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Eye Candy

Double Acrostic

I just want to mention before you read this poem that "Oasis" by Charmaine Chircop
allowed me the inspiration to write this. Thoughts had been swirling through my mind 
for about 24 hours and I was having difficulty finding the form to express them. Those
of you that know me know that I favor difficult forms rather than plain Freestyle. 
Thank you Charma, It is good to be back!!

Eye Candy

Erratic, heart thrusting through my chest!
Yoga is in session, followers in succession! 
Edible delights without excess embellishment.

Core poses carve, define rippled mid-sections
Anxiety has subsided, muscles relaxed. Objective,
Nurture those curves! Endure tension, calm her nerves.
Durability, her gift is my defection. Connection, A fifteen
Year friendship and we are both free agents!

Jared Pickett

Copyright © Jared Pickett | Year Posted 2014

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tribute five

"Please Allow Me to Speak for Him"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

Strength is boundless within his words
In the hearts of many, he should be heard
Lent me his pen one time in the past
Even his dark stuff reveals the awesome skill he has
Nothing can destroy a heart that's really pure
The Answer Is Christ, The Only Known Cure

Once He Arrives, everything makes sense
Nothing but his pen can get that intense
Each selection I have read makes me more appreciate what his pen invents

Copyright © eric boddie | Year Posted 2015

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Love or Help

You live to love, When you love to give. That life you never had Like forever, had no wealth. Still had a hand to help. All I have is dreams for myself grand plans for world and words to rhyme with strength. The world will change, it depends on range of rage or love we raise. Well thats a phase of world, where we stay some for months, some for days or its a game we play and score to glee. All above, We live to love and we need to give.

Copyright © rahul bhatia | Year Posted 2016

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Wonderful Acrostic

W  ishful thinking that He would greet warmheartedly
O  verjoyed when strong arms of love wrapped around
N  umbed by surprise but lifted by love assuredly
D  elighted that He could love even me when sins astound
E  mbraced by a warm bright light out of this world
R  endezvous with a Higher Power greater than I'd found
F  illing full where the Soul was  depleted and gnarled
U  nburdened, uplifted, united and totally sound 
L  oved, loveable, absolutely healed emotionally, and grounded  

Inspired by John Hamilton's Wonderful-Acrostic poem contest..
Written: January 11, 2016

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2016

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Feelings I've always kept inside myself and never have written down before
Offering to you sweet lady from my heart to your great poetic words quite more
Remembering all those times I felt like you were my best friend even if we live
                                                                                       shores away

Smiles I'd give to you in each and every passing day, I'd like to tell you I do read
                                                                                          all your works
Until I came to Poetry of Soups diversity of poets to read, you are so special to me
                                                                                    by all known clerks
Now you are just an ocean away, I seem to read and know that your perfection
                                                                             to me is your hospitality
Special thoughts I'm sending you today, I really do enjoy knowing you have brought
                                                                me pure enjoyment to read and see
Honesty is one of mine and your great traits to write and see in view of your poetic
Industrious will always be kept in your beauty of words worth reading today and 
                                                                                              future dates
Novelty will always be seen in your vibrant and beloved words for all to read and
Enigmatic and beauty in all the things you see, do and write for all poets near and
                                                                                                  far in lieu

Smiling is always seen in every poem I read from your glowing words so dear
Modesty will always be a part of your wise words, I'm really hoping to meet you
I would travel the world wide over just to meet with the beautiful woman you
                                                                                                  really are
Learning from your encouraging words has really kept me from drifting away from
                                                                                                      by far
Earnest words of wisdom coming from your beautiful mind, has kept me well
                                                                                          grounded, I'm
                 so very happy to call you my long distant friend," SUNSHINE SMILE."

