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My Thanksgiving Prayer

T	he God of our Fathers, sole author of all life
H	e, by decree placed man above the rest 
A	nd all other creations in his charge for keeping
N	ow and forever, let your truths be written in our hearts
K	eeping man forever mindful of this high place
S	o with gratitude this special day is planned
G	iving thanks and praise to the one true King
I	n you alone our faith and trust will lie
V	alidate our hearts we do implore
I	nundate our lives with grace of light
N	ever turn away from our humble plea 
G	ive us eyes to see and the ears to hear

D	ying, freely, you gave us life; by rising you gave us hope 
A	ll your words and actions teach the ultimate truth
Y	our love alone holds our world in stead

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2010

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This is a terrible time of year for Turkeys
How many innocent lives are going to be lost?
All their friends and relations are in for the chop
No turkey is spared; their fate is sealed
Killed and then cooked in kitchens all over the US
So people can enjoy a traditional festive feast
Go vegetarian or vegan and spare these poor birds-
I understand nut roast is a very tasty alternative
Voting turkeys would ban thanksgiving if they could
I imagine they must dread this time of year!
Now, let me be serious… I hope you all have a wonderful time
Get together with family and friends and celebrate your special day


Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2017

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Taste of bread and wine

Healing by the Word,  a sign

Anticipate the best

Never regret the past

Kindness He has blessed

Silent prayers  of Thanks  

                                           "Giving Thanks for 2015"


Contest Name: Giving Thanks for 2015 
Sponsor: Carol Eastman 

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2016

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Thanksgiving  ( Acrostic )

T...Thank God always for your blessings.
H...Have always a plan to follow.
A...Analyze yourself every now and then.
N...Never do anyone harm.
K...Know always your true friends.
S...Stand up for what you believe.
G...Gossip is never good.
I...Invite Jesus into your heart.
V...Victory will be yours at the end.
I...Imagine yourself in the Glory of God.
N...Never ignore some sound advice.
G...God loves you - give Him your heart.

Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

To all - have a Happy Thanksgiving.

For Kim Merryman's Contest

Copyright © Lucilla Carrillo | Year Posted 2012

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HIS way remain same for ALL, at ALL times

T aking a revered bow, I convey my Gratitude 
H IS grandeur, blessed are we together or in solitude
A ll days HE is omnipresent, bestowing Bliss 
N ailing the sinners, hailing pious with peace
K eeping the equilibrium between Good and Evil
S ilently guiding Soul to see HIM piercing ignorance's veil
G oing rarely berserk with Natural Calamity
I ndicating HIS Orders are breached with impunity
V ery benevolently sharing HIS treasure
I n joy and sorrow always there to share
N ever ignoring prayers when need arises
G ranting wish when spiritually one rises

D evotion to HIM, Soul liberates for all times 
A theist gets trapped in Life-Death cycle for crimes    
Y elp one may, HIS way remain same for ALL, at ALL times


Poem Featured on November 7, 2010
( Entry for Members Contest - Thanksgiving Day by Danne Ann Smith-Johnsen)

Copyright © Hitendra Mehta | Year Posted 2010

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Thanksgiving Day ...Acrostic

T Though, it officially comes just once a year,
H Halleluejah!  We should be thankful year long.
A Allowing others to gather near,
N not just for one day and then be gone.
K Keeping love within our hearts,
S sending our prayers of thanks, daily to God above.
G Graciously sharing our bounty in part,
I  inviting the homeless and little lost doves.
V Vast, should be our generosity,
I instead of ignoring, so deliberate.
N Nothing else helps your soul to feel, so completely.
G Giving a helping hand and hope, to those less fortunate.

D Don't be fooled into thinking, you can't make a difference.
A As you sit down with a few family and friends,
Y you could have been some ones deliverance

For Thanksgiving Day contest
inspired by Dane Ann Smith Johnsen

Copyright © Paula Swanson | Year Posted 2010

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*NOV. 13, 2012. 

Copyright © Linda-Marie SweetHeart | Year Posted 2012

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Copyright © diane christian | Year Posted 2013

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No other month dresses nature in such beauty of fiery colors

Or hears so much prayer in thanksgiving as the one in autumn.

Verses come naturally, blessed by bountiful harvest even as

Embers of Indian summer bring special memories with warmth.

Many songs are written as cold days approach and more will 

Be born for the wonder of the cycle of life, as words we find

Embraced within the artist’s heart, happy with homecoming;

Remaining there not for long, words find freedom in a poem.

