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Fake Words

Fake Words – Zamreen Zarook

God have given us mouth,
Not to speak to north and south,
Tongue is given under an oath,
So it’s our duty to protect them both.

Girls chat fake with boys,
Having a notion that the boys are toys,
They often make varied noise,
Thinking to keep a trap on handsome guys.

Boys are also human being,
So it’s not possible being clean,
Things varies in the way they are seen,
So positive thinking will make you keen.

Boys’ minds are pure,
As it is pure bio,
So don’t try to pour vino,
Which will take decades to get cure.

Copyright © Zamreen Zarook | Year Posted 2013

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Pretty princesses
Dancing all around
Frolicking through fields
Very beautiful
Just like you!

Copyright © Smail Poems | Year Posted 2013

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What A Way To Go

An old man bought her gems and he smiled,
Knowing where they would be in a while...
Sex with a young beauty,
Great legs, boobs and booty.
If he died, he'd be going in style.

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

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You send bolts through my skin 
something I was never to 
accomplish with you, when I 
saw you it's like my heart sank 
to my stomach and I was in 
shock my body still my body 
heavy felt like when I moved I 
was about to fall to my knees 
you make me want to get 
inside my brain pick you up and 
take you out pick you one by 
one like a flower because I do 
love you and love you not.

Copyright © brittney lopez | Year Posted 2013

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The Score

A very rich old man, still handsome in his way,
Was in New York’s most exclusive jewelry store,
Paying over nine thousand dollars for a gem-encrusted necklace.
‘Thank you so much, Mr. Didwell.  Will there be anything more?”

Beside the old man was an ethereal young beauty,
A body made for sin and a most angelic face.
Her sweet giggle was a lilting song of innocence.
Only such a necklace could match her natural grace.

“Oh Pookie, you’re just too, too sweet.”
She kissed his cheek. “You’re just so good to me.”
Then she purred, “And I want to be good to you.
Just you wait ‘til we get home…you’ll see.”

The old man winked at the salesman,
Knowing that he knew the “score.”
“Oh Sweet Thing, you’re already good to this old man.
You’re worth all I give and so much more.”

She danced on air as they left the store.
They crawled into his limo, and as it pulled away,
The old man turned to his young beauty and said,
“Sweet Thing, there’s something I must ask today.

If I lost everything, if I wasn’t rich any more,
Would you still love me as I love you?”
“Oh Pookie, you know I would;
And I would miss you too.”

Copyright © Robert Candler | Year Posted 2014

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Old Girlfriends

just frozen memories
where belong
still fish in the meadow pond
just sit casting a bare hook

Copyright © Thomas Martin | Year Posted 2015

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Glance of my age

When colors flow
From your shining face
I draw your imagination
Every morning
I invent words
To write about you
The prettiest poems
I create lies
To make you living in dreams
Your name
The most beautiful name
Your soul
The most wonderful soul
Your heart
The purest heart
Your voice
The sweetest voice
Everything is gone
Except your magic eyes
And I and the rest of your memories
A minute or flower
A second or smile
You are between the minute and flower
You are between the second and smile
You are a glance of my age..

Naji Almurisi

Copyright © Naji Almurisi | Year Posted 2013

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College boyfriend: High School Girlfriend

Honey can't you see I'm trying here?
Honey don't you understand I wish I were there?
I know you want me home but I've got my classes here.
Honey I'm having so much fun, 
making new friends and all.
Honey I wish you were here with me.
Things are changing here and I wish you could see.

Baby where'd you go?
Baby won't you please come back home? 
I know you have your classes, 
but baby so do I.
Baby I know you're having fun out there,
gaining new experiences and all.
Baby I miss you back here at home.
Things aren't changing here and they remind me of you.

Honey I swear I miss you just as much.
I know this is supposed to be such a fun year for you,
but this is all so hard on you.
Honey I love you so much,
I wish we were the same age.

Baby I swear it's getting harder.
This year is so stressful for me,
I feel like I'm loosing my mind.
Baby I love you so much,
I wish we were the same age.

