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Time and time again,
broken heart and shattered dreams.
My eyes start to close and,
I hear all the retched screams.

I see the twisted faces, 
the hatred they hold inside.
The eyes as red as blood, 
all the anger they can't hide.

The sound of the screams turns my blood, 
curdled like sour milk.
The faces fall away, 
drifting like a scarf of silk.

I open my eyes once more 
to find it was all in my head.
These memories they torture me, 
they make feel...... dead.

Copyright © mathew mcwethy | Year Posted 2014

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So sad the dream of this sweet girl,
With wings wide I soar and glide.
End the deep, dark sad dream,
Etched in my young mind!
Time just stands still -
Dark my soul,
And the,

October 11, 2015

Acrostic - Infinitian

For the contest, Infinite Infiniatians, sponsor, Charlotte Jade Pettifoot

4th Place

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2015

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I know you, you're godless like me, and to the natives We Are The Wandering dead. Headless in sunshine, blind in the wilderness. I know you, you're the sister of death that's true. Your red lips caress mine as I choke upon embers. I'm awaiting life to be stripped from these bones. I smoke the feathers from the angels round here, and laugh with the devil. She sleeps at my feet. I found a home down here. She's the one who'll burn down the temple. She's the one who shall coerce the swarms. I know she'll do anything and more.

Copyright © Pauly Plaster J.R. | Year Posted 2014

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When passion fails, love remains
Hills fell and thus will your obstacles
Even if it seems impossible
No one can withstand possibilities

Day after day try not to lose hope     
Abilities pops up like mushrooms
Yielding to negativity isn't helping
Sooner we need to change our mind set

A day sets with new possibilities
Right now it's time i wake up and-
Erase the past that holds me back

Digging down my soul revealed a truth
Ambiguous visions translate to nothing
Rivalries suppresses innovative minds
Killing negativity gives birth to success

Finding my passion and dwell on it 
Release the zest that keeps me hustling
Intimidation by success is lethal 
Erecting a tower with positive things help 
Neither the storm of disappointments can win
Destroying a clear vision is uphill 
Surrender a vivid mission is cowardice

Active mind ignite uncontainable victory
Realization of a dream starts with one step
Endeavour to take a step forward each day

Fulfillment doesn’t limit industrious men’s vigor  
Evicting indolent thoughts he does best
While they rest, i keep busy because I can rescue me!

Copyright © Bongani Zungu | Year Posted 2014

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Could I not see such ugly drawn out choices.

Hollow I feel such nothing for people it is fear that feeds me.

Alone in this forsaken world with nothing to accept.

Order is such pain that it is nothing but chains.

Souls that bare nothing but lost cause to confusion is such utter mistakes.

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2013

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P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

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Woven lines patterned like the black widow's silk. 
Resting upon the face and the hands.
Insidious, the crow perches on skin once like milk.
Nestled in laugh lines, the years' stark demands.
Kings and Queens reign, then they, too, grow old.
Looking back at all the scavengers stole.
Each wrinkle a regret, the grave dagger's dole.

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2013

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This poem was done without using the letter e anywhere in it.

A cold dark night
Chips off hard rain
On my car mirror
Long is this night
Dark as sin
Don't stay out this night
All stay in and out of harm
Rays of light  show with morning dawn
Kava I will drink with lights ray
Not all I do will show
In first hours of the dawn
Guard fast your gifts tonight
Hold fast what is yours 
This is a cold dark night

Copyright © Charles Reese | Year Posted 2014

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D emonic creatures engage to unleash brute force
E scaping to attack is their only real course
V ile their menacing fangs that gnaw to replete 
I nflicting extinction with plans to deplete 
L eaving devastation - blazing hell’s valid source 

B efore hybrid ogres set free beastly wrath
E liminating all life form in their path
A ll seems rather grim, with an outcome quite clear
S atan’s crony dogs release destruction - fear   
T ermination completes ultimate bloodbath…

Copyright © 2015 By Caryl S. Muzzey

Ninth Place Winner ~ "In 5 lines or less # 1 (picture this” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: SKAT A
Dec. 27, 2015


