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Someday special

One day
The sky fades
I'll be free
The good day
Is someday

Copyright © Emidifi Defi | Year Posted 2013

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Thank you

Thank you – Zamreen Zarook

Thank you is a sweet word in the nature,
You may be a guy of adventure,
May be you are a person of agriculture,
What matters is your architecture.

Never forget the people, who guided you,
In no degree neglect who were with you,
Don’t ever overlook a creature, who gave a smile to you,
Because, you will meet them above you.

People forget the past due to selfishness,
They have no time to remember their unawareness,
Society, most of the times behave in awfulness,
They will understand when their lives come in to bitterness.

Be a person to thank and remember,
Don’t consider them as December,
Because, you might need them in November,
So, always be as a good subscriber.

Copyright © Zamreen Zarook | Year Posted 2013

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Bio in Short

It's been a good run
To the back side of sixty,
The short side of time.

First Hollywood kiss
Behind a pink crepe myrtle.
Thanks, Patsy Werner.

High school was okay.
Didn't help me to focus;
So, my mind wandered.

Surfed Bonzai Pipeline,
Big waves break into lava.
What made me do it?

Vietnam jungles.
I wondered why I was there.
America lost.

Smoking pot. Stereo.
Good fun in the seventies.
Psychedelics too.

And three wives later,
I finally found true love.
We're still together.

My destitute heart,
Saved by the sweetest angel.
I love you, Sandy.

Sooners are my team.
Most winning football program
In the Modern Era.

I am retired now.
But I have plenty to do.
Golf, primarily.

I've been writing more.
Perhaps I will write a book.
I have many tales.

I'd chase young girls; but,
Girls with a "grampa" fetish
Are so hard to find.

If I am lucky,
I will just drop dead one day.
With my peace of mind.

Yes, made a good run
To the back side of sixty,
The short side of time.

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

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I am God's child, first and forever I am known by many different titles, a daughter I am a wife I am a mother I am a grandmother I am a poet I am by several ways, known as a sister I am an acquaintance I am a loyal friend I am a stranger I am a cousin I am an Auntie I am a niece But who is this person, they all call "Denise?" She is a child to God She is a niece She is a cousin She is a stranger She is a loyal friend She is an acquaintance She is known to many, a sister She is a poet She is a grandmother She is a mother She is a wife She is known as a daughter to many She is everything, she'd ever dreamed her life to be.... She is happier than she ever imagined possible SHE IS "DENISE"

Copyright © Denise Hopkins | Year Posted 2013

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Survey Of A Happy Life

Survey Of A Happy

The question I was
The couple answered;
it's Good-Flavorful
and lasting.
It is fun and
it's giving and
It is easy to
if you know the

It is hushed kisses,
smooth caresses
gentle movements
that induce deep-
gutted moans
it is pillow talk
and long walks-

A blood rush to
it is rocking chairs
and wheel chairs
It's thanking
God for each other -
for the ability
to remain meek.

And for our,
adored.. seeing the
past presented in
presence of their
Enduring and over-
looking each
Sharing of favorite
stories for the
Ump-tenth time.

The prayers,the joys
shared, produced the
unity that made
us strong. Strong
enough together to
withstand disasters.
Escaping cracks
and sink holes...

We who know,know
the value of
Also we see the
importance of
We knew how to live
we knew love then
and shall, in the

Copyright © Vicki Acquah | Year Posted 2014

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Who Am I

Who am I?
Question indeed!

  W-eaned from tender 
age,in noble family of ten.
  H-urt by the demise of 
the tube that brought 
me into this theater of 
struggles and pains.
  O-rdered about by the 
whimps of this 
world,facing the hurdles 
of life daily from 
cradle,never giving up 
  A-fine young man of 28 
I am,who has the 
experience and wisdom 
of the aged.
  M-astering the arts of 
life-learning from lessons 
of life's victims and 
didactic poems 'cos man 
of fame I intend to be for 
I bear the name Bob.

  I-lost my poetic gift at a 
stage but recovered it in 
poetrysoup for invisible 
entities say a 
lesser being I shall be,but 
another encourages me 
to move on,for great is 
one who comes out of 
the shackles of life 
undeterred for this is who 
I am.