Honey I'll see you so soon,
I want you here. 
This is so hard.

Baby how soon is soon?
I want you here.
It really is hard.

Honey I miss you.

Baby I miss you.

Copyright © Jay Chey | Year Posted 2015

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The age old tale of boy meets girl, boy loses girl - footle



Copyright © Paul Stacey | Year Posted 2010

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Should we praise
the chanteuse who sang
"I regret nothing"?
Was she a saint
or a sociopath?
Did she forget 
the peccadilloes,
the slights,
the insults and
harsh words
we are so prone to?

I regret so much,
so very, very much:
the chanced shaking 
of another heart,
the deafness to her tears,
the blindness to her 
unsung lamentations.
Too much a coward to love,
I would run-- run away, even
jumping an ocean to flee
what was between her and me.

Now, aging, I regret 
I cannot make amends
to those lost loves.
I cannot say,
"I am sorry, I was weak,
in fear of your love.
Forgive me."

Copyright © L. J. Carber | Year Posted 2015

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California Dreams

Life relapse and develops new memories and experiences sighted through brown eyes
Miles of driving, walking. Thousands of laughters, a few bad habits, a gorgeous dream for an addict
Later in life finally files success, the prism adjusts, the same sun ray reflects
After a few years of a psychological interpretation which people know god as capable of, ends up all a misunderstanding
Maybe someday you'll read my books of insanity
And the signature I left under this writing with my very last breath inside of me
Because Im now free pieces of ashes in the ocean living my Californian dream, cleaning myself in the tides salt of oceanic health, being the creme that fizzes the sand at your feet
In reality, I never made it with you;
When you think honey, long nights of cuddling, sun rays on a beach I've never seen, take some pictures for me
And my Californian dream will follow you until you figure out the key, honey.
The world without one woman's smile would mean, id never created the Californian dream;
Id of never lived it, even by the death of me
I'd of never known sweet honey and beer is one hell of a mixture
And sometimes when you think only the walls are watching
You need to talk lower, maybe even whisper.
The world without one woman, one less journey, and a million less thoughts is one less dream.
If I live the world without one woman, ill never meet the climax of my Californian dream.

Copyright © krista emory | Year Posted 2013

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We started out so young and in love at 15 but then as we got older things started to go wrong when our hidden love wasn't a secret no more
we had been together for a year or more at the age of 17 we had our first born on the way but she was taken from us to soon after birth our relationship stayed intact but wasn’t the same we grew distant our young love hadn't been the same after 10 month and we were 19 the lost we had was a lot to handle but time had passed we were blessed with our beautiful boy who I thought would ease the pain
but still things didn’t change I made mistakes and you did to fill the void because things weren't rite an you weren't there the way I needed you and your mistakes were drunken an hazed a time or two so we're both to blame for our love that’s been hurt an broken now 3 years later I made small mistakes here and there  an you've still not been there the ways I’ve needed you we’re  both hard head an still young our blessed boy older and more handsome then when he was born sees the Paine our love is going through
we have our small moments of perfection the heart ache an tears are not even I don’t know what to do no more we’re about to turn 24 I miss the way things were before when you loved me the way you did when we first started out I wish I hadn't made my newish mistakes but as this new year has started I wanted a new start an it’s been greatish but as the months have passed  it’s turning bad from the past mistakes catching up with me an our new issues arising I feel our love getting more lost an possible never to be found I wish we could go back and we could prevent our mistakes from happening an our relationship be saved from this lost path but you can't turn back time just try to prove we can be trusted an take a new steps forward and hope for the best

Copyright © Kaitlyn Ziegler | Year Posted 2013

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With the age of sixteen drawing near, Dad took me to one side.
He said, “Time is fast approaching son; you'll need yourself a ride.
I've spoken to your mother and she agrees with me it’s right,
So we're going to pull the stops out and we'll get you your first bike.”

Now I couldn’t wait to tell my mate, I’d be riding by his side;
Either Vespa or Lambretta I’d be chuffed to sit astride.
And I’d wear my long, green parker on my scooter to look good,
As my girlfriend had been busy sewing fur all round its hood.

