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The Forest

"What happens in the forest stays in the forest"

The trees are trimmed, 
The leaves on the ground 
Proposing passion, sweet mist
Naked with nothing to bare or wear
Nature's breath lightens the atmosphere
She breathes in, he breathes out
The auditory sensation of rain 
   - drums down and deepens
The course is near its end, 
Deep in this forest night
A Gentleman among the trees, 
Hibernating new seeds 

"On the other side of the forest"
He guides a path, with ebony eyes
A convincing vent, I accept
The fear is broken, I sleep in glee
The whispers disappear 
Drying in peace by the secret bayou 
Broad leaves lay under raw landscape
Lulled by the chills he quills
A quarter past midnight 
Mr Romantic
   - prepares the new sheets of Winter. 


Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2015

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Magic Carpet Ride

Twisting and turning on tides of laughter,
we rise and roll with wild abandon.
Through sparkling sheens of summer rain,
those gentle gems of glistening, gleaming drops,
we fly freely upon this flamingo feathered carpet.
Happily we ride along the heights of heaven,
Gazing deep into galaxies that glow far beyond.
Saturn's seductive rings slowly pull us forward,
When suddenly we drop, diving low, dipping back into
the darling glow of our moon.
Then sweeping past the stars, smiling with delight,
we sail off in the distance, shouting our goodnight.
Now all the sights that we've seen shall swim within our dreams.
Come take my hand as I take yours and we'll fly off toward tomorrow.

Tanya Harrington   ©   07-30-2012
Inviting ~  Poet~Destroyer, Let's ride!         

For Skat's Magic Carpet Ride Contest

Copyright © Tanya Harrington | Year Posted 2012

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Morning Rain

No tears as we scoop up the moon,
zip up dirt statues that dance in the sky,
and pour out the sea of stars. 

We laugh as we boil to pull closer the sun, 
turn our night song into the whistle of a soothing wind, 
and blanket mountain tops with snow.

We sip blueberry flowers as we clip birds to trees,
turtles to seas, and playful dogs to shoes;
then we lean in and candle the dawn. 

No tears as we scoop up the moon,
snag the sun, and slice the sky.

No tears,
                  As morning rain they fall.

Copyright © Krystal Cochrane | Year Posted 2006

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Two Trees Shaped Like A Heart

Threw two trees a heart was seen
Two trees bent, shaped by time and wind
Threw these trees the truth can be gleaned
Hards times shape, make, and blend

(Threw in this instance means strategic place.)

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2009

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A Poet's Thoughts

I try to be a poet, turning everything I feel
into the magic dusted fairy phrases that I steal
from scattered, peeling pages of a strybook within
the cluttered combination of my unforgotten sins.

I pen forsaken fallibles surrounded by a word
or sometimes sweet soliloquy the likes you've never heard
to transfer tiny twinkles of my heartbeat intertwined
unraveling vocabulay's voiceless valentine.

I write to make the parchment sing in choired harmony
between the soured notes that echo of a diff'rent me
I bang upon the beggar's door and scratch a little while
to softly offer spices to my peppered paper pile.

I scribble, tearing barriers belonging to us all
with scripted scenes cascading over turbid waterfalls
pouring metered movements in a liquid sea of motion
washing over thirsty souls who drink my clear emotion.

I try to be the treasured tome as written by my muse
expressing me uniquely through these hands she likes to use
composed in crying chords of sorrowed laughter's ecstasy,
I try to be a poet, but that choice is not for me.

Copyright © Curt Mongold | Year Posted 2013

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The Night Owl

Hoot! Hoot! Came the call
In silence I listened,heard
Suddenly, hoot! Hoot! 
Came the cry,tree 
Branches rustling,wings 
Seems the world was in 
Oblivion-the absolute 
Went I to the window 
and Looked into the 
empty Darkness. As I lay 
down,I Knew somewhere 
I would Hear that sound 

Copyright © Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu | Year Posted 2013

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Welcome To Our Future

Welcome to our flawless future,
where everything is bright and beautiful.
This is our home- a priceless picture
of our world so wide and wonderful.

The day we met was a date with destiny
the skies sang and the Sun did smile.
My heart was placed on a special scrutiny,
your love made the waiting worthwhile.

Safety is having you always by my side,
peace is knowing that you will never leave.
Joy is a feel of your arms at eventide,
Love is the cord to which our soul cleave.

We count not day and hours but moments;
time melts on the platter of pure love.
We do not count errors but exquisite events,
knowing we both have a point to prove.

