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God saves us

Gods Grace
Opens our hearts and  our  mind
Delivers us from sin of every kind

Savation he gave  us for free
Abiding in you and  Abiding in me
Victory came when he conquored the grave
Every life he came to save
Saviour of the world

Unique in every way
Strength he gives us  to face every day

if the son has set us free we are free indeed

never will he leave us
never will he forsake us


Copyright © diane christian | Year Posted 2014

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It is time to celebrate our nation centenary
Rebels for our nation we weren't born
Enshrining our visions for a united land
Leaving a legacy for each and every citizen
Accept this gift of freedom that was fought
Never forget that in our nation darkest hour
Deep within us let us be proud of being Irish

Copyright © john doherty | Year Posted 2016

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Can't they understand that its just too much
You post or tweet but what you write you watch
Bullied by lawmakers into censoring one's post
Exactly the thing that we hate the most
Reason flew away when they made this law
Carelessly ignoring that it has a flaw
Reminding us of the days of Proclamation 1081
Ignorant lawmakers forget that those days are gone
Mindless of the freedom of speech that it would kill
Entirely forgetting that this is against Juan's will

Lawmakers who passes law but does not think
Adieu to you for your careers will stink
Wait for the next elections and watch your vote count sink

A new law against cybercrime was passed in the Philippines and it took effect last Oct.3.
This law includes a very vague section against libel and in effect it is going to curtail online freedom of speech or expression. Filipinos are against it and are clamoring for an amendment. If you are wondering about the name juan which was used in this poem then I'd like to inform those from different countries that Juan refers to the Filipino people.

Copyright © John Boak | Year Posted 2012

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Freedom is never free.
Respect our liberty.
Enjoy its many rights.
Expect it may cause fights.
Democracy survives,
Only if backed with lives.
May we not let it die.

Copyright © Bartholomew Williams | Year Posted 2017

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For every woman, man, and child have the 
Right to
Equality and
Equity in this
Democracy stated.
Our lives, as liberated, co-depends on these truths.
Mighty we are as a country.
Strong in protecting our home front.
Crisis we have overcome.
Allegiance to our native people we must continue to know.
Love for the United States of America has been shown.
Longevity forever endured.

****Have a safe and enriched 4th of July!****
Written June 29, 2015!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2015

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Sense of humour, elevating our spirits
Musing over the simple things in life, rejoicing at what we find
Imagination stimulated, childlike, seeing the wonders in life
Light heartedness, laughing at one’s self!
Everything as it is meant to be, smiling, enjoying, the gift of life

Copyright © Amy Rose | Year Posted 2013

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Music calms the angry heart, its glorious rhythm penetrates the dark, the way I feel when the sound waves seep through my hair, consumes my soul with a suttle stare, my feet so happy, my body enriched with vibrations, my soul so at ease, I'm here for the taking.

I play from my experience, I put on a show, my hidden words entangled with the things that I know, smiles surround me, they glance by my feet, their inner beings amazed by my beat.

I beat my drums, I play my strings, they show me their affection, this is where I get my wings, they say I can fly, it seems I can soar, my music so perfect, they keep asking for more.

I do what I love, and they love what I do, music is my life, I am so happy that I can share it with you.

Copyright © stephanie hanvey | Year Posted 2013

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Freedom's Call

Freedom's Call
Responsibility to protect
Every citizen's rights,
Even if you don't agree with them.
Democracy as a concept in practice, not just theory,
Only works if citizens are educated and involved.
Majorities rule, but must respect minorities.
Science and fashion must not replace morality.
Constitution must be supported and defended.
America is more than just a curious social experiment.
Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness;
Love and respect for God, families, and country.


Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2015

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Copyright © Lycia Harding | Year Posted 2015

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Memorial Day Tribute

Memorial Day Tribute

Memories of the Men and Women, who served,
Emotional tributes so well deserved.
Moments of solitude with thoughts preserved,
Outpours of love so vividly observed.
Revolutions of dangers you so bravely swerved,
Inhibitions and fears suppressed and reserved.
Always ready to protect, even the undeserved,
Loyal to a fault, with energy conserved.

