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The Narwhal Song

~The Narwhal Beckons Before Dawn~

   If I could sing a song,
   It wouldn't be just any song.
   I would sing a song about a fish
   A fish who is not a fish, but a whale
   Not just any whale, A Narwhal

This night I'll sing a short song of a whale
Dancing under the moonlight dusk
Swimming with ivory tusk, underwater musk
Rising to the morning glory in the sky
Communicating with the waves
Squealing around, 
Trilling and clicking supersonic sounds

   If I could tell you a tale
   It wouldn't be just any tale
   I would tell you a tale of a fish
   A fish who is not a fish, but a whale
   Not just any whale, A Narwhal

Grayish brown, 
White freckled belly crown
Elusive and mysterious
Without the Arctic water, I'll get delirious
A rare whale, with a tooth for a hoot
Enjoying shrimp, squid, and fish food
Taking care of the young, 
I swim in pods all day long
I' stay away from what consumes my cod
Polar bears, orca whales and native spear
My greatest fear and nightmares.

   If I could share some words
   It wouldn't be just any words.
   I would share some words about a fish
   A fish who is not a fish, but a whale
   Not just any whale, A Narwhal

Deep, down the ocean odyssey
My beliefs and skin peel easily 
With a tear, I drown
When called "The Underwater Unicorn"
My words are naught more than a sad song I sing
A tale of a whale not just any whale, A Narwhal
The next time you go out to sea
Looking for blubber and ivory
Please don't look at me!
For I am just a Narwhal 
And, I belong to the sea

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Sponsor: Broken Wings

Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2015

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Pass the Light House


Odyssey of the open ocean 
Eclipsing the performance of Heaven's delight 
A beautiful name whispered along the night 
Calypso enhanced with enchanted lullabies 
Sweet silver streams, dreamy epic diamond dreams
Serendipity falls in like mist, under the majestic marble moonlight
Calypso, you belong to--
--Sunsets of the secret sea. 
Mysterious-- many precious places to go, 
Calypso --free flowing, floating legend! 
Ride the beastliness breeze above the sea 
Whisper, Calypso come for me! 
Beautiful Comforting, Calypso Carry me! 

Reflections easily deliquesce into thin air
Sedating the open waters -Voyage- view 
Visionary Vessel above liquid level, 
as divine in spirits she sails. 
CA-LYP-SOO-- Nymph Nature Name 
Aquatic belief-----------------------
CALYPSO, the journey of all journey's 
For all eternity----------------------


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2013

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Curse this careless combustion of carbon,
a mindless mess of mankind's making. 
The prime problem, pernicious petroleum, 
burnt in profusion producing pollution. 

In addition to 'see o two' there's 'aitch two o',
cooling, condensing as cumulus cloud.

Does this explain all that recent rain?
A chemical equation clarifies the reaction. 
Burn a litre of petrol get a litre of water. 
It's no surprise, more rain falls from our skies.

Copyright © Tony Hargreaves | Year Posted 2016

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WATER & GLASS Watermarks immersed in fluids weave a whirlpool stream of words washing and waning while wavy waterways weep wet with tears gurgles will gush Translucent crystal clear reflects geometric gems opaque flute glass glacial visible gloss glimmers glitter from guilt © Kim van Breda—September 2014

Copyright © Kim van Breda | Year Posted 2014

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At the fringe of low tide
the surf licks and laps
to re-shape the sand
as ripples and ribs.

On the wet of the flat
where it's clean and pristine
there are spirals of mud
from lug-worms unseen.

Caught in brine pools
and snagged on the rock
are emerald remains
of ripped bladder-wrack.

Sea creatures marooned 
til return of the tide
and little lost crabs 
that know they must hide

In the still of each pond
are shells split to shards
and rocks with barnacles
like welded steel studs.

In the late of the day
the return of the sea.
Those imprisoned crabs
will now be set free.

Copyright © Tony Hargreaves | Year Posted 2015

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With the sun on the lake
a new day is dawning.
It is amber on blue
the magic of morning.

With the sun at midday
and the lake a dark mirror,
black reflects gold,
it is charcoal and fire.

With sunset in the hills
and the fading of light,
the sky turns blue black,
brings the chill of the night.

With full moon in the sky
clouds turn into silver
and stars far beyond
fills us with wonder.

Copyright © Tony Hargreaves | Year Posted 2015

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Wait a minute and testify to its extremity

Let our land be dry and take and extra ride

Wake in haste and see others’ taste

Walk at dawn and see extreme “runs”

What’s the cause?

The world is united, never divided

Our kids and “kids” are the same in this

Like it or not, no dignity but unity

“We” are made their kings,

But in “this” we are linked

It’s all a need, a need indeed!

…Hmn hmn(clears throat)….

…can I have a drink?!     

Copyright © Samuel Fatokun Ph | Year Posted 2011