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Exquisitely frail, a lone flute exhales, leaving this heart in a flutter 

Cascading aloft, soft violins rise, from the flow of smooth silver rivers

Swelling the throat, sending spirits afloat on a sailboat of pure ecstasy

Transforming me now, through the mist all alone, where the music can take me away

A symphony of poems, transcends me above, where folklore and hope never ends

Soaring above, and honed from the heart, from the one who knew the divine
Yesterday's score, sublime as it is, takes me beyond today's shore


Inspired by the music of Smetana
youtube link to music:

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2016

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December - A Time to Remember

December – A Time to Remember

Deep into Fall, as brown wrinkly-faced leaves wave adieu
Ebony evening sky twinkles with rhinestone-studded stars
Chilly winds blow … a sign that winter’s just next door
Erubescent sunsets flaunt their majestic golden crowns
Mingling with gray and white patches of layered cotton-white clouds
Beautiful, ruling planet Jupiter aligns with Venus and Mars
Ever the auspicious harbinger of wisdom, prosperity, and power…
Reminding my mother of the day I, her first child, was born.

Birthdate: December 6

Copyright © Pandita Sanchez | Year Posted 2015

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Bright Beautiful Red

Big ripe Mcintosh apples found lying on the ground
Release sweet juiciness when their finders take a bite.
Ibises of scarlet stand elsewhere in the world without a sound
Gathered underneath a crimson sky awaiting night.
Hovering near bushes bursting ever rosily
Twin monarchs flutter; cardinals sit on a red-flamed tree.

Barns decorate the countryside always painted so
Easily to view in their typical bright red hue.
A patch of strawberries grows in summer row by row by row.
Utter deliciousness resides in raspberries grown there too.
Tempting are the garden's tomatoes, more treats colored red!
Inside an orchard, carrying a pail which holds small fruit
From a cherry tree, treads a freckled lad, hair like fire on his head.
Underneath a canopy of leaves, robin redbreast sings a tribute,
Lifting notes mellifluously in praise of nature’s grace.

Robust as chili peppers' flavor; radiant as a ruby gem,
Everywhere we see the passion in this color we embrace.
Delightful and dynamic too is this color most worthy of a poem!

May 30, 2017 for the Red Poetry Contest of Mystic Rose

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2017

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Lusting the passions of a secret desire
Unwinding the mystery of my needs
Funerals are for the future
Internment I ask be deferred
Timeless is my youth
Useless is my request
At seeking eternity or at least eternal rest
End of times may seem long away
Beauty we know fades, it will happen some day

So I dream of youthful moments
Isle graveyards were far away

Holy wars and loveless scores
That a soldier must endure
A desire for peace escapes this generation and more
External forces and internal woes
Death dances at my door

Dedicated to Sara Bernhardt, who slept in her coffin amongst all her love letters.

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2016

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Underneath the exterior Gardenias bloom unannounced Lamenting that no one lifts the veil Yearning to be seen...

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2013

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Looking at your misshapen little red face,
only a mother can appreciate the beauty when seeing her
very precious baby for the first time. 
Eyes filled with happy tears as I
looked at your blonde hair and blue eyes and
inspected your tiny little fingers and toes.
Never had I seen a more beautiful child –
everything about you was simply perfect!
Soon you were sleeping peacefully,
safe in the arms of your adoring mother.

Contest: Loveliness Acrostic
Sponsor John Hamilton

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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B illions of years ago the universe was born
R evealing a resplendent beauty that was and is
E verything and more one could expect from
A n amazing designer and architect and
T imekeeper, beyond all human  understanding
H eavenly bodies and beings, celestial phenomenon
T hat is incomprehensible in it´s complexity
A nd simplicity in syncronicity with heavenly
K indness and grace towards the human race
I gniting within us a humility of heart and spirit
N ever negating in our minds eye the unimaginable
G lory that is to be revealed for our eternal blessing.

John Derek Hamilton
March 07,2016

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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Winter Acrostic

Wind and frost have come to bite our noses while 
Images of glistening snow sparkle in the moonlight.
Nights in this valley have brought us a taste of heaven,
Tranquil scenes we see while taking our evening stroll.
Everyone in their houses getting ready for evening in silence,
Reaching home we cuddle drinking cocoa by the fireplace enjoying winter.

