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Alliteration Angel Poems | Alliteration Poems About Angel

These Alliteration Angel poems are examples of Alliteration poems about Angel. These are the best examples of Alliteration Angel poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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my angel

i ask my self why!
the sky is always blue?
why the  sun  shining
when i always look at you?

i ash my self why.
you glow in the sun?
are you my angel
the girl  he sent from above?

but who cares where still keeping it strong.

i just like it when u hold my hand 
and you wont let go
seem like  YOUR AFAIR I WILL LEAVE you


i like everything you say
and everything you do
you are my angel
baby i love you

life is short
so lets make it go by slow
lets do everything we can 
just dont let go

if your sad and can't sleep  and just setting there in ur bed
i'll stay up all night untill you get your rest

im here for long run baby
and i am going to stay and keep my love true

and talk all night on the phone
stay up for hours just to talk to you

i keep you in my dreams
i no im in yours
your my angel
ur the one every one wish for and i adore

i put my hand on my cross and pray to him
thank you lord for this present you sent!

Copyright © westley newcomb | Year Posted 2007

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The Devil Within

I feel tempted, dishonest, unlawful, inadequate, sinful, and incomplete. I thrive on hate, I fixate on pain, and I dwell on jealousy, my anger becomes uncontrollable, my rage over powers me, I feel helpless. The shadow within me fills my heart with sin, the darkness dims my light, my days grow long and cruel, my nights simmer my thoughts, I cannot feel, I cannot touch, my heart has been ripped from my chest, my soul no longer exists, I am gone! They pray for my salvation, they morn my soul, they have faith that there is still a glimmer of hope that I may be saved, that I may become myself again. I wake up! A bright light overwhelms my sight, I feel peace, I can feel my heart beating, I can touch my soft skin, when the blur subsides I see a face, a face, like no other face I have ever seen, it is my lord and he has saved me.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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Hope and faith for The masses
Recreation of. Liberty and freedom
Long life and prosperity in future
Smiling birds with songs of Praises
Clothed children with Assured future.

Freedom of the Press as a watchdog
Freedom of speech and freedom after speech
Freedom of movement to recreate and renew
Freedom among the poor and The voiceless
Freedom of choice and peace for all

Power supply And good atmosphere
Table for all, love and unity
Unity in cultural Diversity 
World class citizen, world class Nation

Faithfulness among the leaders
Drive to maintain harmony
To satisfy the masses of their quest for goodness
Humbleness not as crafty as the fox.
There we climb Above the ground
To recreate excellent spirit of the tradition.

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2015

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The Wanderer

Wandering ways without whispering words.
Who would wonder why?
Wanting, waiting, wondering within.

Will witty wisps win waging wars?
With wooing wowing Women.
Wandering ways without whispering words.

Copyright © Andrew Hart | Year Posted 2014

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Every time I sleep; pains on my brain' 
Abolishing my heart n soul lord escort my vein 
From the bounded clouds of this mournful pain 
I can't predict the weather nor the range of the rain
But hope for the station of this moving train 
Thou death is sometimes rude & so insane 
Life remains a distance between birth & death 
That exists deep down in the palms of earth 

Demise, demise, demise; roll your unmerciful dice
Flutter with our lives as we stare with horrified eyes
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, statue into dense ice
Nothing panels your path nor human's wealth 
Wicked calamity that neither cares of people's health
Guilty & innocent souls shall rest on your misty throne 
Plans & creatures will bow & obey to the sound of your tone 

Yet no grave, on the roots of earth, shall hold my corpse down 
I'll dwell with divine cherubs of warmth, & wear my sacred crown 
Emulating implausible angels in the closed doors of heavens town 
So wipe your worthless tears, & rinse my ashes with frosty plums 
Blustering monumental trumpets, accompanied by mourning drums 
While the faultless treasure chest slumps down the mastery ground 
As I tumble in a dim cavernous ocean aiding my soul to rebound

Gushing tears won't refurbish dull coats munched in the idols grave
Bloated hearts shall be restored by comforting pals that are brave 
The sprinkling gates of heaven will sanctify my bones with streams
Consigning my precious soul to a land filled with endless dreams
Confessing all my transgressions; as I knock on the heavens door
While my corpse respite calm on the arctic layers of my odd floor

