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Alliteration Introspection Poems | Alliteration Poems About Introspection

These Alliteration Introspection poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Introspection. These are the best examples of Alliteration Introspection poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Estas ahi

Estas ahi??
Me pregunto que hay detras de mi reflejo obscuro en el monitor,
Estas ahi? –me pregunto sin cesar. 
añoro el sonido de tus mensajes, 
La fuerza de tus palabras
Que dia a dia estremesen mi ser
Alentando me a suguir aqui. 
Esta ahi?- pregunto nuevamente. 
Como es possible que sin saber quien sos
Invadas mis pensamientos? 
Asaltes mis Sueños??
Y alegres mi corazon???
Se que detras de mi reflejo hay alguien, 
Si eres tu, no lo se. 
Estas ahi???

Copyright © Rahima Espat | Year Posted 2015

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Strange people do strange things.
Many memories they have about history.
Never are they an open book.
They enjoy confusion.

Smart people do not like strange people.
They go through their changes just to get with them.
They like them for what they knowledge gives.
They tolerance becomes the standard and strange people becomes a gamble.

Smart people do strange things.
Many memories they have about history.
Never are they an open book.
They enjoy confusion.

Strange people do not like smart people.
They go through their changes just to get with them.
They like them for what they knowledge gives.
They tolerance becomes the standard and smart people becomes dismantle.

Ignorant is not the same as dumb abreast yourself via observation.

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

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Exploring Expressing Emotions

I write wildly, 
Expressing, emoting
Fierce,feelings flowing
Quickly, quietly through my head
Placing, pen on paper
Releasing, recurring ,wraths within
Clearing, cleansing, the clarity conquers
Images influence entirely everything
Piles of pictures purged from my mind
Silencing my souls, shadowed secrets
Freeing a forbidden feeling of my past
Slowly, solace seeps 
Renewing and refreshing 
Entirely everything
Free to forge forward 
To try to trust

Copyright © Jennifer Marie Oliver | Year Posted 2013

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Cheater's Chair

A destructive dance indeed,
betwixt the two we bleed.
A bellowing, bloody abate,
this stale, seductive state.

Simple, senseless steeds,
jealous fires feed.
Perjuring petty plights,
demons do delight.

A crimson, cheaters chair,
awful angers air.
No trust, truth or taste,
wallowed wantons waste.

Envious, eager eyes,
rejoicing a wrathful rise.
Coveting, careless couth, 
yesteryear's eager  youth.

Copyright © Stacy Stiles | Year Posted 2012

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Like You

pitter patter acid rain waxing hi-gloss
smoky sky-scratching monster coup
fearless hue self-out stabbing acrylic nails'
bond to black market sale-deal rape
indian tears too few to cleanse
the polluted hearts under the stitch-held
stars of a blood-whipped flag

in you is a flood after drought
in you is a pestle fitting crucible
somewhere in your rash, there's a place called sensible
our common meeting place coming out

ten-speed riding sunshine girl smiling
wide and high as her cheeky-powdered rock-washed
cellular towering, nerve-shock stroking man
dodge-wrecking his impersonal laptop-orgy
maverick hopping additive, lasso-steroid
from steak-rustling warrior pinning-the-tail-on-
a-steel-wheel-heart when picking up metal armor

in you is a flood after drought
in you is a pestle fitting crucible
somewhere in your rash, there's a place called sensible
our common meeting place coming out

toro, taxi-driver
toro, weightless astronaut
toro, steaming sailor
it's all in us   wear it's knot

Copyright © Effie Blake | Year Posted 2007

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Cheer charms clear clay
Aim arts apt aye
Deep deed digs day

Plot plays pure peace
Imp inks increase
Love lives life's list

Poise prunes prized ploys
Jumpstart just joy
Trust truth to toy

Wit wins wild woes
Live laugh love's lore
Mix music more

Clear choice claims cheer
Helpful hints hear
Feel faith free fear

Time tells true tales
Mind meets more mail
Sweet songs spell sale

Deep deed digress
Stale strains suppress
Pain paves progress

Leon Enriquez
12 Feb 2012

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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deep contemplation—consideration initiated intervention soft-scented and serene “yesterday—today—tomorrow” drifts dispersing dreams past and present—poised integrated involvement melancholy memories merge quest questioning quietly yielding—tainted—testimonies deflecting definitive destinies Please send a Butterfly or Two

Copyright © Kim van Breda | Year Posted 2013

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Wasteland of Shame

Bound by blame, broken by blight,
Scarred by a stolen satire,
nuzzling necrophiliacs within the night.