Judy Konos: The Lazy Contest 

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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Beautiful is for the young forever for the strong
Especially when life turns, does you wrong 
Always live in the present, you can be anything  
Understanding 'you' is the happiness you bring
Try to be yourself no matter when or where you go
It's a chance to show you're real, let others know
For now you are young, so beautiful in your years 
Until later life casts shadows  doubts and fears
LIVE! LOVE! 'BELIEVE' - The smoke will clear!

Copyright © Judy Konos | Year Posted 2015

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Sister girl 
African pearl
Such finesse
So much, you have to give.
Yes, you are beautiful!

Are you paying attention to me?
Nile I am.
Dark and handsome man and confident…

For the love of God
In this real world
Never have I 
Ever exploded with deep words of lust!

Sophisticated woman
After thoughts
Savoring your body
Suc-cor your tongue
Young and free!
Affixed to your smile
Depths of passion!

Feel me
Indigo blue
Nice fit on you
Enriched this day!

Such words of desire
Ask you to be a part of my life.
So real to happiness
Seductive I am.
Yearn for me!

Apex to
New elevations for
Deep sensations!

Finding each other is not a sure coincidence.
Inspire by other elements
Nadirs we are not.
Essence we are.

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

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Bright colourful delicate orchid blooms 
Enchant many gardens and living rooms 
Alluring flowers in pretty hues, each one
Uplifts its perfect petals towards the sun 
Tropical blossom for my visitors to see
Intense colours with such brilliant beauty
Foliage remains when the flowers die
Until rejuvenation happens and I espy
Lovely flower stems to captivate my eye

Contest: Beautiful Acrostic
Sponsor: John Hamilton
12~29~ 15 

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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Sol's Spectacular

S - Sol reigns supreme in ebony space, 
P - planets orbit Him in cosmic race,
E - each determined never to embrace.	
C - Comet tails trail away from his face,
T - tracing a path that time will erase,
A - and mask its passage without a trace.
C - Clouds are recipients of His grace,  
U - unhindered they roam from place to place.
L - Luna has a way of giving chase, 
A - an eclipse becomes her secret ace, 
R - resetting time to a lunar pace.

Written Jan. 15, 2016 for "Spectacular Acrostic - Poetry Contest".

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2016

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Final farewell - Captcha BPR

Behind the folds of curtained stage
Performers take positions, hearts racing wildly,
Ready to step onto the waiting podium for the final bow...

For Judy's Captcha Contest
Captcha code - BPR

Copyright © Sneha RV The Literature Lover | Year Posted 2015

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Feelings I've always kept inside myself and never have written down before
Offering to you sweet lady from my heart to your great poetic words quite more
Remembering all those times I felt like you were my best friend even if we live
                                                                                       shores away

Smiles I'd give to you in each and every passing day, I'd like to tell you I do read
                                                                                          all your works
Until I came to Poetry of Soups diversity of poets to read, you are so special to me
                                                                                    by all known clerks
Now you are just an ocean away, I seem to read and know that your perfection
                                                                             to me is your hospitality
Special thoughts I'm sending you today, I really do enjoy knowing you have brought
                                                                me pure enjoyment to read and see
Honesty is one of mine and your great traits to write and see in view of your poetic
Industrious will always be kept in your beauty of words worth reading today and 
                                                                                              future dates
Novelty will always be seen in your vibrant and beloved words for all to read and
Enigmatic and beauty in all the things you see, do and write for all poets near and
                                                                                                  far in lieu

Smiling is always seen in every poem I read from your glowing words so dear
Modesty will always be a part of your wise words, I'm really hoping to meet you
I would travel the world wide over just to meet with the beautiful woman you
                                                                                                  really are
Learning from your encouraging words has really kept me from drifting away from
                                                                                                      by far
Earnest words of wisdom coming from your beautiful mind, has kept me well
                                                                                          grounded, I'm
                 so very happy to call you my long distant friend," SUNSHINE SMILE."

