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Fire, Fire, Burn Brighter

The destiny of death dashes through the door,
where I cannot collect or contact a calm nature.
Exalted enemies slip into your sliced system,
while wicked, wanton disease waste my sanity.
I scream loudly for the litany of life to
beckon and bring back the beauty in your face.
The fierce fates hear and halt to my demands.
Slowly, the deadly doom diminishes.
A sacred smile blesses your blooming body,
while my ice soul regenerates and restores heat.
The bright blazing emerald eyes excite and
rectify the red flame of your sparkling spirit.

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2016

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Nurse, Nurse

Nurse, Nurse I have an owie
I don’t’ know what to do
Because it’s getting soggy
Please tell me that you do

Nurse, Nurse I think I have a coco
I tell you, man it hurts
I feel it’s driving me darn loco
Although it comes in spurts

Nurse, Nurse I think I sprained my pinky
My pencil fell and as I leaned
I smelled myself a little stinky
But help me please and I promise I’ll get cleaned

Nurse, Nurse I think I hit my head
As I stood up my brain was spinning
And I felt a bump and feel I’m dead
Help me please I want to play 9 innings

Nurse, Nurse I feel a little down
They said they didn’t like me
They’re making ugly sounds
Please tell them, they need to let me be

Nurse, Nurse I’m back at school today
You made me feel much better
I want to work and play
But most of all, to tell you, you made a difference! 

Copyright © Maria Elena Enriquez | Year Posted 2012

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One Among Many part 2

I live in a place striving for sobriety surrounded in alcohol looking for happiness trapped among our very own sadness. I hear my people’s laughs and I hear my people’s cries, but most of all I see their dreams because their dreams are my dreams because we remain not against each other today as enemies but hidden friends united through culture, language and blood. I laugh with my people and of course I cry with my people and I fight with my people but most of all I continue to dream with my people. I know who I am and where I am from to know where I been to still hope to where I am going to go. I feel darkness engulf not only myself but also almost my entire reservation’s race, no matter mixed or not because soon our culture and language will have no face without any more light to shine upon it. I know where I lived and still live to know if I will truly go where I truly want to go in life before I have my one walk with death. I know by a long shot that I am not the best but by a close hit on the reservation’s target I could be better. 
I take a stand against self to stand against others to better a worsening crowd of many young lost indigenous souls waiting to be unknowingly found and waiting for something similar to what I’m about to write. I take a stand for self so that others know that we aren’t all lost and we can and will be found with the true hope of no one’s but your own. I take a stand because my brothers and sisters wont, I take a stand because now days most the people around me or within me can’t or don’t know how, I take a stand for the children who don’t have a father and mother as I once had, I take a stand for my unborn child almost here, I take a stand for courage because within me is filled with fear, I take a stand against because the alcohol and drugs within me now I just can’t stand, I take a stand for those around me who cannot stand, I take a stand for a culture dying on its knee’s trying to get back up, I take a stand for the forsaken yet to be forgiven self-stand.
 I patiently wait, lying away in the darkness searching for light even though I can see the light I just don’t know how to get on thy path to the light. I am not alone, I know for a fact that I am not alone in my thoughts and feelings about life on earth here. I can see our pain, I can hear the hollers and screams, I can feel your anguish and I can smell our destruction. I walk through the reservation valley of darkness as if I am but a blind witness to our own destruction upon where many of us go unknown truly forever in depths of time, in the depths of death.
 I know that I cannot give in or give up on a dream of a people’s dream where the buffalo in our young hearts and minds may roam around free and where the wolf warrior chief may rise above all odds and become thy greatest modern day warrior, the people seek him, the people crave him, the people need him, the people need someone to rise if not geographically the worldwide mentally.

Copyright © Travis Lone Hill | Year Posted 2012

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Copyright © elijah prophet | Year Posted 2012

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The Chair

Noisiness neighs your code,
Loud, braggadocios, belching
Shouting sentiments and prophysying plays 
As your body disintegrates
And dredges your kidneys fail and your legs lilt frail 
Yet you claim life loud and braggadocios.
The football game gimmicks
The baseball booboos all acclaimed and assessed by you
Whose own health waivers with lesions and machines
Mitigate your blood as you shout loudly, “I told you”
To quintessential quarterbacks in your dreams
You chair the channel surfer of your mind as the
Games grab headlines heralding from your hurting heart.

