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Broken Soldiers

Broken Soldiers Broken soldiers, tend their wounds, in sterile sunless corner rooms. They bide their time in fretful hours, to ward away the memories, dour. These valiant ones, once walked upright, with weaponry and means of might. And nothing can remove the thoughts, of war’s unholy moments caught. Heroes of battles they once knew give thankful prayers they made it through. They went to serve when country called defending home and giving all. Broken soldiers tell their stories, horror, love and bloody glories. In cold, unsettled nights they come, dreams of battles fought and won. 3/4/17

Copyright © Janis Thompson | Year Posted 2017

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Anzac Day

It's Anzac Day today
Or lads were sent away
To fight a war
And what the hell for
Because they had to pay

Copyright © Vera Duggan | Year Posted 2014

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Wandering Shoes

I didn’t grow up wearin' no wandering shoes.
No, I didn’t grow up wearin' no wandering shoes.
Mostly I just stayed at home, didn’t have no urge to roam.
I didn’t grow up wearin' no wandering shoes.

I didn’t wanna leave my neighborhood.
No, I didn’t wanna leave my neighborhood.
But my friends married, moved away; no gal asked for me to stay.
I felt it time to leave my neighborhood.


I didn’t loaf around in loafers,
But I snuck around in sneakers.
I marched around in Corc’rans lotsa klicks.
Spit-shined a dozen oxfords.
Once knew some secret passwords.
Now I’m slowly limping towards the River Styx.

I didn’t wanna travel round the world. 
No, I didn’t wanna travel round the world. 
Each three years I signed the lines, lived in Europe sev’ral times.
I kinda liked a trav'lin' round the world.

(repeat chorus)

I found I rather liked those wandering shoes.
I found I rather liked those wandering shoes.
Met a gal in Paris, France; we hooked up and took a chance.
Eventually I tossed those wandering shoes.

(repeat chorus to fade)

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2016

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my friend scrolling
all I'm ever doings searching
upon the nets of mother spider - tis the nature of the beast
with sharper teeth a bigger mouth-without famine is no feast
For I once had known a leper who was eaten by leopard
Now the sheep have taken arms but to rip apart the Sheppard
what a subtle revelation in my mind I've found vacation
but the sands of time do torment those who choose an allocation
cometh now my saddest child, weep to me all things are foul
I have wandered fields of flander - Families dead inside their camper
death is still above the reads, skin and bones is all we keep
wooded hampers full of damper, sons and daughters, tin decanters

Copyright © chriss todd | Year Posted 2014

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Toy Soldier

Tens of hundreds of threads that cannot keep warmth;
So, I'm paddling in my sheets,
Once again my sleepless eyes walk the cold wire of night.
I think to myself how strange years delay.
How the sound of my box quakes within my lungs 
How this chin has inflamed into a carpet of bristles and pimples
I think to myself how strange toy soldiers become men.
Now that I'm a man with hopes, dreams and responsibilities.
I will sorrow not for the suns of my days of salad
But learn to live this fate,
For rivers spite not there fates with the sea.
Life is watching my first steps into this demanding war of adulthood.
I don't expect much to come into these sinful hands,
I have realised how much there is to learn before one can dine with life,
I'm just a toy soldier.

Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Kunda Chamatete | Year Posted 2017

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We stand not five metres apart
The light flickers, then stops, then starts!

We stand assessing how this ends?
Heart beat thuds, pulse quickens

For a moment we see past the hate
For a moment this is more than a stalemate!

Enemies are supposed to fight
But through the eyes of the people we are we see tonight

Not soldiers, not killers, not slaves!
We don't have to end it this way

I'll lower my gun and walk away
If you agree that you'd like to see another day?

We don't speak the same language, no words pass between us
But somehow both understand

That we are too young to die tonight for the plans of fools, for the hate of men.

Copyright © T.I.R.O. JY | Year Posted 2017