Name: Ifeanyi Bob 

Copyright © Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu | Year Posted 2013

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Good Enough

What if I can’t make it  ?
What if I can’t take the pressure  ?
Am I’m good enough  ?
Good enough to have an  opportunity .
It’s like all my life I’ve been hearing that I won’t be shit because I’m retarded .
I’m ignorant.
I will end up dead like some worthless proof thug .
What if they are right ?
What if I’m not good enough ?
I’m sad
I should die.
Did anybody care when I let go of Love Jefferson and Leonardira ?
Did anybody care when I was at Chicken Express ?
Did anybody care when I wrote poetry ?
Is Christopher Carson Burton myself is trash ?
What if I can’t be good enough ?
What if people can’t accept me as successful as them. 
I want to be good enough just like them.
It don’t matter whether you’re stupid 
Your gay
Your black brown or white
Never give a damn what people say because you are good enough to push yourself.
All I want is people to look in my eyes and tell me am I’m good enough ?
I want to prove them wrong.
I want to be above
But I’m trying 
Don’t give up Christopher repeatedly in my mind .
Don’t give up.
Your Number one.
You got to be number one baby
You fall
Pick yourself off
You cry and whine
Dirt off your shoulders
Stay confident
Walk with swag.
Talk with pride and self esteem feel the vibe in you.
Everybody’s counting on you don’t fail try  try  your almost there  because if you don’t try then people will be right about you don’t ever let go and say you’re not good enough because I believe no I know that everyone has a dream to fly and shall finish.

Copyright © Cmack Estevez | Year Posted 2016

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Success never depends on
The way you dress or speak
What it demands for
Is your happiness at its peak!

It never comes to a person
Who thinks of himself to be the best
Life instead proves to him that
Over confidence has made him an unwanted pest

Success never chases the one who gets
The literal meaning of dedication
And the one ehose hardwork
Never takes a vacation

Burning the midnight oil
Is the first lesson for success
Hardwork is the only thing
Ehich does not harm
Even in excess

The second mantra to succeed
Is to build self confidence
But if built in over
Can prove to be an interferance

Following the four D's
Dedication discipline devotion determination
Will lead you best to dream completion
And will givevyou power
To overcome fear of tough competition

These mantras, if accomplished
Can cause you to succeed
But only if you don't let
Pride to breed
This will destrot your future with a thrive
And may cause you to strive

Otherwise, noone can block your way
Even oroblrms will tend to stay away!!

Copyright © Aashima Bansal | Year Posted 2014

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Don't throw it away

Don’t throw it away
I never had lots of people that actually believed in me as a kid  . I always had these delusional thoughts that one day everybody would love me and believe in me. Well it came eventually to this day when I left poverty forever. I always   wanted to be this to be that but it was all talk . Someone use to tell me if you want to be somebody you’re going to put the effort , be discipline and work your way up. The ego   the cockiness   the arrogance and the ignorance will destroy you instantly and you’ll feel very heartless in your heart. Never throw it away over those traits    never,  listen  and feel emotion that you think the people are right and don’t believe in you that you can be something. Your dreams , Your opportunities ,  Your hopes , Your passion and you  being a somebody is all on you to make it come true. There’s no easy path   I always tracked it down all my life and I fail every time it takes patients   it takes efforts it takes to have another   plan another opportunity to search what you want. The world can’t help you   you are helping yourself the world can’t owe you. It doesn’t define you , you do. You can taking it if the world don’t owe something and give something to you easily but you might fail. There’s no excuses for you to say you have talent   you have lots of creativity and you’ll feel in your thick minding skull that if you use it for an easier path then the world will make you feel  embarrassed and humiliated. 
Without practice
Without effort
Without a plan
Without hard work
You fall you throw it all away based on just talent you can’t be build and rely on talent  and creativity to be successful and make it. Every human has it not just you. Ego and being cocky destroys your images it kills your chances. Be patient   Persevere your way to greatness. Search and feel the effort by doing the work   use your mind   have a   plan   use your full potential because if you don’t then your dreams will remain a fantasy and not a reality. The world wants us to face our challenges to overcome and improve. Without it we all collapse. WE all need challenges to improve our ethics and talent. If you throw it all away then what’s the point of being a somebody   ? Young people need to understand that talent   creativity having an ego and being so better than the world and better than everybody and the world will be much very easier on you is actually more to it.  Don’t let this destroy you   because if you don’t   believe in yourself then you’ll never be  good  enough .   If   certain people don’t believe you have a good future then ignore them and chase it. The struggle is real but we can overcome it by making the struggle into our dreams turn into reality of our wants and highly doubts of desire.
If you throw it away you’re losing
If you throw it away  you’re   pointless.
If you throw it away you’re hopeless.
And if you throw it away you won’t be good enough to be a somebody.  
Stay in school be patient it’ll come get the amount of education and work hard you just have to focus and feel the pride of greatness within you to improve and lastly chase it and go get it.

