I let go of my sleep
Drying the clothes on the terrace...humming gently...she sang a song
That is making my little heart overwhelmed with joy
Handing me a cup of coffee...as her fingers touched me
Like a current cable...she has flared up a mild voltage in me
Adding flavors to my dreams...she is looking at me with love
She pinned a strand of thread that joins the flowers together in to my heart
She captivated me in the border of her saree
She wishes me early in the morning and comes to my dreams at night
Where ever I go I keep thinking about her
She pushed me into a world of illusion
Closing the doors...she threw away the key
She took my heart till the silver lining of the clouds
And silently pushed aside the ladder
She enclosed my heart tightly in her palms
Like a fragrant breeze her beauty breathed life into me
She has imprinted many sweet conversations into my thoughts
She placed the goggles of love over my eyes
She is a princess of Akkadian kingdom...the one who raised desires in me
Decking me in her pearl necklace...she adorned her neck

Copyright © Ankur Mazumder | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

The Color Green

Grass, trees, cool cars
My favorite color too
The color of life

Copyright © Smail Poems | Year Posted 2013

Details | Light Poetry |

Greatest Inspiration

You are the greatest inspiration of mine,
sweeter than a glass of wine,
Brighter than a child’s eye,
truer than my truest lie.
I always wait for your call to meet,
to hold you in my arms and sleep.
You make my night the biggest storm,
then leave me all broken and torn.
When I rise and make it through
my heart forgets what is done by you-
Sweeter than a glass of wine,
you are the greatest inspiration of mine.

Copyright © Victoria Georgieva | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |


I was affected by your voice when we first met
  I was also affected by your looks.
We were affected by other people;
Both of our hearts were wounded and damaged.
I was affected the night we kissed and the nights we 
passionately got lost in each other between the sheets.
I was affected as we started to fall for each other.
my heart wouldn't stop skipping beats.
my mouth was always in a smile when we were happy
and my eyes were always wet when we were doing
My body was affected by your touch.
Now my heart is affected by your absence.
We don't talk, we don't touch, we don't 
do anything that used to be us.
I hold back tears during the day because I have to be strong.
but at night with only my pillow as a witness I let them
I was affected by you. I can admit that now.

Copyright © Shahana Jackson | Year Posted 2014

Details | I do not know? |

and I will come

…and I will come.
When the first snow falls down/ 
when the fall gives its rights/ 
to the winter/
you know I will come/
for good or for bad/
I’ll board the train/
Passing by / stations/ and countries/
I promised/ and I remember/
You said “there’s no fortuitous meetings/

…and I will come.
When the first snow falls down/
When you’ll lose the trace/
When my firmest snickers/ wipe out/
I will/ I will come…
Unexpectedly/ knowing solely the door/
Just the road / for sure/
Before/ take you I’ll ask/
“are you ready to go?” / 
You are ready/ I know/
All the noise doesn’t matter/
I don’t haste/ will be later/

…I will come.
When it finally turns out/
That November is overthrown by December/
When the first snow falls down/
Will be clear/ that nobody is remembered/ 

And I will come…
Somewhere in chest/ between ribs/
You slashed me/ with thoughts/ 
I can feel it with lips/ crawling under my cloths/
Our world is alive/ our life/ we’re alike/
And I….

I will come.
When the first snow falls down/
When the death is changed into fate/
When the winter gives up/ 
To wait/ for spring/
to stay with shining sun/
I will come.

Copyright © Ilya Emelin | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |


I saw her standing at the 4th st. bus stop
Chewing on gum Chew, Snap, Pop..

She checked her watch. not once, but twice.
Cute face, tight jeans, nice butt, how nice

I watched her from a distance. to see if she needed a ride.
I thought, she's the kind of girl I'd like to have by my side

I asked her if she needed a ride, since the bus was running late
She said, that would be nice. I have an important business date. How great

She said her name was Sydney. I told her mine as well
We rapped for a while. I dropped her off, We made plans for a date. Swell

Dinner was great, the alcohol was kickin', and the sex was even better
I awoke to find her gone and in my hand, a letter

I opened the letter, read a few lines. some of it I didn't understand
But what caught my eyes were the words..I'm really a MAN

I couldn't believe it. how could I be so dumb. She insisted we do it in the dark..
there will be no more pick-ups at the bus stop. Maybe I'll try the park.

