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The Forest

"What happens in the forest stays in the forest"

The trees are trimmed, 
The leaves on the ground 
Proposing passion, sweet mist
Naked with nothing to bare or wear
Nature's breath lightens the atmosphere
She breathes in, he breathes out
The auditory sensation of rain 
   - drums down and deepens
The course is near its end, 
Deep in this forest night
A Gentleman among the trees, 
Hibernating new seeds 

"On the other side of the forest"
He guides a path, with ebony eyes
A convincing vent, I accept
The fear is broken, I sleep in glee
The whispers disappear 
Drying in peace by the secret bayou 
Broad leaves lay under raw landscape
Lulled by the chills he quills
A quarter past midnight 
Mr Romantic
   - prepares the new sheets of Winter. 


Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2015

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Philosopher's Stone

Do Not Trust a Word, she says

She speaks of sunken treasures the way no one else does
The map to her heart is drawn by the sun
Her smile of gold ride out the waves
The moon attracted by the prestige of her glowing art
With great pleasure, your heart now sits in a glass case

Her love lavishes making every moment memorable.
This lovely lady cultivates you in every way
Your blood rises to her flirtatious demand,
Her eyes, hypnotize, invade every dream,
Endless lust, pulled by the enigma of dragon dust wind
Falling flowers of forgetfulness, when lost to her spell
She lives, she breathes your ribs in

Words were spoken, now wrapped around your heart
In a game of trust, her kiss hushes your lips
Like a syndrome, you babble and drool ----stepping all over yourself
You are nothing more than a fool in love, 
Trusting and turning every word she says into gold


( A Poet Destroyer Collection)

Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2015

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Illusion Illuminated

Illusion illuminated instantly
Reality realized… rationally
Nature noticed normally
Vision vitalized vibrantly
Life lived… laudably

Copyright © Adeleke Adeite | Year Posted 2010

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Procrastination hurled its clubs
And retrieved all the master plans
In the thought of tomorrow which 
Is still young and fresh to emerge.
So you succumbed to its fire blazing fist 
And quit to begin the next day.
The day died in tears, rejected and frustrated
Then comes tomorrow in a glorious smiles 
Filled with hopes and grace.
It was neglected just like the other tomorrow.

tomorrow died yesterday in tears.
tomorrow died yesterday in pains.
Men labour not but procrastinate.
Fear the unknown and stay day dreaming 
Wish the wish which never wish to come in vain
Can a thief steal from a thief?
Procrastination is a thief of time.

What ever you desire to do
Do it now and never wait for tomorrow .
Yesterday and today were just like tomorrow 
Which would still die in sorrow if the 
Soul is not watered bravely.

so climb the mountains for the treasures.
Go to the river and hook up the fishes and dry them.
Visit the ants for wisdom and understanding.
Sound the drums of bravery
Let the blinds men walk and dance with no one by their side.
Chase away procrastination and welcome effective act,
There is always a smile of faces on the birth of a new day.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2014

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Arts in Canvas

Canvas in Creative Colors Painter Paints to Persuade People; Sends Surprises to Spectators'Sight, and Wide-ranging Wonder World Wide; Like Lighting the Love in one's Life, Arts in it is an Asset from Above!
Note: I composed this poem because arts is my passion.

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2012

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Shooting Stars

This night I am sad.
My eyes gaze the gathering galaxy
Seated upon the sky spread
Selfishly seek a shooting star.

I seek it so bad
Such sight my thought asking
My tea cold beside a frigid bread
I moan on the mowed green grass.

I love stars
Shooting star much more
Sparkling sparkles, glittering glitters
A little mighty awe
Twinkling littles lively and true.