Copyright © Cmack Estevez | Year Posted 2016

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Grey Bird

On that cloudy weekend in June 
I hear a soft and graceful tune 
from the grey bird on the tree 
Singing sweet lullabies felt 
blessed in the moment 
My body tingles of joy at sight 
Gazing out through 
my open door,
Letting thoughts fly free
Releasing love out into the horizon 
Heart filled with emotion came 
over me 
Grey bird stood playing its tune 
for awhile and on the wings of 
letting go
Then as the rain fell from the 
sky the grey bird flew away 
I blew a kiss to the clouds and 
utterd these simple words of I 
Love You father ( who's now in 
heaven ) and yet I hope to hear 
that grey bird sing again once 
more for me 
Farewell, love your son

Poem contest for Debbie -referential

Copyright © Brian Otoole | Year Posted 2013

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Super Sonic Sonnet

            Super Sonic Sonnet

Complete are my lover’s thoughts in dark brier                 
With airs of aristocracy’s sweet critique
Her mind takes flight, a supersonic liar   
Smiles warmth wears deceit like a prize unique

What grows outside your lovely courtyard facade?
Quadrangular, fortified thick gray walls 
Hubris, incongruous, flourishing macabre 
Infamous fragile beauty flaws, that’s all

Speeding to the grave, your love is there, dead 
Daughters take the splendor, learn mother’s ways
Build other fortresses, stronger, to life’s dread
Days go by, to ponder the doomed accolades 

Destinations for lovers and daughters pass
Become the past without wealth that never lasts

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

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Life is just a short time,
Treasure the all things you've done,
A lot of circumstances you face,
And it will lead you to stand up.

Life is just a tire of a car,
You goes down and up,
Drop in a rough path,
But still you become a stronger one.

Life is just a big old tree,
You are the master of everything,
You are the captain of all,
And a model of anyone.

Copyright © Elmer Candol | Year Posted 2014

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Words for you

"Love the life you live, Live the life you love."
Words to live by, or is that so?
The motto for life will be forever unknown.
For life is tough and life is ugly
Life is rough, never thriving always struggling.
Does life have to be this way? The answer is yes.

No war has been won without a fight
One may disagree, but you know I'm right.
Nothing is given, only taken
"Life is easy."... You have strongly mistaken.
The will to wait will bring success.
Only time will lay struggle to rest. 

Those are words to live by.

Copyright © Don Davidson | Year Posted 2013

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One Of A Kind Guy

As a One of a Kind Guy, I Cry! I try my best not to lie. I oblige everything in sight, I don't know why, but I figure life would be so damn dry if I didn't even try.

I go through the same phases that another guy might; what separates me from the rest is I come into every situation to best the test! I never regret a single step, and when I crest, there is no way in hell I could neglect the preparation just to digress.

See it takes concentration, determination, and most importantly an infatuation for being the best. Not trying to boast or brag, but at last I'm no longer being dragged, by the thoughts of my past. If you act too fast, you'll be apart of the mass, looking for quick cash and a big ass. Smoking grass and doing dabs is only a way to become a spazz; flake not fake but always late. 

I'm not like the rest, I maintain my insane membranes by focus. I strive to ride the wave of faith; not of an higher power but of my own. I'm a One Of A Kind Brother, I stand alone in my mind with only a shadow!

Copyright © Michael Bradford | Year Posted 2015

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building of a empire you

the side hunt of another being distracts from the main goal the bigger picture new blood in the tribe all ways brings new thunder in the lighting storm of a cloud to rest tribesmen warriors questioned on there Integrity coucils held in different ways non
traditoal ways many societys in the past life many crumbles many edgeings craved in stone from past generations in the over all lifeform many civalazations  crumbled before the one being build before the eyes of the laborers the laborers of the temple the foundation of the 
lifeform The structue of which u create for ur self the old carpenters saying mesaure twice 
cut once comes to mind we all might not come out square every mock up but the 
ability to adjust and measure up time and time again to become the master piece 
we all want to become is the test of the builder within

Copyright © Joseph gaydon | Year Posted 2014

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Am I Really Happy

Am I Really Happy?