Copyright © Caryl Muzzey | Year Posted 2015

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So much obscurity with no sign of light.                               
     Hope begs the question is there help in sight?         
Past, present, and future are mangled in time. 
     Enters the Captain - buckle-up for flight.
Across the universe, passage bought for a dime. 
     A countdown begins; it’s the end of the line… 
Cashing-in what is left of my mind, 
     Ready to reschedule this mission of mine.
Envy my trip but heed the sign: 
     The SPACE around his HEART is dark and sublime.

written:02/26/13 for SPACE Contest

Copyright © SM Koval | Year Posted 2013

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Reaching to the sky in terror, another helpless victim of an
Inconceivable crime cries out for mercy. Blood curdles as screams 
Pierce the night of London town. Who is the madman on the loose 
Preying on the defenseless? The answer comes from hell…
Evil is lurking in every shadow. Do not close your eyes. The nightmare is   . 
Real, sinister, maniacal…No one is safe from Jack.

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, 10/16/13
For Russell Sivey's Everything Halloween Contest

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2013

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             Mountain of Madness

  Mystical powers of dark secrets live here
    Ordinary people will change from the fear
      Underneath the dirt is home to its demons
        Narcissism is this mountains achievement
          Terrifying crevices and hollow creeks
            Anarchist climate not for the weak
              Intelligence lives within its whispering winds
                Nighttime encloses all men in sin
      Omnipotent when you listen to unspoken words
        Frightening in a manner that's quite absurd

  Maniacal is its theme to which you relate
    Agonizing in no memories as it captures your fate
      Delirious you'll become if you travel too far
        Numbing your mind in a mental spar
          Echoes of everything to drive you insane
            Solidifying its control of your meager brain
              Silently you weep because you can't remember your name


Copyright © Brian Davey | Year Posted 2016

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Quivering on the surface
Underneath is chaos
Inching too close now
Cesspool of disaster
Known to be deadly
Sinking, swim desperately
Activate survivor mode
Never believe you are infallible
Death can be the result

Vision is clouded
Opportunity to save self drifting
Relax don`t panic
Try to tread sand like water
Examine your surroundings
X-treme survival tactics

Sept 15th, 2013
Rick zablocki
Build Your Own Sand Contest

Copyright © Rick Zablocki | Year Posted 2013

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~~ Bleak and gloomy is this recurring dream Long and raven falls my ebony hair And dark and inky is the surreal unlit sky Can I find my way out of this murky gloom, and Keep the mournful, forlorn ghosts away _____________________________________ September 1, 2013 Acrostic Written for the contest, I love Five!, Andrea Dietrich

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2013

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Darkness my realm of forever seals my place.
A world that delivers my minds perfect face,
Remarkably my fantasy I cannot tell a soul.
Known only in the recesses of my minds goal,

A shadow follows my every move each night.
Now more than ever the moon glows so bright.
Demons not exactly, just my dream contrite.

My dream is to be announced upon a star.
Yes to be exclaimed upon universe so far.
Sealed and granted upon mystery flight.
Taken freely from my unglamorous sight,
I am the one that centuries have sought.
Calling for my dreams, nature never fought.
All upon the night, fantasy continues to grow.
Listen to the eve of darkness, you will know.

written on

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2014

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Laying in my bed
There is nothing in my head
The night is growing mysterious
Time is going crawling by
I can see the pitch black sky
It’s silent every where
But I can feel the cool of the night air
I’m listening to the annoying tick tock sound of this wall clock
This still night made me realize, how lonesome we are
Just left in the lurch…In the middle of the night