Well, the days went by so quickly; I could find no clues at all.
Till I happened on a helmet in a bag left in the hall.
Oh, it's really going to happen - cruise my scooter into town,
And I'm going to buy some spotlights and put mirrors all around.

Then the morning of my birthday came, and Dad called out to me,
“Can you go and put the cat out while I make us all some tea?”
So I grabbed the mog and swung the door, and there, to my surprise,
Was the biggest wrapped up present I’d seen before my eyes.

Well, my folks slipped out behind me and were grinning ear to ear.
“You'd better get it open, son, and all will soon be clear.
It took a lot of doing - to find something that you'd like.”
But my world collapsed as I unwrapped - A BLOODY MOTORBIKE.

Though it really was a smart machine, a sweet 150 Honda,
And they pressed the keys into my hand before I'd chance to ponder.
The next I knew, I'm up on top and revving at the throttle.
Whatever would I tell my mates - where would I find the bottle?

“You must take her for a test run - Dad will show you where to go.
Here's your helmet and insurance, just make sure you take it slow”.
So I wrapped up for the weather on that wet October day.
And to get out past my mate’s house - and not give the game away.

Well, the test run went superbly; turning left at every choice,
And I kept the speed to thirty - I could hear my mother’s voice.
By the time I got back home again I’d mastered all the gears.
I'd somehow managed everything, with this thing between my ears.

My mum had got the kettle on for when I got back home,
And she handed me a cup of tea as I went for the phone.
It was just my girlfriend, Wendy - she had called to break the news:
Forget our dates, I need new mates and return her father’s booze....

So I quickly changed my wardrobe to befit my greasy fate.
And it didn’t take me long to find a better girl and mate.
There it was it happened - my life changed at a stroke;
I'd turned from mod to rocker, from a geezer to a bloke.

Copyright © Dennis East | Year Posted 2016

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To a love ill never let go of, sorry

you whispered sweet doubts into my ears
but i was so blind to acknowledge the fears
ill never regret how i felt for you 
but you seem so far gone, i don't know what to do

i only did what i thought was right
but i guess i lost all fear and extinguished the light

Bay, i wish i never left 
but its to late to take it back

Bay, i wish i had some sort of sign
to know your OK

i have this horrible habit of making a mess of things
you might think it funny
but i jump when the phone rings

i hope you dont blame me for what happened 
but then again it must have been my fault
im sorry

i guess all those times i apologized were in advance
for the heartbreak that i probably brought down upon you
bay, im sorry, im sorry, im sorry if you ever read this
you'll finally understand the way i still feel about you 

nobody ever said it was easy 
but nobody ever said i would fall this hard

i miss you 

im sorry
im sorry 
im sorry 
im sorry
im sorry

please bay, im sorry 
please bay 

Copyright © ayla Hughes | Year Posted 2013

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A Chris and Joleen story

                          A Chris and Joleen story
               They became friend’s
             Then Joleen fell for him and they became lovers
           He was charming and a lover
         She was a princess and a angel.
  When she came in his wing and saved him
His wing was broken  for 3 years.
The prince spent 3 years tracking down a new love  a new beloved wing but he realize patients was an option love couldn’t be rushed.
Joleen’s words and meanings were dearly special to him.
But the age  between them was four years apart
She was a minor that loved him
He was legally that loved her
But   it didn’t matter he screamed age ain’t nothing but a number .
He screamed throwing it down the low was delightful and special
Haters can hate
Haters can try plague their love on both their houses instantly.
But what they can’t do is stop Chris and Joleen’s love
They  are  the young version of Romeo and Juliet.
They are the young version of Tristan and Isolde.
They are the Saviors of love and sacrifice 
The love is wonderful and special to them.
The depressions can try to perish them
But it can’t stresses their love.
Love is a strong drug
IT’s stronger than thugs  tryna gang bang but instead it’s a positive drug .
Emotions  flows in Joleen and Chris
Peace and Joy flows in Joleen and Chris
Girlish flows in Princess Joleen
Boyish flow in Prince Christopher
Together the combine of their  drug of lovers are forever thy King and Queen that has a legacy a passion a destiny to inspire lots of couples that in order to allow your love to grow you must stay and work it out .
Chris and Joleen are our past
Chris and Joleen are our last
They are a team
They are love 
They stick together
They cuddle together
They mate intimacy together
They hold each other together.
They die in the cold together 
And lastly Chris and Joleen will always be meant to be eternally at Earth and at lastly in Peacefully Heaven.

