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Age Dance Poems | Age Poems About Dance

These Age Dance poems are examples of Age poems about Dance. These are the best examples of Age Dance poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Prose Poetry |

Beautiful people

People make me smile the way 
their eyes shine when they talk 
about something they love 
when they feed me food. Or tell 
me how much they love me 
when I look into someone's 
eyes and see it I see that look 
in their eyes I see love in them 
When I see someone laugh and 
have fun in what they do 
The way they cry for there lost 
When they give me a smile and 
tell me how beautiful I am 
People are beautiful well some 
are and I wish someday I can 
find someone who will look at 
me and say "you have that look 
in your eye"    what look?
I want to find someone so 
beautiful in the inside I can't 
stay away they amaze me with 
what they say an do how they 
will dance in the rain and know 
every detail about me
Will bring me Starbucks on a 
rainy day and just talk about 
the stars 
I want someone beautiful

Copyright © brittney lopez | Year Posted 2013

Details | Imagism |

Gossamer Labyrinths' Agone Opulence

Once agone moments in time she was poetry in motion, 'til she pirouetted herself onto dusty versed shelves midst old clouded rhymes & recollected love notes yet, there lingered echoes glistening 'tween strands of web's interlacing design, meshing her finessed past within gossamer's complexed entanglements beyond labyrinths of anciently grand symphonies she dances, still ~ silently in her head flirting with destiny albeit, not quite as opulently

Copyright © Paloma P | Year Posted 2016

Details | Verse |

Mindful Music - for contest

Mindful Music – for contest

She sits
somewhere in her mind

by music only she can hear

at those only she can see

rocking slowly
to the rhythm of memory

to music only she can hear.

John G. Lawless

submitted to – So I thought of this line – Poetry contest
sponsor – Francine Roberts

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2015

Details | Verse |

Father Daughter Dance

Dad: Ever since I held you when you 
were first born,
I knew that my princess would grow 
to be strong.
Dad: At first I was scared. I know 
how the world works,
I don't wanna see that my little girl 
Daughter: But daddy your here and 
you have my back.
Dad: But if some body hurts you 
daddy will snap.
Daughter: Relax dad I'm smart and 
you taught me well.
To respect my body and at school to 
Daughter: I know what you do is so 
we can live safe.
Dad: When I get locked up out isn't 
Dad: There's two side to this and jail 
is one side
Daughter: I love you more daddy for 
doing your time
Dad: I love you to baby that's not 
gonna change.
Daughter: You'll be home soon dad 
I'm counting the days.
Dad: Please be good for mom she all 
by herself
Do the right thing and give her some 
Daughter: Ok I promise I'll behave 
best I can
If mommy needs help I'll give her a 
Daughter: Your the best dad in the 
whole wide world
Dad: I love you my princess my 
sweet babygirl.

Copyright © Willie Rathbone | Year Posted 2014

Details | Rhyme |

Those days of youth

Those days of youth

Long gone the days when I was young
When life was just a ball of fun
Movies, music, boys and all
Growing up was such a ball.

After school we would all meet
And play our music, it was sweet
Guys like Bill Hayley were our choice
And Elvis, he had such a lovely voice

We’d rock and roll would we for countless hours
Oh, we could sure get off on music’s power
Then when it came to head on home again
Jeeze I had a lot of aches and pains.

Nothing could replace those days of old
Twas in those days our manner was so bold
Those days they were the best part of my life
But never did we get ourselves in strife.

Vera duggan 26 August 201

Copyright © Vera Duggan | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |

Desert Wine

Chilled or warm this life is so worn
bitter sweet or sour tart the ache of my old heart
life's aroma giving years of sitting while waiting
to be young again like a grape that's been blend

Across the desert I swirl of childhood as a young girl
champagne sand at night with the red moon I bloom
unbreakable glass so tipsy and free like fine Chablis
tiny bubbles flutter through my veins like a cork no longer constrain.

T Reams  9/2015 copyright   7th place

Copyright © TAMMY REAMS | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatrain |

Country Line Dancing

The most rewarding thing I've done
Difficult to do, but loads of fun
In my old age, I've learned to dance
Come and join me, take the chance

One Step Forward, two steps back
No one gets anywhere like that
But it sure is fun out on the floor
Once you're hooked, you'll want more

Slappin' Leather, Watermelon Crawl
As you turn, please don't fall
Waltz Across Texas if you dare
Name a date, I'll meet you there

Two Step, Ten Step, Cotton Eyed Joe
Sweetheart Stroll and away you go
Stationary Cha Cha, looks so fine
Bumping those hips, right in line

Improve your mind, reduce your size
You're better than you realize
Join Silver Games when you're old
Give it your all, go for the gold!