Tangled in torment, tied untamed,
blemished by the blasphemy,
of never speaking your name.

Shackled in sin, shredded sovereignty,
dealing death’s doses,
murdering you and me.

Cuffed with candor, calling our crimes,
to an impetuous enslavement,
tortured through time.

Set me free, to flee this fool’s game,
where we're always left wandering,
in this wasteland of shame.

Copyright © Stacy Stiles | Year Posted 2012

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Look At My Man-go!

Look at my magnificent man.
So sweet and sultry and always has a plan.
Every lovely layer I pull back I find gold
When God gave me this glorious man He broke the mold.

Walking and whistling is what he does with ease.
He's always so sweet and satisfying to please.
Taking a bite out of him and take a trip to the dentist.
Any girl would be lucky to be on his love list.

However, this heavenly dream has become just mine.
He's a walking dish---so delicious and divine!
He became such a special surprise on those sultry summer days.
So refreshingly refining that he put me in a haze.

Others I find ogling at my oh so original man.
It used to brutally bother me but, now I understand---
Not many have such a sweet man to go home to.
But ladies, I'll let you look just once, and that's all I can do.

Ladies, I'll give a little advice on landing a good man.
Appreciate all his attributes, even the ones you can't stand.
His sweetness and his smile will always satisfy you.
Bumps and bruises in life will come, so learn to appreciate them too.

Copyright © Brandee Augustus | Year Posted 2010

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a little ration

Heat my heart I hear a hero
this soul soothed, stilled, and silenced
golden, growth, gave me a guru
within, wild, waiting to whisper
I inclined, initiate impossible
imagine infinite isn't so infamous
IMHO SMH serves no justice
TKO LOL no need omega
delighted to deliver dharmic direction
self-appointed steward of selfless
practiced not perfect, positive portions
critical for compassionate connections
we, world, will win, with unity
culture continues to counter crosses
mediated meeting my middles merciful
If you think you know then answers pass by
not one mind built this vision
landmine lands filled with landfills
minus minding multiple menaces
covet care cause its a rare case
corporate ladder, or conscious staircase
choices chastised, for coursing courageous
caring contagious, counting on cowards
evils aired aren't left faceless
sights for sure are sore from wayside
be the change to see a day is seized
stay cold-hearted and this place will freeze

Copyright © Davin Payne | Year Posted 2013

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We Beat Until We Battered

We sometimes drink and smoke so much We get beat until we are battered 
Our dreams were like one giant wall of glass where upon they were destined to be shattered
 Broken in a heap of glass we now stay occupied where lost souls continue to gather
 Dark yet so desolate living amongst those were nothing in life but a quick death seems to matter
 It seems as if the harder we try the more below we get needing somekind of ladder
 All I hear are silent screams among gossiping chit chatter 
Our truth is getting skinnier while our lies are well fed by the way the are getting fatter
 Crying souls overcome those that are filled with laughter 
The clock for many of us gets slow but our life train to death only gets faster 
Many of us which remain lost in addiction looking for a positive leader, a mentor, some kind of master
But when shyt hits the fan we must remain strong even if we just lost someone close and are feeling sadder
 If life is to throw us those curveballs in a the ring then its time stop mr nice guy and get badder
 You must endure the shyt that you got to endure even if it gets your hands and feet a little tathered
 Life can and will get you drunk so handle your drink or let it bring you down until you can no longer stagger
 You must tell yourself **** them and everybody else because you still got skill even if you aint got swagger
 Just tell yourself "**** they judgements" because you know in your own eyes you still look sharper than a dagger

Copyright © Travis Lone Hill | Year Posted 2012

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Battling Addiction

She sits in the room across from me
Mocking my sanity
As I try to will her to go away
But we live in a room that has no door
She sits there smug and awfully sure
That she’s in my life now to stay

She grows bigger as I get small
I don’t recognize myself at all
Her desires dictate my every move
I see her through my family’s tears
She has separated us for years
Making rough times from a life that was smooth

I cannot leave her tight embrace
Her influence distorts my once clean face
Everyone else but myself is to blame
I give into her constant plea
To get again inside of me
I loathe this gal with Addiction as her name