Written: April 26, 2016

Copyright © Theresa CW | Year Posted 2016

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Introspection Contest
Sponsor: John Lawless

Inside beliefs of beauty remains sturdy reveries
Never ending facts for my cerebral contemplation
Thoughts from my heart hold reflection with
Rumination and muse calling forth pondering
Observations heed advertence deep within
Soul-searching remembrances crawling deeply
Perspectives of my heart crying out for reflection and 
Examination of self-pretending to green fields leading 
Cores of scrutiny beneath rigid waters streaming with
Tread and consideration being born from meditation
Inspiration lives inside the mind’s eye of adversity
Obligations ring bells of verses with intimate tunes and
Naturally I bring reverence to my wisdom's introspection

Date Written: June 23, 2016

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2016

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tribute seven

"The Welcomer"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

Something about her relieves me of my breath
Keenly, she supports all who reach her path
Allusions of perfection seem to provide her wealth
The complex simplicity of her being can only be described by math
All her Beauty is clearly visible, she has no need for stealth

Copyright © eric boddie | Year Posted 2015

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E~mbrace each new day as the sun rises
M~ajesty will come forth with sparkling color
B~reathe in the fresh, cool, crisp morning air
R~espond to nature's choir as it saturates
A~mazing morn, enjoy deep sky blue sky
C~onquer all doubt, thank God for this awesome day
E~legance surrounds, fog lifts, sun paints clouds sand  

Sponsor: Poetry Destroyer
Contest: Morning Poems
Written: September 20, 2013

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2013

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P - Philippines' archipelago: Pearl of the Orient Seas
H - Hospitable "Pinoys" will welcome you with smiling teeth!
I - Inhabited tranquil big or small mountainous to rocky islands
L - Luculent World class beaches: black, brown, pink to white sands
I - Inviting anyone for a wave ride: weight boarding or surfing
P - Party called fiestas on streets are colorful, spectacular and artful
P - Palette of it's cradle provides scenic man - made crafts for tourists
I - Its culture creates a rich gallery of four civilizations
N - Nature's diverse species of fauna, corals! sweetest tropical fruits!
E - Eating - a favorite "must do" for its native to modern delicacies
S - Sense of humor: a contagious alluring trait of Pinoys!

My home country: "a paradise of beauty and fun.."
Let's joyfully explore each islands one by one!

olive eloisa
9:02 pm.
April 07, 2014

Note: Pinoy - local common name for Filipinos

CONTEST: Tell Me About Where You're From
SPONSOR: Kim Merryman

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2014

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Paint With Fire

Pen in hand, against the paper,
An artist must be left to bleed,
Inner thoughts become written words.
No better way has been found
To empty out a soul.

With growing eagerness,
I add fuel to the fire
To induce passion's flame,
Hoping the blaze never dies.

Forever and a day, and longer,
Inside my heart the fire burns.
Revealing to another soul
Every spark of my inspiration.

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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T~ransforming the minds of students in an
E~ducative and transitional way, which leads to,
A~cademic heights for future rolls, they being
C~reative, imaginative, flexible to be taught.
H~highlighting tomorrow’s technological pursuits by
E~volving and developing curriculum as needed “tools”,
R~esearching new methods to teach these youths, so that
S~cholarships, written theses and doctor's dissertations, could
    be the result from their arduous work.

Copyright © Rainbow Promise | Year Posted 2015

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F alling to my knees in prayer, A sking not but worshiping the Lord. I am only a crusader for the cause of creation. T herefore, I bow unto The! H e will hoist my spirit and embrace my soul into contentment. I mage forms via an informed acumen. S trength augments my strife in life. A mazing is the lucidity of the mind. P lease, may I have this honor of speaking to you? O rnate you with lavishing words. W isdom and knowledge you award. E verlasting faith bequeathed through imploration. R ising above my trials and trepidation, F or you are the keeper of my soul. U shering relevance in the most significant way, L ife guidance provided each day. T empered to the intensity of my faithfulness, H ow time is only the hourglass of eternity. I nvenerate in the privacy of my home. N othing is more invigorating than adulation of the Lord God. G ist is faith being that it is the most powerful entity universal. ______________________________________________________________________| Penned on January 07, 2015!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2015

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H A P P I N E S S Harmony between the self and the world attracting positive energy amidst presence of problems and trials-- shaking, stretching peace, attitude within. Happiness shows innate smile, sharing, caring, giving and reaching out. Naturally, happiness home is within the self encompassing purpose fulfillment, substantial not only for thyself but for others success, healing and spiritual awakening. _____________________________________________________________ __Olive Eloisa Guillermo__ 4:30 pm, December 18, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2015