09 August 2015

Copyright © KP Nunez | Year Posted 2015

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Treasures and passages, peaceful as land, sky, and sea
Heartland of hope, harvesters and helpful hands
Abundance shows America as plateau of plenty
Natives in November remembers, family came first
Kindness swells, like tidal rhythm of breath across this land
Sacred words are heard, a symbol of gratitude and caring
Generations grace the day with family, and friends as guests
Indigenous folks can never forget... extending help
Visions of brighter days, of venison and veggies are stored 
I learned of Thanksgiving, migrating to America's welcoming shore
Now is reminder; shall I thank ancestors, or Source above
Gratitude reigns for all, one nation under God.


Copyright © Iris Elizabeth Sankey-Lewis | Year Posted 2015

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Thankful for a depth of things.
Happy for a heart that sings.
All my loved ones I hold dear.
Never do they cease to cheer!
Kisses from the one I love.
Sent to me finally from above.
Gifts of hearing and good sight.
I can sing and I can write.
Various instruments I can play.
In the evening I kneel to pray.
Never lacking what to say.
Giving thanks for this bountiful day!

Copyright © Deb Wilson | Year Posted 2013

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Thanksgiving Day

Think of how it could have been
how you made it through my friend
all the heart ache that was shared
never alone as your burdens they bared
know that everytime you faltered
someone was kneeling at an altar
giving love the best way they knew
in constant prayer all while you grew
vain were there attempts to keep you down
insecurities as we looked all around
nearer my God to thee was your prayer
give him your love and he'll always be there
Day in and day out be thou my guide
and shelter me from my own pride
you will be my God forever by my side

Copyright © john loving iii | Year Posted 2010

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Giving Thanks to Friends

T o all the friends who
H ave supported me,
A day is dedicated.
N ot only were you
K eeping me in your prayers, but
S ending uplifting thoughts my way,
G iving me hope when
I could find none within, during
V ery stressful times.
I toast your friendship
N ow and always ,
G rateful for your loving ways.

D o you know how much it meant
A s you stood by my side?
Y our support, my friends, I will never forget.

*For Dane Ann's Thanksgiving Day Acrostic contest

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2010

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Thank you Father for this beautiful day you have bestowed

Heavenly bliss shine in this earthly body

Amazing grace of Your blessings lift us up

Neighbour to neighbour we share Your love

Kindly fulfilling our lives, our eyes focused on Your kingdom

Serving You with obedience, spreading Your word in confidence

Giving You thanks in this day and everyday

Inspiring many along the way

Vibrant in You as we grow our gifts and talents

Impacting many more in this journey

Never forgetting your mercies

Gracefully singing to You, songs of praise

Copyright © njeri hunjeri | Year Posted 2015

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Thanksgiving Betrayal

Has lots of good food
And gratitude, sometimes moods.
Not all celebrate it;
Keeping this in mind,
So you can gain perspective from woes of humankind.
Go to a native pow-wow
In any state, at all;
Very often natives will tell you about how
In their own words, about the death call.
Not celebrating thanksgiving,
Grants them the respect they deserve.

Because of that first Thanksgiving;
Every tribe has suffered and observed;
Tears, trials and deceit;
Ran, as they were thrown a bad curve.
Along Americas’ rivers, lakes and even streams;
Yes many folk have suffered.
As a result, they have a traumatic past, of lost dreams;
Legacies of sorrow; for their pain’s, not one bit buffered.

Copyright © M. L. Kiser | Year Posted 2014

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Thanksgiving Day.

 Ten went off.
 He sent them.
 And one came back.
"None but this Samaritan?"
 Keep your faith.
 Salvation is yours.
 God is always
 In our lives.
 I say to you.
 Not a sparrow falls that
 God does not know about."

 Do we say: Thank You?"
 Always say: " Thank You, Lord."
 Yea, give thanks and praise.

Copyright © Gerard Keogh Jr. | Year Posted 2010

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T houghtfully open heart in thankfulness
H onoring God for graciousness, unlimited access

A nd remeber all things in appreciativeness
N ot forgetting air we breath, blue sky we have in excess

K nights and princesses; children of the Living God
S ing a joyful song praising Him don't put on grand facade

G ive of yourself in thanks and rejoice in His love
I nvite the Holy Spirit to dwell within your heart dove

V ictory can be yours each step of the way my friend
I f time in God's presence in praise and worship daily spend

N ow is the time in His presence and purpose to remain
G ratitude said for all of life's pleasures even life's pain.

