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Today is a good day to have a good day

Today is a good day to have a good day
One more opportunity was given, the sunlight stroke your face
Appreciate; play with life as if you were to play with clay

There’s love in people as there’s water in a bay
A good laugh, a wise advice, and one thousand more verbs
Today is a good day to have a good day

One alphabet, twenty-seven letters, infinitive wise phrases to say
Words, sentences, more powerful than a nuclear weapon
Appreciate; play with life as if you were to play with clay

When days get dark and cold, we pray
Hopefully next day will be a new beginning
Today is a good day to have a good day

Gentle gestures to needed people must spread like a spray
To the train of happiness will lead
Appreciate; play with life as if you were to play with clay.

And you my friend, who is in agony pain
Your future depend on yourself
Today is a good day to have a good day
Appreciate; play with life as if you were to play with clay.


Copyright © ricardo perez | Year Posted 2013

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A Happy Place

There exists a magical place,
Where one travels to find solace,
Leaving all hardships behind,
and freeing all negativity from the mind,
Where no betrayal exists , and people are kind.

The trees move against the gentle winds,
Constructs of man , Great ships sail in the deep blue seas,
Children playing in the courtyard , sounds of glee,
No signs of sickness or death , everyone is free.

A happy place this truly is ,
One i wish was of no return , 
I rest once again from a weary day, praying dear god,
Once more , when will i get to return to my happy place..

Copyright © Chandrasekar Singaram | Year Posted 2013

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Heart hurls happy
Mind moves merry
Dance daze dreamy

Feel fancy fling
Sign sensuous spring
Touch tensile thing

Bright blossoms brink
Thrill thoughtful think
Live lovely links

Charm clusters cream
Dare drizzle dream
See sizzle scream

Ply passage play
Dress dying day
Fund festive fray

Calm comfort comes
Stay soothing sum
Hide hurting hum

Note naughty news
Joy jumpstarts juice
Opt only ooze

Live lovely lines
Feel freedom fine
Glimpse groovy grime

Trade touching tact
Preach primal pact
Aim anxious act

Zeal's zesty zoom
Reap rustic room
Bring blazing boom

Make motions mime
Rouse rowdy rhyme
Trust tender times

Seek special signs
Apt aim align
Deem deep design

Faith floating free
Mime mimics me
Bright blessings be

Leon Enriquez
24 September 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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Happy New Year (Acrostic and Alliteration)

This is an Acrostic with Alliteration in the body.....

H aving Heavenly Healing Help
A lways Apply Approving Attitude
P ray Past Problems Perrish
P reventing Presuring Perceptive People 
Y earning Yahweh Yuletide Yourself
N urture No Noxious Natives
E veryone Enjoy Each Event
W anting Winning Wellintentioned Wishes 
Y es Yell "Yuck" Yearend 
E nergy Eventually Exits Evenings 
A llow Appropriate  Active Attention 
R emember Rally Reasonable Recreation

Copyright © Marty Owens | Year Posted 2009

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Blissful  blossoms blooming
Look LUSTFUL lovers
Listless lovers looming 

Krazy killer kisses
Sweltering SUMMER season
Belly breathing blouses

Bayside BEACHES burning
Winter worries wane
Glorious gracious gains

HAPPY hungry hearts
Dwellings do not depart
Picture pretty parts

Take the time to talk
Let listening lead to laughter
Commencing comfortable communications


Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2015

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6 years old

puddle SMASHING 
puddle DASHING

NOT even close


Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2015

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the day

its silence then a slice of warm gaze comes over the ridge of our view the nights shades slowly change and become bloodstained and peachy the warmth grows and quickly engulfs the sky it streaking in every direction spreading its warmth with everyone a new day has come once more

Copyright © Jayce Collazo | Year Posted 2013

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growing up

On a hollow morn fill with joy 

Shinny and peaceful as Easter 

Had I known that daddy wasn’t happy 

As he said, be quite as words followed 

Daddy did 

He did say Easter bunnies have crossed the road 

And gone are they  

He murdered you dear Easter bunny 

Terrified and sad I grabbed my pillow 

Alone I want to be 

Daddy did say those horrible words 

Easter bunnies do not exist, although you did 

At least in my little tiny happy chocolate world 

Daddy did make me believe in your existence 

Tis the Easter bunny, thee carried gold and grey chocolate eggs 

From house to house for all around the world 

Lovely in fight for motivation in deep grief 

Daddy did always say 

Jesus said: I am resurrection and the life 

He who believes in me will live,  

Even though he dies 

So do I believe 

That you will live again 

My dearest Easter bunny 

Copyright © betty njie | Year Posted 2013

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I dream a kind of world

I dream a kind of world; 
where prevails peace and love. 
I dream ... 

Where nature lives own life 
and the human being, own. 
No way the flowers wither, 
no way the creatures moan. 
Springs sing all the ways, 
on the trees; chirping birds. 
I dream ... 

The creatures live for love 
no one hurts the other. 
No one face the distress 
and no one shades tears. 
No one lives beggarly, 
suffers hunger and thirst. 
I dream ... 

There's no war or battle, 
no arms and ammunitions. 
There should not be reason 
to have the sort of prison. 
To quench their selfish craves 
no one shades the blood. 
I dream ... 

There we have bright days, 
happy people with self respect. 
Their needs are fulfilled 
according to choice of taste. 
Every home is filled joy, 
illuminating rays of hopes. 
I dream ... 