For a good night rest
I need it  bid me... 
And at my voice crest
I started humming

For this nightly night,
Echoes of darkness
A shooting

Copyright © GOODNESS LANRE | Year Posted 2013

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The Poets Refraction of Headline News

The bending light from the headline
As it enters my optic
Resonates from eager
Coursing to my
As the crisp crunch of
Crackles in self
The pungent wisp of fresh
And strong

...I can touch


Copyright © James Marshall Goff | Year Posted 2013

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Alice Alligator -Tongue Twister

Alice alligator anxiously awaits for an audience of awkward anteaters. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Mar.19/2005

Copyright © Cynthia Jones | Year Posted 2015

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the animal called man is the hope
Of the undying world perfected with goodness
Constituted drive to recreate metamorphic beings
Bound profoundly to unmasked the universe of its beauty
Yet with hearts so devilish behind the mask

The animal called man is the noun of the world 
With pronoun of change in the home and abroad
Land of hope they feel within the sky clapping
Their smiles a full moon of enduring mercy
yet with hearts as red as the furnace hell

Journey in the beauty of their kind
World crying on their mouth of deeds
No man, no universe but atmosphere 
Combating with the cloud and roses
Yet they constitute the nuisance of the world

The man called man is the food
Of the earth when another phase opens
The grasses, insects and feeble ants rejoice
When a six fit is dung to welcome him home
Yet evil dwells mostly in their hearts of gold

The man called man is a special being
With the high spirit of creation with the marker
The world changes form in their dancing hands 
second God creators of the beauty of the world
Yet their beauty creations damage their beauties.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2015

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Stink Thinking

Poem by: Mr. Ronald Watson
Sep. 13, 2012
My Poetry on PoetrySoup

Stinking Thinking

Stinking thinking/ it leads to drinking./
What moisten the soul without an inkling?/
Unto making a wild left turn /while the right signal light were blinking./
Within a mild mix of rice, hops, and barley,
Since/ it is too much laugher at a karaoke party./
How Elvis sounds like,/ a broken Bob Marley?/
Now it’s as if,/ inhibitions are lowed/
Frozen in time/ and slipping far out of control./
As intuitions of minds does loathe,/ as such weariness echoes for tomorrow./
Yet,/ a stinking breath that smells just as death/ and it's where all funky asses dwells./
Though/ all hung over /and unjustified to flinging heavy heads into that porcelain king,/ 
Even this is a sight for red sore eyed Kings!/ 
It is an aftermath of ravishing through them royal purple cloth bags./
So/ afraid to admit that shallowness slowly drags!/
When,a sense of clarity which will just admit it.
That stinking thinking is difficult to kick, but
One day at a time, it is the only way to shine, or get fixed.  

Thank youMy Poetry on PoetrySoup
God Bless.

Copyright © TMP The mad poet | Year Posted 2012

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wet cheeks

in the empty silence

that cuddled me in

cold corners,

i found answers

written on the wall;

with finger nails

and blood stains.

the darkness kissed my cheek

and wiped my tears away

Copyright © Louisa April | Year Posted 2014

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soliloquy of softness saddened
somber sleeping of starlight sound
song of silken sylvan sunset
psalm of satisfaction found

Copyright © Sean Cosslett Moore | Year Posted 2007

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If we ever meet again
I would have your name
boldly written in the stars and the moons.
Kiss away your pains
And break the broken image of a battered 
Beautiful lady in a world of sorrow.
i would take you paradise and buy you the finest designers.

i would love you like my sister 
love you like my mother
take you around the world  
Then the oceans and the seas would recognize
your presence .
The trees flap their wings in joy
As they smell the freshly fragrance 
From a pretty body of an angel.
I would make you a crown of gold
That would brighten up the world.

You would be my baby mama,
the sweetest thing i ever have.
If we ever meet again 
I would make you queen of my world 
And would adorn all your entire body 
Because you're more than  a woman to me.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2014

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Heart arteries attached to piano keys

An ailing sound, an orchestra's experiment,
Softly sailing dreadnaught notes, in an opera's environment,
Heart throbbing hardcore chorus' elements,
Penetrating pores defiling my sweat glands' sonorous ornament.