Copyright © Kiran Bisht | Year Posted 2014

Details | Free verse |
 "this poem is not about what is written,but what is not written. . . " 
Greyer looms matter's of the.....? 					 
Beauty fades not there then.....?				          
Flowers live and die fact of ....?					    
A four letter word of endearment....?					    
A saddened stare like where the Red Fern.....? 				    
Do not withdraw from the sunlight given by the almighty...?                                       
The feeling active of letters four much like adores.....?                                              
Speaking in second person sounds like and is...?      			   
In the prelude I allude to this message to point to the truth 		                
You cannot see air but it is there so beware   			                
You do not have to walk into the total darkness  				   
to see how dark the blackness is                      				 
Like gravity that holds you there how much more our Creator cares 	             
Setting on shelf scoffing at the pain you do not see      		                
The love that is and can be He just wants to set you free                                      
ignorance of the law does not excuse
How deep the pain how dark is that blue                                                                   
without Hope without God waiting to play the odds                                              
Without knowledge must be total misery                                                                      
as earthly beauty fades as the tree                                                                              
a dieing thing without fruit                                                                                           
the growing sorrow does that suit                                                                              
without hope of new life tomorrow                                                                             
Here today and gone so to borrow                                                                               
Not opening a door can be as bad as slamming it in your face                                   
to see where true beauty is you run in place not seeing the grace                        
turn to the light dwelling in the dusk from the womb to dust                                    
on your pedestal under your own glass                                                                        
the fire that was given you smother to ash  - john edaward beam - for The 
Unwritten contest - 07/01/2011

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2011

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Who am I, is who you are, confused, forever,
life is a bigger project, don't hold my hand cause I am clueless.

You dig your own tunnel and escape or stay locked with me forever, 
suffer, cherish and let the cloud of our breath guide,
and make the world as beautiful as the strangers that we were once.

What caused heartburn was never a heartburn anymore, 
on those dried lips, faint smiles & smell of the dust.
those winds of our memory healed the darkest.

Tales were told and retold, locking arms, 
kisses, moans, & hair-pulling hugs,
ticked the clock of the midnight, 
lovers melted in the glory.

Jealous daylight tried to spoil the madness,
but lovers fell asleep, 
holding pictures of the past in their hearts—eternally.

Copyright © Pushpendra Pandya | Year Posted 2015

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Embracing this low and calm fumes
Adopting these reserved maneuvering skills
Rehearsing my lines daily…hoping to perfection
I wish to be the extra prototype when the curtain rises up
I will majestically bow to the jury…doubting their frown
Here with me…will compose the best speech
With my specs; you will see an intelligent poet
Yet with my hands you will lay an author of the future
Now we are a little far away from the spotlight…
On the road we are pedestrians…of course Christians
Now we weep, now we creep out with terror
Last night I saw the fellow; he was a sad veteran
Weirdly he seemed killed already only that he wasn’t berried
Poor soldier; dead already just a moving corpse waiting for
An open grave…
So much I had wanted to tell him…when I stared at him wobbling
Zonked, I couldn’t help a tear from falling
The war had consumed so much of his good smiles and the blissful memos
When he embraced me…he whispered to my left ear and said;
‘Do you know how to pull a trigger aah!?’
I answered no…you should learn son as he sighed with discomfort
The was ache in his left leg…I loved him much he died the next evening
It’s always like that for me…
I am rehearsing my agony…so hurting

Copyright © Jacob Victuss | Year Posted 2013

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             On a stormy night I awoke from a dream
               to find that I wasn't there ,
              was I awake or still in my dream
                or should I even care !
               My thoughts were all gone for something was wrong
               for my room was upside down ,
              patterns of chaos infected my mind
                without making a sound .
             A hot hellish breeze blew through my house
               as devils danced in my head ,
              For something wicked came this way
                could it be under my bed  ?
              As sunlight poured into my room  
                I knew that I was alright ,
               or could it be that my mind was gone
                 taken during the night !

Copyright © Larry Hays | Year Posted 2013

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My Skin is Dark but my Heart is White which is a symbol of purity
Your skin is white but heart is dark filled with full of evil, wickedness and impurity.
Your mind is full of evil thoughts, 
Your Mouth is full of curses, bitterness, lies, threats, trouble 
And evil and hatred are under your tongue.
For out of your heart you are secret backbiter, slanderer, gossiper, 
Hater of God, haughty, arrogant, jealousy and boastful.
Why do you hate Dark Skin? 
For God loves the whole human race.
Why are you so ignorant to see? 