Copyright © Rhea Daniel Dear | Year Posted 2007

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A Pure Heart

        Pro~vail power, and it's ability abandoment.
       Trust Faith in judgement appointed A full
An absolute purity, against all odds:
Is A humbled heart, who takes pride
to restore..... It's beauty!

Copyright © Carma Reed | Year Posted 2012

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House To House

House to house 
A passing, admiring scent

Hold me...we'll pass 
House to house 
You are still apart of me

Hold your horses
Fight the tears
Wipe them away until everything

House to house
Passing by torment
Do you know the hint?

When time runs out
I wait till some sun
Peaks in this forbidden forest
Tormented by breaking summers

Drenched...on no one's side
Just stay near...beside...abide
We'll stay house to house

Excited by curiosity 
There will be a house for us
At last

A key to joy 
Let us go...explore this terrain 

We'll have a roof
To push aside the rain
To clear our years away

We are definitely here to stay 

House to house
Torment to joy
We are invited
To stay here forever 

At last

Without no guilt
There is no way
That I'm moving
No more

This desire
Ruins me to the core

I'm sure
At last
With my lady friend
And began to tend 
Our wanted life
House to house 
Dealing with passing 
To and fro by searching
House to house 

At last!

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2011

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Weighty Wanda

When weighty Wanda 
Discussed her dreadful diet 
She sarcastically said
Easy! I eat everything I eyeball

Copyright © Rebecca Beirne | Year Posted 2007

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Girl Girl Girl

Whether we wander wistful
whether we wander wise
we waltz wedding’s waltz; whenever
whatever weather
we’ll wriggle with wishful wives

Wind wispy willow
willy-nilly we’ll whirl 
we’ll widdle we’ll weave; whenever 
whatever weather
we'll waltz with wedding's wench

Well worthy we writers
who with words wrench

Finishing Line Press.  Book FAREWELL TO THE DUST, by C. S. Leaf avalible March 2008

Copyright © Craig Leaf | Year Posted 2007

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Lions and Lollipops

The lively lion liked lollipops.
He loved to eat and lick his chops.
But when he looked like eating me,
I ran to climb the tallest tree.

"Leo," I said, "don't climb up here."
He sias,"I can't, dear sir,
I'm filled with fear of high places
I never venture."   He smiled
And showed his pearly dentures.

"Come down," he said, " and we'll have a party."
I simple replied,"Don't be upset
If I am tardy and if I remain healthey and hardy."

"I won't be sad, just very hungry."  And thus Leo
walked away with lollipops all sticking out
Of hungry chops.

Copyright © Ken Gillespie | Year Posted 2006

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Frightful feelings flush his face,
damned to dance with his disgrace,
stigma stained though sight unseen,
damaged days depress, demean.

Silent secrets simmer, sulk,
hardened hairy heartless hulk,
oracle of all obscene,
decoy demons daunt his dreams.

Witless words waging war,
baleful bully, beastly bore,
cancer catches in his craw,
fury was his fatal flaw.

Copyright © Danielle White | Year Posted 2008

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The Doctor

Hurried,harried healing man
talking,testing,tennis tanned
hearing hardly half I say
rapidly writing, runs away. 

Hurting hand hot to the touch,
brutal burning hurts so much
demeaning doc dismiss, deny
confused and crushed, just want to cry.

Chocolate, cookies, candy, cake?
feeling fat, a phoney fake,
years of yearning for a crumb,
disbelieved, daunted, dumb.

High horse healer, hero of hope,
did you decide that I'm a dope?
so sitting silent as a stone
I'll nurse my nightmare all alone.

Copyright © Danielle White | Year Posted 2008

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The Crusade

Crusade, crusade,
Do you know where to, 
Be in this period? 
A place to block white horse so tell me,
Where will you be?
A place were thou sees the sun and the moon,
Very well,
What about the stars and the mountains?
When can thou get the full definition of them?
Can thou tell me?
A place that the cripples rejoices,
I love it what about you?
When shall we be there?
A place to see the crusader.

1.	Heeling and deliverance.
2.	Visitors
3.	Miracles
4.	Dialogue 

Copyright © poetvirginus ndubuisi | Year Posted 2017