Dedication and valor are the pins you ware,
Attributes of service, loyalty beyond compare.
Your selfless acts of duty, always remembered through prayer!

Written By: Sarita A. Milliner © 5/30/16

Copyright © Sarita Milliner | Year Posted 2016

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W ellness is our glorious gift this year.
O rigami cranes set in flight by the winds 
N avigate the festive New Year celebrations
D elighting children and the young at heart with
E ternal life and freedom they signify.
R ewards of this past year are embraced by
F amily and friends as they gather together
U nified in giving grateful homage for Divine
L ove bestowed in answered prayers.

Connie Marcum Wong
January 5, 2016

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2016

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Judas betrayed Jesus’s whereabouts
End, was near
Son of God, knew this
Universe of the Son of the Divine Father, restored
Sins of man forgiven, Prince of our Universal domain, alive in the hearts of his children

Copyright © Amy Rose | Year Posted 2013

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Treasures and passages, peaceful as land, sky, and sea
Heartland of hope, harvesters and helpful hands
Abundance shows America as plateau of plenty
Natives in November remembers, family came first
Kindness swells, like tidal rhythm of breath across this land
Sacred words are heard, a symbol of gratitude and caring
Generations grace the day with family, and friends as guests
Indigenous folks can never forget... extending help
Visions of brighter days, of venison and veggies are stored 
I learned of Thanksgiving, migrating to America's welcoming shore
Now is reminder; shall I thank ancestors, or Source above
Gratitude reigns for all, one nation under God.


Copyright © Iris Elizabeth Sankey-Lewis | Year Posted 2015

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Happiness (acrostic)
Happiness is found within not in people and things

Acceptance of the present regardless of what fears/ inner demons you may be facing

Persistence in seeking love and happiness inside ourselves so we may experience the abundance of love and beauty that encompasses us

Patience with ourselves as we learn and grow through our personal trials and tribulations life often presents to us, unexpectedly

Inside ourselves are all the answers we seek, believe in yourself with a smile on your face

Never give up on yourself! Challenge your belief systems with an open heart and a positive mind set

Endless love & happiness awaits you, seek it consciously without delay

Spirit of love is the essence of our original form; happiness is our natural state of being

Smile in the face of adversity and feel your spirit soar to new heights experiencing love, peace and happiness from this moment forward.  Live as if there is no tomorrow, for you reap what you sow :) :) :)

Copyright © Amy Rose | Year Posted 2013

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Freedom's Call

Far across the hills and dales,
Ringing o'er the rills and swales:
Ever nearer, ever louder;
Ever dearer, gaining power.
Drawing hearts and minds to one;
Once sounded out, and once begun
Men cannot fail to hear her calling-
Solders freed from fear of falling.

Calling, crying to her sons,
"All must fight till freedom's won."
Leading them to victory;
Leaving them with liberty. 

(Written on the fifth of July, 2015)

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2015

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Gypsy King

Glorious are the days we ride, my love.
You and I riding in the morning light.
Passions racing hearts are thundering.
Sunrise explodes pink and purple streaks across the sky.
You and I smiling, riding together in the first light.

Kindred spirits racing together chasing the morning star.
Intoxicated on the morning air.
Nowhere, but here in this moment.
Glorious is the day we ride.

Copyright © Gypsyof Essence | Year Posted 2013

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Headstrong, headlong, headfirst, head on, Glory HallelujaH
Endure, engage, enforce, eradicate, exclusive, Delta  ForcE
Reliant rescuer raider redeemer rapier razor, Army RangeR
Outfit outwit outlast outlive outright outdo USMC-ANGLICO

Protector of  life, liberty, freedom, democracy, citizenshiP
Always stand in defense of The United States Of AmericA
True blue loud and proud defender of the American SpiriT
Respects the flag & supports The Constitution with honoR
I believe it is my duty to defend borders &  Island HawaiI
Owning a firearm is a legal right  under Amendment  twO
This testimony represents that I am an  American PatrioT