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

Details | Epic |

Betch Please, Really

I simply love being me for I am so good at everything step into my city and they will tell you who is King one day when I am hungry I will swallow everything then and only then shall I inherit the stuff I dream even then I promise not to settle for satisfaction at any instant half a second I could spring into full action so go against me? please, you do not even measure up to half of the goodness that I hold tight like my treasure still spreading rumors about me to try and destroy my life can't believe I let myself get beat by a stripper and my self-intended knife try and say I'm gay even though we both know that isn't the truth just ask any woman I been with if they ever needed proof they'll say I was the cream of the crop as they took it all night knowing I just may never stop I own the status of a legend now what you got left to say when I bring it twenty-four seven?

Copyright © Bj Fard | Year Posted 2013

Details | Free verse |

Gold Picture Frame

The sun spills through the window’s pane
And settles upon a cherry wood cane.
And on that cane an old woman leans
As she stares out the window at trees of green.

Her mind drifts back to much younger days when
Her hair was blond from a summer's sun rays
She'd skip and sing as little girls do
When the days were long and skies were blue.

She smiles for a moment in spite of herself
and blows a kiss to the garden elf.
With a turn she shuffles toward her chair
Her days are spent most often there.

On a small wooden table by where she sits
Are cards and letters, old newspaper clips.
There’s a photo there too, young couple in love
He, in a dark suit, she, a white gown and gloves.

Her memory fades as dreams do at dawn
So few of are left, even fewer are strong.
Often she loses time and place,
in the mirror she doesn't always know the face.

It puzzles her now as she holds that gold frame
Who can they be, what is his name?
He looks like groom, and the young woman a bride
How handsome he is she thinks misty-eyed.

‘Hello my love’, a gentle kiss to her cheek.
She looks up from the photo but does not speak.
‘Our special day” he smiles and whispers to her
“The day that we wed, oh how happy we were”.

She takes a moment to let his words sink in
Another glance at the photo, the memory begins.
An evening in summer, the church was white
The violins played underneath star light.

“We married” she says and touches his face.
“We did” he replies, “You wore satin and lace.”
“We danced and we danced” has he takes her hand.
“Come dance with me now”, and helps her to stand.

He hums an odd tune no one else would know
Because he wrote it for her many years ago.
In each other’s arms they slowly sway
And in her mind she relives that day.

Copyright © Kathy Larivee | Year Posted 2015

Details | Rhyme |


I am a tomb of ancient bloom.
I was young once, and pretty.

Now that I am of middle age,
and beauty fades, I must adjust.

To being unseen, no beauty queen.
I must not dance or prance about.

Although inside I dance still.
No one sees the pretty me.

I am a tomb, must I mummify?
Damn it all, I refuse to die.

Still slip on my dancing shoes.
Close my eyes, get in the groove.

Imagine all eyes still upon me.
This acient bloom won't go soon.

Copyright © JEAN MURRAY | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

My Shadow

Today I spied my shadow,
And I asked it to dance.
Once it would have taken the challenge.
Once, when I was young. 
Where are the memories of yesteryear?
Dissipated with the passage of time?
Today I'm bent with arthritic pain,
result of all my past heinous sins:
a hunchback of misdemeanors.
O how I recollect my wicked deeds!
They echo in the dark corridors
of a bent tired mind.
Now I dance to the tune
I composed throughout my life;
But my shadow simply refuses
to join in the frolic of my low strife.
Ashamed I amble on life's highway....
towards my eventual demise.
Then my shadow will find eternal its rest.

Copyright © Victor Buhagiar | Year Posted 2016

Details | Quatrain |

Acting My Age

“You’re not a giddy teenager
So why can’t you act you’re age?”
I looked at him heartbroken
Then my body shook in a rage

“Being passionate about life
Means I am acting like a child?
You demand that I be demure
Does that mean being meek and mild?