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Happiness (acrostic)
Happiness is found within not in people and things

Acceptance of the present regardless of what fears/ inner demons you may be facing

Persistence in seeking love and happiness inside ourselves so we may experience the abundance of love and beauty that encompasses us

Patience with ourselves as we learn and grow through our personal trials and tribulations life often presents to us, unexpectedly

Inside ourselves are all the answers we seek, believe in yourself with a smile on your face

Never give up on yourself! Challenge your belief systems with an open heart and a positive mind set

Endless love & happiness awaits you, seek it consciously without delay

Spirit of love is the essence of our original form; happiness is our natural state of being

Smile in the face of adversity and feel your spirit soar to new heights experiencing love, peace and happiness from this moment forward.  Live as if there is no tomorrow, for you reap what you sow :) :) :)

Copyright © Amy Rose | Year Posted 2013

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Wonderful - Our Sun

W - Wondrous are the golden rays of each dawn's morning bliss.
O - Outstanding is its brilliant setting after day's dismissed.
N - Notable in how it sinks behind a mountain crest.
D - Divine the sight when light peeps thru fluffy clouds compressed.
E - Eye-opening when rays reflect off sparkling waterfalls.
R - Rare times when sunset colors paint those huge red-orange balls.
F - Fabulous when sinking 'neath horizons out at sea.
U - Unbelievable eclipses with earth's moon for us to see.
L - Lovely are the days it shines with hope for you and me.

Sandra M. Haight

~1st Place~
Contest: Wonderful Acrostic
Sponsor: John Hamilton
Judged: 01/12/2016

The first word of each line is a synonym for 'wonderful'
Iambic Heptameter (7 feet per line)

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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Embrace Acrostic

E~mbrace each new day as the sun rises
M~ajesty will come forth with sparkling color
B~reathe in the fresh, cool, crisp morning air
R~espond to nature's choir as it saturates
A~mazing morn, enjoy deep sky blue sky
C~onquer all doubt, thank God for this awesome day
E~legance surrounds, fog lifts, sun paints cloud sand  

Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich
Contest: Seven Letter Acrostic
Written:September 20, 2013

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2013

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The Message

I'm not the greatest of all-times, but when I'm done, I'll be an all time great in this lifetime of mine Like the late great who came before my time I will breed a new lifeline, that will breathe life like march of dimes My story lines, will bring truth life; like troops who fight Overseas, for rights of those who believe that death is life Now that ain't right! As the rich is getting richer, eating fillet me-non, while we barely feeding our appetite Night after night Survival has waged a war that gave us no choice but to battle and fight Although, we'll be all right They say we a dying breed, but that ain't right Instead we're the light to a lying greed That will enlighten life to a brand new seed A man of God indeed Freed from the Son that bleeds Like the summer breeze He's the sum that equals the amount of air I breathe The air that please A satisfaction like the birds and the bees My word's words are the keys That will fornicate with the mind and give birth to a seed A seed of social change, that'll change our social economy So shall our comradery That will bring comfort to a struggling society A synonym...similar to a civilization seeking for unity Unifying the physics of theory That seeks to explain the synopsis of a dying philosophy Similar to the Cosby X-cept my scrip-tic will speak more about our reality Like life's calamity And everything else in life that's destroying us systematically However, I've discovered a system That can mathematically destroy ignorancy And turn our state of mind intellectually I elect that He (God) selects me to be And be that man who may lead this community So that they (My Peoples) may commute with me En-route to a destination, destine towards our destiny Like we were destine to be We were meant to be "Great" like the late great that came before we. Because we are... The reflection where perfection gave birth to the definition of greatness Where great means Competent, Skilled, Well Informed, and Tremendous Our potentials are endless And only we not even the enemy can put an end to this So it's time we put a stop to this The biggest enemy of self And that's envy and jelousness Cause after this is Heaven or Hell and that's all there is A promised made sealed with a kiss Knowing this Is the next best thing since "In the beginning" In the first chapter of the first verse in Genesis!