S tillness and quiet each day spend time thank God for each and everyone

This is a combination Acrostic and couplets..
My understanding that Acrostics do not rhyme but mine is actually couplets written in poulter's measure..A person who sold eggs would sometimes give a dozen eggs for a price and sometimes if the hens were laying extra good a person would get 14 eggs of the same price..Lucky them..So 12/14 in rhyming couplets..

Sponsor: Kim Merryman
Contest: Count Your Blessings
Date Written: Monday, November 19, 2012


Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2012

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Thank you God for this bountiful
Harvest,  we gather together for
Another year of cookery and devotion, to
Nourish our bodies and our souls, while
Kindred spirits convey the love, that is
Shared throughout the year, eternally
Grateful for friends and family that are near.
Incredible feast that is devoured, as the
Volume rises on the chatter,  contented
In the knowledge there will be more
Nougats of sweetness on the platter, we
Gather and give thanks to God today

Dear God, we thank you for this day
And all the blessings you bestow, may
Your love and light; always guide our way 

Copyright © Carmen Penchi aka Sunshine | Year Posted 2014

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Thank You Lord for bounteous blessings
Hailing on us liberally.
As we partake of Your bounty
Not all are feasting, as are we.
Knowing this, we pray the homeless
Soon will have their hunger eased.
Give them food and a safe shelter.
That we care, we know You're pleased.
Verily, You have commanded
In our plenty, we must share,
Not forgetting when we suffered,
God of Mercy, you were there. 

November 18, 12
For "Counting Your Blessings" contest

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2012

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"Warm ThanksGiving Day"

Turkey in the oven.
Hands on basting and rubbing.
All adults on deck for setting the table.
Not a seat empty for even a child so able.
Knocks on the door as family arrives.
So happy Mom's in the kitchen, now we'll survive.
Getting the TV all warmed up for a day of football.
In and out the kids run up and down the hall.
Velvet cake hides behind the fruit not seen.
In comes the family passing through the kitchen with gleam.
No samples tasted for Mom is the boss.
Getting ready for this meal still a salad to be tossed.

Day begins with smiles and joy.
All fall asleep for the deserts are my toy.
You have to love this day of thanks for Mom and Dad and every girl and boy.

Copyright © Michael J. Falotico | Year Posted 2010

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T his is the time when we can recall
H ow the Indians and Pilgrims got together that Fall
A nd shared their bounty at a Country Ball.
N otwithstanding did they forestall,
S cenes of life later to be under a pall.
G etting along was their joyous call
I n giving thanks for the corn ~ so tall.
N ow...shops are decorated in every mall
G arishly enticing wares for one and all.

D one in a tasteful way it may be a treat
A nd remind us, as the date approaches, that we will fete.
Y et, let us not forget to thank the Lord for what we eat!

Copyright © Daniel Cwiak | Year Posted 2010

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Natural branches sit empty among the lonely pine
Old leaves have fallen from every branch and vine
Vegetation is unable to live, unable to grow
Everyday we can feel the cold wind's blow
Many hunters go out looking for wild prey
Before the bright morning, before the end of day
Every year we have a feast of thanksgiving
Remembering why we must keep on living

Birth date: November 20, 1984
Composition date: August 10, 2015

Copyright © James Cottrell | Year Posted 2015

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Thanks some how seems not enough
How can I show my appreciation?
A smile a hug
Now is the time while you are with us
Kissing these hands that have held me and wiped my tears
Smiles you have given to me
Gift of life 
I am who I am in no small part because of you
Very few mom's will ever compare
I am so blessed to know this kind of love
Now because of you I know what it is to love and be loved
Great gifts like these require thanks, some how it doesn't seem enough.

Counting your Blessing Contest

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2012

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Thanksgiving Acrostic


				T	is for the times I've been forgiven

				H	is for our Heavenly Father above

				A	is for the angels with a message

				N	is for His never ending love

				K	is for His kindness to His children

				S	is for sins He died to cleanse
				G	is for Grace that saves the sinner

				I	is for infinity in Heaven

				V	is for victory over death

				I	is for the infant Christ became

				N	is for the steadfast Nazarene

				G	is for the Godhead and God's 

	In this acrostic of Thanksgiving, we as Christians should be thankful for what is 
               promised through this word and His Word and remember to give thanks daily.