Sickness and death cannot do us part,
you are me and I am you; we are one.
Heaven is the hills of love, sweetheart,
we will meet there in the glorious morn.
(c) 2013
Adeleke Adeite

Copyright © Adeleke Adeite | Year Posted 2013

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I know an old Town.
Older than the River Nile,
Romantic like Rome,
Undeafetable like Israel ,
Fearless likr a Lioness, 
Rubust than a cotton tree, 
Enormous than an ocean,
I know that Town that i am talking about 
That has no Culture or tradition,
Which enable them to be  free-minded people.
I know that Town,
That people don't shed tears.
Sojust imaging how that Town will 
Look like in your imagination.

Copyright © christiana cole | Year Posted 2012

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Like You

pitter patter acid rain waxing hi-gloss
smoky sky-scratching monster coup
fearless hue self-out stabbing acrylic nails'
bond to black market sale-deal rape
indian tears too few to cleanse
the polluted hearts under the stitch-held
stars of a blood-whipped flag

in you is a flood after drought
in you is a pestle fitting crucible
somewhere in your rash, there's a place called sensible
our common meeting place coming out

ten-speed riding sunshine girl smiling
wide and high as her cheeky-powdered rock-washed
cellular towering, nerve-shock stroking man
dodge-wrecking his impersonal laptop-orgy
maverick hopping additive, lasso-steroid
from steak-rustling warrior pinning-the-tail-on-
a-steel-wheel-heart when picking up metal armor

in you is a flood after drought
in you is a pestle fitting crucible
somewhere in your rash, there's a place called sensible
our common meeting place coming out

toro, taxi-driver
toro, weightless astronaut
toro, steaming sailor
it's all in us   wear it's knot

Copyright © Effie Blake | Year Posted 2007

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Joyless Joseph

Wordless worries wander wearily working wayward,
    Towards thoughts transgressing truth’s textured tide.
As always acknowledging agnosticism’s appeal,
    Essence easily evaporates, exeunt Emile. 
Very virtuous violent vowels vociferously validate,
    Sanctimonious sessions some subtly sacrosanct.
Is it in incrementally immense ingenious imaginations,
    Or ontology’s omniscience overcoming oceanic oratory?
Roughly rallying rage’s recessive righteousness, 
    Quickly quartered queens quietly quiver qualities quoi.
Under unctuous undeniably Umbrian utterances, 
    An astute and acute awareness as always arose. 
Placing plausibly proverbial prevaricating predications, 
    Many morose morally myopic manly mighty men, 
Eulogize everlasting ephemerally entertaining evocations.
    Insinuating incredible implications, insomnia initiates,
Notably nullifying notoriously negligible nihilistic necessities. 
    Lies lay low, linking lofty linguistic lessons like laws,
Of optional opportunities oscillating on occult overtures 
    Until underlying unctions unify ubiquitous unknowns.
Joyless Joseph’s joyful Joy just jumped, just jumped!
     Killing killjoy knuckle kosher korma koranic krap.
And announce another anonymous anodyne appointment?
     (Empiricism’s emphatic emission, enter erotic Eloise).
Having Heidegger helps, hope’s homunculi hunting human. 
     Get gone ginger guesses, go grope Ginger’s grapes!
Immaculately ironic inquisitions instigate immediate impositions. 
    Once onto opaque ominous orbs, obey Oracles open orders.
Framing funny fractions, flaming far flung frivolous fictions,
    Death defies dollar damnations, deliciously done devaluations.
Usually uncle umpire understands useful underlying ululations,
    Also affirming apples avuncular altruistic assumptions.
Creeds crave caves, charms calm cause, come conquerors,
    Be belligerently bad, betray birth’s beginning, balance budgets.
Entreating entirely empty, emphatically elusive, existential entelechy,
    Is, importantly, incommensurably idiotic, inexplicably impractical indeed.

Copyright © Yorn Called | Year Posted 2014

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Perhaps Peter Piper did not pick a peck of pickled peppers,
Perchance Peter purloined them.

Peter's pretext for pickled peppers puts people at ease,
Pickpocket's ploy personified.

Personalizing praise for Peter's pesky presumption,
People put Peter's penchant for peppers praiseworthy.

Perhaps, Peter pretended to pick the peck of pickled peppers,
People should portend where Peter put the peck he picked.

Peter passed plenty of peppers to people,
Personifying Peter and his peck.

Prided peppers purloined or in a pepper peck,
Peter put in his pants pockets.

