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West Texas Wildflowers

West Texas Wildflowers
Waving in the wind
Weather-worn whispering
Whirling warnings to my window
As I water my wallflower
The weeds won’t stop growing
So I whistle the wisdom
I once welcomed
As I wish it away
Watch me wane
As it wastes me away
I’m wilting
With the willows
Weakening in this web 
woven around me
I’ve quit wondering
What a wasted world
I’m surrounded by 
Windows but the walls are all warping
Who waged this war not worth winning?
Will all you want
But wait as you will if you are not working
No time for wandering
I work because I’m weltering
But I’ll always grow weary of the wyrd 
The west Texas wildflowers warned me

Copyright © Gretchen Oelrich | Year Posted 2016

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Gases of my lonely days

You can smell it from miles away
some aren't fooled by the smile on my face.
They are not to blame,
because there are others out there who want to see me
in flames.

Gases of my lonely days.
gases of hate,
gases of shame,
gases of pain,
gases of my eyes rain.

Friends nowhere to be found.
Mother can't always be around.
Legs afraid to stand their own ground,
and annoying tears keep rolling down.

Gases of my lonely days.
Same perfume,never a change.

Copyright © Bokamoso Matsawane | Year Posted 2016

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Things has change,
Our world is coming to an end.
On our destiny,
The wicked now sit.
An our hope is gone.
Our laughter, has been wiped
Away by our sorrows,
And we fear for our own shadows.
Upon our land,
Bloods are shed.
On our land the innocent crouch
Their tooth with pain for revenge.
Whiles we moan our dead,
Our food and drinks are taken
And our daughters in which
The pride of our nation are
Restored on are sexually used by them
In the name of celebrating our defeated.
we pray, cry, whiles they laugh
And mock us not noticing,
That our is hearing us.
Our men has been killed,
 And we fear for what will happen tomorrow
Our heart are heavy,
And we are restless.
We see but now blind
For the tears of pain has make us blind
We are helpless,
And we need help.
We are weak 
And we need strength.

Copyright © christiana cole | Year Posted 2012

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Copyright © EMMANUEL DICKSON | Year Posted 2013

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I see the blood
You too know my thoughts
You ask me why i did this
I am ashamed at the sight
I did what i needed
My mind telling my soul
What my body wouldn’t do

Is this how it is
The satisfaction i never get
The reward of nothing
My heart cries just once
To see the hope
To feel the love it never has
To fill the gap its always had

You whisper to me
Tell me what i want to hear
But it's not what i want
It weakens me to think
All this time you thought 
But never knew me

I doubt myself 
You try to comfort me
The grip of your soul holds me
Tightens around mine
I feel your strength
The strength i never had

It doesn’t help me
Only makes this worse
The guilt I’ve felt gets worse
Burns in my chest like a fire
It will never die down
The pain is there
And it plans to stay. 

Copyright © wow itme | Year Posted 2013

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my rape

The man in the cargo murdered my innocence, and he took away my pride
 He broke me down, and he shattered my trust all at once in his stride
 The man abused me, he denied me, and he watched as tears ran down my face ,How could one soul do this? I believed I was in a safe place

Because of him, I fear just about all
 And all I can do is blame myself; "How could I not escape?" not even crawl
 My friends all dismissed me, when I spoke of what had occurred
 They ignored my fearful plea for help, every last word

My eyes are now swollen, my bones nearly broken
 For now the man who stole my childhood, holds it as his token
 The people around believed my words to be untrue
 Congratulations, you fooled them. But they really don't know you.