Copyright © Ajalon Michael Zarate | Year Posted 2013

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O - Olive that was her first name O - Oli, eloi, bloss her other names O - Overall, any of these is acceptable O - Only she prefers most her one name L - Life come upon her by 13th of August L - Living with her grandparents first L - Learning she always want to pursue L - Ladder of life she jolly began to do I - Interested to music, books and stories I - Indefinite reading even old histories I - In the kitchen, She loves cooking I - In anywhere, She is there singing V - Victor she always strives to be V - Vices and violence against is she V - Vivaciously aiming to live life fullest V - Vigorously stepping to life's hurdles E - Each one she shares a smile E - Even though she feels bad inside E - Endearing, she was always told E - Eager to explore things untold E - Essence of a woman, she beholds E - Extremes she tries to balance and hold E - Even if skin and beauty folds E - Embroidered life by God, she is called L - Looking to be channel of blessing L - Listening before understanding L - Loaded not with a good tall L - Limitless to achieve a goal O - Onwards she always go O - On sides and on back she forgoes O - Opting not to forget all good O - Omitting not of gratitude I - In God, she always trusts I - In real love, she believes I - In singing and writings, she frees I - Into her family, she spree S - Small girl she may seem S - Smartness, she projects not hid S - Sweats she doesn't care to pour S - Sincere heart that she devours A - Adoring God, forever she will A - Acceleration she will deal A - Antidote to her woos is love A - Above all is her one living God... (c)olive_eloisa 10:57 am March 24, 2014

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2014

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O often one of a kind
R egularly
I llustrating success
G enerating excellent
I ntuitiveness
N ecessary triumphs
A part from the rest
L istening to potentiality
I nterestingly intended
T o be 
Y our monumental best

Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2015

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Paradise On Earth

Put out some cookies and cuddle down
A warm blanket and a flannel gown
Ready to read a great new book
Able to let the rest of the world go by
Doing this simple thing is heaven on earth
Is a time free of worry and stress you see
So I’m thankful for these small pleasures
Enjoying what is earthly paradise to me…


Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2015

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Individuality in decisions, expressions, actions and consequences
Never an island of oneself but also not under the mercy of others
Direct enjoyment of any corresponding benefit well deserved
Everlasting freedom with no hitches or pauses
Proper interaction with a strong sense of belonging
Equity and equality, striving to maintain the goodness of humanity
No more under a roof built for monitoring and strict observation
Doors of mutual respect, open to fertilize the sense of responsibility
Ending all dependence to use the grown wings and acquired limbs
Nurturing the new identity to promote self relevance
Child of yesterday transforms to the man of today
Eradicating this process is liable to conflicts, riots and wars.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

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My Delivery

I was born with this name 
A name that cannot be moved.
Through my struggles and through my pain
These shackles I shall remove.
Dignified in all my ways 
Eminent proven that can't be replaced.
I am a true man of virtue
That cannot be measured by time or space.

I'm a Star of my own 
Reflecting the rays of my thrown.
Magnificent and Majestic 
In the land of milk and honey, I am the backbone.
Often misunderstood, 
Confound and misconstrued.
Even in contempt of their judgement
My adulation infatuation will remain intact for my brood!

My love is undenying
Everlasting and undying.
Unreplaceable, indestructible
My fable inspires that transcends to be noble.
The King of my castle
A fraction define from a point of a decimal
Denoting in the tenth power 
That represents the commandments of my counsel.

In translation...
I'm a man unrecognized by his emotions
Yet his word's expression
Forms a principle which defines in connotation.
My concentration
Concerns to adjourn any iniquitous Interpretation. 
Adjudicated as if uneducated
Yet  their mind's unable to define the intonation of my elucidation. 

So therefore there's no question!
That I am...A son reflected by his own creation.
In his own reflection 
My third eye indicates the gift of this phenomenal articulation. 
So as my motivation
My delivery will continue to build in its meticulous manifestation.
A man that will man up
To whom, I will claim to recognize his own dejected aberration.

Copyright © Ajalon Michael Zarate | Year Posted 2013

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...Formidable treat he stress
At the early hour of this day.
No pain, no gain- All is still well.
Centenary dream is a luxury few can reach.
Yours truly, let your fate decide. 


