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A geless this seems 
D ealing with goodbye 
I n numerous diverse forms,
E ach one with different emotions 
U ntil that moment, you realize how difficult saying farewell can really be… 

*not a contest entry, just inspired by Andrea's contest :)*


Copyright © Wilma Neels | Year Posted 2013

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Summer's End

Saying goodbye to summer's
Unrelenting heat brings joy.
Munchkins return to the classroom and
Moms now have a moment's peace.
Eagerly I await autumn's flora and
Relish the delightful coolness of the weather as
Summer relinquishes her throne.

Enjoy the dregs of summer,
Now that the days grow shorter, but
Don't be sad - she'll return next year.

For Francine Roberts "Summer's End" contest

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2013

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After all this time
Dare we go there?
Eventually we have no choice
Unknowingly the decision was made for us  
So although I am a little sad this is adieu; until we meet again

*Gerald (suggestion of the word in Portuguese)  & Jack (his persistency :)
Hope you are not disappointed* 


Copyright © Wilma Neels | Year Posted 2013

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And remember this departure is not final distant stars will light up my path again I will come back to you someday every step that takes me away from you ultimately will bring us even closer ============000============ Placement- 2nd (September 2013) Contest- Acrostic of 5 letter word (adieu) Sponsor- Andrea Dietrich © kash poet (kashinath karmakar) ============000============

Copyright © kash poet | Year Posted 2013

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November saying hi
October says bye
Valediction for succession
Enter like a magician
Moving things from best
Bringing them to your chest
Edit and expunge the worst
Rewrite the trailed test

Copyright © CHRISDAD KOJO ARTHUR | Year Posted 2014

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Acrostic----EndLine Word

I figured I would post a Acrostic/End-Line poem as a guide for my new contest. Plus,
I just really needed to get this out!! 

**Writing Freelance**

Withering away, everyday nine to five______________I
Really needed to escape the grind, it_____________Was
Inevitable my writing skill would start___________Working 
To find freedom financially, it has been____________Hard
Intoxicated with success, ambitious and ready________For
New obstacles. Struggling and broke for_______Someone else's
Glory. Now I can work less make more while on____Vacation

Forty plus hours weekly, seven and a half__________Years
Raises scarce. No car, walked to and from___________for 
Endless stress, a chess game I lose daily.._________Nothing
Elegant about living check to check!_________________I 
Live within my means but still scraping by___________Just
Another citizen down and out. What I_____________Needed
Never given, I am self made. My dreams_____________To
Carry my writing further, profit and_______________Escape
Elevate. Rise from this lower level corporate_____Imprisonment

Jared Pickett

Copyright © Jared Pickett | Year Posted 2014

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Goodbye Is Not Forever

Going away and to never return
On a journey far from here
Over the the horizon is where you would go
Destiny waits and take you to that place
Beyond the skies where angels dwell
Your home in heaven awaits to welcome you
Eternal peace shall embrace you when you sleep

I will miss you when you are gone
Sadness and sorrow will fill my heart

Never will I see you again in this life but I pray
One sweet day we'll see each other again
There in heaven where we will forever stay

From here I'll send my prayers and kisses to you
On the whispering winds that rise up to the sky
Remember me when you're way up there
Everyday of my life I shall think of our time
Verses we shared shall be played in my mind
Every time you are missed and thought of
Remembering is the only way to keep you with me-alive in my memory

Copyright © Nudershada Cabanes | Year Posted 2015

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Fifty Ways

"Fifty ways to leave your lover"
is such a sad song to sing
fifty ways to break her heart
too many ways to create misery
you wish you knew a better way

I love five/ a new five letter word Acrostic Contest.
Host: Andrea Dietrich

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2013

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S lain 
A nonymously
N eighbors
D umbfounded by
Y ?

H ow could he?
O ne more tragedy
O ver 25 bodies
K eep them in your prayer please, children of Tragedy

©Copyright December 16, 2012 by Brian Pierre-Alexander
© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Brian Pierre-Alexander | Year Posted 2012

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changing direction

Where do you go when there's nothing left of yourself to give to love someone who is always changing directions? Leaving you picking up the pieces over and over again. While you wait for them to give you all of their heart. Is it fair that every night you go to bed alone? Crying and Praying for them to be there with you. Holding you in their arms and hearing them say I love you and everything will be ok. I'm here to love and help you. Only to find out the next morning their gone again. leaving you think its time to change direction in your life that you deserve better.  While they never saw it coming to an end.  You did by putting your heart back together again for the last time and getting over them.  For the last time Your changing direction in your own life by taking back control of your heart .  Never letting them know they could have had the best of you. If they would have just realized you needed them to be there for you.