Champion and  protector  of  our  Democratic  RepubliC
Officer and Peace Keeper,  preventing what evil men dO
Unafraid against any challenger defending  me and  yoU
Resolute to the greater good with valor pride and honoR
American Soldiers paying the high cost  for free AmericA
Gracefully protecting justice and liberty let freedom rinG
Extraordinary moral fiber and unequalled focus andhopE

All men created equal, Life, Liberty and Happiness quotA
Marines pledging pride, powerful protectors of patriotisM
Equal justice One Nation Under God Faith IndependencE
Respect the flag responsibility legal accountability honoR
Independence Declaration of  people by  people  you & I
Constitutional contract for citizenship Capitalism acrostiC
Allegiance to the red, white and blue, God bless AmericA

A tribute to America's Special Forces

Copyright © Warner Baxter | Year Posted 2014

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Weekend Acrostic Poem

Whoop with delight as all the time is yours
Enjoy life to the full
Eat out -  you don’t have to cook
Keep up with friends and have a natter
Explore new places
Need time to totally chill
Dread the alarm clock going and the working week is back

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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The Message

I'm not the greatest of all-times, but when I'm done, I'll be an all time great in this lifetime of mine Like the late great who came before my time I will breed a new lifeline, that will breathe life like march of dimes My story lines, will bring truth life; like troops who fight Overseas, for rights of those who believe that death is life Now that ain't right! As the rich is getting richer, eating fillet me-non, while we barely feeding our appetite Night after night Survival has waged a war that gave us no choice but to battle and fight Although, we'll be all right They say we a dying breed, but that ain't right Instead we're the light to a lying greed That will enlighten life to a brand new seed A man of God indeed Freed from the Son that bleeds Like the summer breeze He's the sum that equals the amount of air I breathe The air that please A satisfaction like the birds and the bees My word's words are the keys That will fornicate with the mind and give birth to a seed A seed of social change, that'll change our social economy So shall our comradery That will bring comfort to a struggling society A synonym...similar to a civilization seeking for unity Unifying the physics of theory That seeks to explain the synopsis of a dying philosophy Similar to the Cosby X-cept my scrip-tic will speak more about our reality Like life's calamity And everything else in life that's destroying us systematically However, I've discovered a system That can mathematically destroy ignorancy And turn our state of mind intellectually I elect that He (God) selects me to be And be that man who may lead this community So that they (My Peoples) may commute with me En-route to a destination, destine towards our destiny Like we were destine to be We were meant to be "Great" like the late great that came before we. Because we are... The reflection where perfection gave birth to the definition of greatness Where great means Competent, Skilled, Well Informed, and Tremendous Our potentials are endless And only we not even the enemy can put an end to this So it's time we put a stop to this The biggest enemy of self And that's envy and jelousness Cause after this is Heaven or Hell and that's all there is A promised made sealed with a kiss Knowing this Is the next best thing since "In the beginning" In the first chapter of the first verse in Genesis!

Copyright © Ajalon Michael Zarate | Year Posted 2013

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I am still in chains
Slavery, colonialize and apartheid 
Are words you do not want to associate yourself with..
I know you have been emotionally stimulated that you are free
Just illusions, you are still in handcuffs, shackles in your ankles
Meaning-mentally, emotionally and spiritually incapacitated
   You are at liberty to walk and speak but still slaveries
Because you are mentally dysfunctional – 
Liberation only feeds those that are mentally liberated-so you still a vagabond
Honestly freedom starts in in your mind and spirit  
As the man thinks in his heart so is he  - yes freedom

I speak to real people-uncover your fake masks
I was trapped for days – FREEDOM was hidden behind a closed door
Thinking it was locked and never really opened the doors to my freedom
Country finally free but people still in bondage – we still buying people
   Slavery never left us, 20-50 000, 100 million countless, 
These were not numbers; there were souls that we dealt with  
25 years of FREEDOM, the NAMIB is independent 
   Promise that a moment of pain is worthy a lifetime of glory 
The joy come in the morning-just fight your way through the night 
Keep on, keeping on –because his presence gave hope, his purpose gave direction
His commitment gave FREEDOM and his death gave life    
They fought through the night  - we ran through the days
We matched through the hours –crossed the finished line