Written: April 26, 2016

Copyright © Theresa CW | Year Posted 2016

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Glenn Miller

~Glenn Miller~

G-lenn Miller, his music is so wonderfully sublime,  enchanting.
L-istening to his "Moonlight Serenade" makes me think of love so tender.
E-ndless joy, in my heart,his music always brings to me. His given 
N-ame was,Alton Glenn Miller.He was born in Clarinda, Iowa, U.S.
N-otoriously,performed the trombone.His Glenn Miller Orchestra is divine

M-usician arranger,composer,and great band leader in the swing era.
I-n The Mood",is onother one of my favorite music pieces of his to this day.
L-ittle Brown Jug" "American Patrol" "Tuxedo Junction" and so many more, his 
L-egacy is filled of of so much dancing and romance under a moonlit and stars.
E-ntertaining the troops was something very close to his heart.Glenn Miller, 
R-emains one of the most famous and recognizable names of the big band era. 

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


Author's notes:

My humble poem tribute to one of the greatest and most
unique bandleaders of the big band era,Glenn Miller.
One of my very favorite band leader I personally 
love and enjoy hearing the most.I listen to his music 
for many years now.And I believe that theres no one like him,
his music can never be duplicated by anyone.
His beautiful music just transcends time and space,forever.

(Born March 1, 1904- Missing December 15,1944)
Years active 1923-1944
In 2003 Miller, received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.
His plane dissapeared while flying over the English Channel.
His remains and that of his crew has never been found.
Miller's status is missing in action up to this date.

Long live the King of Swing!

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2015

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Gods Of Man's Vanity Demanding Intolerance

Gods Of Man's Vanity Demanding Intolerance

False realities fed to the masses
Another ghost ships sails the seas
Knowing not, yet their lie passes
Escaping truth's majestic pleas
God of vanity demands intolerance
Only its hate is to be displayed
Damn morals, into deeper ignorance
Silent servitude must then be paid
Love, always a great promised reward
Yet black evil roots firmly laid
In black garden in a devil's yard
Nobody sees the beast they ride
God of darkness their faith hides

R.J. Lindley
July 12th, 1978
( Fake Gods Lying)
( Rhyming acrostic)

Note: The one true God never lies, never
steals and never abandons his only Son.

New Note- Old poem edited to shorten.-removed 
verses of 

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2015

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Never, Always, Sometimes

"Never, Always, Sometimes"

Never will I ever bring you pain
Even if you won't promise the same
Virtuously, your Love reigns
Eric's heart without any shame
Reviving Love just to keep me sane

Always my heart will rest in your hands
Love has been provided for this man
Warm memories outnumber a beach's grains of sand
All because it is in His Plan
Your Beauty is perfect so please understand
Sensual nights will be our routine's brand

Sometimes I wonder how such a Blessing has been bestowed upon me
Observing your actions makes this feel like destiny
Maybe I am just that lucky, you make my Soul feel free
Every morning I arise, in unison is where our lips be
Tales of such Love have caused so many to see
In due time, we must all pay the fee
Making Life worth Living for True Love will never flee
Equal trust is firmly established, the most important key
Saving this man from myself, and for that, I thank thee

Copyright © eric boddie | Year Posted 2016

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Spectacular Skies

Scene of such grand pageantry, men flock to view in legions.
Phenomenon to behold in most Northern of Earth's regions.
Energies of atmospheric particles meet and burst in collision
Creating the most illustrious spectacle dancing into my vision.
Trails, as if rising to Heaven, glowing phosphorous apparition.
Aurora Borealis;  cascades of light stretching across the skies
Curl and wave in beauteous rhapsody before awestruck eyes.
Under guise of king and queen,  they dance as pawns look on.
Luminous waltzing monarchs on their chess board until dawn.
Alluring colors blending, shades of red, purple, green and blue,
Radiant aura painted by the hand of God, a gift for me and you.

