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Morning Song

Morning Song

M...Magic is what you have.
O...On the days when you write poems.
R...Remembering happy times, or maybe sad.
N...Never - you have given up.
I...In life you have taken your stand.
N...Nothing will stand in your way.
G...Gifted - you were born.

S...Sing today a happy song.
O...Over the rainbow, you shall be.
N...Negative - don't ever be.
G...God is always with thee...

Written by Lucilla M. Carrillo

Copyright © Lucilla Carrillo | Year Posted 2014

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Music calms the angry heart, its glorious rhythm penetrates the dark, the way I feel when the sound waves seep through my hair, consumes my soul with a suttle stare, my feet so happy, my body enriched with vibrations, my soul so at ease, I'm here for the taking.

I play from my experience, I put on a show, my hidden words entangled with the things that I know, smiles surround me, they glance by my feet, their inner beings amazed by my beat.

I beat my drums, I play my strings, they show me their affection, this is where I get my wings, they say I can fly, it seems I can soar, my music so perfect, they keep asking for more.

I do what I love, and they love what I do, music is my life, I am so happy that I can share it with you.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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Give Me Dancing Music

I've been tempted.
And it's not so good.
I'm gonna pick up the pieces.
Then mend my ways.
So give me dancing music.
Let me dance all day.
Let me lift my feet up.
Then dance across the floor.

Dit-dit-dit-dance across, dance across.
Dance across the floor.
Let me dance across, dance across.
Dance across the floor.

I've been waiting.
For you to arrive.
And I was wondering.
If you were mine.
I can go on forever.
Or take my time.
Go on forever.
Or dance till nine.
So give me dancing music.
Let me dance all day.
Let me lift my feet up.
Then dance across the floor.

Dit-dit-dit-dance across, dance across.
Dance across the floor.
Let me dance across, dance across.
Let me dance across the floor..

Dance Across The Floor-Song-By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1987,2015..All rights reserved..

Copyright © Kim Robin Edwards | Year Posted 2015

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Lost In Thought

Now who would of thought the thoughts that would truly get the mind lost in fragile thought?
 So much on our known life, 
about unknown death when we laugh at others but at ourselves we really cry, 
in our very own hidden truth lies, 
amongst our own poeple who we defy, 
until we fight, 
for wrongs for personal rights, 
**** the darkness is what make us appreciate the light, 
I dont talk the talk nor do I walk the walk because I walk my talk while I swagger and swerve im my talks through these walks,
 Life can get so messy with death that its time for those of us here to grab the broom so God can mop,
 I live life to the fullest with what little I have because I dont have a lot, 
I live life shitty sometimes like almost everyone else like it or not, 
Im not special Im so unique Im individual with word talent I know I got, 
I know what I dont have so its important more knowledge among me is sought, 
I can be wrong half the time but can still make it 100% right I was self-taught among a young soul that seems to be bought,
 I got a bad limp but dont get me wrong I can still gallup through darkness while I jog lost in the early morning fog waiting to be patiently found in the midnight lounge where I trot,
 Truly lost so easily in profound hard thoughts litterally running from the cops waiting to duck and dodge from open gunshots,
 Bodies and shells drop where caskets are made among a dying crop, 
I can still make a splatter where there was just but a tiny dot, 
I used to have merely nothing now atleast I can truly say I have a safe spot, 
I was found looking for truth in lies lost in thought....

Copyright © Travis Lone Hill | Year Posted 2012

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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Choirs of children singing gleefully
Hand bells and ‘Silver Bells’ ringing
Red holly and mistletoe ‘Deck the Halls’
In preparation for Christmas morning
Snowflakes teasing a ‘White Christmas’
Traditions followed and being made
Midnight Mass along with hugs and kisses
Angelic ‘Silent Night’ throughout the land 
Solemn celebration of the birth of Jesus
Children productions of nativity watched 
All praying for peace on earth and good will
Ritual reading of ‘Jolly Old St. Nicholas’ to those
Only staying awake from excitement and thrill
Listening for Santa's reindeer landing on roof
Smiling parents leave cookie crumbs as proof
Written 12-15-2015
‘Christmas Carols Contest’ by Kelly Deschler