Copyright © angel heady | Year Posted 2012

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It seems to me,
Since you lay right here.
I thought we’d be,
Till you disappeared.

A lighthouse sunk to the sea,
In the dark of the night.
With no light to guide me to you,
Ill drift here,
Till I can set sail again,
or forever fall at the edge of your reef.

Copyright © Birgitta Le Roux | Year Posted 2014

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No Such Thing as Goodbye

No Such Thing as Goodbye

Never was I so happy before
On a beautiful summer day

So many things I wanted to say
Unlike many, you were here to stay
Coursing through my veins, love stained inside of me
Hate was no longer existing

Tons of time, I wanted to say I love you
Handfuls of emotions
Instead I shrunk away, fearing the worst
Never did I expect you to feel the same
Giving me hope was part of your game

Always I was the one to chase you
Seeing as how you probably didn't care

Gave away my heart, full trust in you
Of course you never wanted it
One day you told me
Do I dare to believe it?
Bad news, you were never coming back
You left, saying goodbye for the last time
Even now I hang on to this silly illusion. I hope there are no such thing as real goodbyes….

Copyright © Amber Clement | Year Posted 2015

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Existence of the 8 track as I recall, was of short duration

X is a letter of the alphabet seldom used to begin a word

Telephone booths have gone the way of the dinosaurs

Internet technology has greatly altered the face real romance

Need I say that the landline telephone has been replaced by cell phones?

Currency as a medium of exchange still exists, but is slowly dying

Transactions via the internet has become the preferred mode of operation

In spite of “high Tech explosion”, don’t forget to read, write and do math

Ocean waves and winds can still wreck havoc, and are not likely to change

Never give up on the past, because some old things might have to be resurrected

12302015 (PS Contest on the theme of “Extinction”)

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2015

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G one are the days of my never ending solitude
O vercast shadows, dissipate with my newfound mood
O bvious to all, my heart and soul are all yours
D estiny has infused your fragrance into my pores
B eauty is internal, not what's seen with the eyes
Y our essence has consumed me, and finally I realize
E cstasy has taken over, and to sadness I say goodbye

John Derek Hamilton
September 28,2016

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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Over and over
Over again
Everlasting door

Copyright © Anna Mayall | Year Posted 2009

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You are not the one I love -Women's POV-

You have confessed your love to me,
Our parents accepted us for we were meant to be,
Utter the word "I do" and I shall be your bride,
Always remember our marriage has pride,

Reaching and pleasing you is completely hard,
Everything I did, you're always on your guard,
Now that we don't have any communication,
Our love has ended with a sad solution,

Times have changed ever since we got married,
Tears were shed, we're now separated,
Hiding our true feelings from each other,
Everything's changed now that we won't be together,

Our time together has been great,
Now we moved on and found another date,
Emptiness in my heart has been filled by another,
I think I have found my missing other,

Leaving you was the best thing that ever happened,
Our for each other is completely forgotten,
Vows and promises are meant to be broken,
Every memory we had has been taken.

Copyright © Stuart Madsen | Year Posted 2015

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Million Stories

One million stories told
Reaching beyond self
Trying to seek
The infinite possibility of chance is given room
Sacrifice I may never embrass
Still I reach out
I claim and  grasp this thing called love

Copyright © Apolo Amai | Year Posted 2014

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In Memory Of Charles

Acrostic and Verse

In paralyzing penumbra, the blossoms are muddled as the reaper is at nigh         
Nightmare rag curtains descend on the waltzing gardens song with no chance to say goodbye   
Melting, cascading, as the spiral galaxy reflecting pools pour pleading prayers       
Emerald lyrics erased by the careless evils who stole the song's future life years        
Musically the beautified pearly cloud descended from the empyrean sun                  
Offing the beautified pearly cloud transformed to a lighthouse guiding diamond beacon       
Roses of flame, chrysanthemums of light are blanketed with dulcet waters freely  
Yellow golden wings entrusted with thy grace passion giv'n to all the colors fairly   

Oh Thursday thy curse be gone forever for today crafting the scars for the morrow.     
 For journeying to valley of the shadows acquiesce in the ashen death’s meadow     
Choking within the brooding caged til the candle fume sparks anew on my knees bawling        
Hallow spring's songs vaporize as the hollow autumn petals embark on the falling       
Auras of zillion constellations dazzling nebula's colors beckons the calling            
Radiantly the ethereal diamond cloud embraced the mortal's fragile crimson                      
Leaving the ethereal diamond cloud sanguinely accomplished his earthly mission.            
Evermore the flames fade into the western horizon but his warmth shall here remain            
So that others might live for even his heart shall protect another flowers domain.   

