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My PoetrySoup

M y eyes see what your heart is feeling
Y our feelings you write out as poetry

P ain, love, joy, wonder, inspiration
O nly you can help me see, hear,and feel you
E ven though only words you have written they
T ouch my heart and mind deeply from within
R equiring me to write a poem so full of feeling as
Y ou become my poetry I write from my heart
S mile, laugh, cry, whisper, or shout
O pen your heart, mind, and soul
U tter your words on paper or screen
P oetry is where I see and feel your soul

Tons of comma fun!
contest of Russell Sivey

Written by: Carol Brown
3rd Place Winner

Copyright © Carol Sunshine Brown | Year Posted 2012

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Halloween: Safety First Then Fun!!!

Halloween: Safety First Then Fun!!! 
     By the Poets Listed After the Poem 

Happy day getting candy treats while dressed like spooks and goblins. 
Angels, genies, princesses, too, put “loot” in their bags and tins. 
Look both ways when you cross the street.  Always stay close to your friends. 
Lighted homes.  Festive decorations.  Porches. Pumpkins.  Invite! 
Oh, be leery of the dark, where ghosts and spooks stay out of site. 
Wear bright costumes that reflect at night!  Not lose or tight.  Just right! 
Every child must be aware that some goblins inhabit homes. 
Each year we hear of razor blades placed in a child’s candied cones.   
Never!!! Ever!!! Eat your treats 'til Mom says, “OK, little gnomes.” 

Stay safe!  Look around!  While you walk, beware of witches and bats.
Always, ghosts and goblins watch.  Looking out for sweet treats you drop.
Fear?  If they happen to appear parents, quickly call the cops!
Enjoy laughter, hot chocolate, and other treats with your friends. 
Take care not to play tricks that could hurt others or cause offense. 
Youngsters, polite and respectful, great delight they do dispense. 

Fun you will have!  Enjoyment too.  Be sure that you are careful!
In all situations, “Trick-or-Treaters” beware!  Need HELP?  Shout!!!
Remember say, “Thank you” for treats when you’re out and about.
Stay clear of Spooky Soupers as they write with their crazy pens. 
To write in verse, some witches curse.  And drive sanity ‘round bends. 
The madness, “Dearie,” is very clear; they strive to make amends. 
Hooting owls and wild black cats wildly eat from your mum's pumpkin
Eerily, creaky zombies leave their tombs and walk down your streets.
Night, bubbling soups, you must beware, might be made of your own feet--
Frantic frenzies and fabulous fun begins just before dark.
Under that moonlit chilling night, “Trick- or-Treaters,” find their mark.
Nearby neighbors anticipate.  Waiting with treats is a lark!

Contributing Poets in Alphabetical Order:  Charmaine Chircop, Carolyn Devonshire , James 
Frazer, Rhoda Galgiani, Sean Kelly, Karen O'Leary, Patricia Prescott, Dane SmithJohnsen

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2009

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Wright, write right
Real men eschew fright
In this place, wrongs are right
Traditional rites in daylight?
Expose how that day turned night

In that pen there is might
Take a step with great delight

Right things be written right
Include that supernatural flight
Get thy vision shinning bright
Heave up thy humdrum sight
Think deep and be a knight

Copyright © Adeniji Toluwalope Gideon | Year Posted 2016

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Blue Wind......

If I were to write about love

I would start with a word

like candle......


I remember before my grandmother died

she would recomend

I get a job in the writing world

the acting world

and then she's gone.......

I remember the rain....

how one life affects another.....




if i were to write about love....

i would start with a word....




Copyright © Eva J Tortora | Year Posted 2006

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Orgasmic Oceans Outlive co-write with Darren White

"Orgasmic Oceans Outlive"

Open skies, where early morning sun wakes...
Rippling small waves hook the shore,
Gladly playing with sun, pebbles and sand
Along this world orgasmic senses breathe
Sending each guest higher and higher
Making this wonderment like no other
Innate flight up, up and higher still
Canto in C, wild and passionate

Only sun and moon know where to be
Capturing silhouettes of reflective light
Engaging all to be part of this world
Arched in this fluorescence whales sing their love
Near each other, nuzzling in wintry water
Slowly engaging, with carnal coyness

Onwardly waltzing upon diamond rocks
Ultimately embracing all that is rapture
Taking hold of love light and glory
Living within this open dream existence
I wish never to awake or leave
Vessels in the distance swim between dolphins, 
Each will carry us to dreamlike destinations

co written by
SkyWatcher and Darren White

note to Darren

Darren you have no idea what this entry means to me and the worth of working together with you and sharing words.  And yes sharing words of the ocean.  How grand is that.  Very.  It was an honor and privilege. 