Flexing her fragile fingers upon piano keys
My hearing heart reflex's, reacts with a cute smile like of little albino kids
Harshly hammering my soft soul trapped in the musical matrix, it feels like Keano Reeves
Leaving lungs longing for oxygen as if the last vicious veldfire left no trees

"Let the music play" let lovely Jordin Spark
Let Weather be of May, let the touring Tyson park
My happy heart dances in triumph, lyrical doors have been unlocked
Let love instruments cling to my lonely ears, and play till i find Alicia Keys

Copyright © Godwins Piyo | Year Posted 2013

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They Are Only Words Or Are They

GOD:   Good, Goddess,Giving,Gem,Glee,Goodness, Gorgeous, Gift ,Glad, Giddy, Giggle,                                 Greet,Grand, Generous,Glitter,Gold,Glow,Grow,Gratifying, Grandma, Grandpa, Gallant, Groom, Green, Groovy, Grace, Gospel, Grapes, Guide, Gentle, Gay,              
Grounded, Grant, Guest, Graduate, Glory, Glisten, Grass, Glare, Gleam, Garden, Grateful, Gracious...    

DEVIL:   Demon,Damned,Devour,Doom,Deceive,Divided,Death,Down,Dark, Dump,       Derelict, Defect, Destroy, Drunkard, Drop, Ditched, Drown, Divorce, Deprave, Deform, Difficult , Damage, Dagger, Deny, Decay, Dissolve, Defiance, Dirty, Deranged, Dungeon, Devious, Delirious, Disobey, Dislike, Decline, Demanding, Decadent, Doubt, Defraud, Depressed, Drought, Demoted, Denial, Discord, Distant, Disrupt, Disturb, Disown, Danger, Defeat, Demented, Dementia, Disposed,Deploring, Despair, Disease, Dread, Disgust, Despite, Distract, Dastardly, Delete, Drain, Darn, Dishonest, Dollar, Disaster, Debt,Desert, Desolate, Distraught, Damn, Detain, Displease, Duped,        Destruction, Diabolical, Delinquent...

Feb.25.2016   ^WW^

Copyright © Winged Warrior | Year Posted 2016

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Baba Bisi born Bisi before Bisi born a baby

Copyright © micheal jenkin | Year Posted 2010

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The Wild Snow


                                               The snow is twirling
                                               The snow is whirling
                                               The snow, The snow
                                               The snow is blowing
                                               The snow is going
                                               The snow, The snow
                                               The snow is flaking
                                               The snow is breaking
                             Not to soon but,one day at the stroke of noon
                                 when the sun is in the middle of the sky
                    when it is not shy the sun will pop out from behind the clouds
                                          and melt all the ice and snow
                                               The snow, The snow

Copyright © Adam Weir | Year Posted 2016

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I don't want to walk in this lane again
I don't want to be bless with no tale
I cover my soul with hatred but my body blossom
Forty three years i am, childless.
Yesterday, i was forty and a child promised 
Yet i have no one to send an errand

My pillow watches my tears swing on it
A house wife tears not so good
Mother, i will be coming home, i've failed
Brother, arrange my unlock hut for me
Sister, search for my lost Bangoes and Jewelries
Father, prepare my dowry to be return to them 
I have failed in marriage yet blessed at home

Words unsaid hurt more than an injury
Forty three years of barrenness and pains
Sorrow of a house wife seems too painful
My womb had developed the mind of their own
My utensils question my authority
The doors in my home laugh at me in a scornful way
I see the windows always mocking my moves
I want to move but moving becomes impossible

Sorrow of a house wife in forty three years 
I hate to be a woman if this what they face
Tell mother i will be coming home he wants me no more
He had defiled our matrimonial bed and the bed want me no more 
He is now a monster playing outside with a mistress
My Chi has forsaken me in dawn after dusk 
I will be coming mother perhaps your arms will
Cuddle me and make me better like before .
Tell the world i've failed as a woman
But tell not my house hold for they already known