The journey to land of FREEDOM was such a painful one
Were like a women in a delivery room fighting through pain
 To deliver a baby called FREEDOM- we never stopped pushing out a life
Our dream of independence inspite of injustices and hindrances
  Which we were painted with–we almost fated with it, 
We were unfairly denigrated- our dear peace was murdered in cold blood 
And was reduced to ashes, our rights contracted a diseases called SLAVERY 
Because we had unprotected faith in people we thought were brothers
They were dressed in RACISM – our freedom was laying dead on our soil
Our blood was shade, running out like running waters 
They killed many of us in our land 
But they could not kill the dream to LEBERATION
The stomach of our immersions become so hungry for peace 
The dead bodies of our brothers declared victory  
The blood transmitted the information into our hearts-
We were rejuvenated within
Bruise and broken, we went on the chase for LIBERATION 
Which costed BLOOD NOT BREAD – FIGHT NOT Freight
Our independence was not a gift or a favor from the colonist - But our right
We were not granted- but we earned it, we paid for it, we suffered for it,

Copyright © Anthony Ngabwe | Year Posted 2015

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Earths people, it is time to wake up, the ‘Prince’ is alive! 
Ascension available, access through your heart 
Seek and you shall find! 
Time is short, personally unite, connect as one
Eternity given
Rise to the occasion, celebrate the gift of life, bond, with ‘our lord Jesus’ and ‘our Universal Father in heaven, building a bridge, experiencing kinship, between human and spirit

                     ***Happy Easter Everyone***

Copyright © Amy Rose | Year Posted 2013

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Political Corruption

Partisanship hinders compromise
Oblivious voters put cronies into power
Likeability trumps substance
Idiotic commentators bicker
Tension builds amongst the people
Idealouges pollute the system
Charming individuals manipulate
Society falls apart

Copyright © Dustin Craig | Year Posted 2013

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THE MODERN DAY SOJOURNER TRUTH Tired from the lack of work --------Trivial Lazy, I am not.-------------------Search Thinking about Non-Profit---------Self-Employment Freelance Writing, Tutoring, Virtual Administrator, etc…---------Thumbtack You can’t keep a real woman down.------------------Steadfast Many aspirations I have.----------------------------------Praying Gotta get up early in the morning.-----------------------------Mobile To define my purpose----------------------------------------Harmonizing To many negative thoughts------------------------------------Intune To why I continue to be down---------------------------------- Enthused This is not the measure I am in.------------------------------------Woman I am just as strong as [any] man.----------------------------------Sojourner! __________________________/ 04/17/2014 Form: Acrostic/End-Line Word 1st Place

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

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Home of the Brave

Grit beneath my feet of strength 
Of Honor
Death within a win

To be awarded a metal 
In the eyes of sin
My heart is now purple
Ever bleeding red

Leading sorrow
Equally Loved
Nonsense of Pride
Developed in a wars crime

Heightened Ego
A man whom is not on the field
Never placing his hand on the trigger
Dapples on the grid

Smiling for your lose is his win
Tempered in a flag
Rising up a post
Overshadowing Death
Numbers in which Climb
Grief in a family's cry

Grit is a better word for Character
Rendering Star Spangled Banner
In God we Trust
The Home of the brave!

Copyright © Tiffany Diaz | Year Posted 2016

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Pour out another cup of tea lets sit
awhile and unwind together for a bit
Relaxing times with a lovely friend
are essential, I hope they never end
Days pass by so quickly filled with task after task
I need some space for ME, is that too much to ask?
So I take time out every day and I have a little fun
Enjoying every moment once all my work is done

Contest Paradise Acrostic
Sponsor John Hamilton

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Individuality in decisions, expressions, actions and consequences
Never an island of oneself but also not under the mercy of others
Direct enjoyment of any corresponding benefit well deserved
Everlasting freedom with no hitches or pauses
Proper interaction with a strong sense of belonging
Equity and equality, striving to maintain the goodness of humanity
No more under a roof built for monitoring and strict observation
Doors of mutual respect, open to fertilize the sense of responsibility
Ending all dependence to use the grown wings and acquired limbs
Nurturing the new identity to promote self relevance
Child of yesterday transforms to the man of today
Eradicating this process is liable to conflicts, riots and wars.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2016