Copyright © Susan Gentry | Year Posted 2015

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Bridge Over Troubled Water

If you are sad or are lonely
You will need a helping hand
Need friends to gather around you
A cry of help I will answer
Friend is what you will always be
I'm sailing through rough waters
Sailing to you fast as can be
Right now I can feel your sorrow
Behind you leave your problems now 
Like they never had existed
A problem shared is halved
Bridge's are there to help you cope
Over time you will learn and grow
Troubled mind will then be at ease
Water flows washing them away
I will help carry your burden
Will support and ease your passage
Ease and peace will flow over you
Your time is now not tomorrow
Mind set free to flow like water


written by Shadow Hamilton

Contest: Bridge Over Troubled Water

sponsor Roy Jerden

I have sat at the table in the pub where this song was written there is a plaque
on the wall commemorating this wonderful song and a view of the river as it rushes 
past in turmoil you can also see the bridge from the table they used.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

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Homecoming through furrows of snow
Absent is the dreariness of past days
Popping balloons to celebrate this event
Portents of laughter diminish long miles
Inclement is winter with its biting cold
Nobody seems annoyed on this snowy day
Exuberant spirits tune to a Christian Station
Simply stupefied by the wonderment around
Slumberous and white is the tamed landscape

Entered in John Hamilton's contest
" Happiness- Acrostic " 
Written by Andrew Crisci
on 12/ 18/ 2015

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2015

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Yesterday is gone, too late for regrets
All memories of the past locked away
My hopes and fears joining them
Troubles I have had like most, happiness
Seemed to be just a dream from the past
So few of them have survived, once
Far from here I was carefree until you went
Away to war, the news came, lost in action 

Now I dwell in  the past with locked memories
It seems no point when I no longer can share them
Looks of love from others all around me
As if to taunt me, reminding me of you
Though it is a lovely day my heart weeps a single tear
They're one of many that never manages to fall
Here in my eyes they remain burning hot scalding me
To be with you once more just once to hold you
Stay my heart screams, do not go, do not leave me

Oh how can this be, such terrible pain rips at me
I hear a knock on the door and he is there saying 
Believe in me my love, I told you I would return
In your heart you knew I was alive, I am back safe
Yesterday is over, the war won and our life moves on

written 01/23/2014

contest Yesterday

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2014

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A Song To My Love 2

You are the sunshine of 
my soul,
Morning dew when Iam 
A sunflower on 
unbearable days,
A pine on all seasons,
Evergreen as ever 

Your love is my strength
You are the treasure of 
my life.

You are the beacon that 
show me path,
A shepherd when Iam 
A nightingale when Iam 
A lotus in your love,
Innocent as ever.

Your love is my strength
You are the treasure of 
my life.

Dedicated to the love of 
my life, YSS.

Copyright © Watisungla Ao | Year Posted 2012

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Beautiful melody permeating the air
Instilling precious feelings of joy and
Rapturous bliss that fills me with
Delight and ecstasy as I listen to its
Sweet serenade filling the airwaves
Overwhelming my being with
Nature's soothing music of the 
Glorious splendour of birdsong


Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2014

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Autumn's Song and Dance


A cold wind rattles my window
Under blankets I snuggle warm
The beautiful flowers sadly will bloom no more
Until the cold weather has gone 
Merry still the birds that sing and dance
Now the trees lay down their emerald gowns
Silent flocks of birds fly away

Summer delight is over
On the ground the brittle leaves all lay
Nothing is green for it has turned to gold
Glittering, swirling, twirling in an Autumn dance

Around the fireplace at night we gather
Nights long with the sighing wind
Down the sun early

Dance the tumbling, trembling leaves
And the forest is crimson and golden
Naughty bandit squirrels steal things strange
Come dance the forest path with me
Everything is beautiful and changing magically

Written August 27, 2012

For the contest, Autumn Acrostic
Sponsored by Francine Roberts

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2012

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Yesterday I Was Wrong

Yesterday I proved to myself that
All of my enemies and even some of
My friends were justified in hating me.
Troubles that I had started
Seemed impossible to rectify.
So I planned on removing myself
Far away from all of them -
Away to the ends of the earth.

Now just a day later,  I know
It will never make sense.  It
Looks irresponsible to abandon ship
As if troubles ever go away.
Though we try to rationalize them,
They're going to follow us.
Here is how I will face my friends -
To apologize will be hard but I will
Stay the course,  run the race and win the prize.