Copyright © Cmack Estevez | Year Posted 2016

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Coming of Age

The water rippled and folded smoothly as it entered the first delicate slope down to the lagoon. The rocks, slick and ebony black, shining in the moonlight. Laughing can be heard, above the bubbling sonata echoing through a hollow log as water dropped from ferns and forest primeval. Teasing, her tongue slightly brushed his in hurried anticipation, her soft young body changing from that of a child, but still more advanced than the young prince. He had not filled out as his father hoped and already puberty rites were late. He hoped for the growth spurt that would let him be called a young man. The young prince was not concerned. He planned to rule wisely instead of with a heavy hand. He entered the water above the big rock. Going limp and floating as a disjointed piece of hemp rope, he loved to glide over and around the slick rocks as the current lazily carried him downstream. He slowly entered the lagoon, fireflies and moon beams dancing on the water. She was waiting with a smile. They made love and the only sounds were theirs, falling on no one else’s ears. Their world was perfect in that one moment in time, and space, and pleasure. Strange- - -he no longer felt like a child. © Jun 1 2011 Charles Henderson For Rambling’s Rippling Stream contest.

Copyright © Charles Henderson | Year Posted 2011

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Coming from the misty lake Lough Leane
Came a beautiful maiden of the name of Niamh
Upon a mare, for she is not from the world of man
A seraphic princess from Anwnn
Upon the shores she claimed around his kin
"I have came for Oisin son of Finn"
"Maiden you come to me so alluringly 
I am he, if we marry for all eternity!"

And so he rode upon her horse to the secrets of Anwnn
For he and she, they'd be happy for all eternity 

Come with me to Anwnn
I am she, your queen Niamh
I have come for you Oisin, son of Finn
Don't leave me or you'll see 
The age of man
The age of man
The age of man

Copyright © Wyatt Loethen | Year Posted 2012

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I Am No Longer the Same

The color of your hair, negligence,
beauty, the burden of undesirable love,
like a world, burning a hole in my heart,
willing, wild, but unrepentant as a flame,.

I will do my penance quietly.

Do you fear me because I am not tamed,
'noli me tángere',

I am no longer the same.

Copyright © Ph.d Volo Von Wolfenstein | Year Posted 2015

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You’re my fairytale.
A dream come true.
Your heart soothes my inner scars.
My hand wrapped with yours.
A blanket so warm.
A love so true.
Your name makes me smile.
Your kisses sing me a lovely lullaby.
Your lips soft like a rose.
Gentle like sand. 
My ride or die guy.
Take a bullet for you anytime.
Just us two in this world.
That’s what it feels like.
No more heartbreak.
No more tears.
May not be my first love,
But definitely you are my last love.
They say young love is not forever love.
But we look at them and prove them 
wrong my love.
A time so worth it.
So take my hand.
Dont let go.
We got this.
Just you and I.

Copyright © Maritza De Jesus | Year Posted 2013

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Relationship Epidemic (Outlook)

