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Autumn Air

Summer sings silent songs
Autumn air arrives Aloud! 
Careless, clumsy, cool, crisp
Lingers like a lullaby

Danielle DuVerney
Up in the Autumn Air

Copyright © Danielle DuVerney | Year Posted 2012

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6 years old

puddle SMASHING 
puddle DASHING

NOT even close


Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2015

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Seasons of Change

Swift stirring spring
Brilliant blooming buds
Soaring soothing sun
Fiercely falling floods

Soft soothing summer
Warm wandering waves
Sunny salty seaside
Careless conscious craves 

Alluring active autumn 
Lovely looking leaves
Dimmer days develop
Gangly grass grieves

Whirling winter wind
Bitter bulky breath
Softly sailing snowflakes
Daintily dwindling death

Copyright © Gail Franklin | Year Posted 2007

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Lace of Leaves

Crisp characters falling from firm oak,
sway and swirl to soft beats of autumn. 

Running rainbows reach to the birds
with feather flair, then delight in death.

Drops of ripened red and eager yellow 
cape and mingle one concluding time.

As steps surface upon seasoned surfaces,
rough rhythms release earth's reflections.

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2016

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I Had a Vibrant Night

A Vibrant Night 

At night 
When the city is 
Lit with lights and literature 
Locals and visitors 
Ambiances and silhouettes  
Dances with the wet backdrop 
And the foreground 
Maybe a  new York playground 
The smell of the sound of savory sausage
Sizzling on the nights grill
Salivating tongues and painters pallets 
Dancing trees an autumn  light breeze
Brushes by as the train underneath 
Zooms pass passengers asleep
It's so unique 
The smell that permeates 
Pizzarias  and eateries 
It's so late....but that's okay
Let the night be our theater 
Now who's that musical  man over there
Playing his sultry song all night long
He sounds like Carnegie hall
Her dress is fighting the wind
His necktie is flagging the taxi 

She's tipsy, he's dancing like Fred Astaire 
Keeping her balanced,
Smells the mocha  in her hair
Their equilibrium meets with the stare of each other
Falling into each other embracing humming that man's song smiling...

Anton Brockenbrough

Copyright © Anton Brockenbrough | Year Posted 2016

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The Wild Snow


                                               The snow is twirling
                                               The snow is whirling
                                               The snow, The snow
                                               The snow is blowing
                                               The snow is going
                                               The snow, The snow
                                               The snow is flaking
                                               The snow is breaking
                             Not to soon but,one day at the stroke of noon
                                 when the sun is in the middle of the sky
                    when it is not shy the sun will pop out from behind the clouds
                                          and melt all the ice and snow
                                               The snow, The snow

Copyright © Adam Weir | Year Posted 2016

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A worrying Flower's Wisdom

Whether I will wither in the warmth
Or wilt with the weather,
I worry wildly!

For I'd rather,
    Weep with wounds when wrapped into a wreath
     Get wrenched (plucked) away worthlessly!

Copyright © sima mittal | Year Posted 2013

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Suddeny it was all new
A new solitude
A new silence
A new emptiness
As if from a nightmare, I jerk awake
Where are all those I'd cared to call my friends?
Where's the meanin I'd cared to find in life?
What's come of those dreams, those endless dreams, that used to mar my very sleep?
New realms swim beckonin before my eyes

A light stroll , I decided, will take off the strangeness a li'l
Through the vast expanse, somethin suddenly began to emerge familiar
(Maybe this verve was mine, beyond reckonin,
Maybe silence n solitude were playmates i had forsaken?)

N yes, up above n shinin, was the moon..
So far away. 
N yet,
 never cross enough to despise me for more than a night.
It was autumn come a-calling..
The august autumn of another anonymous soul
And as i walked along, so did she
In step
One with me.
N silence found a new meaning,
in the newfound infatuation between us.
My love wasn wasted.
Not any more.

Copyright © shaan taj | Year Posted 2007

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Like beautified
Double-winged butterfly
Took a ride beautiful

There I rose
And you I rode
On petals of a rose.

So I love
The hive of your love
For thence scent I rode.

In cool breezy saddle
On bright scented petals
I rode a red rose.

Copyright © Messoh Vincent | Year Posted 2017

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Phases Of Autumn

Autumn  always,
Beautiful  bright,
Consciously  cautious,
Decidious  decidingly,
Excellent  eagles,
Faithful  frost,
Gardens going,
Houses  heated,
Intelligent  interesting,
Jays  jetting,
King  kind,
Light  living,
Memories mindful,
New  nice,
Outgoing  oscentatious,
Proud  powerful,
Queen  question,
Real religious,
Saintly superb,
Teaching  time,
Universal unity,
Very vivacious,
Wordly wise.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

Copyright © Gwen von Erlach Schutz | Year Posted 2009

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts
and ideas for the first time.
I am Here and grateful for the next day. 
Like a cherry ice cream to eat with
fruity flavors. 
I will be able to make my life
like ice cream with different people 
and variety of reasons why we are all
expected to be honest. 
This was a fortune to be within the
limits of space. 
Money is not easy to find. 
If we all give thanks for sharing this cash
then we can get the most out of the yummiest
ice cream , especially on a hot day as we ask for a hot 
topic to discuss. 
Thanks for the best way to get to the shop 
and the directions to my heart.
Give thanks everyday to everyone who has been a
hand in helping out in many different ways.

Copyright © Angela Yousef | Year Posted 2016

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Autumn Abloom

Autumn's affect appears altruistically. 
Almost always alluring affection.
Attracting adorations admiration.
Aloof attitudes adjust amidst autumn abloom.

© January 2, 2012
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2012

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Winter Bids Autumn Adieu

    ~Winter Bids Autumn Adieu~
Russet, orange and harvest gold
Autumn is the season when colors unfold.
The trees in celebration
dancing to the wind
preparing for the watery
wayward winds to rescind.
Lovers stroll hand in hand in the park
while people throw frisbees
to their dogs that bark.
Children play jumping
in the colorful leaves.
Sweaters, shirts and jackets
all with long sleeves.
Soon the ground will
be covered with pearly snow.
The night sky all lit up
with Christmas lights sparkling
and faces of innocence aglow. 

Copyright © CHRISSTIANA DOWLING | Year Posted 2017