I told him no, and I even begged him to stop
 Deafened by the drugs you pushed me to have,
 he remained there on top
 The man took away my voice; he is the bane of my life
 The physical pain I felt that night was comparable to that of a knife

Because of him, I live in fear
 I am afraid of any person who comes near
 I walk alone now, and I hope this guilt is a heavy burden to haul
 Dear man-in-the-cargo, you're not even a man. Not a little, not at all

Copyright © ANDREW KELLY | Year Posted 2016

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silhouettes amongst me

my feet punch the dull, rugged pavent as i slink down the cool quiet night with only the harsh stale lamp to highlight my way ahead a presence is felt as the hairs on the back of my neck come to a stand my heart unconsciously increases in speed my eyes dart from shadow to shadow as the darkness flies around me, mocking my every move my pace quickens as i attempt to escape the nightmare, they are chasing me now snatching at me with there thick claws ive been forced to a sprint they drew closer i can feel the cool of there pace against my back as i lurch forward out of there reach ahead is a never ending blanket of silent blackness i close my eyes and stop dead in my tracks as the darkness engulfs my life the suffering has ended

Copyright © Jayce Collazo | Year Posted 2013

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flustered feelings harsh emotions and a severed heart how am to move on these feeling make my body ache for something much more make me long for my past time is my enemy and regret is my mentor

Copyright © Jayce Collazo | Year Posted 2013

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Political Downfall

political position penetrates purity
anger and aggression accommodate mirroring
of awful austerity allocated each time 
we fall victim helpless to our weak mind
the peoples pressure piles upward
racing towards restoration as the dusk burns
aggravating what was once blue and serene
live this fight in life view the feud in a dream
function funding fatalities the newest regime
are sly scoundrels salivating so few in between
that save a soul sacrificing personal gain
pedantic petty priorities just turn into pain

Copyright © Alex Roelfson | Year Posted 2013

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Pains Of Love

It hurts to love and not 
be loved in return.
lt hurts more to love and 
never find the courage to 
express your feelings.
Love hurts when you 
remove the feeling, 
passion and romance in a 
yet discover you still care 
for that person.
It hurts more when 
someone loved is needed,
someone who means a 
someone who matters 
Only to discover that you 
were never meant for 
each other;
and you've to let go.
At the closure of the door 
of happiness,
another opens.
Though often we tarry at 
the closed doors;
that we don't see the one 
opened for us.
The best love of friends is 
the one you'll be with,
never say a word;
then walk away feeling 
the best conversation 
We don't know what love 
we're missing until it 
Giving someone all your 
is never an assurance of 
love in return,
let love grow in their 
though it doesn't.
Be content it grew in 
There abounds words 
you love to hear,
never would hear them 
from the person you 
Be not deaf never to hear 
those words,
from the one who says it 
from their heart.
Never say goodbye,
if you can still try.
Never give up,
if you can still go on.
Love comes to those who 
still hope,
though were 
To those who still believe,
though were betrayed.
To those who still need to 
though were hurt before.
To those who have 
courage and faith to 
build trust and 
relationship again.
It takes a minute to get a 
crush on someone.
An hour to like someone.
A day to love someone,
it takes a lifetime to 
forget someone.
Don't go for looks,
they can deceive.
Don't go for wealth,
it fades away.
Don't go for fame,
it passes with time.
Go for character and 
go for content not 
go for love not lust.
Go for quality not 
Go for someone who 
makes you smile,
it takes a smile to make a 
dark day seem bright.
Go for someone who 
values you,
who makes you feel 
Hope you find that 
someone that makes you 

Copyright © Valentine Mbagu | Year Posted 2013

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the silence is lulling

Numbness wraps itself around my beating internal organ, blood thickens to a high viscoscious pulp, lungs choke up, air becomes a luxury, I am brought to my knees with a sickening thud I fall to my side defeated I let out a last gasp for air the world turns upside down I see darkness I feel my thoughts quieting my body motionless on the cold, Grey pavement I admire its cracks running along itself and thank it for allowing it to me by resting place i feel the light within me dimming and all is silent at last

Copyright © Jayce Collazo | Year Posted 2013

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Play puzzles pain plying pure pink,
Align aiming apt affluence after;
Induce inane imprints in ink,
News now noting numb nerves never.
Forge feelings fine freshly floating,
Rich rapture roots reasons rustic;
Appeal aligns attempt asking,
Mind moving moots mystic magic;
Etch eons evoke echoing ends,
Sanguine song said sensorial sway.
Prize puzzle pokes petty post-trends,
Assume apt aid attest away;
Imaged ideas instruct intense,
Next notion nears nimble nonsense.

Leon Enriquez
27 October 2015

(Note: This is a Sonnet with Alliteration.)