No, no, my dear, I want to shout
I want to be crazy and mad
To stick my head out the window
Belt out love songs that make me glad

I want to let my body move
To a belly dance drumming sound
I want to feel young and alive
Make love without hushing the sound

On days when I water the yard
I want to get wet to the core
As I point the hose to the sky
The wetness makes me crave for more

I want to see my sun catcher
Make the rainbows dance on my wall
And have multicolored sweet dreams
I want to wander through them all

When you take me for a long ride
I’ll let the wind dance with my hair
I want the music to be loud
What if people just stop and stare?

I want to laugh till my sides hurt
And the tears are just streaming down
I want people to be happy
So I play the part of the clown

They say life begins at forty
Now I know that it does for me
Don’t you dare try to bring me down
You know this 'girl' needs to feel free

Peter Pan’s not the only one
Who will stay forever this young
He’s got me for good company
You know, we have songs yet unsung

So…please, if I am eccentric
And acting a little insane
Remember that I’m passionate
So please, I beg you, don’t complain

And when I want to be ravished
Or to play a naughty love game
Don’t say that was for way back then
Don’t you dare try to make me tame

I desire to ingest life
At a mad and frenetic pace
I am desperate to feel the rain
Splashing down on my upturned face

You know that I must be sun kissed
And to spray on coconut spray
To do handstands in seawater
And to bask in this sun drenched day

I want to cry when things move me
I want to feel, to taste, to touch
I want to giggle like a girl
When something does please me so much

I’m sorry I disappoint you
Sorry I don’t act forty five
But before this life is over
I want to feel vibrant…alive!

Yet, I will try not to shame you
Try to tone it down just a bit
But my dear, this fact you must know
In your box, I surely don’t fit

Yes, you may think I’m 'immature'
And I may act much like a teen
But I’d rather be wild and free
Than captive to rules like a queen."

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

Details | Rhyme |

I've Danced on Tables

I’ve danced on tables

My boots laced high

I have that kinda style

Cognac in one hand

Tambourine in another

I go on for miles

Songs of sorrow

Songs of love

Sweeping the night time air

Stars all aglitter 

A toast to you

Glasses raised high in the air

We sang and we danced

We laughed and romanced

Days that lasted forever

Now we look on

As they dance to our song

Our days have but gently ended

Copyright © Zoria Gregory | Year Posted 2013

Details | Classicism |

Thanksgiving Water Drops

The wind was moving into the mist of heaven, 
it is a fog of light streaming from down below, 
in its eyes of realization,
into the unknown of the bliss and sound waves
echoing to be into the vastness 
of the light blue sky, and beyond the enormous
bright stream of shadowy rainfalls.

Copyright © Brigett Hurley | Year Posted 2013

Details | Verse |

I Just found Out

I just found out about my knees. You know those thingies, if you please, those knobbly bits which no one sees; the ones you bend, when on your skis. It happened when, and quite by chance, it hit me, on our trip to France. A stabbing pain, a pointed lance; they went - when I got up to dance. And this was not, as you may think, the aftermath from too much drink. One moment fine and in the pink, and then the next, you gently sink. Oh no. I’m standing like a block; a rigid stance, tight as a lock. I have to say, it’s quite a shock! I hope you will not stare - and mock. ~
For Black Eye Susan's Contest.

Copyright © Charles Clive | Year Posted 2013

Details | Sonnet |

That Imperious Urge - for contest

That Imperious Urge

He said the Golden Years are all the rage
Aye, it was more a shuffling two-step dance
thus did I run to greet this coming craze
of those just old enough to take the chance.

Classes I assumed would teach the Rumba
my glasses and my hearing aid – but props
bones that clatter in pursuit of Zumba
gyrations fear – the racket will not stop.

Trapped amid memories in the attic
my doctors say I must stay hydrated
now that I’m a homebound geriatric
my bladder feels constantly inflated.

Thus do I stand and wait for water flow
to quell the urge that said I had to go.


submitted to – Which of the  Four Would You Choose – Poetry Contest

Copyright © John lawless | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

On the Dance Floor

We clustered on the dance floor
At the edges, though we danced. 
You might have missed us if
Into the room you'd quickly glanced.

The energetic dancers 
In the middle of the crowd
Jumped and boogied in stilettos
To the music pulsing loud.

Our old moves were more subdued
And, although we sang along,
We were clueless to the lyrics
Of each recent top-hit song.

While the parties were grooving,
Beaming smiles on every face,
Some of us still did the cha-cha,
Which looked sadly out of place.

At a dear friend's daughter's wedding,
Buddies of the groom's and bride's
Danced exactly like we used to
While we watched them from the sides.