30th of April, 2013.

Copyright © Abdulhafeez Oyewole | Year Posted 2013

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A fter school play was always a given,

F or there were so many others to play with.
I was part of the "Boomer" generation...
E verything came so easy to us.
L ater, in my studies, I became interested in History, 
D elving into the watershed moment of WW II.

O nce I started reading a book on it, I could not put it down.
F reedom, I thought, was just another dictionary word.

W hen I began to look more closely at what it cost,
H ead and Heart started to see that period more clearly.
I  realized that there was so much more to it than
T he names of places where battles were fought,
E numerated in the books I read and films I watched.

C an you imagine a World at War,
R educing the lives of so many to give us the freedom we enjoy?
O nce I traveled to Hawaii and visited the Punch Bowl Cemetery.
S eeing the graves of some who fought in that war
S eeing the cost of my that Field of White Markers.
E very time now when I think of "The Greatest Generation",
S ome tears well up, for my freedom's humble veneration.

This is an ACROSTIC.
To my knowledge, there is no set rhyme scheme or required number of lines or syllables.  What the form must have, however, is a word or thought spelled out by
using the first letter of each successive line, which summarizes the meaning of the poem.

This is one of my favorite forms for several reasons.  It is difficult to write a concise poem in this form.  It is thought provoking for the writer to keep on point.
It is much easier for the reader to understand the writer's intent by the Vertical word/s spelled out by the first letter of each line.  The subject can be short or long, serious or funny, or just nonsense.  It does, however, make you work at it.

written: 12/14/15

by: Dan Cwiak

for the contest: Poetry Writing #1

sponsor: Broken Wings

Copyright © Dan Cwiak | Year Posted 2015

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               Instinctively innately I intuit inspirationally
               Notable nuanced nudges needing
               Some special sensuously sourced
               Poetically penned prose poetry pursuits!
               Inner intimate impulses intensely incite
               Requiring rapt real recognition rightly
               Allowing all artistic aspects ample allowance
               Time to transmit these tremors that try to
               Ignite immense imaginations inspiring
               Outbursts of oratorical orations obviously
               Needing notice naturally now!

                              WTA-IV 4/2/2016

Copyright © Walter T. Ashe | Year Posted 2016

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Life is you and me, sometimes we wish to be free, but If we stop to think a minute, this is life and were in it, so dont take advantage of what we got, this is life so give it a shot, so go out there and show who you are, and stop wishing on that shinning star, because you can make that wish come true, this is life and its for you.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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Gave of himself in my family’s time of most desperate need
As my family faced sudden homelessness, full speed
Rarely does one witness such sacrifice
Yet he is not even a blood relative, indeed

We three have lived in his home…he, my son and me
Escaped severe displacement…instead held harmony
Love became an absolute verb
Love has come to me from the least likely places
I pay a nominal rent, nothing is free
No family member even offered, ghosts to me
Gary forfeited his privacy, giving my son and I each a room
                                       rather than he…Who does that?

        I am blessed to have another friend I choose to call family!

                                            My love and gratitude always, Jill

Copyright © jill spagnola | Year Posted 2015

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Why work for another, slim wages
Under a corporate shadow. Wake Up
NOW, be your own boss tomorrow

Live life the way YOU want, just 
Introduce three. Not a pyramid scheme,
Flee from what holds you back,
Engage socially, start building your team!!

Jared Pickett

Copyright © Jared Pickett | Year Posted 2014

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My Philosophy

Possibility given a voice
Opportunity and multiple choice
Everyone is equal and free
To put pen to page...just try and see.
Real and true to this art
You must be, from the start

Flowery verse or staccato prose
Oration, lyric, iambic, morose
Real emotion, your words must expose

As you write, as you share
Life, love, loss, or despair
Leave your soul on the page...if you dare.

Copyright © Michael Campbell | Year Posted 2015

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Letter is a piece of inspiration
Expressing one’s feeling
Time spent to those we deeply loved
Teaches us to care earnestly when miles apart
Experience real joy within 
Response shouldn’t be ignored

Copyright © Estela Canama | Year Posted 2014