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Alien Feet

ALIEN                             -NOT-                               HUMAN

 Alien life form---                                             ---Far from human toucH
 Living among it self---                              ---In the heavens like a gurU
 Intelligence kept from civilization---      ---Scientist call it a phantoM 
 Earth remains alone---                                           ---Like a secret ninjA 
 NASA's top secret---                                           ---You are not humanN

 BY:                             .                                 BY:

Copyright © SKAT A | Year Posted 2013

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Poetry Palace

Poetically poised on a dainty hill
Overlooking ever blue seas
Eagerly awaiting this surreal ILLUSION
Turrets made of imaginative calligraphy 
Ruins that echo CREATIVITY 
Yearning to belong in this poetic home

Paddle your toes in the moat of letters 
Allowing the INFUSION of words to make a sentence 
Listen to beautiful melodic lyrics in the great hall
Attic of ancient and famous sonnets ghostly sing 
Carrying you EVENTUALLY to high emotional state
Ending up, it's INEVITABLE that you live forever on the dainty hill

By Emma Buckeridge
For contest "Poetry Palace"
2nd place win

Copyright © Emma Buckeridge | Year Posted 2011

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Shhh Dreams are Dreaming

S tarlit night sky dreams
T o reach for us,
A journey from infinity to finite
I nverse of our dreams,
R eciprocal of zero
W alking down to touch us
A long the starway from the stars;
Y esterdays will be tomorrows
T here will be a reverse journey,
O blivion in the tiny hand of a child,
T ime will be standstill
H ours to minutes to seconds
E very moment frozen to a single eternity.

S tarlit night sky also dreams
T o come down nearer to earth,
A s dreams also dream of us
R eversing our dreaming......

S hhh...dreams are dreaming!


 Placement: 9th;(Feb. 2012)

Contest:Stairway to the stars


By :kash poet

Copyright © kash poet | Year Posted 2012

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Kiss Me in the Shadows

Keep well away from dark, forbidding dreams --
Instead, stay near the hearth and play your lyre;
Sleep even so will wait on wooden beams,
Seducing you beside your cozy fire.
Meticulous and careful you may be,
Evicting darting shadows with the blaze --
Inside your quiet cottage, patiently,
Night's emissary holds you in her gaze.
The cuckoo calls as midnight church-bells chime;
His warning message echoes from the walls --
Enchanted ears have lost all track of time,
So far from whispered fears as silence falls.
Her chilling hands then rip away your voice,
And images assail your inner eyes --
Denying you the act of conscious choice,
On captive lips she mixes truth and lies.
When sunlight climbs the sky and breaks her spell,
She blows a darkened kiss, and bids farewell.

Copyright © M. Teresa Blaylock | Year Posted 2007

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Captcha WHA6

When I was only five
Heard mommy always's say
Angel  keep being naughty and you won't make it to

Entry for Adam Hapworth's
Captcha Acrostic Contest
G.L. All

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2013

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Sol's Spectacular

S - Sol reigns supreme in ebony space, 
P - planets orbit Him in cosmic race,
E - each determined never to embrace.	
C - Comet tails trail away from his face,
T - tracing a path that time will erase,
A - and mask its passage without a trace.
C - Clouds are recipients of His grace,  
U - unhindered they roam from place to place.
L - Luna has a way of giving chase, 
A - an eclipse becomes her secret ace, 
R - resetting time to a lunar pace.

Written Jan. 15, 2016 for "Spectacular Acrostic - Poetry Contest".

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2016

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Cowboys Cry Too

C  casually stands next to his saddled horse
O  openly he weeps (so) full of his remorse
W  what is left of pale pink running rose that grew
B   blood floods from thorn pricks he's getting his due
O   oh! tangled web with his love he did weave
Y   yesterday she discovered all his cowboy lies believed

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2011

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Crazy, Yes

Crazy is defined by the crazy things you do
Really crazy things are just too crazy, too
A crazy person laughs when no one is around
Zealous crazy people are too busy to be found
Yes, crazy is as crazy does, who really can define?

