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The Son of Aleppo

The Son of Aleppo

“Mother why are you crying?”

She looks at he’s small gentle green eyes with ashes surrounding his skin. 

“Momma why are you crying?” 

Her voice slowly appears into the mist of desperation and sadness. Her voice is trying to gain courage not for her but for him. So his eyes can come alive, for his hope to not vanish, so He can see there is good in his lifetime. But she is not soo certain if there is any good left. She wants to hug him but her weak body is not able too, Her eyes are burning with red lines surrounding her watery tears that fall down without her consent. 

“Mother why are you crying?”

Again her weak voice is trying to gain courage to speak. Her fragile body is shaking and all she can do is fall to the ground so she can see him right into his eyes. But  her tears are covering her from seeing him. Her arms are slowly moving towards his shoulders. And whispers to him “Be brave my son….. Be brave…”   “My son be brave.”   

“But Mother why are you crying?”

Her tears are falling un-controllably and her arms are squeezing him tightly and her wails of sorrow start to come out. She is yelling and sobbing. Her cries can be heard far away. 

“Mother don’t cry.. Please”

She couldn’t answer his question. For there was no rational explanation to let him know that his heart and mind has been overshadowed by hate that has been consuming this world . The explosion that they both had to overcome is just one of another for him. She knows that living around violence and hate is normal. For he has not seen peace, he has not seen tolerance, and he has not seen compassion.

“My son….”

He has only seen fear, hate, and war. There can no be any rational explanation for it. He has never had a stable home. He has never had a warm meal, and he only knows his father’s name but has never seen him because the father was killed before he was born. 

“Please do not cry…..”

She can only have hope that maybe this destruction from Greed, Hate, and Fear can vanish.  The sounds of gunshots and bombs are the only thing close to home. for the both of them.  It is the only thing that keeps them closer as Mother and son. 

His future seems to be darker and darker as the days pass by.  Will he be taken by the rebels and force to fight? Will he be forever be a refugee and no nation wants him? Will he just get shot or lose an arm? Will he starve to death? Will he get lost among this never ending destruction? 

Copyright © Melissa Duran | Year Posted 2016

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The New Arrival

The little man,
Curled in a ball,
Short time span,
Checkups to stall.

It's a boy,
All others cheer,
Forming the joy,
To hold him dear.

The day is here,
To go into shock,
Wipe sweat as fear,
Little ears to sweet talk.

Loud but tender,
Smiles from Mom,
Loved ones surrender,
Keeping him calm.

Delicate soft skin,
Breathtaking relief,
Of all the could of been,
Rejoicing disbelief.

Mom and Dad,
Exhausted but ready,
New arrivals to add,
New things to keep steady.

Copyright © Stacey Behal | Year Posted 2013

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What makes a great mom, dedication to all moms

What makes a great mom, 
Is love from the heart. 
You’re a great mom. 
We try our best,
To raise our children right. 
Teach them wrong and right. 
Guide them in the right direction. 
Even in the good and bad times, 
We still love them with all are hearts. 
They have our hearts, 
Even when they grow up. 
A love from a child is forever, 
It’s a gift from god,
Also the greatest love. 
We raise our sons and daughters right,
It shows and will always show. 

Copyright © Angel Hale | Year Posted 2012

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son I'm sorry

Son I'm sorry for what happened
My dream just ended
I'm sorry I bended 

I used to sit on the Back
where I didn't even open my Bag 
Pity me,I didn't listen to miss P when she begged

Son I'm sorry I brought you to Earth 
just to witness my foolishness Acts
Forgive daddy for he did not know that there will be facts.

 Son I'm sorry for what happened 
My wish just shuted 
I'm sorry I just blended 


Copyright © Xihluke mlangeni | Year Posted 2015