With everything I’ve acquired and got...
What kind of happiness has it brought?

With everything I have or can name...
Has it given me joy or brought me shame?

With all that this world can give me…
What kind of life “lies beneath me?”

With all of my possessions and wealth…
Do I have contentment and “true” wealth?

I want it to be known and wish to express…
I’m not so sure, I’m what you would call “blessed.”

There’s something I know to be certain.
Tomorrow could be life’s “final curtain.”

There’s something that’s been on my mind.
Have I given God just some of “my” time?

There’s one thing I’m going to do… And do it now!
I’m going to come to the Lord and humbly bow.

This is something I need to say and do...
Give it all to God!  And tell him;

Something that I should have done already...
When Christ comes again…  I want to be ready!

God’s joy and happiness is true and very real!
The presence of God..,   I can already feel!

What God has given to me, no one can take away!
For he comforts me and is with me every day!

By Jim Pemberton   

Copyright © Jim Pemberton | Year Posted 2013

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74 Seconds

~~This poem contains 74 syllables~~enjoy!! 

The sun rays caresses my eyesight 

If I… had an interview with the sun,
Would it last about 74 seconds? 

Will it count as an eloquent conversation? 

Why does the sun have so many layers? 

If I… could have a vacation in space, 
Many things would catch my eye – the sun
Would make me BLIND! 

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2013

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Like the folded petals and bud, I'll bloom and flower..
Like the worm, I'll change and I on metamorphosis...
Like a seed, I'll grow and bear fruit..

Like a baby crawl, little by little I'll stand...

Life is a constant continuous progress..
Even our age passes the time..

Time a nonstop reminder of events..
Mirror a reflection of unstoppable changes..

Yet, deeds and actions leaves irreplaceable  imprints..
Through even decades sprint...

by: olive_eloi

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2013

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		His indifference was merely a facade.
		He'd shrug his shoulders to imply "Who cares?"
		or turn his back, pretending not to hear
		rude comments or see others' scornful stares.

		Tormentors queried, "Why won't he react?
		Is he too self-absorbed to realize
		our loud, degrading taunts are all designed
		to cut this haughty giant down to size!"

		Grand accolades--he'd earned throughout his life.
		At school, then work, his skills made him a star,
		but friendship and romance eluded him;
		his cool aloofness interfered to mar

		his chances to be close to anyone.
		Admirers quickly learned he would not share
		his life and love with anyone; those who
		were jealous found his presence hard to bear.

		His self-esteem was smothered when he  was 
		a sad, neglected child who thought his lot
		in life must be his fault; and it was then
		the mask was formed. From that time it was not

		his true self people saw. He let them see
		the one he'd cultivated through the years.
		His insecurities were hidden well;
		he'd give no one the chance to see his fears

		or be his friend a while, then disappear;
		or say "I love you," leave, and break his heart.
		He honed the skills that made him a success
		and  trusted them always to do their part.

		How would life be when he no longer could
		employ the skills that helped him to excel?
		What would he do when life was winding down
		like an old clock, with no one there to quell

		his fears and care for him? Would he regret
		that he'd kept hidden so convincingly
		his need for love and friendship all his life?
		Would he cry out? Would someone hear his plea?

written August 5, 2016

entered in the Broken Wings Camouflage Me a Poem--Poetry Contest
on August 5, 2016

Copyright © Janice Canerdy | Year Posted 2016

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Life According to Rhoda

Social issues elevate politics into the ring,  
Whilst a loving family frees your interest thing, 
But all people need the state and NHS, 
Which step in to assist when life is less.

But everything deepends much upon legislation, 
The law, its acts and clauses are foundation, 
Its wordings either narrow you into a lark, 
Or respect your essence and dignity in hark. 

If you are the storyteller expected to win, 
The ear of the great who accounts for your sin, 
Your module is no problem to your friends, 
Or to your colleague who her hand to you extends.


Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015

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I dreamt of becoming a nurse..
So, I studied hard, give my best to my course..
Thus, smiles and praises of patients who came to my care, I incur...

I am in midway of my dreams...
Attitude and character, I learn to trim..
Achieving memories of lifetime gleam..

I will also walk down the aisle...
Wearing elegantly white satin gown..
There at the end, the man I'll be with will be waiting...

Who knows what will it bring..
All I know now is I will do everything..
Pursuing risks at hand not feel guilt after that I never did..

by: olive_eloi


Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |


These pass years, I have been in a quest..
There are times I want to stop but I guess..
If steps and risks aren't taken, I'll be waste..
Thus, I try and try slowly not in haste..