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2013

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Political Downfall

political position penetrates purity
anger and aggression accommodate mirroring
of awful austerity allocated each time 
we fall victim helpless to our weak mind
the peoples pressure piles upward
racing towards restoration as the dusk burns
aggravating what was once blue and serene
live this fight in life view the feud in a dream
function funding fatalities the newest regime
are sly scoundrels salivating so few in between
that save a soul sacrificing personal gain
pedantic petty priorities just turn into pain

Copyright © Alex Roelfson | Year Posted 2013

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Alizarin azaleas
in the myrtle moss
where my flax feet cross
to the saffron sand,
in my magenta mind...
Beneath a cerulean sky
where the fuchsia fowl fly
to a haematic horizon
for true lavender love, 
with my turquoise thoughts...
Ascending a viridian vortex
was my amaranth amour
with its vermilion vim
to your henna hands,
from my hazel heart...
Such silver sincerity
fades to xanadu xenon
as your damson dissent
shoves the taupe truth,
down my thistle throat...
Umber unanimity 
in my wisteria world
has turned my crimson comfort so,

Copyright © Alyssa Finley | Year Posted 2009

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Beings, not known to outsiders,,, Average life

*smiling slightly sad Colibri said:   'are you happy today, my dear? '   'average…  i am… just average'
answered her combustive Lizard   the wizard from white blizzard     airily framed by invisible flames.
'i thought u like life in extreme!'   told obviously surprised Squirrel,  flocculent parallel world beauty
in sorrel colored winter apparel.   'indeed, i needed that before!!      i have been on the sunny ridge
and then in cold wet dark ditch.    i have been crossing sky freely,     other times – just like partridge
injured by a merciless cartridge    i tasted my own blood willingly:    because pain seemed pleasure.
burned enough but not to pitch.   abridged but still not a smidge.      average… i am just… average!
peaceful  like a tortoise who is     not making unnecessary noise.      happy with calm daily routines
proceeding speed of rising Sun     and determination of a Sprout.      i will not shout i won’t use gun: 
all is well– simply as it is… now!'  Queen colibri, Wizard of lizards     & tender Goddess of squirrels:
beings, not known to outsiders    they were sharing same cup full     of abundant life mysteries with
each other at present moment–   with eye to eye circumspection,    mind to mind interconnections,
direct heart to heart reflections   resounding in supportive chords.   we will not know how much we
changed each other, how much    we will…   when time will tell us    we’ll walk separated path again*
Lizard, Colibri and Squirrel… all with unique ails but common fairy tails

Feb. 2016

Copyright © salamandra Gabija | Year Posted 2016

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E-FMCG Insensitivity, derogation, defamation, humiliation, Libel, slander, stigmatisation. These Fast Moving Consumer Goods, I’d like to term E-FMCG. Caution! … The Media and internet want sensational news. Reality shows dig for what give mileage. They want to go viral, need spice and juice, And Intrusion of privacy is their privilege. … More clicks, more views, more shares, Means publicity and more money! Gossip, personal problems, affairs. What sells best, are these E-FMCG. … E for electronic. E for easy. E for explicit. E for exploitive E for engrossing, yet E for empty. E for an epidemic that’s infected our economy. … E for exaggerated. E for excruciating. E for emotionless ego-thrashing. E for evil; that is very much evitable. E for this enormous ebon industry. … Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment!

Copyright © Divya Menon | Year Posted 2015

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pith-fully from truth

neurotic narcotics reared reason in rows, 
plucked pith-fully from truth, 
agile enough in politick to anesthetise the waste,
languishing amongst the cling-filmed choral-forms 
of symbiotic silicone…
the future lay dormant, 
adjudicating the agricultural status 
of domesticated foreign policy… 

Copyright © William Ward | Year Posted 2006

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Poet Destroyers Poem in Hindi -Like Ice

