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Ocean Dreams

Seagulls chortle on seaside,
while families float like feathers
upon silky sand.

Ocean releases heavy blue
upon captivating curves of coastline. 
Mist rises.

Golden sun glows. 
Tides stretch white tipped branches,
wearing ornaments of light.

Wild waves weave together 
like wishful lovers.
Unity understood is powerful. 
Floating logs are nature's love letters
of proud timber
lost to technology, time or storm.

Sailboats slide over swells,
for they are ocean's tipping hats
to solitude and soul.

Sunset seeps like molten lava,
melting into midnight blues.
Restless colors reach as day's final rays.

Full moon beats as a pearl heart
against night's lungs.
Stars flutter as butterflies above soft sea.

A sigh drifts by as a simple cloud.
Lighthouses glint and gleam,
through gentle winds.

June 10th 2007

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2016

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At the fringe of low tide
the surf licks and laps
to re-shape the sand
as ripples and ribs.

On the wet of the flat
where it's clean and pristine
there are spirals of mud
from lug-worms unseen.

Caught in brine pools
and snagged on the rock
are emerald remains
of ripped bladder-wrack.

Sea creatures marooned 
til return of the tide
and little lost crabs 
that know they must hide

In the still of each pond
are shells split to shards
and rocks with barnacles
like welded steel studs.

In the late of the day
the return of the sea.
Those imprisoned crabs
will now be set free.

Copyright © Tony Hargreaves | Year Posted 2015

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Seven swarthy swimmers Sailboard so silently Surfing stormy seas 31st July 2016

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Signs of Shoe Soul Designs in the Soft Sand

Fashion shoe treads imprinted on the bisque beach 
global longtitude/latitude design airborne print in flight
Honeycomb print slowly pacing synchronising footsteps
Concentric wave prints grouping Fine detail pattern soul 
beside clearly printed  diamond  fishbone sports design
Heavily studded  trail souls tread along large  paw prints
Simply dotted  aerobic shoeprint  next  to  little  dog paws
A  new soft pink fluffy seaweed  floats in  lacy ocean foam
Large horseshoe prints clomp  digging deeply in the sand
Smaller horseshoes gather  meeting near a water  trough
Fresh green seagrass clumped like  freshly cut long lawn
cradles long ball strands of  yellow ochre squirting beads 
Bare feet touching soft sticky sand immersed wet in water
Naked  footprints  side by side breathing beach vibrations
Two  lovehearts drawn in the light brown sand interlocked.
Sandcastles decorated with shells sit sturdily on the shore.

Copyright © Mariana pavlich | Year Posted 2006

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Florida Beach

Astounding Appearance
Beautiful Brilliant
Coast Clean
Divine Dream
Excellent Energy
Fireworks Festival
Golden Goals
House Happy
Invincible Island
Jays Jet
King Kind
Leisure Landing
Majestic Memory
Nice New
Only Osentacious
Pleasurable Passage
Queen Quizical
Really Religious
Sandy Shores
Tea Time
Universal Unity
Vivacious Village
Worldly Wshes
Xylophone Xxtra
Youthful Young
Zenith Zealous

Author:Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

Copyright © Gwen von Erlach Schutz | Year Posted 2010

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Have You Ever

Have you ever sat under a shade tree
Looked up at midday to see the sun 
Shining through the leaves
It looks like a painting done by
Claude Monet or Thomas Kinkade

Have you ever been in a boat or on the 
Ocean shore, watched the waves come
Rolling in and then crashing at the end.
Then again watching and listening to the
 water come rushing in, over an over again.

Have you ever driven down a country road
With open fields of  bright green grass,You 
slow down just to watch it dance in the wind 
Revealing it's beauty hidden within 
You notice the different shades  of grass 
Changing colors fast, you drive up ahead 
To notice it has all turned red, only 
Then, you realize it's a field full of roses.

David W Carter 

Copyright © David W Carter | Year Posted 2016