Copyright © Dan Cwiak | Year Posted 2016

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black tar sweats, squabbles, shakes in the glare of the ocean of blue.
white light engulfs the sky. 
stealing the heat we grip the ground with our claws.
scan the black tar with our yellow eyes. 
our blood begins to warm.
her hair is melting to soft green scales and mine to black
blending into the ground.
we are lizards,
we laze in the sun,
it cannot scare us with its glare 
we are lizards, 
silent strong quick predators,
unnoticed yet still there. 

we stalk a flying bumble bee; shattered glass, yellow string 
buzzing it moves anxiously, falling, rising in the wind 

she moves too slowly to catch it 
it glides higher in the sky 
we watch as it soars to freedom 
we should have learnt to fly 

black tar engulfs my vision 
cradles and crushes my head 
white noise of harsh invasion 
her cry consumes my dread 
our scales snapped 
they tear from our skin 
without amour to shield the attack 
a stampede of torn and dirty shoes feast upon the remains 
they dig and dive into my stomach 
with intent to play their games 

teeth of bound dark leather 
snouts of practiced malice 
souls etched with childrens patterns 
dirt and gum 
now printed on our bodies 

with one more laugh and a jolt of pain 
they leave 

my eyes are blue now 
and hers are drowning 
the sky is blue 
the day pleasant 
the floor warm 
but the trance has gone 
our reality mangled 

we are no longer lizards 
we cannot pretend anymore 
we are children 
weak, shy, yet far too noticed 
labelled, bruised and saw.

by Jess Tizard

Copyright © Jess Tizard | Year Posted 2014

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The Magic of Garden Glen

Fireflies flicker and flutter beneath the dancing trees exotic breezes whisk and whisper through limbs and leaves The Golden Goddess of Garden Glen breaths evergreen Her elfish essence is magic and Her spirit gleens for it's merely a moment at the wonder She whiles She wiggles and giggles and then She snickers and smiles. She's not really a Goddess nor is She a Princess She's more of a mystical, magical Enchantress She is The Garden's gleaming, glistening Governess a caldron song singer, a spell casting Sorceress She starts with Her essence then stirs Her spirit divine She drips dragon tears, then simmers slow with sweet sunshine. Simple solution of spellbound myth and mystery secretly sublime not found, hidden in history not mountain high, valley low nor places in between is the glowing gleen of The Garden Glen's evergreen it is just East of the sun and Southwest of the moon in a place where clouds and castles float and stars are strewn
entry date 7/26/2015 post date 7/05/2014

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2014

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Banana Boat Bob

<                        Banana ~ boat ~ Bob ~ is ~ a ~ slippery..... Boob
                          Thought ~ that ~  this ~ town ~ lost ~ it's .... groove
                          No ~ spice  ~  no ~  life ~ no  .... nothing
                          Little ~ lost ~ boy ~ now ~ looks ~ for ~ his ~ Lucy's ....  ring

                          When ~ where ~ what ~ or ~ even ......  why
                          I'll ~ inquire ~ insist ~ innovate ~ or ~ even  ..... lie
                          His ~ history ~ of ~ having ~ such ~ big ....... hamstrings
                          Maybe ~ even ~ mighty ~ magical ~ musical ~ fruits ~ and .... greens

                         Or ~ having ~ big ~ over-sized ~ onions ~ olives  ~ and ..... Kiwi
                         screw ~ this ~ he's ~ scum  ~ skewered ~ tossed ~ back ~ to ... sea
                         Poor ~ precious ~ pretty ~  Lucy ~  got .......    pranked
                         Cause ~ curious ~ Bob ~ couldn't ~ control ~ love ~ so ~ he ....  sank


                        All ~ alone ~ and ~ now ~ very .... angry
                        Drowing ~ deep ~ in ~ own ~ do-do  ~ droppings .... whopie 
                        Luscious ~ Lucy ~ now ~ can ~ look ~ long ~ and ...... hard
                        For ~ another ~ fast ~ floating ~ free ~ salemens ~ not ~ selling.... lard

Entry For
Linda Marie's
Luscious Love Lingers Contest
G.L. All

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2010

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Cleaning Sandcastle

                                        Soft sighing of tall Georgia pines
                                       Simmering stew bubbles on stove
                                       Sounds_scents envelope combine
                                      Sabotaged sage while she so strove
                                        To complete cleaning sandcastle
                                   Built in sand, shuttle there now scantle

In honor of John Freeman's
Alliteration Poems Please

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2011

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P & M


Paranormal peasants of a pathetic and patient percentile
                 perpetrate peace from perjury..
    A patriarch, parallel to a peaceful partisan passage..


Meditation maliciously masks my mighty monogamous minx.
Modestly managing my machismo, mastering my maturity.