Irma Linda or PD (Poet Destroyer) is a good friend of mine and a very prominent and dynamic American Poet of Poetry Soup. The list of her fans is so big that it is difficult to count them. Her poems often show in her touching poetic lines the great denouncement of the prevailing hypocrisy of human behavior. I am giving below her latest Poem in Hindi and with its original in English as I have placed it on my face book page few days back as a mark of my love and respect for this wonderful poet Irma Linda or my friend PD. . barph kee tarah – vaaltj ? "kaalee barph" duhkh soory kee pahalee kiran ke saath nirjhar bahata hai aur aankhen sardee aur baaris se bhee bhaaree ho jaateen hain aisa dardamay sanyojan pahale kabhee mahasoos nahin kiya jisake antahkaran mein mrty intazaar kar rahee - hansatee huee jab ki - vo kshamaadaan ke lie gidagidaatee hai. 01 . aankhon mein apoornata har sooryaast mein ubharatee aanand ke baadalon se neeche utarane ke baad aur asambhav lagata – shareer kee akadan ko mita paana un chhadon mein jabaki ek utkrsht nrty samaapt ho chuka ho! jab ki aruchikar sangeet aur sardiyon kee dhundh baith chukee ho har taraph pyaar ke bhagnaavashesh ek antaheen goonj ban ds rahe hon taana maarate huai - meree apanee smrtiyon ko. 02 . toote visvaash ke shabdon kee sanasanee poore raaste mein chhalaangen lagaate hain jahaan aur vichaar barph ke aavaran mein lipat kar aur gir tukade ho jaate hain ek aisee duniyaan mein jahaan aashaen kabhee astitv mein theen aaj akelee kaheen door hoon bina kisee loree ke ek aise kamare mein jahaan koee bhee garmaahat nahin hogee aur jahaan kabhee ek simphanee kee madhur dhvani goonjatee thee vahaan ab keval ek aruchikar chandrama hai aur ant mein ek naee dhun kee bela praarambh hotee hai jahaan jameen barph kee kathor nukeelee tiliyaan doolha banee huee hain. 03 . har sharad purnima par vo ghooratee aur ghoor kar dekhatee hai takiye par pade vo sookhe lipistik ke nishaan aur tab anubhav hota hai vo anadikha thandaapan, atrpt aur adhoore aansoon aur vo napharat jo brail lipi kee chubhan see prateet hotee hai. 04 . khaaleepan ke aasapaas jal prataap sa girana poora barph ke dansh se peedit sa saphar greesm kee madhy raatri ke sapane apane ant ‘ke kareeb patajhar kee sardee ko dhaankatee olon kee varsha ek ghaatak bal sabhee ko nirast karate hue kyonki khoye beete varsh ek himaskhalan se toot kar neeche bahut neeche girate hain. 04 . vo baaris ko aise rangatee hai maanon koee dil ka dard ho har kadam kee peechhe sardiyon ke avashesh chhodate hue kaalee barph usake peele chehare par jam kar aise baithatee hai usane koee any dil ka dard jaise baarish pent har kadam ke peechhe sardiyon avasheshon chhodane "blaik aais" usake peela par thand kainavaas ke kareeb baithata hai aap nikat se talaash hai, vah vahaan hai ek vaaltj mein sthir, ek vaaltj, ek vaaltj mein abhee bhee taaja hai ya vishvaas karane ke lie kabhee nahin "unhonne kaha," ki pyaar kee baat kee thee, to pighal gae. 05 . Like Ice --- THE WALTZ "Black Ice" Sorrow flows from the first sunrise Eyes deeper than winter and rainfall A painful combination never felt before At core death awaits - laughing while she begs for clemency! In her eyes, fault is found in every sunset - after coming down from cloud nine. Impossible to move --- her body stiffen That very moment, A precious Waltz - Expired! Coldplay and winter mist set in Ruins of love clinch an endless echo - taunting the very merry memory. The auditory sensation of broken trust - stride across the way. Icing every thought in a sullen, cold rink. She fell - She crumbled - In a world where hope once existed Today, she will sway alone without a lullaby In a room with no warmth One time a sweet symphony, now a sour moon At last, a different tune begins to fiddle As she grooms the icicles in her room. On every mid-moon, she stares and stares towards the old shriveled lipstick on his pillow Unseen coldness, unsatisfied, incomplete tears She can feel the complete braille of hate --- cascade around the emptiness Throughout her poise frostbite travels in Midnight Summer dreams are near an end Autumn bones covered by winter sleet A deadly force condemns all because of one Lost years crumbled like an avalanche Way deep down inside....... She paints the rain like no other heartache Leaving winter residue behind every step "Black Ice" sits close to the cold canvas on her pale If you seek closely, she is there Immobilized in a waltz, in a waltz, in a waltz Never to linger or trust The "HE" that spoke of love, then melted away ~*~ Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2016 Original Poem by Irma Linda Hindi version by Ravindra K Kapoor 30th Jan. 2017

Copyright © Ravindra K Kapoor | Year Posted 2017

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Wayward Wanderer

The wayward wanderer, wonders whilst walking; 
when woken the somnambulist savagely screams solipsist soliloquies!
Shunning salvations sweet succor s
                                                              y seeping,  softly creeping Being  resumes 
and he Wanders... 
 and he Wanders...