To become a Saint, one must be chaste..
To become a hero, must death be faced?
To become renown, must fame be chase?
However, to be love, must one be on same race?

Building long lasting & steadfast relationships..
Will require from you more than stewardship..
Even more than a deal of companionship..
And more than just friendship..

It takes the right time...
Sometimes months extending to years..
Or a whole of a lifetime..
Only God knows yet stay on cheer..

By: olive_eloi

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2013

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In a different frame

I glaze a look at the street, from

our apartment window.


You are coming slowly, teetering

one leg in front other, with back slightly hunched forward,

burdened with sleepless nights and yesterday’s undones.

Vibrant spirit once you had is lost, tossed among crowded

train wagons, useless meetings and broken deadlines.


One vein in the left corner of your forehead, swells, pulses in the rhythm

of your dark, fuddled thoughts as unremitting, sprouting baldness

reflects evening lights.


Still, I smile,

for you are here, with me in all this madness

we call life, half diced with wants and haunts that braid

every tomorrow we greet together.


I would like to put you in a different frame, picture of

nor “Yeses” nor “Nos”,

just us, being us, each moment celebrating

without lamenting for what “ifs” or “shoulds” and “coulds”.


Still, I smile,

as  I watch you battle your restless leg syndrome,

wrestling to sooth demanding expectations,

lifted bars for higher remunerations, in constant marathon

of best comparison,

for you care, you dare.


I take your hand with eyes of approval,

life’s gigolo and gigolette,

ready to play each day’s illusive roulette.

Copyright © Maya Tod. | Year Posted 2014

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Lost Art

            Lost Art

Old man takes deliberate steps
Paints portraits of liberated women and ships
Oranges and blues play favorably on the canvas
Explicit details forged over time
His existence is the ancient house
Attic, main floor and basement are his world
Snow mounts outside his noble place all year
Cold fills in the troubled fabric there at rest
One slow step after the other leads him down
To cellar where he hides his masterpiece
A small brown boat on the vast angry sea 
Planted there among the quiet dust
In the attic he secures a portrait of a woman
She posed in the past with a pink smile
Not much else
Old man loved the girl
But the ship has more value, color and design
He died one day without a reason
His art lives on
The attic piece, the woman, sold for several dollars
The ship for thousands 
Who would guess?
The painting higher in the structure sold for less
The ups and downs of life feted
Vetted just like ours 

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

Details | Dramatic Verse |

Tomorrow at the latest

We are all guilty, without exception,
There is no exemption,
It is just a plain fact,
And we cannot alter that.

We have all put something off til tomorrow,
Generally without too much sorrow,
Unless we wait untill the day after that,
And it becomes too late for us to go out to bat.

This is when we have to ask,
Even take ourselves to task,
For not pointing this out,
Or getting their attention with a shout.

For forgetting we were young once,
Without any nous.
And yet to understand,
If we want to hit a six into the stand,
Or see the first day of the cricket test
Then with a warning we must be blest.
I hope you are listening 
Before I am finishing,
And me you are assisting,
In giving our children the warning they are needing,
Tomorrow at the latest,
And the day after that they may even think us the greatest.

Copyright © David Smith | Year Posted 2017

Details | Tail-rhyme |


Getting younger every day, 
Achieving your goals more so, 
With life, with its assertion of entitlement, 
Enabling you to arrive at fulfilment. 

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

Unwrapped the Uncertainties

In this massive and tilting world,
Never I considered myself as an abalone
All the birds in the sky
Soaring high
Utterly depicted me.

20 years from now
What had I become? 
If I can see through the looking glass,
An entire display of my experiences
I summonly desire to see
A very best version of myself.

A beauty queen 
who after her reign
Became a worthy of notice doctor
Had been able to inspire others
Conditioned her heart to help heroically
Wore the cloak of prosperity
With equal pureness of soul.

A mother of two twins
Living blissfully with a good partner
Spending every precious moments
Filled with happy thoughts and deeds.
A complete family
Acquired life's finest offerings

20 years is really a milestone
A whole human development
Gigantly gained fortress of success
Refused negatives and delved into positivity

I am a woman of influence
A woman through time
Sharpened into someone beautiful and
Thoroughly unwrapped the uncertainties.

Copyright © Casey Valencia | Year Posted 2017