God made us all different
God created everything different 
So everyone can be different
Although we are different from others
We are still special in Gods eyes 
Having different abilities, and different Gifts.
To me God's incredible grace is sufficient

You must have a good heart in order to understand 
I don't think you will ever fully understand
We share the same earth, same air and same water
We share the same moon, same sun, same sky and same rain

And we are all created by the image of God
No color is better than the other
God wants us to value each other.
Sin and arrogance have divided us from one another

All the things God creates are in perfect harmony with each other
God cares for all and He doesn't like it when people are mean to each other.
Bible says we are given a new heart and a new spirit. 
Put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness

Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the LORD weighs the heart
Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Copyright © Shaila Touchton | Year Posted 2016

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Nightmares (An Acrostic)
Nocturnal spirits do intrude
Invading peaceful solitude
Ghostly demons devour sleep
Horrid thoughts in your mind creep
To leave you trembling in your bed
Morbid thoughts swirl in your head
An ambiance that makes you tense
Repulsive visions make no sense.
Every night dozing, dreaming
Suddenly awakening, screaming
Liz Reilly

Copyright © Liz Labadie-Reilly | Year Posted 2014

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Who ever saw the fires of hell would be able to attest
It’s burning from the centre to the peak; 
All the mountains are covered with the heavens blanket
Where will i ever see a mountain this high?
Our buildings look so small; 
How did this splendid art form
The olds call it the work of god
The pagan say it the power of nature

The face is wrinkle not of age but,
The burning tears of sorrow
I see swallows flying motionless
I look at the flowers that give its beauty
It’s beyond those plains where they walk tirelessly

Even the scorching sun has no effect
Evenings covered by strife in families
Nothing looks to be affecting the lilies 
Neither the awls cannot complain
But to I it’s burning like scorching furnace

The tears that have made the face a playing ground
This is favour they are giving to the grief
These are tears of salts mix with despair.

Copyright © Zakhe Michael Mcunu | Year Posted 2014

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              Beast Troika 
B east trio ,in front the leader is king kong
E erie,misty,demonic figures eyeing with reddish hues
A rmy of black ,gigantic hairy statures
S tand all armoured in battle to confront
T eeth snarling for enemies to destroy.

For poetry contest”In 5 lines or less#1”

Copyright © Rizwana Bhurani | Year Posted 2015

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A is for Absently staring at you,
D is for Dazed thorough and true,
A is for Agony coming undone,
M is for Maybe you might be the one.

A is Arousal my body's on fire,
D is my deepest most hidden Desire,
A is Allured, enamored to sin,
M is Magnetic pulling me in.

A, I'm Angry you cheated you lied,
D, i'm Dead feel nothing inside,
A, i'm Addled don't know what to do,
M i'm Madly in love with you.

Copyright © Conn Walsh | Year Posted 2012

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We were taking our nightly walk in suburbia.
Every evening after dark, the same routine-
Well, that night we were in for a surprise
Every light in the neighborhood went out!
Right then, I slipped off of the sidewalk.
Excruciating pain radiated from my ankle.
Even though I could see nothing, I reached.
Never had I felt so helpless, in my life.
Just when I was about to lose my balance again, I felt his hand.
Obviously, he saw that I needed help, I, screaming loudly.
Yet, again he calmed me, pulled me close, and held me.
I knew we had to look at my leg.
Not that it was broken, but probably sprained.
Getting home seemed like it would be impossible, ominous.
Almost apocalyptic!

Strongly, he shouted, “Come on, we’ll make it if I have to drag you.”
To my surprise, I felt his big hairy hands grab me.
Right as I was about to sink to the ground again,
Over his shoulders I was tossed!
Like a sack of potatoes, I hung there…not walking.
Laughing inside because I knew I was safe with him,
I clung on for dear life!
Not knowing what was next, and scared.

Ominous thoughts began to flood my imagination.
U. F. O. s appeared in my mind’s eye…abduction!
Reality turned fuzzy.
Nuclear invasions by aliens seemed factual. 
Explosions boomed all around.
I Screamed, not with pain, but with terror.
Gasping, I cried, “Get me out of here! “ 
“Hurry, please!”
Blackness everywhere and he looked at me weird.
Oh, how I wished for a flicker of light.
Raw fear was overpowering reason.
He, on the other hand, seemed to brave it well.
Often, in the past, he had shown courage, too.
Oblivious to the real world, I pounded his back.
Delighted to be safe, although half upside down!