Copyright © Tshilidzi Nengovhela | Year Posted 2013

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The Wild Snow


                                               The snow is twirling
                                               The snow is whirling
                                               The snow, The snow
                                               The snow is blowing
                                               The snow is going
                                               The snow, The snow
                                               The snow is flaking
                                               The snow is breaking
                             Not to soon but,one day at the stroke of noon
                                 when the sun is in the middle of the sky
                    when it is not shy the sun will pop out from behind the clouds
                                          and melt all the ice and snow
                                               The snow, The snow

Copyright © Adam Weir | Year Posted 2016

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Hope Mate

Heart mended beneficial Trust blossom forecast fairyland disguise family man confused in plaid t's vapor patterned flavors If it ain't the rest It ain't the best I digress I'm a total mess congested chest fill me up with your Drug

Copyright © Kody Dibble | Year Posted 2014

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Steer Away From Why

Kinds lay everywhere,
With stories of the past,
Opening wide arms to share,
Helping others at last.

Easy is not the word,
To place upon the plate.
After my past is heard,
The pathos fit in fate.

Some may want,
The descriptions clear,
Or some may recieve the haunt;
Of the visions giving off fear.

Lost souls are out,
As I met a few,
Swerving past-to a different route,
Away from eyes I once knew.

Why-Is a question to ask,
But one I very-rarely do,
Instead I make a task,
To get to know you.

Hope and faith; together to shake,
For the situations given,
In your shoes I'll make,
My best to make a liven'.

You may not be here,
Rotted; rust,
Leaving left a tear,
Now to succeed is a MUST.

Your name is writtin' down,
On my arm,
Like an angel with a crown,
All pasts are now no harm.

Death happens; on command,
Leaving wasn't easy; no,
The words said last now stand,
To leave your story to show.

Copyright © Stacey Behal | Year Posted 2013

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No shadows in loves calm

Why after all of my mistake ridden years
Have I been granted the eyes of truth?
I see beauty in so many different ways
Than I ever did before, my song sounds
Sweeter than it ever did, and the echoes
Of  my incoming evening tide, though near
Are far away on a horizon of waiting dreams,
And my soul feels as light as the rising dawn.

Why did those passing whispers of forever
Decide to nest in the furthermost corners
Of my grieving heart, and what gave their
Salve such a sweetly healing holy touch,
That lit me up like a smile on a rainy day?
And why are my footprints still in the sand
So far away from yesterday? I feel as if
I am still walking with you like I always did.

What makes a sunset turn into a psalm, and
Why do rainbows comfort my eyes, like one
Day when I was young, I saw the sun down
A wishing well, and when I got home, I looked
In the mirror, and a rainbow was etched across
My face, and its colours were so gentle a reminder
Not to let my heart grow drab and grey again, yet
Rainbows never can be born without a touch of rain…

Copyright © Keith Robson | Year Posted 2014

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Angel in my life

Walk in a room as it lights up.
Angel from heaven above. 
Sweeter then candy.
Smile is contagious
Arms warm around me.
Warrior who protects his love ones.
Being around you becomes a chain reaction. 
hazel eyes that you cant look away from. 
More to see that lies behind a gorgeous face.
The Angel in my life

Copyright © Angel Hale | Year Posted 2012

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Am I?

An Abashment, Am I? Angel 
To my Troubled Tears?
Leaving them Linger, Live Long 
a Life Lacking Love? 
a World of Wounds that Wakes 
What never Wanted to Wake? 
’Wait’, Word that Weakens
Every Ember of Ecstasy  
Shaking, Shivering, Screaming
my Lifeless tears Lamenting
Mourning for More Maturity 
Begging for a Blissful Bond
Their hearts Throbbed Terribly..
I Am An Abashment, Angel 
To my Troubled Tears 
I Do Deserve their Disrespect
For I Didn’t Dare to Dream 
for I Have Hindered, not Healed 
the Wounds of a Waiting World…

Copyright © Yara Rouhana | Year Posted 2009

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the world does not exist

it is greed that stops us believing this is heaven
the truth is the world is a lie for the greedy.