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Heaven constructed in warmth
Only in it is freedom absolute
Most comforting and relaxing place
Earthed with total liberty and peace

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2015

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Roots of Africa

Celebrating the Legends

African Arise! Arise! Arise Africa ……………………
Dig deeper into your conscious, causes of your discomfort
I heard you are rich in diamond, gold and oil, but you are still vagabonds
I am sorry Mother Africa; I know your husband is corrupt and very abusive
It is because you divorced the TRUTH and covered yourself in illusions
True Legends died for your freedom but you are still chained in metal slavery
Together we can rise, together we can fight and together we can win, yes raise Africa, rise!

I heard you want to rise above the storm, very inspirational
But can your people afford to pay the cost, which may cost them everything
Like discomfort for comfort, pain for payment and persecution for purpose
Your success is questionable, because leaders who have no roots are leading you
If you think I am lying check your clock: you are not where alleged to be by this time
I do not blame you Mother Africa, but your parents, your husbands, and your children
True Legends died for your freedom but you are still mentally/spiritually incapacitated 
Together we can rise, together we can fight and together we can win, yes raise Africa, rise!

I heard you exchanged your birth right for a piece of meat, discredit!
Come let me show you who you are, your power, potential, possibilities and possessions
Africa you are powerful before your birth, royalty and kingship runs in your veins, cryptic!
You are the center of riches, minerals and hope, hoping you could see this, fascinating!
Arise black man, arise black man, you best in sports, music, movies, poetry, finance, governs, 
Tell your sisters and mother, its time to arise above fears, failures and falsehood, be legends
True Legends died for your freedom but you are still divided, failed to see power of unit/love
Together we can rise, together we can fight and together we can win, yes raise Africa, rise!


Copyright © Anthony Ngabwe | Year Posted 2015

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Political upheaval broke our peace to pieces 
Absolute monarchy and aristocracy was our big curses
Neglected by our own rulers we struggled 
Dictators and merciless killers ruined us from soul
Emerged The French revolution 
Momentous event to unfurl poor's life
Orders to establish equality liberty and fraternity 
Nationalism suffered a death blow
Inhuman we turned by sending elite to guillotine
Unleashed our own trapped rights and dignity 
Marched towards a bright future after " The reign of Pandemonium "

27 July, 2016
Pandemonium Acrostic contest

Copyright © MADHUPRIYA SHANMUGAM | Year Posted 2016

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A fter school play was always a given,

F or there were so many others to play with.
I was part of the "Boomer" generation...
E verything came so easy to us.
L ater, in my studies, I became interested in History, 
D elving into the watershed moment of WW II.

O nce I started reading a book on it, I could not put it down.
F reedom, I thought, was just another dictionary word.

W hen I began to look more closely at what it cost,
H ead and Heart started to see that period more clearly.
I  realized that there was so much more to it than
T he names of places where battles were fought,
E numerated in the books I read and films I watched.

C an you imagine a World at War,
R educing the lives of so many to give us the freedom we enjoy?
O nce I traveled to Hawaii and visited the Punch Bowl Cemetery.
S eeing the graves of some who fought in that war
S eeing the cost of my that Field of White Markers.
E very time now when I think of "The Greatest Generation",
S ome tears well up, for my freedom's humble veneration.

This is an ACROSTIC.
To my knowledge, there is no set rhyme scheme or required number of lines or syllables.  What the form must have, however, is a word or thought spelled out by
using the first letter of each successive line, which summarizes the meaning of the poem.

This is one of my favorite forms for several reasons.  It is difficult to write a concise poem in this form.  It is thought provoking for the writer to keep on point.
It is much easier for the reader to understand the writer's intent by the Vertical word/s spelled out by the first letter of each line.  The subject can be short or long, serious or funny, or just nonsense.  It does, however, make you work at it.

written: 12/14/15

by: Dan Cwiak

for the contest: Poetry Writing #1

sponsor: Broken Wings

Copyright © Dan Cwiak | Year Posted 2015