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |

my debt

I owe no one but my military conscience
Interrogating me speak! speak!! speak!!!
And though I halt to say a word
It never stops to pound my heart

I owe no one but my military conscience
spoiling all my immigration plans
Lest I elope and break a leg

I owe no one but my military conscience
With search warrant it barges me
My every nook it points it’s torch
Making sure I didn’t hide a forge

I owe no one but my military conscience
With armored tanks it holds my way
And when I try to force a sway
It corks it’s gun to make me run

I owe no one but my military conscience
Day and night it blames me still
And points the way I should have gone
And wouldn’t stop until I’m right

Copyright © victor nwakanma | Year Posted 2015

Details | ABC |


A beautiful day in Ayr
Because its so breezy and fair 
Chasing seagulls and sand in my hair

Copyright © jimmy mccurdie | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Nature Of History

In time, days, months to years

Is the failure of relationships
In January to July to December

And the shallow of rivers
In July, August to September

The destruction by earthquakes
In January, February to December

The reshuffle of accidents
In lakes, roads and in air

The manufacture of acids, guns, and robots
In laboratories, industries and employment areas

The color of rainbows
Blue, green, grey

The personality of people
Conceited, gloomy, temperamental

The training of soldiers, students, and also religions
In academy, schools and institutes

The birth of children
Over years and years all over the world

The truth of lies
In homes, schools up to work places

Copyright © Masereka Amos | Year Posted 2013

Details | Romanticism |

vanishing point

  in a continues
  process so,it may 
  create a ' vanishing point'
   we,i wish we can..............

with love all
jagdish bajantri

Copyright © jagdish bajantri | Year Posted 2016

Details | Rhyme |

December 2011

O'er the desert, in the rain,
Prayers scar the light of blue;
flows their bleeding, as one stain,
dies their singing, as one lue.
And all is hill, the lives are host,
While flowers spring their soul,
Hope is Beauty, Life its frost;
Love is Grace, and Claim its foul.
Alas! Despair'd by hopeless mirth,
Confer'd on seek in vain, but glow,
at Earth, at Nature with no birth,
And brighting high, living below.
The Horizon seizes sunrise's lust,
The Roamer's trace in hoary lies:
His walks arise th' immortal dust,
His secret rays the boundless skies.

Copyright © Arthur Plisenhayer | Year Posted 2015

Details | Free verse |

Dancing on The Wind Beaten Beaches of Life

I  tuck my head under the wrapping of grey facing away from the frothy sea. 

Oh how I ponder the loss of the dance.

Who came and robbed me of my rhythm.

I know the steps , the beat, the music, the loss of rhythm ever so present.

The music is silenced .

The beat not beating,

How shall I endure the loss.

What will make it all better.

My love of the dance is still within the confines of my mind.

My body now refuses to move to the melodious sounds.

My body has betrayed me.

There is no hope for the dance.

Then I close my eyes while the sea mist embraces me.

Oh love dear love you are still alive within the confines of my mind.

One step two steps I am dancing once again,

My journey is to a new music.

A music within my heart.

I smile as the sun sets over the horizon.

Another day.... another dance... slower... less encompassing, but, I smile...

The ol; gal still has the moves.... in the confines of her mind..

Dance little ol lady dance... This is your final hour..

Embrace the journey... today ... beating to a different drummer.

Oh smile, little lady at least you can move to the grove of the sunset.

The sun goes down... I sit down tired from dancing in the wild wind of life

The wind sustained me.  The brisk breeze held me up while I celebrated life in the grey lane.

Copyright © Debbie McGill | Year Posted 2016

Details | Free verse |


Do young boys start thinking of girls
with imperfect make-up and pretty clothes
who look like Barbie in every sense of the word? 
I used to look at them and laugh,
thinking they were going to a party
rather than attract the opposite sex!

That's the time when girls were a fantasy,
filling up this head with unrealistic thoughts...
to have been the handsome Prince Charming,
and offer them anything on a silver platter;
and growing up I realized how silly I was...
I had little to offer, still carrying their books to school!

Somebody should have pinched me and told me
that at such age chasing girls was a game of hide-and-seek,
or a dance around-the-rosy to sing nursery rhymes;
even my teacher loved my greasy hair with that combed-back hairdo,
tight jeans and a plain t-shirt as handsome Travolta would wear...
only made me famous for an afternoon on the dance floor!