Just then, he started hysterical laughing.
Usually, he was calm in every situation.
So, I wondered what was going on.
Terrible thoughts intruded; even shadows frightened me.
Practically frozen with fear, I could hardly breathe.
Afraid my heartbeat would be heard.
Sane, but wondering if I were crazy.
Trying to talk, but my voice kept cracking.	
“Desperately,” I shouted, “Look up in the sky!  
Aliens are coming to get us.  We are going to die!  
Reassuring me, he said, "You are going to be all right.
Keeping hope, he took me down the dark streets to the hospital!

©February 18, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2011

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Stay true to love ‘though ebbs and flows may come;
Take hold of joy and treasures it may hold.
Allow not sin or sorrow find a home,
Invest your heart in beauty, peace untold.
Resist death’s grip, remember pain will pass;
Wake filled with hope, embrace the new-lit morn.
As night gloom falls, dark spirits may hold fast
Yet dark will fade into a day fresh-born.
Trust memory to keep you safe from harm,
On its sweet wings find peace in times of strain;
Trust each refrain to sweep you in its arms.
Have faith in friends, let family ordain
Each stumbling step will finish in a dance.
Stay true to love, its promises are dear;
Take hold of joy, give life its proper chance
And let no man invest you with his fear.
Raise up your eyes, in heaven stake your dream;
Stay true to love and life you will redeem.

By Deb Radke for Linda-Marie's contest 'Stairway to the Stars'

Copyright © deb radke | Year Posted 2012

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I remember really feeling this void ...
I mean its really kinda hard to explain ...
It was 1985 in December ...
A month later in this world I came ...
I remember having complications...
Nurses screaming baby breathe.. but i cant??
The doctor said I mite not make it ...
Cause there's was too many drugs in ur veins
Crack baby was my very first label...
SMH that's a gd shame...
I remember being 11 years old...
blood dripping down my nose like paint ...
Unconscious on that bathroom floor...
they saying there something wrong with my brain ...
30 years with Attention Disorder ...
 I remember your the one I blame ...
And I still don't have a clue where I came from ...
My birth mother's still M.I.A...??
 I remember when my heart held hope..
And one day I would see your face ...
 At this point I don't even need closure..
I guess its just a little to late ..
The only thing that we will ever have in common ...
 just the sequence in our D.N.A...
Did you know that you have grand daughter...
Another child that you'll never embrace ...
 I remember what hurts the most ...
 I don't even know your name..

Copyright © Micah Watkins | Year Posted 2016

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"You here?"


"Never on" "He's going to 

win this case just because of these pictures"...He begins to look through the photos.

The private eye cracks a smile and begins to hum the Killers

"Of all the songs to get stuck in my head while waiting"

"The stupid song's been stuck in my head for what feels like a 

year." (stands up and appears to be getting apprehensive) "I should win a freaking 

award for the amount of work i'm putting into this case"

"I can't take the waiting anymore."  (He begins to pace and dials his phone)

"Will? ugh, voicemail"

"So, where are you? I can't take waiting here much more, GET HERE!"(hangs up the phone)

"You tell people to be on time and they 

haven't the respect for how busy I really am."

The setting is a bleak dark alley, a place where 

love is replaced by pain, where the light 

of day barely penetrates.

Humanity is replaced by brutality in these cold, dark alleys of the city.

For a moment our character looks to the sky between the buildings and sees a strange light.

It seems to stop flying for a moment, 

"Get outta here, is that??"

Off in the distance the light (which was small at first), begins to be getting brighter and closer.

"My GOD, is that a 

spaceship?" A blinding beam suddenly brightens the alley way and our character is gone.

Copyright © J Clinton Smith | Year Posted 2010

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Her nightmare became reality
Euphoric feelings were distant
Losing all sense of hope
Paved ways for the four horses to arrive

Malevolent as they were, one stood out
Ever so more, death was here.

Copyright © Brian Byrne | Year Posted 2015