As I pick up where I left off from the Intro
I bring you the Outlook as I peer through relationships like a window
The chance of seeing real love is narrow
It seems Cupid doesn't know where to aim his arrow
Cupid my Cupid 
How could you be so stupid
The way girls treat boys
Like toys
The way boys treat girls 
Like squirrels
Got them going nuts
Teens and adolescence in love?
You must be nuts
Ages 13-19 is filled with lust
Their conscience still underveloped
They don't know who to trust
That age group can slide
Because at some point they have a hunch about what they want inside
That's the flagship age to get married
Couple says vows
Bride gets carried
These days it seems no one wants to be single
Once you pop you can't stop
Sex is like Pringles
I guess it's ok
As long as its safe
If you're in love with your partner don't let the feelings be fake
Children wait until you're older to get under those covers
And if your hormones rage out of control shake hands with a rubber (condom)
Most teen girls hate the feeling of latex
Then goo goo ga ga
The babies are born next
I'm just calling it how I see
Relationship game is dirty so I'll be the referee
All of a sudden the world is in love
My God it's sickening
As i write this my pulse is quickening
Now now some couples really do love
Til Death Do They Part 
To the world above
I just think the word "love" is greatly misused
The Constitution of Love
So often abused
Our society thinks it's amusing
Fifteen year old in love?
Doesn't it sound confusing
Maybe it don't to you
But it does to me
They are wasting emotions
Unrenewable energy
It's a shame
Love is no game
It's more like a lion
Waiting to be tame
From what I observed couples aren't the same
Whether the pair is nameless
Or enshrouded with fame
Real love is too far up
Way above our aim
I'm in my right mind
I'm definetly sane
That's why everyone is hurting
Because love is pain
I'm still researching
My mind is my reference book
Ch. 2 of the Relationship Epidemic
The Outlook

Ch. 3 (Females) Coming Soon...

Copyright © Richard-Jamaal Keen | Year Posted 2009

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The Past Is Ash

The past is ash, you gotta rise like the phoenix, don’t like it call your mama and ask for a Kleenex. The time is long past due to stop thinkin’ and start doin’, start rootin’ for the man inside and stop all the internal booin’. You sound like everybody else with a story, braggin’ about past glory. What about today? Tomorrow will be today again, are you gonna be your worst enemy or be your best friend? Nobody believes you, you don’t even believe yourself, you need to take that bull*****and put in on the shelf. You can only judge and fix yourself, work on that person, no one else. You need to man up and fill your cup with the nectar that life has to offer. You want to win and be stronger, not lose and be softer. You want the fruit of your labor, to love yourself and your neighbor, to love the fan and the hater, to love what you got cuz you got it and you took it and made it cuz there was no tomorrow or later, only back then, back when, back in the day suffering every which way with your back against the wall that you made with your sorrow and your rage. Do what you do and stop being blue, you need a new blueprint printed out and co-signed by the future you, your future self, the architect and the tenant. You know what you got? A new start and a new shot. A chance to stop being a robot. A new lease on life with no lease payments and at the very least, no leash to stop you from running free in a new lot. Now it’s just you, yourself and the pie in the sky. Become the apple of your own eye, the catcher of your own rye, the ink in your own dye, the voice that will question your feelings inside and shine brightly upon all the lies in your mind. Create your future fate before time flies by and history says it’s too late, these words are your bond and your mind is a clean slate. Carve them out and breathe in each letter, fake it till you’re feeling better. Those who wronged you don’t exist, they are not your enemy, burn that list, of people you think owe you one does, except one person, the hardest to find, and while you’ve been dying and losing your mind, and stressing and flexing on struggle and strife, he was right there in the mirror the whole damn time.

Copyright © James Fay | Year Posted 2013

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We Are The Sunset

I'm all his and he's all mine
Together we spend all our time
This is it were in our prime
Minds linked to one another
Bodies may go their separate ways when desired
Come home to each other 
The love indescribable
The freedom; limitless
Mental connection unimaginable
Understanding at its highest peak
Feelings so strong, unbreakable
One incapable to fathom the idea of our bond
Night and day, yet we are the sunset
Separate lives, yet we are one; a strong unit between sun and moon
We set the mood; new style of living
Within the depths of an ocean; a relationship 
While swimming freely throughout the sea of fishes; solitary
It's what many covet
This fire of love for one another so strong, we set each other free in the same 
A form of happiness higher than what's considered happy.