Carron carter-original

Copyright © carron carter | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatrain |

The Baby Fawn

A baby fawn leaps into the meadow,
I hold my breath and try not to scare.
I watch in beauty as she grazes,
And smile as she becomes aware.

She stares at me intensley,
Eyes deep with young innocence.
She slowley goes back to her grazing,
Her ears flickering to my presence.

She takes a sip from the stream,
Before she frolicks toward the trees.
She looks back at me one last time,
Then hops through the autumn leaves.

An emptyness sets inside me,
For now the fawn is gone,
Left out all on her own,
To defend herself towards harm.

To know i can't protect her,
Sets my stomach in unease.
But I tell myself she's happy,
As free as the flowing breeze.

Because sometimes to hold on,
Can hurt the one you love,
And even the sadness of her being gone,
She will be pain free from up above.

Copyright © Catherine Adams | Year Posted 2009

Details | Shape |


Love is a potion,
A dangerous poison,
One days you make everthing so sweet,
The next day i die by your feet.

Copyright © Ami Redzuan | Year Posted 2016

Details | I do not know? |


hello! hey! boungiorno! what is the date?/
this world of dimensions created duality/
no letters/ no words/ are enough to express/
someone like you/ in reality/

i filled all your emptines/ MY still quiet bay/
as Jhon opened world in his Yoko/
you searched perfect princes/ looked for "right him"/
now at only one overman looking/

i swear/ i will hold you/ as much as i can/
would become all the axes/ and outer space/
voice is speared by the screaming wind/
falling down/ flakes to your place/

going crazy just seeing your knees/
don't regret anything/ my Benito/
unbelievable/ perfect/ unbearable/
you whisper/ "la comedia e finita"//

Copyright © Ilya Emelin | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |

To My Mommy

I’m now a free spirit dancing in the storm.
I bend with the breeze, carefree twirling in the rain.
I wander here and there,
Kissing my mom before I go.

Together I get to see you for the first and last time for an instant,
Only to say goodbye with tears.
With love we embraced only to be gone so way to fast
I’m a little angel sent from up above.
Yet I laid to rest so quickly,
Before you can even accept I’m gone.

On this earth, you gave me love,
But science had numbered my time to stay.
I stole your hearts before I left.
Mommy I’m sad that I’m gone from you.

I’m not gone Mommy, 
I’m the sun that shines and fluffy white clouds.
Rainbows and butterflies are now my play things.
I’ll always be around you, 
Watch from the tree way up high.
Yet you won’t see me mommy, but I’ll see you.

One day I will see you again mommy
When your time is over, I will come and get you,
And we will walk with glee, up above the blue sky.
We will be proud to tell you with a smile,
I’m stronger because of you...having been with you for a while.

Copyright © Tammy Godfrey | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Jhaine in a favela, I think

Jhaine in Brazil, I think
closest I can figger
'cause, we don't share some language
probably a generational thing
I suppose

many words I don't understand
many of the words
she writes
like music

but, the ideas, I think
I could help to explain

Jhaine, she comes across strong
seems to carry herself 

loves her baby

beautiful and strong

rise up, little sister, rise on up
above it all

and bring the ones you love
for you are beautiful

you are strong

Copyright © Michael Miers | Year Posted 2014

Details | I do not know? |

Sweet Tender Baby Girl

Getting back, unto the heart of this matter...
She had the derriere, of a vigin maiden queen

Copyright © Johnny Rhinem | Year Posted 2014

Details | I do not know? |

Angel Baby

A glitters parade of fireworks aneath love's moon
Colourful lights lighting her Summer's, wistful night
Escaping, this hard rock cafe called life ?  Psychedelic
Furs their Pretty In Pink playing whileas a mother cry's...
Children about their side at her lover, she screams;  enter
Reality beholding his fiery sunset today;  cannot remember
The last time these eyes held such a view ? Blew another kiss 
Into surround sounds sky; caught a star whom then asked why.

Copyright © Johnny Rhinem | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

All Things Beautiful

When growing up on the farm in Indiana even at 'round the age of three,
I began to notice simple yet beautiful things that surrounded me.
Strange though it seems, I found beauty in grumpy bumble bees,
And was fascinated by the gold and crimson foliage of autumn's trees!