Oh, remorse  is so beautiful.
I am sorry and I have come to 
Believe - “I am sorry” are the loveliest three words
In the world. They lead to forgiveness - 
Yesterday I was wrong.

written for Roy Jerden's  Yesterday  Acrostic contest 

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet | Year Posted 2014

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There is nothing to say
 no complaints no gratitude,
Your aptitude is right but
 its hindering your attitude!
A glass was my page-
you were my water I thought,
Your love was a sorrowful battle
with tears I fought!!
Every drop of tear
 that wet my eyes,
I hid with smiles 
beneath my cries!
You were the amazing rolling 
waves of the sea that help to sail,
I forgot the same waves turn 
monstrous and the sailors do fail!!
There was a time when 
you had nothing beside you,
A bucket of tears and 
the company of devils in your crew,
There were tears in your eyes
 and a passion of compassion,
The tears turned into laughter
 and so changed your fashion!!
Let me recall today although 
what is done for others must be forgotten,
When you were wet I soaked
 your tears and did swell like the cotton,
When the burden of sorrow 
overlapped your heart-I was the button,
But when prosperity knocks 
men lock their rooms and draw the curtain!!
Who remembers the world beyond the window,
Who cares for the candles when the bulbs glow,
Who remembers the teardrops when they laugh,
Who cares for a muffler when they have the scarf??
Oh girl you forgot your tears
 were not yours they were our,
Oh girl you forgot you were 
not my weakness you’re my power,
Oh girl you forgot the drops of rain
 is purer than the shower,
Oh girl you forgot a garden
 is not garden without the flower!!
Just look outside your window
 the love bees are sad to see us part,
The bulbs may glow your room
 but the candle brightens your heart,
The laughter echoes in the air
 but the teardrops paint your memory,
The scarf may be expensive 
but the old muffler will serve you for free!!
Those drops of tears that’ve 
evaporated are calling us back again,
The sky is gradually darkening
 and reuniting the drops of rain,
 The Garden of Eden is scentless 
and the flowers are numb to bloom,
And the curtain is explosive
 to open and brighten our room!!
I feel a strong sensation 
in me to reunite,
And relive the days 
that’ve gone out of sight,
But the garden will not rejoice 
unless the bees hum and the flowers bloom,
And the flowers will bloom only 
if you hold my hand and walk out of your room!!
Once we are together we’ll go
 back into our lovely loving phase,
And once the grasses grow-
the cows will certainly come to graze,
And once the flowers bloom 
there will soon be humming of the bees,
And again there will be joy in little things-
in candles, mufflers and trees!!

Copyright © saket suman | Year Posted 2011

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Splash Bang Reflection

Splash Bang Reflection

W ~ hen it has hit home with a big splash bang or silent reflection that time

E ~ lapses and fireworks are for the moment and not forever young displays

W ~ here here and now not there and then or never deserves some celebration that

I ~ nfinite is more ephemeral than solely hedonistic pleasures as glimpses

L ~ ost are gone unless we celebrate and cherish the story which unfolds our

L ~ onging our desires and dreams of happiness to claim reclaimed unbound

P ~ hilosophy needs application as to perfuse life’s mitigated beauty for real

A ~mong all sadness tribulations injustices and melancholia we hold the keys to

R ~ oaring shouting dancing singing swirling swinging from the chandeliers in

T ~ ransient freely flowing oscillations or from a single bulb that lights our home

Y ~ esteryears and jester fears blend and mingle with future part and parcels 

L ~ est we forget to pause and ponder wonder wander with our party bags

I ~ gniting love sharing compassion sex licit drugs and blasted rock and joyful rolling

K ~ urt was Cobain and had cocaine and Janice Joplin jolted juddered in the

E ~ nd so vibrantly enchanted by Jimmy Morrison through mere apocalyptic doors

T ~ hen Leonhard Cohen with his sex addiction and suicidal voice’s Chelsea head’s

H ~ otels with his Suzanne with mirrored ceiling pink Champagne on California ice

E ~ ndless red hot chillies peppered fornicating Sinead O’Connor’s papal festivals 

R ~ umi Rastafarian clean shaven monks in yellow robes and lotus flowered joints

E ~ lated followers of ancient fashion with nails and prayers crossing paths to

S ~ ilent contemplation or Marxist’s opium dens in Freudian phallic constipation

N ~ o matter what and how your fancy tickles how my laughing stock and barrel

O ` pposed imposed juxtaposed exposed  in seemingly  dual polar spectrum’s vision

T ~ he final momentary party tune reverberates Jew’s harp xylophone chanting bowl

O ~ r bass guitar electrified Jean Genies bowing and changing times blowing in wind and                                   

M ~ mourning morning broken shattered comprehended reassembled from Cat to Yussuf 

O ~ n the road to freedom virtuous finding self and Nemo neon neo liberation soul and

R ~ evving meats and sweets and candy covered bats from hell and paradise on the

R ~ evolving dashboards flashboards when heaven cannot wait despite the feast

O ~ n this note it might suffice to feel how plentiful we dance and swing imbibe and then

W ~ e’ll party like there’s no tomorrow 

29th October 2016

Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann | Year Posted 2016

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serene evening

Stillness my vacant eyes dart around to feel, Evening’s redness is sliding into night’s lap, a glow alights its appeal. Road that converges into my apartment building seems lonely, Each window awaits the arrival of beings who are homely. Now I sit on the swing perched on my terrace garden, Every time I look at the green mountains, my stare it hardens…. Every bird I can see flying homeward in flocks, Valiant squirrel it runs around from coconut trees to garden rocks, Every leaf from the tree is closing itself to the world, Night slowly creeps upon me its shadow unfurled. Insects crowd around the light on the terrace wall, Now it’s time for me to listen to the wind’s whistling call. Grand wind chimes on the roof make sweet melodies as night befalls.