Your definition of crazy is well kept in your mind.
Even when you’re normal, crazy still remains
Some keep crazy in their hearts, to look like they’re still sane. 

Copyright © Michael Degenhardt | Year Posted 2008

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People who spend their time devoted to poetry
Optimistic people who can be pessimistic as well
Elegant writers throughout society waiting ever so slowly and patiently to be known
Those who utter their feelings in to a well thought out and admired poem
Spirits with a talent, and who are happy.

Pleasing to read, persuades others to write poems as well
Of all forms of literature poems seem the best
Eccentric writings that inspire, express, and inform
Modern society vs. ancient work
Supercilious poems that express thee

thank u for looking at this poem.
hope u enjoyed- WÖLF

Copyright © Jacob WÖLF | Year Posted 2008

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Self awareness ~ reflection

One living by ones own pace ~ comfortable

Learning to love self ~ Listening to Music at three a.m.

Independence~ Internal rest~ refreshing

Tranquilty ~ Peacefulness~ renewal

Understand of self and others~ empowering

Daring to dream~ Realizing hope ~ finding Faith

Enlightenment of the spirit ~ Happiness beginning till end!

Copyright © Patricia Sawyer | Year Posted 2008

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New Year (Acrostic)

Never forgetting about history
Ensuring it does not repeat itself
Walking proudly into the future
Yesterday now becomes the past
Elevating the mind to new heights
Action plan created and working
Rising and meeting the new call!

Copyright © Joseph Spence Sr | Year Posted 2007

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The Kiss of Spring

.                                          T ulips coated in dewy waxen gloss
                                           U ndulating their warm fragrant breath 
                                           L eaving -  that cold hearted Mr. Frost
                                           I n a
                                           P uddle of tears
                                           S creaming - Spring is here!


                                                            Elaine Cecelia George, of Canada

                                            Written:  April 11, 2011
                                            For: Carol Brown's contest - Spring Flowers
                                            Awarded:  First Place

Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2011

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S  oft whispers of magic travel with the wind

W inking stars smile down upon you

E nchantment fills your heart.

E ntering the sky now,

T he moon lights the pathway of your dreams

D rowning your stress into seas of honey

R evealing your heart's desires

E xiling all sadness

A nd bringing pure happiness

M olding a smile upon your face

S ending you to a Magical Place!

Copyright © Maryam Jameela Haniff | Year Posted 2012

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Sense of humour, elevating our spirits
Musing over the simple things in life, rejoicing at what we find
Imagination stimulated, childlike, seeing the wonders in life
Light heartedness, laughing at one’s self!
Everything as it is meant to be, smiling, enjoying, the gift of life

Copyright © Amy Rose | Year Posted 2013

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Mushroom Red Mark*** Triple Acrostic***

Marks from the shroom exposed as you
Undress, I caress your
Silky thigh-way, blessed by the mess you
Have made. lay down boo and
Rest the night has reached it's crest.
Overtime I'll relieve your stress, I'm 
Obsessed... your life with 
Me is inevitable, give up on your protests..

Requests will be satisfied,
Embraced, we can pass any test
Discover this love, I'm undefeated in my conquest...

Mellifluous sounds impress, harmonious melody 
Abstract through cyber chats.. Your 
Requests assist the prince to show you bliss, come 
Kiss this man, rub your hands upon his chest.
Sample his skin and leave a hickey on his breast...

Jared Pickett

Copyright © Jared Pickett | Year Posted 2010

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Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

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Dark creature 
Evil and 
Malevolent, feeds on the souls
Of man before disappearing into the
Nights shadows. 

Copyright © Janette Fisher | Year Posted 2010

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Ciggy’s day out this is just another normal walk but where shall I go to the haberdashery or to the local library on this wonderful February day. I think I will start at the library and look for a book on an auto harp or maybe a book about a calliope. So I can use them in my collaboration latter today. I am a little thirsty I think I will get a soda in an aluminum can of course with no algae. Now back to my condominium I will go cuz it’s time to start my live web show.