Copyright © Avery Murray | Year Posted 2012

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Last 2 grains of sand

White washed world wishing wonders 
Did I see love that nostalgic night 
My eyes her cheeks my heart her aura 
Was it the true self longing for truth 
Or a hopeless heart seeking home in a foreign land 
Was it love or longing that pierced a lonely soul
Life is hard love is harder meaning 
Visions seen everyday love is shining in them all
Desire is a play and God is the audience 
Dreams are in hour glass; two grains of sand remain 
Two lovers full of exhilaration not knowing where they're 
Fanatics face full grown facade with funny facts 
What will life become?

Copyright © Phillipe Foucher | Year Posted 2015

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Almost always, as additional allurements arrive, ask as a Being...
 By better borne behests become best Causes ?
  Can causes create concise concepts Diligently ?
   Do doers do decidedly dumb doldrums Ever ?
    Each eek echoes egotistical efforts enduring Familiarity...
     Faith fathers forgiveness for flaunting fabled Gifts.
      Gasps give great grief, growing gruesome Hatreds...
Hasn't humanity had hurt hearts hung Innocently ?
 Is insistence in increasing irritation inevitably incongruous Justice ?   
  Jimson jars...jitters...joggles...jolts...just jocose jurisprudence' Knell.
   Kerfuffle kin, kickshaw kept ken, kindly knaves kneading Lamentations...
    Leaving love's loaves, lordly lotharios, looking like lowlifes Made.   
     Marking more madmen mere moronic monsters meting mayhem Nearby.
Now, not never, nab needed nerves, nurture nasturtium near Openness !
 Once only one, ordained our ostracism, outrage outdone on overwrought Plight.
  Perhaps pride precludes passable patience, posing portentous prolapse Quickly !
   Quiet quandaries, quarrelsome qualms, quivering quixotic quirks Resplendent...
     Reaching relapse, revolving recidivism, reconstructed reflective reform Seen !
      Searching secretive states, seemingly simple, sincere serenity sought Through...
       Tender tears, touching together to total tympanic transformation Unjust.
Unique union...unimportant, unbending, unpopular, unless universal Veracity !
 Verbose verbalism, vertical vignettes verify vital victory Won.
  When written with wit...watershed words work wonderful Xerography !
   Xyloid xylography, xeroxed xeno X, Yet...
    Yesterday's youth, yowled yummy young yips Zanily !
     Zeitgeist, zombie zealots zapping zonked zingers...Away !!

Copyright © Dan Cwiak | Year Posted 2016

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What's Eating Me

Foundation founded on;
Superficial societal stares..
Teenagers teary truth...
Of a perfect purging prayer...

Supermodels and stars...
On a pedastal of peers...
Engorging every entree...
Appauled at how they appear...

Succulently still unsatisifed...
Baking another bite...
Indulgence is imminent...
Famine is nil a fright...

Nauseated near spent...
Dieting with no drive...
Vomiting every morsel...
This is how I feel alive.... 

Copyright © Stacy Stiles | Year Posted 2008

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Death of a discordant love

A soul in flames daunting the discordant canvas, eradicating the supreme veil. To be 
drenched in apathy coincides inversely with the stench of a bitter legacy. Severed 
souls search asunder for a subversive scent, only to be oppressed in an overt art. 
Begging death for a drenching darkness to obliterate this dire desolation. Complete 
in nocturne this grotesque being of infinite hate commands coercively.