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~
   January 13th, 2016 
      Acrostic Contest
Sponsor: John Hamilton    

Copyright © Lin Lane | Year Posted 2016

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Spectacular World

Spectacular World
Sunbeams sparkle dizzily dancing atop butterflies’ wings,
Provocative moon flaunts her heavenly body, whispering sweet nothings,
Enchanting creations all uniquely beautiful and beloved in God’s sight,
Colorful diversity in nature is truly a sensational delight.
Treasures at the end of rainbows – pots of green, yellow, and red so bright,
Astonishing hues of passionate purple, beguiling blue, and angelic white.
Centuries-old comets flash across rhinestone-studded, black velvet sky,
Unbounded by time and space, enjoying a celestial ride up so high.
Life-giving universe is such an amazing wonder to behold;
At its center our brilliant sun radiates fiery bronze and gold,
Revolving in panoramic glory…showcasing a spectacular world.


Copyright © Pandita Sanchez | Year Posted 2016

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Autumn is here at last again, bringing  us 
Unbelievable,  amazing  colors   
Turning the leaves, to yellows,  auburns, and browns,  with 
Unfolding blessings,  and  grace. 
My very favorite season, of all the  four   
Nature smiles now,  donning,  Her new  Majestic Wardrobe. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2015

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Longing to see you grow so vibrantly & majestically like a precious lily in the Kerfly Hills! Show off your green-blue, velvet wings as you soar in the current of the aqua-blue sky! I’m hoping you won’t pass me by! C-;
Inviting in positivity, naturally made by you! When you are feeling as low as the sand in the sea, think of me…think of me…remember our fantastic friendship…reflect on me…reflect on me… – our friendship will always be grand! Believe me – you’re a clever companion and I’m a brainless bard! We’re both busy bees, but our lucky link – friendship-wise – is intriguing! 
Look up to me & I will motivate you to shine on like the dawn ~ ; don’t be weighed down by the dismal nightfall…I will unchain you from your lonesome dorm…feel free to knock on my door anytime! I’m available to you 24/7, especially in the sun-shining, splendid summertime!
Love the way you are, shining bright like a luminous diamond (Rihanna reference <3)! Your passion-beaming personality sparkles & shimmers like stars that appear in the ebony skies – you’re a light in the world & you are the Merciful Rain that descends from bitter clouds! Don’t let anyone dampen your spirits! 
You Gottah keep trying to go the distance and let your passions flare with fervor flames, friend of mine! You are charming and striking! I know I can act outlandish and awkward sometimes, but you put up with me just fine! Let’s tread the narrow road of recovery & nirvana! When you approach your obstacles, I’ll be your Emerald Compass, guiding you to your Heavenly Haven and steering you away from the commotion of the ocean! I wish your light can shower upon this land of wonders & serenity, you appealing angel! You’re never dull…promise me you’ll dim no more! Sleep well in your Heavenly Haven and rest your soul on cotton-candy clouds! Now, I’m trying to find my tranquil dwelling place – I’ll help you fulfill your superb dreams! Soon, it will become a super incredible reality! Someday, it will become a dream of reality! 

-inspired by my special friendship with my school friend, Lilly.
(Also, inspired by the music I was listening to on - make your playlists on that website and listen to music/broadcast music! Sign up for it!) 
I met her in French class in my Junior year! 
She was a Freshman when she met me! 
Now, I'm gonna be a Senior and she's gonna be a Sophomore. 
Wow, how time flies!
Do comment on this poem and pen on, 
dear poets and poetesses. 
Be a light to this world, 
sweet bards 
(be not a brainless bard like I!! J/K :D).  

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2014

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Best of His creation, we the humans,
Endeavour to be kind to all life and nature,
Actually exploit its vibrant subtle being,
Unending mysteries of vast deep seas,
The nurturing soil and the refreshing air,
Immense beauty that eyes could perceive,
Follow through universe and the Milky Way,
Unveil even in pitch dark as stars twinkle,
Lost in aura of sun's twilight and moon's silver.