Copyright © sashi prabhu | Year Posted 2011

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Be Still My Heart

Be still my heart for you are all right.
this love you have is worth the fight,
these shadows will pass
you will see light.
don't be troubled anymore then you are,
you have already made it this far,
so you have hope for tommrow,
and live for today,
still think about him and say it's okay.
let him live his dreams and you as well.
even though your heart is going through hell,
sing those songs of happyness,
just scream it out,
don't let your confidence have self dought.
for the future will come and there he will be,
even though he said he cares
lets just hope he don't give up on thee,
say he will come back no matter what,
please don't let your lonely heart shut.
one day he will see,
in the end your the one to be.

Copyright © BrentLee Rohr | Year Posted 2008

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Blue Tits

Blue tits are singing outside my bedroom window, 
Every time I look there seems to be a bird you know, 
And their vocalisations make me aware of myself, 
Under the cuff sometimes and only on a shelf; 
They take me to nature, that vast canopy bright, 
Into truth and morality’s mechanisms of height, 
For a glimpse of who I am essentially, credentially, 
Unknown to me otherwise, were it not for that tit truly, 
Longing to get on with it, I go, more of my seeds to sow. 

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015

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Poetic Soul

Paradise of beautiful thoughts via heart
Ornamented with pure and serene art
Enlightening postings on varied themes
Teaching various paradigms supreme!
Intellectual writers love to spend days
Creations of delight coined in selfless ways 
Sharing of common passion gets rear    
Offers new chance to entrants in its sphere
Umbrella for world wide authors in one group
Long live the heaven with name Poetry Soup!  

Copyright © Sneha Agarwal | Year Posted 2010

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On summer's nights they soothe lovers
Allowing stars to gleam on them
Krishna cheers them up with flute
Serenity is heavenly delight to them

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2013

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If you listen to the words of this song your soul will display.
Nearer to the truth of faith, will all the words show truth.
Do it in the name of Heaven, be justified in the end.
Every time I recall this line, my heart flutters in dismay.
Lost treasure on mountain, to die for it would be uncouth.
Intelligence to be your guide, all their treasure would send.
Building greed and destruction, sharing was offered to all.
Let peace shine upon the earth, good will and love to all men.
Every war has been fought for good, though it served only sin.

“One Tin Soldier” is the song that had an everlasting thought and impression upon my life.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2009

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Christmas Music

C hristmas is here, that's what the songs declare,

H ark! Can you hear the divine angels sing?

R aising melodious voices they share 

I n wondrous notes, the good news of the King;

S ilence! Let music free my heart's locked strings,

T he rise and fall of each song that I see, 

M elts my soul, tuning out the worldly things,  

A ll over again Christ is born in me;

S weet is the music of Christ to my soul -

M elodies heavenly, soothing and calm,

U phold me and relieve my distressed whole -

S inging of renewed peace is a fresh balm,

I ntonations resonate quality,

C arols are here! So's the tranquillity.


Copyright © Jo Daniel | Year Posted 2016

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On this road again, wasting time.

So good to see you once again. 
We could sit and talk about it
Or continue on with the journey 
Down this road of entity. 
It’s a long way 
Before we get there.
Many bridges we will ravage,
Before we come home. 
We’ll signify on the way,
There is so much ahead of us
I don‘t want to miss. 

Look at those meager souls
Out there in the distance, 
They seem so vacant. 
Can’t they discern?
Through his eyes they will see tranquility.
To conceive a path on the way.
A passage to convey with immunity
On their way home.
Everyone will want to see.
Surely this, they will miss.

As i turn from the distance
To see you beside me,
My focus seized by a reflection.
The shine of deity 
within your eyes.
Darkness has receded,
Skies filled luminous red and purple. 
The end of the road is sublime,
Over those gates peer into ecstasy.
Hope to identify her facade.
Cant wait to meet him.
My own sea of rebuttal 
Needs to be set in place.