Copyright © Alyssa Marie | Year Posted 2014

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I'm in love

Joleen I love you
Without you I’m dead.
Without you I suffocate.                
I cry in my heart.
It’s just hard to explain
I feel so damn speechless.
I’m in love with you.
I wanna be with you.
I won’t let you go.
I want to give you the world.
When I look into your gazing sweet eyes I see a beauty.
You’re my sun
You’re my earth
You’re my love.
No one gets you
I do get you.
You’re my Juliet.
You’re my everything .
Please don’t go
It hurts 
My anxiety is killing me.
I can’t breathe.
How do I breathe without your existence not near me  ?
I love you 
I want you
I want you eternally.
Joleen I love you and I don’t want to let go and fight anymore.
I’m in love with a sexy decent chick name Joleen Ernestine  Fernandez  and that’s real and lastly forevermore.

Copyright © Cmack Estevez | Year Posted 2016

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Whisper Beyond Age

What has age to do with love, me to her, i whisper
In her eyes I did see love, longing love, caring love
Little warmth in her blossom, little wanting in heart
Some smiles, laughs and some joys to share
i sit in her shadow, a decades younger yet 
in her I find my peace and in her I found my heart
Subtle and robust in emotion, free and care free in love

What has age to do with love, me to her, i whisper
I fell in love, with her bob cut hair and intoxicating eyes
Charming at times, at times captivating my imaginations
A plant of kiss, from her, burned 1000 suns in my body
A touch, embrace from her filled my heart to fullest
Mature she may be, but in heart she is little nymph
Her lovely voice, her stunning smile, angelic ada*

What has age to do with love, me to her, i whisper
Moments have drifted in her warmth, in her blossom
I lost my senses, caressed by her, in her blossom
Gave my whole self in her, felt her wholeness in me
Songs of love together we sang, danced under moonlight
Shared the joy, sorrow, shared the heart, shared the body
Hand in hand, on long drive, long candle lit dinners we sat
When the moments came to depart not in tears we move
For it was the heart, our bonds became one in eternal love

Though our love have separated by vast seas 
Even today, when my heart want to possess I
Close my eyes, I see her, I feel her, smell her
Just a call away, in her ears, to her soul,
What has age to do with love, me to her, i whisper

Copyright © azim mohammed | Year Posted 2011

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Past the Age of Romanticism

It’s unfortunate that we are living past the age of romanticism. It’s as if in our busy lives we don’t have time to make time to let moments intertwine. We are workaholics and hedonist who forgot to appreciate that love exists.

We are a couple decades over the time where the hearts use to frequently blossom and more than passion was the outcome. Instead we pay more attention to Hollywood heartbreaks and gossip. Stories of lust and mistrust that give love a bad name. Soap-opera clichés where to apply the word 'cliché' would be cliché. 

When it comes to affection our conscience are unconscious. The mind's treachery leading to  heart's lechery are the components of nonsense that leave the soul no longer autonomous .

Then there’s the other side of the story of those who look for glory, trying to find congruent atriums and ventricles.
 Those lonely individuals whose only finds happen to be asymmetrical.
Those that live for love, those that lust love and can’t ignore it, also those who die for it.
It’s that common misconception that their next lover will be their last.  
It’s the repetitive mistakes that made their next lover the same as their last.

It’s the entangled bonds between two roses that are divine. We comprehend not that we are diatoms in Diotima’s explanation of a love story. 

There’s no acknowledgement of platonic love.
No demonstration of admiration for the family unit, friends and all the experiences we undergo. 

It’s out of resource and need that Eros grows. 
A gardener should be there to watch their seed grow.
It’s out of love that we should plant our rose.

Copyright © Raumelis Ramos | Year Posted 2012

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Dear, GF

No address my girlfriend.
In our relationship there is no end
All our romantic games are our address
Address i always using to send my feelings to you 
That you are so special more than I show.
That you are my lover and you are all that I know.

Your smile and your heart and your eyes
I'll love you forever until the word of die.

You are truly my friend and you are my life.
You will soon be my beautiful wife.

You are my greatest strength,
I will die for you and go to any length.

You are the true person I need
Here i have you right now, indeed.

Because right now isn't enough but forever,
Without you there will never be completed of love heart.

Your beauty is truly from the heaven
Here I pray there is fabulous room right from beside you for me.