Written Dec 30th, 2015
For contest "Beautiful acrostic"
Sponsor- John Hamilton 

Awarded 6th place win

Copyright © Dr. Upma A. Sharma | Year Posted 2015

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My Beautiful

My beautiful you are the one that completes me
without you,I'm empty,but beautiful with you i'm complete

you are my better half

you are my Life,my Love,and my Everything

with you my beautiful I'm complete

Copyright © Brian Baskin | Year Posted 2006

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Meaning: Adj: Extraordinarily good; wonderful

(S)oaring on the wings of love
(U)nder starlit skies spread above
(P)arachuting with joy in hand
(E)manating across the beautiful land
(R)esting together peacefully side by side
(C)asting smiles far and wide
(A)fter the sun sets, swirled colors to see
(L)ight of the stars lead the way with glee
(I)magine the best is waiting ahead
(F)or dreams to prepare before going to bed
(R)apture is met as the morning wakes
(A)ll rested and calm as mountains and lakes
(G)lorious views are endless to see
(I)nviting, to be shared in love with thee
(L)iving to the fullest, with the rush of waterfalls
(I)llustrating the flow of words the heart calls
(S)ensational stories to hold and to tell
(T)ransformed from wishes tossed in a well
(I)gniting pleasures from the body and mind
(C)reating special places that no-one can find
(E)xciting to share with understanding between
(X)eric desert beauty there is to be seen
(P)icturesque, singular, rare moments so rare
(I)rredescent feelings emerge from everywhere
(A)ll the material things that are around
(L)essen with meaning hearing a simple sound
(I)n quiet space all that is needed is found
(D)ynamic words with music, looking into the eyes
(O)f a loved one standing there with a surprise
(C)oming to you with vows with an open heart
(I)magine this is true and it is only a start
(O)f an adventure that will never end or unravel
(U)nder the skies in the land of life’s travel
(S)weet love’s conviction with the fall of a gavel

Heidi Sands

Copyright © Heidi Sands | Year Posted 2017

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Snow came throughout the night,

Not that we were aware.

Outside though it gently fell,

We awoke, and could but stare.  

From our frosted window panes

All looked so serene.

Lamplight lit a wonderland,

Lustrous winter, gleamed.

Acrostic Poem about Fall or Winter Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Janice Canerdy

Copyright © Gary Smith | Year Posted 2017

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Morning Acrostic

M. oving from my sleep
O. nly echoes of night remains
R. eturning from dreams of your loveliness
N. ever believing I would meet someone like you
I.  awake with delight
N. ot alone anymore for I have you
G. ood morning my love

This morning
the breeze
awakens the earth

Birds sing cheerfully
to the earth

This is the time
to wish my love

a good morning.....

Copyright © Ken Carroll | Year Posted 2013

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My land is culturally richest,
Yes not as bloody as canvased!

Purely we follow the same lord,
At same time we offer, so faith is restored!

Knotted in holy month to fast, all together,
In my home, religious values still haven’t blur!

So we speak different languages but,
The followers of same prophet!

And we have the different skin color,
Nationally but we are alike, greener!

In my home, hospitality for which people dote,
Nobly I say religion we culturally denote!

And the love imparted in closely knitted families
So rich, but live only under father’s monopolies!

I make hackneyed proclamation of beauty of my home,
Anchoring the same ship, we stand under the same dome!

Copyright © HINA NASIR | Year Posted 2014

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Seeking the perfect picnic spot
Utopian sunshine so mellow
Mountainous waves for surfing
Marching to nature's rhythm
Ever have basil flavoured ice cream? (better than it sounds)
Reeling in the Catch of the Day

Spending time on my bicycle
Under the star lit canopy dreaming
Marrying seed to soil, fresh grown
Meeting my family at the cottage
Enjoying the antics of energized grandchildren
Relishing floating on mirror like moisture

Copyright © Rick Zablocki | Year Posted 2013

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Bath for Two

B lindfolded he leads her down the hall,
A nticipation makes her start to giggle.
T here he lets her dress slide slipping to the floor,
H anding her a red rose he removes the blindfold.

F ascination shows in her excited face,
O ver the floor is a carpet of rose petals,
R ed candles have turned the washroom into a spa.

T he scent of perfumed water fills their senses,
W ater spills as he draws her into the tub.
O ne heart and one soul become one.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Regina Riddles Contest: Romantic Acrostic
1st place win 

Copyright © Brenda Meier-Hans | Year Posted 2014

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Sense of humour, elevating our spirits
Musing over the simple things in life, rejoicing at what we find
Imagination stimulated, childlike, seeing the wonders in life
Light heartedness, laughing at one’s self!
Everything as it is meant to be, smiling, enjoying, the gift of life

Copyright © Amy Rose | Year Posted 2013