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2015

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Imagine a time...
 when everything was absolutely right.

When you looked forward to 
 waking up the next day. 

When you actually slept through the night. 
 When you finally felt peace.
 That everything is going to be alright.

When all of a sudden your 
 dreams, your hopes and strength 
 are gone forever.

All you want to do is scream 
 "Please God, tell me it's a dream!" 

When you wake in the morning 
 to realize its reality. 

You try to fight the finality. 
 You need just a little bit of normality.

You try not to think of "Why" 
 all you do is cry. 

You try to be angry with God, 
 but end up angry at yourself.

"Why didn't I just stay home that day?" 
 "Why can't anything ever go my way?"

You crawl out of bed. 
 Decide to give life another whirl. 

You reach out. 
 Some reach back. 
 Some don't even call back. 

Just when you thought you had no more to lose.
 You do. 

These people you thought to be friends just wanted you to use.

So you lay back down just wanting to snooze, thinking why me? 
 Is it how I choose?

You begin to give up. 
 You don't see a reason any longer 
 to even wake up. 

Then all of a sudden you hear 
 the sound of the phone ring or 
 a knock on the door. 

Someone there to tell you not to give up, 
 you're worth so much more. 

You begin to cry while this other person 
 is wondering why. 

You try to say 
 "Thank you for being my friend today, 
 if it weren't for you I would've given up
 and died."

You now know the answer of "Why".

It's to remind you 
 to never give up 
 and to always try. 

Now when I cry I know and don't ask why.

I get out of bed and again I try.

Copyright © ANDREW KELLY | Year Posted 2016

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The messiah

they are confused i feel their it pouring out of their words as they spit cruel taunts at me hoping to get another reason to strike me father they do not know which the madness they bring forth they pull me high i feel a sharp pain in my hands they grow cold and limp their smothered in red ink pouring from itself they place jagged pieces of something on my head and i feel a warm liquid dripping down my face i feel my life draining i look down at my death dealers and forgive them as i pass on to see my father

Copyright © Jayce Collazo | Year Posted 2013

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Puppet of Pain

My back was a large piece of wood.
Suddenly a wrong jerk
sent a happy ax running through my body.
The splinters of amber pierced my muscles,
my brain,
my soul.
My back waxed and waned like a wild river
with my muscles surging like fresh coral waves,
ready to rip from my spine.
Pain rose like bubbling bubbles bursting at the top.
My hobbies became horror stories--halted.
No writing, typing, crafting or even a hug.
My heart became a red bucket, filled with desire.
I realized I was still alive though I couldn't barely even breathe.

October 10th 1997

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2016

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To Not Breathe Pain And Die

The rain that reached the rural of my roof
Collapsed through ceilings cracked, a crying child
Sometimes I cry myself. A man I mourn
The day that I will die of deaths disease
In tale I tease my thoughts to take back time
When age was young, a yearling of a youth
But brother, I must battle this blind pain
As he that walked with faith on waters will

Copyright © Johnny Sumler | Year Posted 2011

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Transcendence life

content at moments still - how long a 100's of an hour possibly more? unknown time is an ally but betrays my trust - turning on me like the dark transcendence moon overwhelming the lulling sun in the evenings day - overtaking it slowly quietly drowning it in its purest shade of black - until all is null and silenced - these past months of my own life - pressured rushed dis fulfilling no more - dont miss treat me time - your my most precious asset you wont last forever

Copyright © Jayce Collazo | Year Posted 2013

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She Goes Back

She Goes Back
By Lillian J. Jeffrey

Whispers flow like a river
she will be sold
sold or rented like a cash crop

Born on a Maryland plantation
her mother works the big house
Harriet runs barefoot in the woods
side by side her brothers, nursemaids 
her younger brother, childhood ends at five

She is rented, sleeps on a cold, cold floor 
shares food scraps with dogs 
wounds yarn slow they say 
checks muskrat traps in marshes 
barefoot in icy waters she looks 

Her lungs fill, fill with fluid, her body burns 
she is sent back coughing, coughing, holds on
fights off bronchitis and measles 
her mother helps nurse her back

Rented to take care of a baby, clean house 
the baby cries, she’s whipped, whipped, she runs
runs like the wind, tumbles into a pig pen 
pig fights for potato peels

Her stomach empty, rumbles, she 
returns to her mistress, the whippings set
her back on fire, she is sent back.