Those were the most exciting times for a naive boy like me
charming them with that look of lover to make them fall in love with me,
it worked, but after dancing they started giggling...whispering something
that made me appreciate the ingenuity that girls had at the age of twelve;
and would it had happened today, I probably would have gotten many kisses,
remembering their smiles, but not saying, " That's the time when girls were a fantasy! "

Written by Andrew Crisci
for nette oncloud's contest,
" ...At This Age "

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2012

Details | Epic |

The grounds of hollow

I fallen down beneath 
The grounds of hollow

Whispers echo voices 
Roman choices 

I scream as I rise up 
By your cold gray dead stone 
Flowers dying 

People crying 
My heart unfeeling 
Why am I so cold inside 

I'm only trying to feel alive 
My feet moving forward 
While my mind pulls me back

Slippin in a crack in the ground 

I fallen back beneath of the grounds of which 
I  am found 

I pick myself up and look around and all that can be found 

Is dirt upon the ground 
Humpal  beneath the surface again 

With scars upon my skin 
The cuts are so deep but it only makes me dance deeper
Beneath the surface 

I'm walking in my sins
Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like if I would just wake up if I would just wake up

Sometimes it just never crosses my mind guess I'm so hollow empty  there's no room for feelings 

I'm my own disaster beneath the   grounds of no happy Ever After . 

If my tears was to flow 
It will be my evil blood 
I let go running like the 

River and floods of 
The disaster for your eyes peeled off the ground floor 

Toss through and open door 
I'm so unfeeling 
I scream for more .

Copyright © venita Schindler | Year Posted 2017

Details | Blank verse |



Old and wrinkly, whiffs of cigarettes and whiskey; his sparkling blues tell me there is bubble gum and a surprise; I check the long pockets finding smiles and candy, feeling loved and dandy.

Southern Antebellum, with manicures of rouge; kind but broken, drinking fermented raspberries and booze; her man is gone, a war still on; hopefully some funds will help move her on.

Irish and grumpy, redheaded and rockin’; football with silence, movies of canned violence; double features and fries, we have a good time; he buys me a watch, a keepsake.

German Muslim sister and stressed; Turkish dancing at night, in memories blessed; chocolates swirl round, but starving she falls down; night 

Burly and bearded, stinking of failure; he is noisy and imposing, promising messy favors; overweight and hungry, despite Nordictrack endeavors; addicted to cookies, a humongous bummer.

Copyright © Keelin Siobhan | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |

come dance with me

will you come dance with me
hold me close
in the sand near the sea
your arms around my waist
whisper in my ear 
I love you
more today then yesterday

will you love me for who I am
and not who you want me to be
will you believe me
when I tell you 
you are my only need

will you sit with me awhile
with my head against your chest
can we just be together
in your arms I can rest

is it to much to ask 
to want a love that lasts
to feel you touch my heart
to keep forever that first spark
to every night stand beneath the stars
to love each other for who we are

Copyright © cs parker | Year Posted 2017

Details | Free verse |

The Question

I follow the arrow,
Into the snow,
Where it will go,
I'm not to know.

The river so brown,
The tree so green,
Must be the Winter,
Or maybe the Spring.

I look to the sky,
The star I do see,
So dark is the night,
How can this be?

The light is there,
Or is it not?
I care I care,
What you forgot.

Follow me please,
Where er'e I go,
Don't ask a question,
There's no need to know.

The river is flowing,
The tree sways a lot.
This I am knowing,
But you forgot.

Dance with me dance,
To the music we hear,
Dance like a pro,
Without a care.

Follow my steps,
As we flow round the floor,
Follow the arrow,
Like never before.

The snow so cold,
Bare feet we share,
I feel so old,
In my rocking chair.

What's next we ask,
Someone knows,
Look to the west,
It grows it grows.

Wilder than ever,
In a dream of tears.
We have to face,
Our fears our fears.

Questions are answered,
With coming of years.
Questions of young ones,
But we do not fear.

Knowing is knowing,
Fear not fear not.
Time it is flowing,
But never forgot.
Kenneth Fordham 9-23-2017

Copyright © Kenneth Fordham | Year Posted 2017

Details | Quatrain |

Unfortunately, I can not dance

Unfortunately, I can not dance.
I want this badly, but no chance
There is three major obstacles,
My age, my weight, my testicles!

Copyright © Alex Klugman | Year Posted 2017