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2014

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Daily Damaging Days


Dying days dances dearly,
Destroying deleted determined details.
Distill distraction display devoid,
Defiant development drives devalue days.
Dial up diamond depressed diary.
Diabolical destroy dethroned desires.
Designed dependable desires dialogue
Demonstrate defined deliverance.
Draft daily demaging days,
Dare delect day dreaming data
Dazzling death-toll debtors deceives
Debatable decency decision declared
Dedicate depression delegated delightfully.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2015

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All About Me

B is for Beautiful a word that describes my personality in a nutshell
Being Blessed with the Brains to Bestow kindness onto Basic individuals
U is for Underestimated which I normally am
Unable to Uncover what’s Under my Unknown Uniqueness
K is for Keys that I have to their hearts
Kindly Keeping Kings locked down in my Kingdom with my warm Kisses
O is for Obsessive, if its mine its mine
Occurring Obstacles that Obviously try to Obtain my Occupant will be evicted
L is for Love that I find hard to give
Lesson to Learn, Losers will Leave but it'll surely be their Loss
A is for Assets which I have plenty of
Applications are Acquired to Access my Awesome Attributes
That’s me... Bukola! 

Copyright © Bukola Adedeji | Year Posted 2015

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Applaud apt act
Leave lazy lack

Lift lively link
Indulge in ink

Tell tender tease
Etch endows ease

Rich risk resigns
Art aims align

Troubles thrust think
Impulse in ink

Only odd one
Now never none

Leon Enriquez
19 August 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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Brave heart
Courageous move passionately
Mightier than the sword blade
Genius mind always make the best
People of ex-ordinary talent (POet)
Defenders of the voiceless with pen and white paper
They are emerging better now in a countless numbers
watering the pretty human souls to happiness
Like the nightingale of the free forest of freedom
I wished i could be one of them, the penlords
Fighting the war of words without an Ogbunigwe
A war with no cutlass, gun, sword but pretty words
The white paper they feast upon daily with passion
Transporting the undying words to the world like bullet
piecing violately into the human body.
Defender of human race, the penlords
I visited the hearts of their hearts and behold
Perfection in the battle of enlightenment
They are so Go-----ooood like the gods
So swe----eeeet like the testament of their words
So de--li-ci-----ous like the turtle so---oooooop
all hail the beautiful ones
All hail the mountainous brave writers of the 
Twenty first century of our time
The intestine of their pens always at work
the salivary gland in their pens always never dry
Writing emotionally to change the loners
who taught them how them how to hold a pen?
They are our deities, the gods of our land
Never die like a snake that passed through the
Rock without leaving any trail behind 
They give treasure for generations to generations
Yes they are emerging in twos, threes and fours
To fill the vacuum of our broken thoughts 
I wished am on of the penlords so 
That i could create my own future with pen

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2014

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Promised a poesy garden

In the shadows of a
    darkly relinquished night,
 an unrelenting musing beast struck
       presenting a proposition,
         as he pranced about
           viscous vision's intentions,
promised a copious poesy garden
        'tween early morn's
            buttercup metaphors
              & dusk's poppy delusions,
danced 'til lavishly penned spirits
    were indubitably unleashed 
        exploding 'neath elliptical eclipses;
whence the sun it did bounteously appear
    midst all its magnificent splendor,
        whilst Delphic inky nectar dripped
           deliberately descending beyond
                   hellbent scripted passages,
           vying vaporous voids of creation 
                'pon prolifically paradisaical poetry

Copyright © Paloma P | Year Posted 2016

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Black cherry

   There cool they rule but in some since they are so so cruel.
Black cherry is a flirty sign and a well known seductive sign.
   you see them on bracelits you see them on cars you probably would even see them in bars.
Black cherry is not something to mess around with you never know the conflict of The one an only black cherry.