Rented, rented to load lumber
hears Nat Turner led a revolt 
losses fighting for freedom
rebellions spark hope in her heart
whispers spread she will be sold

Her master dies, the new master 
rents her to a local builder 
the builder permits her to rent herself 
she makes money, saves, saves, runs, runs
bends with the wind.

Empty of fear, full of dreams of freedom 
doors open, slips of paper lead her way 
through the Underground Railroad, 
a network of shifting safe houses

Her heart skips a beat,
beads of sweat roll, roll down her cheeks
she crosses, crosses the Mason-Dixon Line.

Free at last, lonely, life stands still
like a still life of shells and bones
she is cut off, she longs, longs for her family

The sounds of rattling chains, cracking whips,
echo in her ears, she hears her mother’s
cry, hears her mother's cry, she goes back, 
helps her family, friends escape, escape 
on foot, through cemeteries, swamps, 
around hills, she never losses a passenger.

A will as strong as a rock
a will to endure, persevere 
a will to help others
nineteen times she goes back 

Shoes worn, spirits strong
more than three hundred slaves escape 
Harriet Tubman is nicknamed “Moses” 
for her fearless bravery, 
thump, thump, thump
bounty hunters on her trail.

Copyright © Lillian White | Year Posted 2017

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you come calling
banging on my bangs
at the midnight hour
cupping my countenance 
roughly in your hands
scraping more suffering
haranguing harder and harder
my head harasses the pillow
with an eternal tick tock
you shower me with increasing pressure
taunt me with moments of despair
kick it up a notch
chime in my rhyme
i grimace at  your gangrenous grin

orange hues open my eyes
sky’s skewed

Kim Rodrigues © 2017

Copyright © Kim Rodrigues | Year Posted 2017

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Pain puzzles poise
Nude naughty noise

Seize sensuous strains
Prime petty pain

Loud laughter leaps
Glimpse gaudy grip

Set sanguine smile
Plot pretty pile

Nurture nice nay
Please pretty play

Dream dazzling dance
Chase crazy chance

Mind movement makes
Touch tricky take

Claim crazy choice
Vouch vileness voice

Dance dreamy day
Stretch swirling stay

Hurl happy heart
Sweet sparkling start

Pain pricks profound
Poignant pain pounds

Words wander well
Time truly tells

Leon Enriquez
07 August 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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Its not my luck
but GODS love
have no pain
for no satisfaction

borrowed love
with no pride
to eradicate anger

The promise of love
a stale smell
becomes trend
and infection

I am still there
nowhere to go
when you give me your hand
I will feel proud

Copyright © Oliver Muchuma | Year Posted 2016

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Bright blood, 
Ripe red:
Fresh flood,
Bleak bed.

Fate fails,
Sad show;
Hurts hail,
Free flow.

Queer queue,
Pain points;
Dread due,
Jeer joints.

Break bread,
Sit still;
Doubt dead,
Wounds will.

Curl choice,
Please pay;
Peak poise,
Wild way.

Leon Enriquez
26 November 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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pain and relief

pain to ruin,
reliet to save,
is the job
by the doctors who trace
the way
to protect the life,
and brave are the moves,
courageous- the looks,
and priceless
the outcome
for the Dads and the Moms,
the thanks can't be counted,
never repaid,-
the only word to describe is
Ivan Petryshyn Chicago IL 05/13/07

Copyright © ivan petyshyn | Year Posted 2007

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Sad story stains
Spread sensuous strain

Nude naughty name
Burdens brisk blame

Such squeaky sounds
Proud pleasure pounds

Glimpse grumpy gain
Pride plunders pain

Leeching last light
Niche nasty night

Rich rapture ripe
Proud pleasures pipe

Such sad surprise
Pain pickles prize

Huge hate hustles
Big blaze bustles

End echoes etch
Sticky smudge sketch

Leon Enriquez
09 September 2017

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2017