Thank you Darren.  Excuse me.  Thank you Penguin.

Copyright © Lisa Ricci | Year Posted 2017

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Paint With Fire

Pen in hand, against the paper,
An artist must be left to bleed,
Inner thoughts become written words.
No better way has been found
To empty out a soul.

With growing eagerness,
I add fuel to the fire
To induce passion's flame,
Hoping the blaze never dies.

Forever and a day, and longer,
Inside my heart the fire burns.
Revealing to another soul
Every spark of my inspiration.

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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Music calms the angry heart, its glorious rhythm penetrates the dark, the way I feel when the sound waves seep through my hair, consumes my soul with a suttle stare, my feet so happy, my body enriched with vibrations, my soul so at ease, I'm here for the taking.

I play from my experience, I put on a show, my hidden words entangled with the things that I know, smiles surround me, they glance by my feet, their inner beings amazed by my beat.

I beat my drums, I play my strings, they show me their affection, this is where I get my wings, they say I can fly, it seems I can soar, my music so perfect, they keep asking for more.

I do what I love, and they love what I do, music is my life, I am so happy that I can share it with you.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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Neighbours hadn’t seen Johnny since his beloved wife’s funeral
Even then, no one thought to check if the old man was okay
Gasps of horror were heard when his body was discovered
Limply hanging from the rafters of his bedroom ceiling
Even the post piling up in the porch hadn’t alerted anyone 
Clasped in his hands a picture of his darling wife and a cell phone….
The last number he had dialled was the Samaritans

Contest: Deep and Dark
Sponsor: Broken Wings

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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November saying hi
October says bye
Valediction for succession
Enter like a magician
Moving things from best
Bringing them to your chest
Edit and expunge the worst
Rewrite the trailed test

Copyright © CHRISDAD KOJO ARTHUR | Year Posted 2014

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J ust write a poem...that's what it said

U nderstanding not a word that has come into my head.

S o I just started to write some words to see

T hat they might just fit this category.

P roperly written in words that you'll read

O ver and over I hope to succeed.

E ven if I can't say something witty or trite

T hen again, let my words say that I've given it a fight.

R ight now I can't say that one word here even flows

Y es, fighting for words is all a poet does.

Copyright © Daniel Cwiak | Year Posted 2010

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The Pitch Dark Night Sky

Laying in my bed
There is nothing in my head
The night is growing mysterious
Time is going crawling by
I can see the pitch black sky
It’s silent every where
But I can feel the cool of the night air
I’m listening to the annoying tick tock sound of this wall clock
This still night made me realize, how lonesome we are
Just left in the lurch…In the middle of the night

Copyright © Kiran Bisht | Year Posted 2014

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Touching the keys
Yawning as the hours went by
Perfect lining on the sheet
Elefants, butterflies and other things written on the paper
Working most of the time
Read the finished piece only to find a missing word
Inicials at the bottom
Top of the page has the date
Talented typing fills the air
Endless beauty is here
R estless words on the sheet they go

Copyright © Alexandra OSullivan | Year Posted 2013

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I'm Lethal When I Write

My ink bleeds 
upon the pages 
of life...

Like I've cut a vein.

I feel no shame 
in whatever I write,
it's how I feel at the 

For those who 
don't know me...

Come and discover
my poetry.

Let it move you...

Witness the gift 
bestowed upon 
me by the most 

I'm lethal 
when I write.

The pen 
a gun.

The bullets 
my words...

Watch as I 
cock back,
and explode 
for you.

Written by: Poet Shi

Copyright © Poet Shi | Year Posted 2014

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Acoustic of POETRY

P rose unfolds revealing the deepest inner desires
O nly a few words transcend into a multitude of  meaning.
E ven after he explains something is lost in translation,
T he simplest things made beautiful by the words, they
R eminding us we’re not alone, increase
Y earning to become one with the experience

Copyright © wayland bunch | Year Posted 2013

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L ooking lekker
E ating lekker
K nowledge is lekker
K indness is lekker
E ducation is lekker
R elaxation is lekker 

Lekker Contest

Chris Damstrom

Copyright © Chris Damstrom | Year Posted 2013

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The Treasures I Found (Acrostic)

The treasures that I have found
Helped to improve what I now know;
Every word helped me come around
To write with pleasures I can show.
Remembering the writer's who have taught
Each one of us just what to do;
As we learned those treasures brought
Satisfaction to many, including you.
Until I became a member in here
Regular things in life weren't so much;
Every new friend made things more clear
Showing us how to write with a touch.
If I were asked to do it again
Finding the greatest treasures on earth;
Only then I'd ask where or when
Utilizing the chance for all it's worth.
Now that I found a treasure of friends
Dreams and destinies have no ends.