Copyright © craig schaber | Year Posted 2011

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Acrostic Oxymoron Idealism

Free flowing and defiant about me
I imagine my life a 

Copyright © Effie Blake | Year Posted 2006

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Skeletal Remains

Scary pictures on the wall,
Killing scenes encompass all.
Every year when ghosts arrive
Laughter fails. It cannot thrive,
Echo ghouls in twisted lust,
Timeless past of blood flaked rust.
Agents of fear bring Halloween,
Life beware! Death stalks unseen.

Racing heart, terror arises
Erasing hope in compromises
Midnight hour the spirits feast,
A test of courage for the human beast;
Image of Death, the skull with no face
Nestled in bones securely in place,
Skeletal remains, holding a mace.

Copyright © Janet Vick | Year Posted 2006

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The Message

I'm not the greatest of all-times, but when I'm done, I'll be an all time great in this lifetime of mine Like the late great who came before my time I will breed a new lifeline, that will breathe life like march of dimes My story lines, will bring truth life; like troops who fight Overseas, for rights of those who believe that death is life Now that ain't right! As the rich is getting richer, eating fillet me-non, while we barely feeding our appetite Night after night Survival has waged a war that gave us no choice but to battle and fight Although, we'll be all right They say we a dying breed, but that ain't right Instead we're the light to a lying greed That will enlighten life to a brand new seed A man of God indeed Freed from the Son that bleeds Like the summer breeze He's the sum that equals the amount of air I breathe The air that please A satisfaction like the birds and the bees My word's words are the keys That will fornicate with the mind and give birth to a seed A seed of social change, that'll change our social economy So shall our comradery That will bring comfort to a struggling society A synonym...similar to a civilization seeking for unity Unifying the physics of theory That seeks to explain the synopsis of a dying philosophy Similar to the Cosby X-cept my scrip-tic will speak more about our reality Like life's calamity And everything else in life that's destroying us systematically However, I've discovered a system That can mathematically destroy ignorancy And turn our state of mind intellectually I elect that He (God) selects me to be And be that man who may lead this community So that they (My Peoples) may commute with me En-route to a destination, destine towards our destiny Like we were destine to be We were meant to be "Great" like the late great that came before we. Because we are... The reflection where perfection gave birth to the definition of greatness Where great means Competent, Skilled, Well Informed, and Tremendous Our potentials are endless And only we not even the enemy can put an end to this So it's time we put a stop to this The biggest enemy of self And that's envy and jelousness Cause after this is Heaven or Hell and that's all there is A promised made sealed with a kiss Knowing this Is the next best thing since "In the beginning" In the first chapter of the first verse in Genesis!

Copyright © Ajalon Michael Zarate | Year Posted 2013

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In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

Inside the fierce beast, beats the heart of a king
No challengers come forth to contest his throne

Leisurely days spent dreaming of his pride
Ingesting meat taken down by his females
Knowing his reign ends when age betrays
Enjoying his vigor as he awaits that fate

Another, younger male, comes to call

Lying in wait while the females are serviced
Inhaling the scent of the pride in heat
Only caution stays his hunger and power
Not so when the mighty male is exhausted

Out of the bushes he rushes the fatigued king
Ultimate victory assured as challenge roars out
Though winded, the pride male answers swiftly

Like boxers they circle, searching for weakness
Incensed at the impudence, the elder attacks
Keen reflexes, the challenger moves like a ghost
Engaging the king with teeth, claws and fury

A fatal mistake, now the old king lays wounded

Limping away, weak from blood loss and pain
Already he dreams of the death that approaches
Maybe his time is over, but another will come
Behind him, the new king begins his reign

