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From LindaMarie Sweetheart of the soup to you dear Christina

Cherished Christina,Miracle gift from God with love Heavenly angels delivered you from twinkling stars above Radiant blush graces tender soft skin Intertwining hearts as life journey begins Special little lady warms our home with harmony Tremendous happiness her smile brings to family Intricate weaving of emotional destiny Nurtured by parents who treasure your sweet birth Admired among precious jewels upon earth
Written by Linda Marie Bariana-Rinaldi Sweetheart of the Soup This poem was part of the gift OurLinda Marie sent to Christina on her birth.. Its one of the treasures so close to my heart. I told her I would post it due toChristina's first birthday on 27th august. Its been months since she vanished from P.S Last news was thatShe was ill.. Wish to hear from her again Thanks Linda-Miss you loads

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2013

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Be at ease and 
Let your light shine through
Emit radiant beams to 
Sentient beings,
Savor every moment,
Embrace the now and 
Design the life of your dreams.

Copyright © James Dooney | Year Posted 2015

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It is the light that burns through the night
The night that is covered by pain
The pain that burns on bones so fragile

It is the face of the parents
The face that glow with joy 
But the joy that is far from me

It is the father that has lost his dignity 
The dignity that was nurtured for years
The years that has passed like super eagle

It is the look of poor souls that cause this pain
The pain that has no souses but shame
The feeling of pity for a hungry child

It is that pain which make me sick inside
Where sorrow hove around like a trapped bird
I shall toss myself to the ground 

Though sun bring new beginnings 
But this pain makes the rays deadly
How I wish to make the day light again.

Copyright © Zakhe Michael Mcunu | Year Posted 2014

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The Source: Waters

Wash away corruption, precipitation cleanses our deeds,
Artesian aquifers washing, and nurturing planted seeds,
Torrential downfalls, baptize impermeable desert sands,
Eternal crystallization, fractals break the father’s lands,
Requisite of life, hydration for the soul, we sup on heaven’s bounty,
Sands and sins abated, lie awash profoundly, we drink of them no more.

Copyright © James Nelson | Year Posted 2016

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The Final God

The last survivor of the human race
Depicting General
Master and genius
Night time
Food alert
Dangerous flying
Nightly heavens
Packed ditch
Troy surrenders
Zeus is more
Gandhi falls
Hunger of a nation
When the time comes
General heat
To fly
For five hundred parts

Copyright © Moses Samandar | Year Posted 2014

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No hesitation

I loved with everything i had 

Even though it always consumed me

I gave my heart away 
Without hesitation 

I'm full of love 

It's what makes me strong 

Everyone wants me to tear it apart

Everyone thinks i'm weak 

I fight with everything i have 

It's everything or nothing 

My life may never mean anything 

But i loved with everything i had 

I kept trying

I fought for myself 

I held onto that small sliver of luck 

I loved with no hesitation 

Copyright © Emalie Anne | Year Posted 2016

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The Call of the Cold

I long for the frigid caress of the winter,
Carelessly scouring my face with her wrath,
Embracing me with an icicle splinter,

Making me lose my mind in the math.
Yes! I seek it more than you can e'er know!

How could I turn down such a baptismal bath?
Emerging, anew, in some glorious glow,
A creature thawed out from deep-dreaded path.
Release me, dear winter; freeze out my poor chest!
Then, might I forget her, then might I have rest. 

Written for "Acrostic Poem about Fall or Winter" contest, sponsored by Janice Canerdy

Copyright © J. I. Thomas F. | Year Posted 2017

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Time has come up

Time has come to me 
Time for the next day.
Can we have some fun 
Today? The rest of the days 
Will see the future of the year 
As it is. I'm at ease with the new 
Year coming soon.

Copyright © Angela Yousef | Year Posted 2017