Sun gives the warmth to all, 
and moon, the soothing rays. 
Flowers make aromatic and 
shining stars embellish ways. 
Everyone is blessed by God 
and everyone feels cared. 
I dream ... 

Vanished acts of immorality, 
no one commits the sin. 
Everyone goes righteous, 
bear the holy souls, within. 
Everyone feels in the paradise 
they have got their abode. 
I dream ... 

(C) S. D. Tiwari

Copyright © S.D. Tiwari | Year Posted 2015

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Jimi's love poem

I gaze into those beautiful eyes
Your lips, they never tell me lies
Do you wonder what's going on inside?
What's this feeling I try so hard to hide
You see right through me, see me as a whole
Peer into my soul
I am open and vulnerable
Make me lose all control
Do I dare
Show how deeply I care? That anywhere
I would go, as long as you were there
All I ever truly wanted was already mine
How could I have been so blind?
Come to me and find a love so kind
Burning blue, pure and true
I feel the passion Inside of you
Wake me up in your embrace
Doesn't matter the time or place
As long as I can see your face
I crave you, your hands, your touch
Only you can make me feel this rush
True love is what I've found
Beauty spoken without a sound
His stare, his lips, his kiss
Not a moment of this dare I miss
The words you give to me, how could I forget?
Being yours for a lifetime is something I could never regret

Copyright © Maryann Green | Year Posted 2014

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My eyes have danced along the lines of your sex, wanting to behold what's most complex

Hard and soft
Soft and hard

Go deeper, push into my heart

Wet as water
Warm as the sun

Thrusting deep inside until we are one

Enter my mind,
Ravish my soul,

Breathing and moaning

I relinquish control

I surrender only to you,
Because this passion originated with you 

No, another won't do
My sex wants only you

Copyright © Latisha McDougall | Year Posted 2016

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closing the gap

We drew near one another and yet we couldn't be farther apart our youth prevents us from making drastic choices to close the distance but we feel or one another we care and know our partner the distance is to great to far for any interactions and yet it's just land that lay before us waiting for us to make those steps in each others direction for there is no such thing as time it doesn't exist clocks exist we have all the time in the world it will happen someday

Copyright © Jayce Collazo | Year Posted 2013

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Happy New Year

Pleasantly pleasing providing peaceable
placating pacifists
a Happy New Year.

Copyright © Robyn Campbell | Year Posted 2016

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Wave Dancing

I like to dance
To writhe and wriggle
On ceaseless crests
Beneath my bottom

I like to swing
From side to side
Sublime swells
Anchoring angst

I like to gyrate
Between boulders
Of liquid laughs
Caressing chuckles

I like to undulate
Along my abdomen
Rippling raucously
Joking jollily

I like to float
Away to anywhere
Without a worry
Where we wander

I like to heave
To buck and bray
To brave the briny
Scathing spray

Wild white horses
Won't keep me cowed
My deep darling
And I are an item.

Copyright © Daniel Davies | Year Posted 2016

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Make me Happy

Never been this happy,
Till now.
How can some one have so much love,
That it warms your heart?
You have a big heart,
You Love every one.
You never hold a grudge, 
Even when some one does you wrong.
You forgive,
Never get any one back. 
You treat me right,
Never had any one like you.
You make me happy.  

Copyright © Angel Hale | Year Posted 2012

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Happy New Year

The new year is here, the long awaited,
How you look at it, it’s in your eyes,
How you see it, it’s in your perspective,
How you face it, it’s your choice,
How you live it, it’s in your will,
How you start it, it’s in your style,
How you will end it, it’s in your future.

Like a spinner with a spindle,
Design your patterns, and create a lead,
Like a basket weaver,
Choose your shape, and lay the base,
Like a spindle in a spinner’s hands,
You dictate the patterns, and how it spins,
Like the reeds in a weaver’s hands,
You dictate the way, and how they wind,
It’s all in your hands, how you will live it,
How you will live it, it’s all in your choices.

Happy New Year!

Copyright © Alfonce Choi | Year Posted 2017

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Glimpse grandeur great
Prize puzzle paid

Heed happy heart
Sense subtle start

Apt asking aim
Be beyond blame

Calm cheer charms change
Sense sublime strange

Live lovely lines
Frame fuzzy fine

Bright buzzy beams
Still sacred streams

Join jaunty joy
Ply profound ploy

Heap happy here
Dance dazzle dear

Craft catchy cheer
Set sizzling steer

Passion paves proof
Rich rapture roofs

Treasure true taste
Hurl happy haste

Glimpse glowing grace
Feel funny face

Leon Enriquez
01 December 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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Happy Half Moon for Hannah Marie

Happy half moon hides half 
        of happiness halfway high

Across a vast avalanche 
        of silvery specks of sky,

Nighttime neither nods nor sways 
        to steal some wakeful sleep,

Nature's new miracle you are, 
        moving, soothing me deep,

At the touch of your tiny fingers,  
        I smile, I sigh,

Happier, yes,  than the happiest 
        half moon am I!

Copyright © romeo naces | Year Posted 2008

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Heed happy here
Sign spacious spheres

Live lovely lines
Feel fragrance fine

Speak simple say
Dream dazzling day

Watch wealth work well
Touch tasty tell

Make moments move
Gather grand grooves

Feet frolic fine
Verse vivid vines

Hear happy hound
Pitch poise profound

Treasure true times
Rapture reaps rhymes

Frame funny fest
Juice jumpy jest

Logic looks loud
Ply petty proud

Leon Enriquez
16 November 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016