Copyright © Steven Gadberry | Year Posted 2010

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Enter State Poetry Palace

P_  Pleasant place not an ILLUSION

O_  Opens mind's CREATIVITY

E_  EVENTUALLY enter Zen place

T_  Trance like state INEVITABLE

Y_  Yearn time all senses INFUSION

P_  Pleasant early morning garden

A_  Alone mountain with valley view

L_  Laughing next to lapping water

A_  Any one garden, mountain, seashore

C_  Caught up surrounded by nature

E_  Enter state poetry palace

Contest:"Poetry Palace"
Written by: Sara Kendrick

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2011

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Love; laughter; loyalty; listening; learning!
Impulsive; ideals; intelligence; intense; inspirational!
Fervor; fury; fierceness; fate; fun!
Energy; elation; eagerness;excitement;enduring!

Copyright © Patricia Sawyer | Year Posted 2009

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Nature's Palette

Envision perfect tranquillity, 
nature captured, by an artist’s brush.
Attention's given to the landscape,
lush terrain, painted primal, and rough.
Brindled hues, morph into purple tints,
merging with lakes of azure blue, for 
isolation promotes creation. 

Splashes of gold, orange and red, are  
dappled on cerulean shores, where
blended patches of emerald green,
decorate scenes, of the great outdoors. 
Staggered clouds, of immaculate white,
strewn across skies, of aquamarine,
reflect, off a blue lake's placid sheen.

(A 2nd letter acrostic poem spelling "Nature’s Palette".)

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2016

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Spaceship (acrostic with rhyme)

Spend your hard-earned cash on fuel for takeoff.
Pray that the government does not find out until gone.
Allow your free time for checking weather, not golf.
Case the local food store for dry goods you can con.
Evaluate your water supply needs, no water in cosmos.
Secure a safe place for waste, body waste floats to easy.
Have welding knowledge, so your stored rocket is close.
Internet may bring suspicion making government queasy.
Plan to go up straight in the air, horizontal rockets scare.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2009

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Alchemy (An Acrostic)

Ancient science launches research towards new technology
Learning new disciplines to increase the power of their patron
Creating new magics; generating spendable gold from lead
Hinting at greater knowledge hidden in the realms of men
Evolving sciences increase the expertise of kingdom soldiers
Machines, potions and tactics to defeat enemies of the king
Yesterday's mysteries leading the world toward today's reality

Copyright © Steven Gadberry | Year Posted 2010

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Raccoon Went A Wooing

R ascal with a twinkle in his dark-ringed eye
A morous feeling frisky under a full moon's light
C at strolled by- her voluptuous tail swishing to and fro
C oy glances by feline big blues
O vert flirting, then invited her to dine
O pulent feast of restaurant scraps made her swoon...
N uptials next - rascal raccoon carried her over the threshold of their new home.

for "Tell Me About It" contest
sponsored by Francine Roberts

Copyright © Carol Fillmore | Year Posted 2011

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I'm Falling For You

<                             Signs of the time
                               Enriched vibrant colors 
                               Painted on minds eye canvass
                               To inscribe it's beauty to another
                               Eventually leaving one in awe
                               Marching in it's parade of showings
                               Begining to end
                               Each and every year
                               Requesting for it's safe return

Entry For Carol Brown's 
Fall Is Around The Corner Contest
I Chose September
G.L. All

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2011

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Jack Frost

Jack Frost etches glass with spirals of snow and ice,
A feathery pattern of crystalline cravings
Chiseled long into the night, with but a single
Kiss of winter’s icy cold breath to sustain him. 	

Frozen abstract swirls of intricate art, soon rise
Resplendent, bathed within dawn’s early morning light.
Opaque, with a mother-of-pearl sheen that glows, as
Shafts of sunlight melt and mold its shape into a
Translucent, shimmering, ever changing sculpture.

Written Nov. 27th , 2015 for “Acrostic: Jack Frost - Poetry Contest”.
The poem contains all of the mandatory words “ice, snow, winter, frozen, Jack”.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015