Copyright © Ralph Zimmer | Year Posted 2007

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I write what I want

I write what I want
I-I found myself in love

W- writing this words 
R-relating with my soul
I-inspired by nature
T-to meditate through love
E-earns me no harm 

W-what is the use of life
H-here with out love
A-allowing my mind
T-to wonder  

I-I did not make that come

W-why I love writing poems
A-as she is my love 
N-never I can stop writing
T-till she let me be 

Copyright © richard nnoli | Year Posted 2015

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With what I have to work with is all I need

Or do I? as I choose to write this with speed

Rule of thumb I have to emphasize the words I use

Do you think so? or should I just choose?

Portrait is a fascinating word it has so many meaning

Overview of this word is this I say; accent, highlight, illuminate, and stressing

Revealing more words to use is what I will do

The meaning of Portrait is what I will view

Random words that make the word Portrait now I will say

A word that means the same yet makes it more pleasant to overlay

I will now say some words or two; accentuate, feature, punctuate

These words can either be used or can be put on debate

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2013

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Raging winds around her blowing
O that's the lassie of my heart     [she's]
Braving  angry winter storms       [my]  
Esteem for Chloris                      [but]                   
Remorseful apology
To Mary in heaven

Behold my love, how green the groves     [I'm]
Up in the morning early                          [me]
Robbie Burns the Scottish bard                [has]    
News lassies, News
She says she loves me best of all.       

© Hazel

All the lines in this verse are either Burns poems or songs..Mostly about the women he loved.   I have added a few word at the end of some of the lines to make it easier reading.

Copyright © Hazel Connelly | Year Posted 2013

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                    Dan Cwiak -  Dedicated to *** Constance ***
                    The Rambling Poet's work titled: Throbbing With Life

                     In thinking of a contest poem with ~~~ RULES ~~~

                     Consideration must be given to them,

                     Or the poetry written will not fit

                     Under their *** UMBRELLA ***

                     Lonely, the poet feels encumbered by

                     Doing his work for such a ~~~ CONTEST ~~~

                     Nothing else can upset the delicate balance

                     Of words, rhyme, and *** METER ***

                     To enter a contest is a challenge

                     For any poet to attempt ~~~ YET ~~~

                     In so far as subscribing to the rules

                     Necessary, he must make the effort with

                     Devotion, thought, and ***STRONG WILL ***

                     This is the strength of the poet's 

                     Heart as a writer and wordsmith,
                     Endeavoring to complete his ~~~ TASK ~~~

                     When I try to write something clever

                     Or get on with my writing as a  *** QUEST ***

                     Rigid are the thoughts that cross my mind,

                     Descriptive are those that only ~~~ ESCAPE ~~~

                     Such that I am mindful of the burden laid upon me.
                     To some, it may come easily to their *** BEING ***

                     Others, like me, have a more difficult task as the 

                     Disharmony of thoughts, words, and feelings

                     Evolve into an imperfect type of ~~~ PERFECTION ~~~

                     Very often, the expressions are only those 

                     Of the emotional guilt I may have for the subject.

                     Too often, however, I begin to use *** Poetic License ***

                     Even though, I should not take that liberty.

                     To those who can claim the poet's glib words,

                     Or the gift that they have,  often proceed to ~~~ GIVE ~~~
                     Yet, such is my life as poet.  Such is the ~~~ CONSCIENCE ~~~

                     Of my soul.  Oh, but to shed myself of these thoughts,

                     Under the banner of the poetry that I *** WRITE ***

Copyright © Daniel Cwiak | Year Posted 2010

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Eligible Bachelor

Enthusiastic he is

Loves your say

Insouciant he is 

Gifts you away

Inspiring he is 

Buck-up he says

Legit he is

Engrosses your days


Beloved he is

Admires you in a way

Charismatic he is

Habituates your lay

Efficient he is 

Leads your way

Opposite he is 

Retains your nee 

Copyright © Pranab Jyoti Rava | Year Posted 2013

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Help is something I need
Even though I refuse it
Let me learn how to accept it
Please, don't give up on me.