Jared Pickett

Copyright © Jared Pickett | Year Posted 2010

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True Love

Love is an Exciting Emotion,
Rolling down the Heart Hills...
Love can truly mould motion,
Drifting through the Beauteous Breeze...

True love begins with Smiling Spells,
It thrives and flourishes fast..
Arguments start, Crier Condemn!
And end with kisses, which contrast...

True Love is lived within the souls,
Through hard times, tenaciously...
Times of joy, strengthen the Store,
Then proudly growing True Love's Tree..

Love, truest and purest proof,
Of beauty and bounties blessed...
Of Unity and Yearning  between me and you,
And this is how dear dreams come true..

Copyright © Afnan Hafiz | Year Posted 2016

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  Winsome Wendy walked in winter's white
  Wondering when her window box wisteria would grow.
  Wintry wisps followed by winter's windstorm
  Wiped out her wonderful window work.

   Winsome Wendy wanted to whine
   "Without the wisteria, could winter be fine"?
    While still walking, Wendy happened upon Woeful Will
    Who worked without reward.

   Winsome Wendy withstood the wisecracks that
   Woeful Will had witlessly worded to her.
   Wendy's withdrawal, spurned the wishy-washy Will
   Which was witnessed by Watchful Ward.

   Winsome Wendy went to the windbreak
   Which Watchful Ward had wrought.
   Wincing in the wind of winter's weight
   Watchful Ward worded a simple warning to Wendy...

    "Watch out for the windchill".

Copyright © Daniel Cwiak | Year Posted 2010

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Imagination ,,, but not a nonette yet

we felt
doing deeds
donned by illusions of necessity.

we thought
disowning our dignity
drowning our dignity
driving our dignity
down into delusions of

we knew
when spontaneously
life came to the streets 

and we did 
what we 
know how to do.

Copyright © Nancy Jones | Year Posted 2012

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He swifts on by like a moon lighted night. 
He shines bright for a moment in time. 
His arm's always open with warmth. 
His smile always bigger then everyone elses. 
His heart of rage and fire. 
He swifts on by, he swifts on by. 
Who will know the true man within. 
The man thats full of sin. 
No one can, no one can, for we are all just man...

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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Alliteration Fun

The top of the terrace trembles With worshiping warlocks sit wondering So stupendous the sky seems surreal I inquire intelligently inside Thinking that time throws what troubles Colorful chrysalis shines and climbs courageously Lovely light lays on lowered layer Perfect and powerful portrayal presents pleasure Of outrageousness opened only so often Never kneeling now or noticeably feel Sky’s superiority spits my soul’s special sight I enjoy every encased enlightenment Full of fascinating floating essence finally Enveloped within enigmatic enlisted joy The sky spreads its light superiorly shared Remembering recreation watching the real sky
Russell Sivey Entered into Nathan A.'s "alliteration alliteration, nothing but sweet alliteration (must have alliteration in the title)" contest 3/12/2013

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2013

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More Bounce Per Ounce

<            Betty Boop bought boyfriend Bimbo some basketballs to bounce 
              But being blind her boyfriend Bimbo bounced Betty Boop 
              Boy Betty Boop did boldly bounce bad

This Little Lady Is After My Own Heart
For No matter What She Does Wrong
Her Eyes Seem To Capture The One She Loves LOL
And Also One Of My Favorite Cartoons

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2011

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Beautiful Bella

Beautiful baby Bella
Grew into a  greatly gifted girl.
She sang songs solely for soldiers,
Homesick for hugs from their honeys.
But Bella fell fast for a friendly fella,
So now she sings solos solely for him.

 For Alliteration contest 9/7/11

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2011

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Delicious Dishes

Tonight, tables took teapots
"Lumiere Lights" lit
Pleasantly, people pondered 
Plates placed
Across appetites awaiting anxiously
To try the Top Ten
Delicious Dishes

Copyright © Sara Zahed | Year Posted 2008

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A worrying Flower's Wisdom

Whether I will wither in the warmth
Or wilt with the weather,
I worry wildly!

For I'd rather,
    Weep with wounds when wrapped into a wreath
     Get wrenched (plucked) away worthlessly!

Copyright © sima mittal | Year Posted 2013

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Odd Shaped Love


Livid love
Light lanky lucky girl

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2011

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Moon that shines high up in the sky, 
bright in glow like your iconic eye, 
the more i see, the more i wonder,
emotions it contains far and under.

Moon that enlightens in itself,
like your unique voice all the time,
expressing every single ray of light,
like no one else can try to mime.

Moon that tries to reduce the dark,
like your luscious hair, thick and far,
that brush splendidly across the air,
the view seen is marvellously at par.