You are my beautiful soul and I can  forget you never.
I just pray that we are always together now and forever.

Your, BF.


Copyright © Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole | Year Posted 2017

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Must Be A Dream

Must Be a Dream

Am I dreaming? 
Cause this feening feeling inside of me is a feeling,
That has never overcome me before
And it seems like it just won’t leave.
Am I dreaming? 
Cause every time you and me get together, 
Life is much easier and its like, 
When you not around, the sun is a moon now.
Am I dreaming? 
Cause when I see you, my heart skips a beat,
But not just any beat, a beautiful extraordinary beat,
That only I can explain in a million words.
Am I dreaming? 
Cause when this dirty feeling of love is overdue and has deceased,
I will finally be able to wake up and face reality
 That my true love is only a dream.

Copyright © Moses Greenwood | Year Posted 2015

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The Coming of Age

The prom has finished
Last dance done
This Ohio princess
To be his one
Hand in hand they leave the hall
Hearts racing as they had a ball
Heading home on a glorious night
Dressed to the nines, a wonderful sight
Full moon shining as they cruise home
This graduating pair want to be alone
A wooded clearing they know from their youth
Is to be where their bodies soothe
Parked and nervous as they climb in the back
This is no one of night, its more than that
She takes his hand, places on her breast
Her loved eyes full of zest
Now semi clothed her breasts bare
His hands walking, where before they would not dare
Trousers down, boxers too
Her hand slides down on Mr you
Her lovely gown adorns the floor
Her panties scented perfumed amore
Hard and wanting she guides him home
Their loving to be sealed, as their hands roam
They love in tandem as the car sways
Fondling touching in loving ways
Pulling him in as he hardens more
Head throbbing as he loves her core
Screams of joy as their love is mixed
They share their moment, eyes fixed
Warmth and desire fills the air
This young couple now a loving pair
Passions ease as they hold each other
In this moment they are both in clover
Dressed and dishevelled as they head of home
Thinking of how their bodies roamed
He walks her to her door
Where he's picked her up many times before
He holds her close to kiss good night
This loving couple, a lovely sight

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2009

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SONNET III: The Greater Good

The Greater Good

Arise and shine
Oh ye children of
The youngest of parentage
Reject that name.
You are Not a Mistake.

The devil is no source 
Of life and livelihood
God in His nature,
Makes no mistake
He is a perfect God
Of perfect works.
He gives and takes life
All to His plan and purpose,
…The Greater Good.
@APRIL 2012/ M.H.O.G Unveiled

Copyright © Aina Oluwafisayomi | Year Posted 2016

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A boy and a Girl

Love is such a powerful thing to feel people tell teens you dont know what love is ..Your just full 
of out of control hormones. Its so much more than that. what adults dont understand is we 
would do anything to be with theone we so very much adore. Take my little story for example. 
A young independent girl starts falling for a much older guy. There is a four year span but they 
both think age is just a number. The boy tells this girl she is beautiful an gorgeous every waking 
minute he gets. he makes sure she is all in tact making sure she isnt falling apart because they 
cant see each other b/c of their amazing age difference. They talk to each other whenever they 
can. Everytime they hear each others voices they start falling for each other even more. They 
had a long talk about what they wanted to do to be together. They both decided that the girl 
would wait three years until shes of age. He keeps telling the girl hang in there b/c patience is 
always the best way to deal with this situation. They both talk about the great memories they 
already have experienced. The boy tells the girl she is amazing an worth the long, painful wait. 
He says we will make it through this little bump in the road. The end of the tunnel is far away 
but soon that light is going to shine as bright as it can an im going to run as fast as lighting 
strikes this earth an jump into my future with him. My future looks so bright an amazing with 
him. finishing highschool then college is near. But after my school days of highschool he is all 
mine. This guy an girl are going to wait for each other. In the mean time they are going to 
remember the good times an focus on the positive things. When the girl starts thinking 
negative the boy will tell her its all going to be over soon an a new beginning will come.

Copyright © Lexus Gabriele | Year Posted 2011