	Curtis Moorman
	Thanksgiving Day
	November 1994

Copyright © Curtis Moorman | Year Posted 2010

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Thomas Turkey's Lament

Thomas Turkey is trying to avoid the dreaded chopping block!

He's trying to become inconspicuous amongst the teeming flock!

As you thank the Good Lord this year for your many blessings,

Nothing would taste sweeter than Peking duck with your dressings!

Kith and kin, may I recommend, might prefer a roast of beef.

Surely, that would save my friends and me a whole heap o' grief!

Goose, roasted tender and brown, you might consider for your fare.

Instead of turkey to grace your board, how about some wild hare!

Vanity, the haughty eagles's trait, which I think is so absurd,

Is what won it the honor of being selected for the national bird!

Now, 'tis well known that Mr. Franklin wanted us for that role.

Good try, Ben my boy!   May God bless your thoughtful soul!

During the Thanksgiving Season I'm finding it so hard to relax,

As I scurry about to and fro trying to elude that fearsome axe!

You'd be dining on roasted eagle for Thanksgiving if Ben had had his way!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Placed No. 7 in Dane Ann Smith-Johnson's "Thanksgiving Day" Contest - Dec 2010

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2010

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S-aviour is what you are to me,
   you rescued me from a life of immorality. 
A-shamed ashamed of how I use to be,
   thank you Lord, you set me free! 
V-ile and Wicked was my name,
   you died on the cross and bore my shame.
I-magine how I would have been,
  if Jesus had not bore my sin.
O-rder would not have been restored,
   because such a price I could not afford.
U-nited with Christ is my desire to stay,
   now, forever and always.
R-edeemer and King my God you are,
   my all in all, my life, my Star!!  

January 14, 2016

Inspired by:
Psalm 144 verses 3 & 4.

Copyright © Carlene Simpson | Year Posted 2016

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Thankfulness should be a common trait
	Yet sadly, in some, it is evidenced late.
Hardly a day is lived by one
	That there can be claimed that there’s blessing’s none.
All need to stop and give careful thought
	And display gratitude as they ought.
Nice it is to hear thanks from one
	To whom a deed of kindness has been done.
Kindness is that which is received by all
	Yet into complacency we seem to fall.
Sad it is to be guilty of such
	When we have all been given so much.
Gratitude in al will prayerfully reign 
	When from focus on self we learn to abstain.
Instead of always looking at “me”
               Our focus on the giver of gifts should be.
Volumes have been written on topics like this
	Yet the simple message, please don’t miss.
Insane it seems to totally ignore
	The multitudes of blessing we daily store.
Novel idea it surely would be
	If we’d let the world our gratefulness see.
God is the source of all that there is
	Gratitude from us should surely be His.

Dr. James E. Martin
November, 15, 2012

Copyright © DrJim Martin | Year Posted 2012

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Gratitude 2015


2   Two family members died this past year.
0   Zero was the amount of my last raise.
1   One car needs new tires, the other new brakes. 
5   Five trips to my oncologist since June.

G   Gratitude understands that God is near.
R   Remembering the still, peaceful waters,
A   anyone could acknowledge His blessings. 
T   Turbulent spheres call for more patient faith - -
I    insight into an overgrown forest.
T   To give thanks when the terrain is hilly
U   underlines our belief that God knows best. 
D   Deep faith disregards difficulties
E   expressing praise for 2015.

posted 6 Jan 2016

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2016

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Turkey oh turkey what can I say
Unbelievable tenderness is what we want this day
Relishing each tasty morsel with so much glee
Kindness in the air for everyone and me
Even gramps can’t growl as we bow to pray
Yes dear Lord, thank you for our blessings today

Copyright © Carmen Penchi aka Sunshine | Year Posted 2014

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Thanksgiving Day

T om Turkey’s in the oven, for this day
H e’s met his fate! Napkins have been
N eatly folded next to every plate.
A pple pie aroma from the
K itchen fills the air. Once
S eated, we
G ive thanks,
I nvoking God to hear our prayer.
V alued friends and
I ntimate kin from far and
N ear who
G ather on this happy day are those we count most dear.

D istinctive is this time when ties with family are renewed.
A time we set aside each
Y ear to show forth gratitude.

For Dane Ann's "Thanksgiving Day" Acrostic contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010