Moon contains so many crates,
not a single one i could find in you,
the soothing skin across your body,
even the moon frowns and turns blue.

Moon that spreads the night so calm,
your face expresses that peace,
with everything so perfectly carved,
such a profound effect you please.

Moon that brings the stars alive,
and sparkle like dew on your lip,
inexplicable is the desire it holds,
to kiss them, always makes me flip.

Moon listens to the fireflies sing,
like your ears with immense love,
the intensity with which you reply,
is above the purity and beauty of dove.

Moon that seems so close to the eye,
and yet is so far as you are,
still your presence makes me feel, 
i can sense you even at mars.

Moon that can be seen from far and wide,
like you are to me just everywhere,
how can words sum up what i want to say,
i see you daily fair and square. 

Cause no sun can avoid a day,
or can a night without a moon,
my whole life i ll love you,
without hopes&expectations too soon.
and even these words will shake,
the heart of the moon and its fame,
Because your are the moon perfect, 
after which the sky one is named.

Copyright © Suraj Grover | Year Posted 2016

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Fruit Of Seduction


Soul-mates Sara and Steve share
Times of titillation, while tasting
Sweet scarlet shaded smiles.
Their reaching fingers find fruit,
As aroma arouses their appetite.
They’re helpless against a hearty hunger,
Yet, yearning is part of the yielding.
Planted for pleasurable picking,
The stem, still pliant secures temptation.
Softly, Sara squeezes juicy secretion 
While sensations slowly spiral. 
Steve licks lightly at the edge of her lips,
Sampling and savoring freckled spots.
Then, he drops downward to devour
What was offered to him without restraint.
The mouthwatering morsels make him eager,
But, patiently he puts Sara’s preferences first.
This is the way it should be, taking their time,
Lingering; as two lovebirds share lunch
Of strawberries, sweet and succulent.

Sponsored by: Linda-Marie The Sweetheart of P.S. 

Copyright © Virginia Mitchell | Year Posted 2010

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Firecrackers (Alliterations)

In a pick pack boom a wonderful light in the sky
Beaming gleaming screaming people out in the street
Watching the parade of light danced, glanced tranced
Happy sappy snappy to watch the firecrackers so beautifully
Amazing as it make the sky lively sparkly wonderfully
It shone in the dark out in the park making the mark
A sign of celebration in a cloud nine look so divine
Graces in the space a part of beauty to embrace


Copyright © lena Emp | Year Posted 2007

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Ronald Rump

repugnant racist republican reviled - rickettsia re:itch ruler. 
rapaciously ravaged revered reverential rubric. 
radical ruthless renegade rapidly riotously rips rigged ramparts. 
refrains retaining remnant redolent regal, resplendent rafters.
riches rudely rupture rooted rectified rights.
ruckus ricochets revenant reign. 
ratified rattlebrained rules roil reductionism.
rumbustious rapscallions rollick; render ruinous ramifications.
rusty razor razing revenge rents reprisal.
rabid rectal rictus rotten rebrands re-calibrate.
rambunctious revolutionaries rejoice.
ruffians ride roughshod routing reigning royalty.
reiterate revetting robust recidivist rationality.
ride Rolls Royce relentlessly rendering rock ribbing. 
riffraff raconteur raise reactionary response.
revisit rancorous restrictive redlined realigned rightward rivets. 
robocop ridiculously rubber-stamped reorganization.
recalcitrant reactors release rapture.
rash Russian roulette reconnaissance raconteurs rack rubles.
red room reflects republican RNA.
rap risible rheumy ratiocinated rug-rats revoke righteous refulgent repertory.
rapier robed robbers ransack reliquary resounding retaliation. 
retaliatory redcoat regnum reformation remembered.
Rudy robotically recoiling rapprochement 
raison d'être rosily revered rifled relics raffled.
rookie raves ripe rackful rubenesque reliably ranked.
refulgent rotundity requisite requirement re: reappointment.
road-tested, roadworthy redeem reapportion routed role.
reprehensible reassignment rapidly recognizes response. 
rife rampage removes respectability - respect.
responsible roused restitution refuted. 
risky resultant reconnoitering runaway railroad reverberates rivalry.
reflexive ramrod reaction reconfirms redoubling ridding revitalization. 
reconfiguration realpolitik reinstates repudiation 
rebooting Roosevelt regime reconsidered.
requisition requires resilient reseeding republic.
regrettable riley roars remorseless ribbing. 
rare recount restoring recondite renown reprobate Rapunzel. 
Republican representatives rejoice reclaiming reins 
registering retarded romantic remains
re: Rastafarian revered reliquary rests!

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2017