Copyright © Lucas Williams | Year Posted 2011

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Fall of Avarice

Scampering scurrying savages salvage soiled scraps
Hoping Hurrying helps hasten hoarding hunger
Watching women weep while wishing
Childish chants, chastising chosen children, creating chaos cloaks, confusing
Mankind’s morals, misguiding muses manipulate molding meaningless media minds
Vanquish villainous voices via vested 
Compassion, congenial caring considering 
Helping humanity heighten 
Internal integrity increasing individual illumination
Ushering ultimate understanding upon uniting 
Everyone evoking earth’s euphoria…

Copyright © Darren Garmer | Year Posted 2011

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An Envied State

Envy eats at my eager overtone.
Airing aspirations of me alone.
Resenting ruse, requiring need.
Festering famine, for you I feed.

Covet creation, I crave carelessly.
Desiring deeply, damn fearlessly.
Greedily grasping for others gain
Invidious intrusion, idly insane.

Spitefully starving, stalking prey.
Jealously jaunting, without delay.
Longing lust, loathing your term.
Craving prosperity, cash I affirm.

Rendition of riches, reasons resent.
In umbrage euthanizing my consent.  
Tilling your toils, for me you taste – 
Conceding to my monetary embrace.

Eagerly empowering an envied state.
Devouring dignity, a diligent debate.
Victoriously vigor, voicelessly vim.  
Gluttony so gracious, greedily grim.

Copyright © Stacy Stiles | Year Posted 2010

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Caresses and Kisses

Pockets and Playfulness

Bras, Beauty and Belt loops

Copyright © Moose Bak | Year Posted 2010

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Unspeakable Love

No one knows the higher heights to which their love had climbed Or how their simultaneous thoughts, fluidly flow Required replies to queries crisscross from minds in sync And countless compliments and sweet gentle gestures, he lays upon her heart Popular redundant rhetoric, now unnecessary is made extinct by…unspeakable love ~*~
For: Adeleke's "Unspeakable Love" Contest

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2011

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Empty Jars

Empty things-

Empty rooms-filled with things-
Empty vases-empty jars
Empty seats-
Cupboards that are bare-

Corridors-in my mind-
Long and narrow-alone I stare-
Vacant land -
You once – were there!  


Copyright © Brenda Victoria Northeast | Year Posted 2012

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I sold my soul to the bottom of the beer bottle. So what if I want to wallow around 
with this low self mentality . A sip here a sip there, why not sip everywhere ...you 
You see, you really don't care when you have the mentality to wallow in the hallow 
of a bottle.
I sold my soul to the bottom of the beer bottle;burning out the aching pain that 
causes me to be insane with so much shame.

Boy,the bottom of the beer bottle isn't where I really want to be?You see the 
bottom of the beer bottle did not bother me; but now ,it's really affecting me.

Ican't eat sometimes I can't even sleep,because the bottom of the beer bottle is 
calling me.It's really beating my body.How can I ever benefit when the bottom of 
the beer bottle is calling me?How could this ever happen to me?

When I used to win and grin, beating the bottle;what I once to beat is now beating 
me and my body.The bottom of the beer bottle is calling me.

Idrink it waking up and drink it lying down.The bottom of the beer bottle has a tight 
hold on me.The bottom of the beer bottle is calling me.

Copyright © Crystal Seals | Year Posted 2008

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My Bedroom Walls

I am Twelve -  My cynical composure  is of my second nature - A constant, compatible
I am the Winter Solstice - Darkness is my Jesus, the losing light, my Judas.
I am Fourteen - Binded by the breaking basket to Brimstone, with heavy heart I instill my
identity in Lucifer's caress. 
I am the mass of minions in your notorious night - Yet, as he watches warily, Lord Lucifer
intervenes  my pathological perverted pretense. 
I am Sixteen - And I watch those I call my kindred spirits as their earthly esteems  are
crushed in a doomed dimension of distress.
I am a Gnostic Ghost - Regression, Repression, and wrong residence cloud my tiresome trail
to prolonged prudence.
I am Seventeen -  Sweet success surmounted will send a tempest to those with hateful
hearts towards my continuous convalescence .
I'm a Courteous Comedian - And a sarcastic sermon of a writer's woe leaves simple
satisfaction, with my self in restless reminiscence.
I am an Ageless Apparition - And in this vexatious vessel, ,in this tainted temple, I long
for Lord Lucifer's law of survival of strongest, or a phantom's fall.
I am the Passive Pacifist - Dazzling the dawn, Dashing the dusk;  negating the rest of 
Light the lamp, Lord Lucifer, speak seductive sounds ... The Secret Salvation of My
Bedroom Walls.

Copyright © Jordan Adorno | Year Posted 2007