Drifted soul in the shadows
Squint toward divinity.
This road is far too long
To be stricken with reason.
He doesn’t believe you can’t see.
Surely this, you will miss.

Copyright © Jon Shifrin | Year Posted 2008

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My Heart's Song

Morning cuddles wrapped in blankets
Only saying that one special word
Toothless grins
Helping you explore new tastes
Eyes alight with discovery
Reaching for a new treasure
Hugs making you giggle
Opening your eyes wide with excitement
Old experiences made new in your world
Damp kisses on my cheeks

Copyright © Christi Kopp | Year Posted 2010

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 I rise out of 
this  perpetual 
dream season-
gifted with 
quixotic acumen      
osirus     like    
effortlessly ascending 
barren eternal 
death smoke....
 on raw, 
porcelain smoothe 
night winds 
the illusionary  motionless
ness of 
huming bird wings 
naked and wild 
beneath  reasons   
brilliant  lunacy  
to the 
shadow magic song 
universal infinity
translucent star beams
skin and bones
now free of fear and
dogmatic convictions-
one with worm echo,
demons and witches-
life is a precious thing-
be careful how you
live it-

c m brady  june 2007



Copyright © christopher brady | Year Posted 2007

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Winter Song

Winter winds are blowing, and
ice-bound trees are pretty . . .
Now, descends the snow on this land,
the birds sing and flakes fall covering the city-
Even the pure white, 
rests upon my long raven hair . . . 

Stillness wraps me warm and bright,
on my walk in the town square-
Nothing is more beautiful to me, than
gathering snowflakes in my "mitty" . . . 

December 29, 2016


For the contest, Winter Related Acrostic 

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2016

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kneeling in church, arm around my angel girl.
my son’s propped up on pew, chewing gum.
the oldest tries to pray, the grownup way.
we belt out tunes for thirty minutes,
mama’s eyes closed, one eye strobe light blinking
quiet “sh sh” like the soft spoken wind.
those baby bonnets on sideways,
bent, just halfway toward sin,
but precious are those little hands,
look like steeples,
voice chaste as the trio say “amen.”
“Jesus loves me this I know”
why do children sound heavenly?
especially with eyes closed and
silent snores, tears dripping from mama’s eyes.
swish swish goes the bridal gown -
losing daughters gaining daughter in-laws.
those once bubblegum popping boys,
dapperly dressed up, have made their choice.
and celestial hallelujahs, spur on the stars and moon.
silver spoons saved for christenings,
beneath angel’s wings,
veiling the scarcely innocent.
babies bathed in baptism, as grandma grins,
and prays, shushing the wind.

Kim Rodrigues © 2017

Copyright © Kim Rodrigues | Year Posted 2017

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Rose of Absence

To those whom ask for nothing
Here and now, I give you
Every mans suffering 

Before I 
Lay me down never to rise again
As I give to you
Closure before it begins
Knowing only this will salvage your truth

Receive the gift 
Of your saddened angel
Stand, be blessed upon thy lips 
Embrace my end 

Copyright © Jerry Golden | Year Posted 2008

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Sing (Acrostic) dedicated to Leon and Sue.

S ing unto the lord a new song for
I ncredible things for you he has instore
N ever ending is his Love and will forever be the  same
G lorious and Majestic is his name.

Written for our Friends Leon and sue, A blessing to us and the small group we attend, Keep 
singing Leon we are truly blessed to have such a wonderful and talented worship leader, God 
bless you and sue from diane and joshua and kids.

James is ok, he came out of theater at 1pm we were home by 5pm today God was with us 
and his healing came fast, and as the song goes What A Faith God Have I.  and Amen to that .
 Take care from diane

Copyright © diane christian | Year Posted 2009

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One Birthday Song I Sing

A-fter the storm has gone, 
B-ad weather turns fair; 
I-nclement clime turns fine, 
G-ray clouds vanish into the air.
A-n early morn has broken, 
I-n March twenty-five this year; 
L-onely night is just over as the dark shadows disappear.

R-ain is ceasing to fall, 
A-nother dawn is shining; 
G-ood day lights the way, 
O-ne birthday song I

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Season To Sing

Christmas is the time that we let those choruses ring
Away In A Manger, Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
Redeemer come to earth, our salvation to buy
O little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie
Lifting our voices in harmony to proclaim the Savior’s birth
Immanuel, God with us, condescended, came to earth
Night of miracles that happened long ago
Gladly we sing of His love in this season of shimmering snow.

submitted for Acrostic Poem About Fall Or Winter Contest sponsored by Janice Canerdy

Copyright © Carol Connell | Year Posted 2017