Golden fields of wheat undulating in the breeze was a beauty to behold,
As were luscious apples ripening on laden trees in hues of red and gold.
Bright green fields of corn that were to provide roasting ears bye and bye,
Were crowned with gilted, dancing tassels reaching for the sky!

I saw beauty in the gamboling of a newborn baby calf,
And the antics of squealing piglets that really made me laugh!
I caressed fluffy yellow baby chicks with my innocent paws.
(The threat of the fussy mother hens rarely gave me pause!)

I had the joy of capturing elusive lightning bugs on languid summer nights,
And delighted at the awesome beauty of the eerie Northern Lights!
I saw beautiful displays of lightning as it flashed across the prairies,
And from afar saw magnificent golden eagles preening in their aeries!

I gently caressed the beautiful peonies that my Mother grew,
And inhaled the fragrance of her roses glistening in the morning dew.
Though I'm in the autumn of life, in all things beautiful and bright
That The Creator in his munificence has provided, I still take delight!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(© All Rights Reserved)

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2010

Details | Lyric |


Facing the adversities of life...Confronting the tears
Yet raising me in cradle of happiness
To my Mom…With Love
In every path I travelled
At every hurdle that stopped me
For the one who made me move forward saying that he is always with me
For that Mom of mine...With love...I dedicate every moment of my life
For every mistake I did...For every wrong step I took
With a smile...the one who forgave me
For that Mom of mine...With love...I dedicate every moment of my life
For every gossip I share...for every song I sing
The one who is delighted and asks me to sing again
For that Mom of mine...With love...I dedicate every moment of my life
In this beautiful world of colors
For the one who bestowed the love worth hundred lifes
For that Mom of mine...with love...I offer this poem as a tribute

Copyright © Ankur Mazumder | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Said Love

Said Love,

Without mines,
without yours,
No wait!
Without the mingling of mines and yours,
an emptiness.
Love is indeed a divine secret.
© A. Juman   4/21/2016

Inspired by Skat A

Copyright © A. Juman | Year Posted 2016

Details | Verse |


Roses are red,
violets are blue,
you stole my heart,
when i first met you,
the feelings we feel,
are they really this real,
when we kiss i fly away,
wanting you more and more,
in every which way,
these feelings are real,
so please dont leave or walk away,
sitting and thinking,
dreaming and believing,
is all i do all day every day,
pondering aimlessly,
wondering if ill ever be okay,
your hugs and kisses,
bring me smiling throught the day,
but sometimes u leave me wondering,
will we really be okay..???

Copyright © Kellee Smith | Year Posted 2014

Details | ABC |

My Baby

With a heart from which noble sentiments sprang
like sparks from an anvil.
With a smile flashed over her face, 
like sunshine over a flower.
With a  sweet voice caroling
like a gold-caged nightingale.

As beautiful as the purple flush of dawn
Calm like a mountain brooding o'er the sea
Eyes like mountain water
that o'erflowing on a rock
Her beauty broke on me,
like some rare flower.

Her face changed with each turn of their talk, 
like a wheat-field under a summer breeze.
Her hands are white as the virgin rose, 
that she wore on her wedding day.
Her laugh is like a rainbow-tinted spray.

Her lips are like a lovely song
that ripples as it flows
Her voice is rich and vibrant, 
like the middle notes of a 'cello.
My love for her is, 
like the sovereign moon that rules the sea.

Copyright © Yuhi Musinga | Year Posted 2016

Details | I do not know? |

Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue

Twas nineteen seventy-six and myself a mere seventeen years of age
Autumn's quickly bringing to yet it's close, her bicentennial's celebrations
Going solo crashing their university's party once again; an outcast as quite shy
Just odd it seems a poor kid trying to fit in; better, wishing to be loved or, belong ?
Having tasted this glimpse be hope his yearbook, at fifteen and what girls had written
Trodden by life the lost child sleeps truth, never have they awoke ? Reality but fragments 
As dreams still today while some contemplate she serves nay, their failure onus premeditates....
Signet heart, twained tours love's asylum: less this night, vodka in lemonade her blonde, a brunette.

Copyright © Jeremy Street | Year Posted 2014