Copyright © Ana Jusino | Year Posted 2013

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Poetry Soup

Poems can come in many forms, in free verse or in rhyme;
Our pens keep busy with its forms to write it all the time.
Each person has his style and form, and nothing is exempt;
To me it is a lot like soup, with smells that lure and tempt!
Right now I’m sitting at my desk to write it one more time;
You know, I think God gave this gift to me to make these rhymes.
So here’s another yet to add to my e’er growing file
Of thoughts, ingredients succulent to satisfy a while.
Until the last breath that I draw, I will consume this treat;
Poetry soup tastes good, you know, so grab a spoon and eat!

Dedicated to Poetrysoup.com, acrostic of the web site name.


Copyright © Clarence Billheimer | Year Posted 2011

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How to write a poem


(P)ut that book down & pick this one up. This book is the language of poetry, the language of insanity, the language of misery the language of the authors hands that can be writing for eternity 

(O)pen up that mind of yours so you can find your poetic voice and use that to look for a metaphor, a simile & a freakin irony 

(E)xplore the world of poetry so you can find your true identity so travel across the world and listen to others beautiful melody 

(M)ake a line or two or three and that can become a haiku so c'mon fella, stand on that stage because the whole audience are waiting for you

Copyright © Ferduse Rahman | Year Posted 2015

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From A To Z

"Letters tumble into words from this writer's mind.
Some come as smooth as a spring brook waterfall,
Others sear my brain as they graze by so closely."

All of them meaning something and then again nothing,

But we understand the meaning of each one don't we?

Collectively sometimes they can be so confusing,

Deciding what another is truly saying very daunting.

Especially when the deepness seems shallow in content,

Followed by the brilliance of just plain old speak.

Great words spilling in different directions hard to follow.

How does this amaze me as I read so many friends works?

I will never forget the lovely expressions which have graced my eyes,

Just to hold them briefly has honored my existence.

Kindred poets embracing each others thoughts so gently, 

Loving what they didn't write yet still feeling a part.

My dreams becoming part of theirs and theirs mine;

No questions asked and really none that matter,

Open minds melding into another in joyous acceptance,

Pleased at the wonder that one's adverbs evoked.

Quantity living only in the stretch of imagination;

Rivals created somewhere in a corner of the brain.

So sad those who don't even try to understand,

To live and let live the one tried and true answer.

Undulating wishes stroke a thought and sometimes better;

Visions that never end and others fading quietly.

Wonders of inspiration that can keep this poet from sleeping.

X a least used letter which seems so very lonely.

Your love the very thing that flies this burning spirit;

Zorro marks this spot Z where I end this lengthy piece.

(hoping you have enjoyed this acrostic alphabetic adventure within my imagination)

Copyright © 2014 Robert William Gruhn - All Rights Reserved

"A poem to me is the essence of any thought,
Being built from its foundation into tower scraping sky.
It can fly like no other bird to places never seen,
Even spaceships can only dream of taking its place."

© 2014 Robert William Gruhn

Copyright © Robert Gruhn | Year Posted 2014

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I have somethings in ma neck,
I plot a while at ma desk,
I ask, and seek, 
How will I cope with things that I have on my neck.
I was given a test,
A trial and a vet,
I thought for some minutes,
A while and some seconds,
Then, I later put all at rest.
Now, am coping, 
Using all my strength.

Copyright © phemmy oluwafemi | Year Posted 2015

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Writing - Try Again

Words don't satisfy me, so I 
Redo it, but the story
Is still not shown
The way I see it
In my head. Will I
Never be able to
Give you the correct picture?

Copyright © Amice Writer | Year Posted 2015

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Writing - Understand

Why don't you
Realize how hard
I am 
Trying to put
Into words what can
Never be 

Copyright © Amice Writer | Year Posted 2015

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                          Poetry is for me
                          As i write it for all to see
                          I can write the words
                          Without being disturbed
                          I put my feelings in it
                          And never want to quit
                          It's about me and my life
                          That i think about with all my might
                          It helps me get through
                          With things i do
                           I write it from my heart
                          That it feels like a dart
                          Poetry can be happy or sad
                          As long as it makes me glad
                          Write it each day
                          With so many things to say
                          Even when days are gray
                          Poetry is for me
                          To let me be me

Copyright © Eve Anderson | Year Posted 2008

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Writing - Reach

Words fly through my mind. I
Reach for them, but they are
Intent on staying
Too far for me to grasp, making it
Impossible to say what I mean. Will I
Never manage to
Get it right?

Copyright © Amice Writer | Year Posted 2015