Copyright © Anthony Dover | Year Posted 2016

Details | Alliteration |

Genesis incorporation a litter ray tion

4 ablution 4 acclimatization 4 adulation 
4 benediction 4 biotransformation 4 blastulation 
4 concatenation 4 conception 4 configuration 
4 declaration 4 dictation 4 differentiation 
4 ejaculation 4 emancipation 4 erection 
4 fascination 4 flagellation 4 flocculation
4 gastrulation 4 glamorization 4 glorification 
4 habituation 4 harmonization 4 homogenization 
4 implantation 4 impregnation 4 incubation 
4 jubilation 4 junction 4 juxtaposition 4 kation 
4 keratinization 4 k-ration 
4 labialization 4 libation 4 liquidation 
4 manifestation 4 menstruation 4 micro-encapsulation 
4 negotiation 4 notification 4 notion 
4 ovation 4 oviposition 4 ovulation 
4 parturition 4 penetration 4 perpetuation 
4 quadruplication 4 qualification 4 question 
4 reaction 4 repopulation4 reproduction 
4 sanctification 4 schematization 4 scintillation 
4 thermojunction 4 titillation 
4 underestimation 4 unification 4 union 
4 validation 4 valuation 4 vasocongestion 
4 weatherization 4 workstation 
4 zombification 4 zonation 

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2016

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My little Angel

A great love between a mother and child.
My little angel from heaven above.
Blond curly hair.
Beautiful grayish blue eyes.
Smile that touches my heart.
Laugh makes me love you more.
You make everything better.
You show me real love.

Copyright © Angel Hale | Year Posted 2012

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reason why

I always knew that love would come find me someday
 but never did I know that it would be you who was headed my way
 you caught me off guard and took me by surprise
 but you simply captivated me, the same way you do when I look into your eyes

It's true that every good and perfect gift is from above
 you were presented to me as a beautifully packaged gift full of humor, talent, intelligence, beauty and love
 "it isn't finding the perfect person but learning to see an imperfect person perfectly"
 we all have our flaws but when I view you through my eyes, perfection is all I see

From when you laugh to when you're upset, I still love the little things you do
 especially hearing you laugh and seeing your nose wrinkle the same way mine does too
 coming into this relationship has been hard at times but we've made it through
 I know as long as we're on this journey together, there's nothing that we can't do.

Sometimes I wonder if what we have is too good to be true
 too scared to get my heart broken and scared of the thought of losing you
 but in the end, I trust in the author and perfecter of what I believe
 because what we ask for in Him, we in return shall receive

"Where your treasure is, your heart will be also" is how the saying goes
 I may not know what tomorrow may bring, for God is the only one who knows
 the one thing I do know is that you are my one and only
 a treasure in my heart that I want to devote my whole life to completely

I know I don't need to prove my feelings to know they're true
 because what I've known in my past, doesn't come close to the experience I've shared with you
 I've had the experience of being in relationships before
 however, this is the first time I've been truly happy... I couldn't ask for anything more
 it's an honor to know that I am yours, as you are mine

Copyright © ANDREW KELLY | Year Posted 2016

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life and beyond

Angels just love weddings, don't you think?
 No one sees them, but we know they're there,
 Golden halos lassoing their hair,
 Embodying a love beyond the brink.
 Love draws them in like revelers to drink,
 Alive in love, breathing love like air,
 Amorous in ways we could not bear,
 Needing us to be love's earthly link.
 Do, then, with an angel's ecstasy,
 Make your lives an amorous delight,
 Intimate in ways both sure and sly,
 Chaste but in the chamber of your love.
 Heaven is not quite a fantasy;
 Angels hover near, awaiting night.
 Eden was a place where none was shy,
 Loving as the naked lust might move

Copyright © ANDREW KELLY | Year Posted 2016

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Just like an angel

Without knowing we met
Unexpected encounters led our way
Never thought I was going to fall again
But as I saw you
I knew I was wrong once again

Couldn’t believe my mind
I thought an angel had crossed my eyes
I was so afraid and curious at the same time
Didn't wanted to make any mistakes
But the harder I tried the harder it got

Time went on so fast
I had let you go
And so deeply I regret
I cried and begged
Only to see you once again

As hours and days went by
The more love took my heart
Never thought I was going to fall again
But as I saw you
I knew god had proven me wrong once again

Couldn’t believe my eyes
God had mercy on me one more time
Like an amazing gift from heaven
There she was
With her beautiful smile and eyes
I felt what love was one more time

Never thought I was going to fall again
But as I saw you
I knew I was wrong 
Once again

Copyright © Sebastian Gonzalez | Year Posted 2009

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Copyright © neekita sangwan | Year Posted 2017

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Fragile form feels
Wise welcome will

Mindful man meets
Grand glimpses greet

Apt angel aid
Prompt prayer paid

Taste telling tale
Voice vibrant vale

Faith faces fear
Dream dazzles dear

Fine fancy frames
Nurture nice name

Lift laughter light
Brine beauty bright

Face fleeting form
Nice nimble norm

Pray placid poise
Cheer charming choice

Leon Enriquez
31 August 2017

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2017