Copyright © BreannaKay Warr | Year Posted 2012

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Immortal Questions

How many times have I written you a line?
Which often, it has brought pleasures from your heart to mine.
Will you ever try to give me your thoughts?
Shall I be waiting long? Shall I kill my doubts?
Do me in time, due my beats;
I feel joy, sadness and my soul weeps.
will you ever consider my conditional release?
will you grant me warmth, shelter and peace?
Consume my joy, agony and my sweet eager delight
Shine your courtly thoughts on me with your inner light.
Shall I ever feel your breath?
Would you lend me your strength?
Noise slept within cracks of my skull
as a baby open-eyed whilst the lull.
Will you boost my powers?
Will you bring down my towers?
Will you?
or in ever eternity you will?

Ali Adhab

Copyright © Ali Adhab | Year Posted 2015

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What does the blood owes the vein?
What does food owes the stomach?
The grasses would always be green but 
Not in a drought and dry days.
The day owes the night the chance to exist 
Among the evil men who dwells in the dark 
Planning preciously on how to attack the innocents.
The day owes the night breathing space and the 
Longing for approval by the craving moon
Who lies awake in it abode.
The day owes the night a space to 
Interact with the lords of the night and 
Welcomes the owls to their haunting game
Of human souls which had deviated from the laws.
The day owes the night love and separation 
From the time limit of the division of the their works.
The day has to make the lonely night have its rightful 
Time allotted to them by nature.
It owes the night the privilege to perform it duties 
It owes the night an acknowledgement to welcome him home
During when the east breeze goes to the west to settle its dispute with the sun.
As the sun owes the day so as the moon owes the night 
And the night also owes the day when the cock stood 
In the rusty thatch hut to welcome the day as the night 
Depart to an unknown destination.
We all are debtors, no one is less important in this global village.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2014

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I was born in Babylon
Everyday I want to be alone
I prayed not to get low
Everyday Babylon claim more soul
I just have to go, seek for more show
I grow with no shoes under my foots
Ganger is my food, 
Mosquitoes sing the reggae allover my room 
Webs block my views, killing my crews
What can I do to survive when am buzz

Where is that place to get crazy?
That place you cannot erase,
That camp with more space,
Where you don’t have to get late
That place where you just want to be free from
“Babylon” Babylon” Babylon…I want to be free

If there is a question, it should be about relation
My action will generate your reaction
Is substitution the way to be free from Babylon?
The game is always ON, grow horns like Capricorn
Cut the vegetables; let’s be able to be stable

Copyright © tomiwa simon | Year Posted 2012

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Zebras -Allitera-Ku-

Zesty Zebras Zing Copyright Cynthia Jones July.13/2005

Copyright © Cynthia Jones | Year Posted 2015

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The ordinary people we are
The common people of the abandoned street
Homeless not Hopeless in our quest
Looking up to the Forest Lords
We are kicked left and right by them
Helpless not voiceless 
We are the dregs of the Society
Seen in every rejected areas in the land
Faceless and clueless of who we really are
The Hoi-polloi lost In pains of the leaders
Our kinds are not better in anything involving the society yet they used us as tout to kill ourselves
The land detest and chase us here and there
Hope we speak each day yet no hope seen
Among our kind In Their daily agenda
We are treated and killed like the funeral ram
But we stitch our heart with smiles
Our laughter clapping in the dawn of their ears
Our stomach may speak harshly to us but
We perservere speaking kindly and warmly
Their eyes despises our existence 
Their mouths speak wrath against us
Who shall speak for us----the voiceless?
Where shall the messaih come from Israel or jerusalem?
Mighty men had fallen in Jerico and Gomorahh
Great gladiators had be slaughtered in Rome and Greece but we look close to the dawn in the west
Clothing our already made cupped desires in a beam smiles.
Though our Lives a Bottled Oil in a freezer
Though our drive a playing gesture in our hands
We believe, we dream, we shall be seen among
Men not fallen in The ditch of limited trend but
We tread on the surviving route days to come.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2015

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Always about art
Imaginative ideas
Creative content
Exhibits effect end

Copyright © Sarah Cassleman | Year Posted 2009