Copyright © G. Jay | Year Posted 2016

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Goodbye My Love

G etting up to leave you is very hard
Only you can stop me my darling
Or you can let me walk out that door
Did you find the letter that I wrote you?
Baby my heart is breaking and
You must know I love you, you're my
Everything but I need more, goodbye

Contest: Goodbye
Sponsor: Nayda Ivette Negron

Copyright © Alexis Y. | Year Posted 2016

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Gone are the days I am invisible
Owning my voice
Owning my beauty
Damned if it ever happens again
Beckoning forth my inner child
Yearning to heal her..ashamed it has taken too long
Empty heart filling up with strength, hope and courage

You belong again, I smile
Echos of the ghost's words which damaged our soul
Soon begin to fade crossing between hues 
Turning from shades of yellow
Eager to walk hand in hand, no longer hidden
Remberance of the child I once was
Dancing in the rain baptizing the blossoming woman I am becoming
Accept this now my sweet
You belong again, I smile

Copyright © Jen Hart | Year Posted 2015

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i don't love you

I didn't know what to say.
Diffusing those three words like a bomb,
Only i can stop the explosion.
Nothing comes out and you're stuck
Thinking, "why can't she say it?"
Loving me is pain. loving me is
Overrated at best.
Victim to one too many, i shut out
Everyone if they get too close.
You are no exception.
Once you say you love me,
Understand i cannot stay.

Copyright © Evelyn Rose | Year Posted 2016

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Doomsday Comet Warning Triggers Pandemonium

P eople all over the earth were shocked to hear that a Comet half the size of the moon, would
A nnihilate every human being and most animals on earth on Friday, August 26, 2016; no one would survive.
N othing could be done as the comet was too big to be destroyed or nudged off course by missiles.
D eath and destruction would be almost immediate at 1111 AM Greenwich Mean Time on that day.
E veryone was panicking, rushing to be with loved ones, gathering families together, not knowing what to do and when.
M eetings of authorities and police failed to stop rioting, looting and the rush on banks, shops and chaos on the roads.
O bviously, no one went to work and this caused chaos as there were no planes, trains, buses, no transport, no police, nothing but chaos. 
N othing worked any more, and there was no way to gather families together as service stations stopped selling petrol, food shops closed, lights went out; panicked buying and looting emptied the shops.
I nside the cities it was mayhem, as people ran about trying to do everything they promised themselves, and others they would do before they died.
U nable to travel people huddled together, cried and tried to call loved ones on clogged and failing phone lines; the internet stopped.
M any people planned ways to end it all, humanely holding hands, calmly drifting away, well before the fire ball hit, as the pandemonium was sheer intolerable terror.

Copyright © John Anderson | Year Posted 2016

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Shining your light on the clock as if to offer a begging child a loaf of bread.
Always out of reach, grasping tightly for fear of loss.
Antagonizing the clock, begging for darkness. For the sun’s kiss to set behind the
Hills. Seconds passing by, like a hammer pounding a nail into stone. Tick, tick, tick, tick.

Goodnight. Goodbye.
Encompassing all but the deepest, darkest crevices. 
Reaching every darkest secret.
Keep shining bright, sun in the sky, into a new day, full of new hopes. 
Even the clock has hopes for his time, to bask in the sunshine.

Copyright © Mike Beard | Year Posted 2017

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Gag at the thought that i actually liked you
Over you i became so very quickly
Oh how my heart sings now that your in much sorrow
Death to you would do nothing but please me
Because of what you have done to me in the past
You shall receive all the pain you gave to me
Eternity in hell will serve you right

Copyright © Jessica K | Year Posted 2009

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Kiss The Night Goodbye,

K-iss the night goodbye, 
A-s you rise from slumber; 
R-ight away leave the dark, 
E-ither now or

M-istakes, errors and sins
A-re causing a nightmare; 
I-mprove the way you walk, 
N-ew life is worthwhile

S-ay goodbye to the night, 
A-s you say hello to the dawn; 
N-ovember seventeenth morn
C-hecks if the dusk is gone.
H-ave a beautiful day, 
E-agerly gaze at the blue sky; 
Z-ealously welcome the sun, kiss the night goodbye.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2016